Diaper Report 12/2/21

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Second chances shouldn’t be missed.

The first chance was, unfortunately.

Our chance – about a year ago – to put stop strips under the runaway tires of the “pandemic” hysteria via mass refusal to perform the sick kabuki of “masking.”

Even in (especially in) the face of “mandates” that we do.

If only   . . . the saddest phrase in the English language  . . . enough of us had done that, then, we wouldn’t be where we are, now.

It would have become unavoidably obvious – people would have literally seen it – that wearing “masks” made of paper or bandana or used granny panties made no difference as regards the prevention of physical sickness. Especially as regards one so benign it doesn’t kill 99.8-something percent of those who acquire it.

It would have made apparent the mental sickness of those who did wear them, willingly.

We would have seen their hypochondria – the psychological illness defined as an obsessive, irrational dread of becoming sick. Often manifested by the  . . . wearing of “masks.”

Perhaps some of them would have seen it, too.

And had second thoughts.

But when almost everyone gave in and put the loathsome devices on, it was as if the stop strips had been yanked off the road and the runaway car’s driver informed that no one was going to try to stop his progress.

Punch it!

And of course, he did.

Wearing an idiotic/pathological “mask” was normalized – while the not-wearing of them was cast as a dangerous act, a reckless expression of disregard for “the pandemic.” Which has become the pretext for the Jabs – to palliate (not cure) it. One thing that didn’t work leading to another – though both of them do work, in other ways.

All of that could have been avoided before it got traction . . .  if only we’d seized the chance  . . . to disregard the visual normalization of fear abounding that created – and maintains – “the pandemic.”

It would have been over by now.

“Masking” would be – as it formerly was – a sign of mental disturbance, the “masked” to be pitied and perhaps steered toward a therapist. It would at any rate have returned to being what it had been, before “the pandemic” – the external manifestation of a major head problem.

A year later and a third to half the country – depending upon which part of the country – is still “masked” – and thus, the entire country is threatened with Jabs. The former made the latter inevitable, even if some could not see that, a year ago – and thought they were (sigh) simply playing along with yet another government-mandated stupidity ritual  – like removing your shoes at the airport – that would be temporary, for the sake of avoiding a conflict that has now become worse in its potentiality.

As always happens when derangement is allowed to run amok.

But now we have a second chance.

To never, ever put a “mask” over our faces again – unless we are doctors performing surgery. Or working a lathe in a wood shop.

Not for the sake of a bag of groceries.

Most certainly not to assuage anyone else’s feelings. That they might be scared is sad – but too bad. Conservatives, above all, must recover their senses – and their balls – about this. Would they give up their right to carry a gun for the sake of assuaging the feelings of people pathologically afraid of guns?

Of course not.

Why is this any different?

A sicko might shoot up a school. Someone might get sick.

So what?

As regards the fact that you haven’t shot up a school – and aren’t sick. Shed the burden of their fears – and thereby, the sick idea of your obligation to assuage them.

Be blatantly social.

Do not stand on those playschool hop-frog six-feet-apart decals applied to the floors of stores in checkout lines. Stand normally close to your fellow humans, to show you aren’t afraid of them – and to show your contempt for the sick rituals these poltroonishly servile stores have been imposing upon us.

Shake hands. Refuse the embarrassing elbow bump, if offered. Smile at the terrorized kids who’ve been fear-trained and guilt-tripped and forced to wear the “mask.” Show them you’re not scared – to try to make them feel brave enough to take the god-damned things off.

Above all, never again.

No “mask” for you – no matter what.

When you get your second chance – which may be coming very soon, courtesy of the just-in-time “Omicron variant” – say, no.

What’s needed now is what we saw in the final scene of “V for Vendetta” – when what looked like the entire population came out in public wearing Guy Fawkes masks, to show their solidarity with “V,” the main character of the movie. With the difference, of course, being that we show our faces – to show we’re not afraid – and to show our utter contempt for them, their “masks” . . . and their Jabs.

It is our last chance, probably, to put the stop sticks back in the path of the runaway car.

If we don’t seize it, we may not get another chance.

. . .

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  1. Here, I have seen a distinct uptick in the number of mask wearers, but little or no enforcement on customers.

    Most employees at most places (especially non-small businesses), however, appear to be forced to participate in the Sickness Kabuki. Lots of semi-compliance out there, and—again—very little apparent enforcement. At least in this corner of suburbia, anyway.

    I have heard that things are a lot stricter (including demands to see Certificates of Baptism by Jab) in the enormous and famously corrupt city-state of fear and death located to my northwest.

  2. As Chief ‘Justice’ John ‘RINO’ Roberts famously said about Obamacare … ‘it’s a tax, not a penalty’:

    ‘Nevada on Thursday became the first U.S. state to impose a $55 a month surcharge on workers who have not gotten a COVID-19 vaccine, though the penalty doesn’t take effect until July 1, 2022.

    ‘The approved proposal also stipulates a surcharge of $175 a month for workers’ spouses, partners, and dependents 18 and older. That could be adjusted down the road.’


    Nevada used to be a somewhat libertarian, free-market state. This is your Nevada under DemonRat governance, getting more Californicated by the day.

    The grossly punitive $175 a month penalty … errr, tax … on married workers is harshly discriminatory. A competent lawyer should be able to secure an injunction against this viciously anti-family policy, which perfectly defines and symbolizes DemonRat values.

    FJB … and his Nevada flunkies and acolytes.

    • Furthermore:

      ‘Prior to the vote, representatives for the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees and the Nevada Faculty Alliance said the unions were not taking a position on the proposal.’

      Profiles in pusillanimity, as it were.

      DemonRat co-opted unions have been total no-shows in standing up against harsh oppression of their members with jab mandates and surcharges.

      Under the next R-party administration, some of these useless unions will get decertified.

      Why pay dues to useless, subservient doormats? Starve them out.

      • Well, since it only applies to State employees, you don’t have to worry about “the productive” being affected (by this particular measure).

      • That’s how it usually works. Those who make, are raped, while those who take, pay enforcers to ensure the rape continues.
        When you pay Peter to Rob Paul, you can always count on Peter’s vote…

  3. I have one good diaper report but also have a bad report beyond the diapers.

    Recently went to a ChickFilA to do some work and NONE of the employees had masks on. I would say where it was but I fear they’d see some sort of reprisal if I did. It was a great sight to see. It felt like 2018. I almost cried.

    Time to re-up company insurance and things are not good. Just got bought out by a bigger company and were expecting better insurance, nope. Turns out it is financially devastating for anyone with a pre-existing chronic condition. I’ve got two guys on the team whose wives have chronic issues that require expensive medications. They are talking about finding other jobs because the insurance won’t cover their basic needs. When they told me that you better wish you don’t get a devastating illness because it will cost you a lot, I immediately thought “you will own nothing and like it”. Then I posited out loud that it would appear the insurance company is expecting widespread major illness soon. To which one guy responded “covid” and my response was “vax fallout”. He’s double jabbed and did not like my response. It seemed he never thought for a second that what was “safe and effective” is neither.

  4. Cleveland Clinic folds like a cheap suit:

    ‘A federal court recently issued a preliminary injunction, temporarily blocking enforcement of the COVID-19 vaccine federal mandate by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). That rule is now on hold.

    ‘In light of these developments, we are pausing the implementation of our COVID-19 vaccine policy.’


    Every hospital in the country is supposed to SUSPEND their vax mandates now. Any that don’t can be sued.

    • Sigh… Now its working again… You might want to have your tech check the back end for a corrupted config file. It could also be load based.

      • It also seems to be based on response position. I attempted to post the above after my post, but got the error. When I changed who it was to, it went right through.

  5. I do not believe in germ theory.

    If it were tcreates a weak systemrue humans would not exist. We’d never had got out of the gate.

    “Germs” do not cause disease, a weak system does. Malnutrition, dirty water, bad sanitation, poisoned environment, etc. creates a weak system.

    • anon 1

      People get sick because of deficiencies or toxins.

      If you get sick you have to figure out what the issue is, a bad way to go IMO is going to an allopathic doctor and swallowing drugs made from oil which give you cancer or getting poison injections (they just got 100x worse with the new gene therapy injections), this garbage doesn’t cure chronic diseases it just covers up symptoms, destroys your immune system and you get something worse like cancer, this require more drugs, big pharma gets very rich (note: buy the big pharma stock), you end up poor and dead.

      Exposure to g5 can cause the same symptoms as so called covid, just a coincidence.

    • anon 1

      The most controversial thing to discuss is germ theory or vaccines, it is totally banned, can’t be mentioned anywhere, because they are based on fake science and can’t survive debate. They are key to the whole allopathic/vaccine religion/belief, (It isn’t science based), if you believe/submit to it you will line up for the extermination injection, not understanding it is a killshot for depopulation, 99% of people believe, but this new gene therapy injection is making some hesitant and now with the results coming in, injuries and deaths the death trap is getting revealed.


      • anon 1

        The humble virus is deeply misunderstood. The human body is composed of an estimated 6 trillion cells, 60 trillion bacteria and 380 trillion viruses. Just as we have a microbiome of friendly bacteria which forms the basis of our immune system and 2nd brain in our gut, so too do we have a virome (a collection and community of viruses) which play a role in our healing.

        Through the ascendency of germ theory over host theory/terrain theory, the mainstream paradigm now teaches that viruses are “bad guys”, infectious agents “out there”, who can invade the body – thus reinforcing the need for Big Pharma drugs and vaccines. Viruses come from exosomes or tiny particles our bodies produce.

        They are not infectious agents. The exosome theory states that if cells are poisoned, they produce viruses (secretions) to clean up the toxins. This is what the plant kingdom does; when a tree has a beetle infestation, it makes a hormonal secretion to tell other trees to defend themselves.

        Thus, Operation Coronavirus is not only a fake pandemic, but also a colossal and unprecedented worldwide psy op, based on exploiting our ignorance over the true nature of viruses. What a scam!!


    • I have been seeing this theory pop up all over the place, and I’m ambivalent.
      I would wager it depends on the germ, really.
      OTOH, I DID do research (Ok, read a bit) about the old-school vaccinations.
      – Some were outright fakes.
      – Some were “Better living through Chemistry!”
      – SOME actually work – E.G., Small pox innoculation by Cow Pox. Small pox had a 30% fatality rate.
      – Many were BOUGHT science. The modern world isn’t that new. Il Principae (The Prince, Machiavelli) was an ordered piece of literature. The old Patronage system has always existed, and people will ALWAYS prostitute themselves for money. (It’s the basic idea behind most jobs, honestly.)

      I DO believe that exposure to some germs is essential. I also believe that some things will kill you. But I KNOW we are quite weak and fragile, and modern life makes us more so. You have to WORK to get time to workout (Especially now – team is working all day and half the night, sort of hours. I’m not planning to get jabbed, but the company decided the Executive Order counts. Liberal Shitheads, as in Leftists. It’s an investment bank. I’m not allowed in the building any more.)

      I didn’t see this STEP or Vector of attack coming, but I saw the tapestry just fine, it was crystal clear where we were going. This is just taking Route 1 instead of Interstate 95… Difference of rate and specific directions along the way, but leads to the same place.

  6. The tide is turning, Jackass Joe:

    ‘Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) said on Thursday night that he is supporting a GOP effort to nix President Biden’s vaccine mandate for larger businesses, which is expected to get a vote in the Senate next week.

    ‘Because all 50 Republicans support the effort, Manchin’s vote gives Senate Republicans enough support to pass a resolution to nix Biden’s vaccine mandate for larger employers. The resolution would still need to pass the House and, even then, would likely be vetoed by Biden.

    ‘Sen. Mike Braun (R-Ind.), who is leading the effort, told The Hill on Thursday night that he is in talks with a handful of additional Democratic senators.’


    A majority vote in the Senate to repeal OSHA’s vaccination mandate (already suspended by the courts) would send a strong message to the vaccinazis.

    Just emailed my moderate Democrat senator, who often works in tandem with Manchin, urging her to join him. Other D’s might join as well. ASK THEM TODAY.

    This is how we win, step by step.

    • It seems to me if congress has to create a new law in order to stop a mandate issued by someone who has no constitutional authority to issue, means we already lost. By even attempting so, gives legitimacy to these mandates.

      • Exactly, Hans! This is purely signatory. Virtue-signaling for Repubs to make it seem like there is an actual difference between the parties, and to garner good-will and cheers.

        If “sending a strong message” is all they can do; If wasting time voting and debating on restraining the emperor while needing the emperor’s approval to give their efforts any actual teeth, is all they have, then they are useless (And we already knew that).

        Why don’t they instead initiate legal proceedings against unconstitutional and unlawful acts committed by a president and everyone else involved? Why don’t they call for impeachment (Wouldn’t that “send a stronger message”?); Why not actually pursue the Biden & Son family corruption and treason issues which are being totally ignored?

        Oh, that’s right…because they’re all on the same team, and if they actually started following the laws which are supposed to restrain them, and looking closets, they’d be writing their own obituaries just as much as they would those of blue jackasses.

        • 80 House GOP just voted to make the Vax Database to track the unvaxxed.

          No way this won’t be used to round up people and send them to extermination, er, concentration, er, covid camps, yes, covid camps, that’s it.

    • I imagine Joe Manchin as the football Lucy pulls away each time CB goes to kick it. Every time they mention his name as some kind of roadblock to the uni-party, I laugh. Everything they want passes. As Hans Gruber mentioned, that they are even talking about this should concern everyone… greatly. I consider the gov’t attempting to stick a needle in me against my will for any reason to equivalent of trying to assault and or murder me. I am a peaceful person but will respond to any such attempt in kind. No more emails.

      • Agreed Strangiato, My body, my choice, remember? Any attempt to needle rape me and mine will be treated as attempted murder. I am a peaceful person as well.

        • Ditto Norm and Strang!
          They’ve already laid claim to our finances, property, labor, etc. The breeching of our physical bodies is the last frontier. The other things we can largely work around if we try and still maintain a reasonable degree of separation from….but whe they want to physically breech your skin and veins and blood and even DNA…..that is the line in the sand to fight at all costs- and had we and our fathers been more diligent and not have let them continually take more ground, we would not be at this point of desperation.

          • Greetings Nunzio,

            “had we and our fathers been more diligent and not have let them continually take more ground, we would not be at this point of desperation.”


      • Hi Strangiato. I don’t put a whole lot of stock in Manchin, but he is doing some good, along with Sinema of Arizona. As long as at least one of them continues to oppose eliminating the filibuster, the Marxocrats will not be able to nationalize elections and enact eternal cheating.

        • Quite a number of Red states have stated point blank, that they are not allowing that in their states. Unless the feds want to try using troops to back up their fiat orders, its only going to work in the blue and purple states.

  7. An interesting approach for facing seemingly insurmountable odds:

    Roadmap for Prosecuting COVID Crimes
    By Joseph Mercola November 29, 2021

    “How do we navigate this serious dilemma? Boyle believes there’s a way, and it involves focusing on locally elected prosecutors. Depending on the state, they may go by titles such as district attorney, state attorney, prosecuting attorney or county attorney.8

    If we can even get one out of 400 local prosecutors to convene a grand jury and return indictments for murder and conspiracy to commit murder, this whole house of cards will collapse.” …


  8. The county I live in continues the mask mandate, only one in the state. Usually, I am polite in my refusal to wear one in a business; just waltz in sans diaper, and go about my business. If anyone makes a big deal out of it, I just leave the store. Only has happened a couple times. Today, however, something snapped…..

    …picking up new eye glasses today, just in and out. Several employees, all masked. After about 5 minutes one of the male employees, says to me, “Can I get you to put on a mask?” I glanced his way, gave a smirk and replied, “I doubt it. But you are welcome to try.” After a beat, he finally mumbled, “Its policy, everyone needs a mask or we could get shut down.” I guess my temper got the best of me. “The best way to get me out of here as fast as possible is to get my glasses….now.” And planted myself right in front of him, arms folded. I was “helped” immediately. Let me tell you, it got very quiet in there. Several customers and staff had been chattering away. Not much chatter until I was walking out. I’m not confrontational by nature, but today something just went…..snap!

  9. Power company manages to drain the Madison river.


    “Typically, in my experience, these things don’t fail because they wore out … it would be some other driver,” Jeremy Clotfelter, director of hydro operations for NorthWestern, said in a Zoom press conference Wednesday.

    I know people who work for the company. Apparently it’s run by tyrants. Their COVID policies have set off a huge exodus of people. And not just people, but the best, brightest, and most experienced people. I’d bet dollars to donuts that human error caused this. One of the second tier employees remaining made a mistake that caused a huge amount of damage. And Atlas shrugged.

  10. If only . . . the saddest phrase in the English language . . . enough of us had done that, then, we wouldn’t be where we are, now.

    The income tax
    The federal reserve
    The first drug laws
    The first gun law
    The next, next, next, next, next, next gun law
    Asset confiscation
    The TSA
    The warS
    The mask
    The rules
    The vaxx
    The vaxx-pass
    The concentration camps

    And everything in between after and before. It ain’t like this is new…..

  11. LOL, the term I used the other day when describing a job’s requirements was “Can you fog a mirror?” and I think that was only optional if you wanted into the management training program.

  12. I stopped at “If only . . . the saddest phrase in the English language” to play this Sacred Reich song:


    Yes, guilt and regret, that you made mistakes or did nothing at all… Those are some of the longest lived and most painful stigmas we receive as humans.

  13. There are objective lines and arbitrary lines. Many of both were crossed long ago. Masks for instance was a line that was crossed over a century ago, and it’s more of an arbitrary line because it’s like clothing. But would have resistance to this latest round of it caused the powers that be not to push for jabbing? I doubt it. They would have pushed for the jabs regardless. These aren’t people who understand having a point where they should stop. Failure to them only means try and try again.

    That’s how this all works. They keep hammering until the resistance runs out of money and energy. They have limitless money and thus can keep hiring fresh people if needed. It’s their passion to control society so they have limitless energy for it too. Look at anything. Once they get their way it is settled forever. If they don’t get their way it is revisited again and again and again until they do. Decades can go by and they keep at it.

    Thus a failure on masks wouldn’t have stopped the push for jabs and if we stop the push for jabs this time they’ll hype up another bug and do it again.

    “Stand normally close to your fellow humans”
    I tried to stand as far a way as practical from other people since well forever. I never liked being packed in with other people. Hated it since I was child. Hated assemblies where we had to sit on the bleachers in the gym packed together.

    • The masks were nothing more than the visible portrayal of the charade needed to convince the masses that there is a ‘pandemic” as opposed to just the flu, which has always been with us. It’s interesting: Those who have complied with the masking have thus become unwitting actors for the conspirators. Had few complied, they would not have been able to portray the illusion of a “pandemic”- but since they now know how to control the masses actions via the media, mass compliance with just about anything is a given- no matter how absurd the requirement.

      This has been kind of a first- enlisting the masses of victims of a conspiracy as participants in the psy-op which is being carried out upon those very masses. It’s evil genius.

      There was no masking in the mid 70’s Swine Flu charade…yet everyone ran to get vaccinated. Unfortunately, I was 14 at the time and my mother forced me to get that vax- the last vax I’ve ever had. It’s a terrible feeling when a parent is doing something which they believe is in you best interest, but which you know is actually detrimental to your well-being. (I had no hard data back then, but I “just knew” vaccines were utter garbage.)

    • After 25 years in the construction trade, my personal space is about 10′. That’s about as close as you can get without too much risk of being hurt or killed by someone mishandling materials.

      • My required “personal distance” is 8 feet. Persons transgressing this buffer zone without my permission risk serious injury, or death.
        End of story.

    • The line was crossed when a America as a culture forgot the purpose of government; to secure the blessings of liberty for the population at large. Perhaps just propaganda, but still legitimate, I guess.

      Then some folks got the idea that the purpose of government was to make the world a better place. Progressives? Or earlier than that, probably. Was it Franklin or Jefferson or someone who said democracy lasts until the people realize they can pay themselves out of the treasure just by voting, some such paraphrase. Not going to look it up.

      Its a great day today. Unseasonably warm, got money in the bank, got time on my hands, grass-fed steak in the fridge, no cancer yet….not gonna let some idiot politicians get me down, not today!

  14. This swami guy said it succinctly- and it’s really all that needs to be said- and has become my new catch-phrase:

    “Democracy is government by the people of the people for the people….but the people are retarded”.


    Went to my new (as of last year) vet yesterday, ’cause one of my outside cats has pneumonia. This guy has never hassled me about not wearing a muzzle (Unlike my former vet, who seems to believe that humans must now be muzzled; dogs, not so much.) -but who, during the height on the BS last year had a masks-required sign on his door, and he and his receptionist wore the rag. Then the sign disappeared, and so did the rags. NOW the receptionist has gone back to being on the rag (The facial variety, not the other kind)…but the doc is unencumbered, and there is no sign……

    It’s interesting to see to what degree people are controlled by the media. The doc is an older guy- likely doesn’t watch as much TV/do as much social media; and being older, is likely a little more resistant to being affected by every different wind that comes blowing down the pike; while the receptionist, being in her early 20’s, likely consumes a lot more media, and is not as resistant to it. It is disturbing to see that people’s actions can be literally controlled by the media.

    I felt really bad seeing this- as over the last year or so, I’ve come to see that the receptionist is a very sweet and unworldly girl. I have a feeling (no proof- never asked; none of my biz) that both the vet and the recept. are likely vaxxed; the receptionist is likely being activated by the latest “variant” BS. (“Be sure to wear your ineffective mask, because your ineffective vax won’t protect you from the latest boogeyman, and if the boogeyman gets youi, you may experience symptoms of mild tiredness and fatigue for a couple of days…and die* “)

    [*=If you are an elderly cancer patient with AIDS. Actual outcomes may differ. Your mileage may vary. If this had been an actual emergency you would have been instructed to insert finger in ass….]

  15. Story from yesterday:

    I was sick with covid over the summer and have suspected ever since that my 14 yo son was the one who gave it to me since he was sick at approximately the same time.

    My mother in law – his grandmother – is putting a lot of pressure on me and my wife to get him “vaccinated”. Rather than take him to get a shot that is more dangerous to him than the actual virus, I decided this week to get him an antibody test. So I called the pediatrician to ask how to do that and got a call back from the nurse that “the doctor doesn’t recommend” those tests and she wouldn’t put in an order for one.

    It took three calls with the nurse, but she finally admitted – on behalf of the doctor – that it was not recommended because “everyone should be vaccinated” and ordering such a test might give a patient a “false sense of security”.

    So I took him to CVS on my own and got him a self-ordered antibody test and naturally he was positive. He has had the covid in the past and he has natural immunity.

    He isn’t getting a clot shot now and I’m also looking for a new doctor for him. I can’t trust that this one is actually looking out for his best interests anymore.

  16. The Diaper Reports help keep me moving through this sea of insanity. I still hold true to zero diaper compliance and will never take the needle into my living body.

    All their increased insanity brings me is more steely resolve.

    • Same here, Jed!

      The past year has shown just how dangerous these “vaccines” are. My friends that submitted to the jab were once so proud of it that they talked incessantly about having gotten it, often touting the particular brand. Now, they never mention it and appear regretful of what they did.

      • anon 1

        Vaccines are a religion they are not backed by science, the same as politics and religion are not backed by science, fauci has an advantage because he knows more about fake science then joe six pack, he can play games and tricks people with the fake science germ theory/vaccine cult religion/covid narrative, shoving them into the new gas chamber (while telling them he is helping them). People trust the government and fauci that is the problem.

        Why would you expect a good outcome from an injection from a sadistic satanist?
        An extermination shot that inflicts the most horrible drawn out death imaginable, you get physically disabled, violently ill, you go crazy, then you die, it was designed by sadistic satanists, a wood chipper would be a better death and quicker.

        They are sitting there laughing at the stupid people that got sucked into the killing machine, they really get off on torture and suffering. Check out the recent pic of fauci laughing, he must be the grand chief satanist. A satanic medical tyranny hiding behind fake science, a GAIA religious cult, run by a globalist/communist/fascist monster government.

        • Fauci also has a disadvantage. He’s pathological liar, and therefore needs to keep track of the lies he told yesterday, so he doesn’t contradict them with the lies he tells today. He’s not too good at it.

          • He doesn’t keep track of his lies. He doesn’t have to. None of the liars that are part of the system have to. The media covers for them and nobody in power will call them out on it. Rand Paul called out Fauci on his lies. The media went after Rand Paul instead.

  17. The only place I still see masking (other than one or two freaks on occasion) is in Walmart. Most of them appear to be people of very low intelligence that likely watch tv all day.

    The media is desperately trying to ramp it up again, but I just don’t think it’s working. I don’t know a single person that does not seriously question all of the bullshit that is going on in the world. This is vastly different from a year ago.

  18. Excellent point about the mask Eric. I tried to get people to see this 2 years ago, but most had bought into the “its just a couple weeks B S.”

    When Im out for a bag of groceries, the only people I treat as humans are humans. Anyone wearing the compliance rag is shunned. Sometimes if they look at me and I’m in a mood I say don’t look at me. If they try to speak to me I cough in their general direction while saying rona, or delta.

    These folks are beyond saving. Even if we could convince them of the truth, after having no desire to see the truth, what horrible allies they would be. Ill stick to a feast of friends.

    I go to a writers group every week where we don’t mask. We sit around a table the old way and discuss each others stories. It has been this way for months. At yesterdays meeting a lady came in wearing a mask. After about thirty minutes of everyone ignoring her, she figured it out and took it off.

    • It’s amazing how maskers have such flexibility in their ostensible conviction that a deadly pathogen is in the air. They seem to be able to just remove the mask depending on the activity and social circumstances. This tells me their masking is solely about conforming to a particular social setting and nothing about actual fear of a disease. These people are such cowards. Words can’t describe the amount of contempt I have for them.

      • I’m with you Mr Liberty. It takes all the divinity of a loving Creator to keep the contempt I have in my heart from turning into a bon fire of stone cold hatred.

        Funny story on how our group came into being. About seven months ago I tried to join the group that was hosted at our local library. It was five ladies who were bagged and tagged. Fully masked, fully vexed and proud. The first time I showed up unmasked of course the leader asked my status. I politely told her it was none of her business and I would not be wearing a face diaper. She then tried to tell me the group was only for those with published work. I surprised them by pulling out my book. At that point she insisted I could not participate unless I went along with the sickness kabuki.

        I left somewhat dejected, then the next day I returned to talk to the library director. I pointed out how discriminatory this was. She was pissed. She told me that those ‘ladies’ had been warned about this before. At that point she pulled their ticket and they are no longer able to meet at the library.

        She gave me the group on the condition that I could not discriminate one way or another. After much effort I am happy to report that we now have a group of four or five thinking grown ups who have moved beyond fear sickness theatre 2020.

        • Way to go, Norman! Glad you called them out and (for once) the perps received consequences of their actions.

          Interesting that the biddies first tried to discredit you professionally, when that didn’t work, the mask came off (pardon the pun). Interesting that they had already been warned, too.

  19. “All of that could have been avoided before it got traction . . . if only we’d seized the chance.”

    As the Lone Ranger said — “We? Who is ‘we,’ kemosabe?”

    If by “we” you mean the type of people who read this site, probably most or all of us DID reject the mask bullshit from Day One. I remember the exact time last year when I first saw someone wearing a mask in a store. I laughed and shook my head.

    Within two weeks everyone was wearing them, and within a month they were mandatory. Employers started forcing employees to wear them. I have been accosted and berated numerous times by total strangers for not wearing one. I have been threatened with arrest for not wearing one.

    If by “we” you mean the stupid American people, then the mask bullshit exists because they WANT it. Because they are morons. Because they are NOT independent thinkers.

    Sure, some of US called BS right from day one. But we were trampled by the stampeding herd almost immediately.

    • My thoughts (and experience) exactly – except I was never threatened with arrest, although security confronted me a time or two.

      I always felt like the Lone Ranger’s long-lost twin – the one with no mask.

    • True X, most of these morons are lemmings eager to follow each other over the cliff. Over half of the idiots here still wear them where there’s no longer a “mandate” and I still see some driving alone fully face diapered. Can’t fix stupid.

  20. All of this was actually very transparent from the beginning for people with critical thinking skills. The first item that gave away the game: no defined “exit condition(s)” for any of their emergencies. That is absolutely the first thing that I pointed out… and nobody cared.

    Secondly, while I’m no medical professional, I originally postulated that we still know everything we need to know about viruses and that there was nothing new with covid. Despite the never ending hysterics, gee whattaya know, a casual “arm chair” assessment was then and still remains true today.

    Thirdly, that people have either recently (back in March 2020) lost their minds or never had much upstairs has been sadly (and continually) re-affirmed. George Carlin’s observation about “half the people are stupider than [average intelligence]” was woefully optimistic it seems.

    Though not pointed out, George Carlin also mentioned that one day we’ll have televised mass suicides. While he meant it in a substantially different way than it’s playing out, it’s looking like he might have been mostly right about that prophesy as well.

    • Which George incorrectly stated. Half you meet are not necessarily below AVERAGE intelligence, but are indeed below median intelligence.
      None of these mandates have a single thing to do with any virus or vaccine. They have to do with your submission. By submitting, you give them authority to do anything they please to you. If you submit to taking a vaccine with zero long term testing, the worst adverse event of any vaccine ever allowed to remain available, for which the makers bear no liability, what stops them from taking your 14 year old daughter into custody for “examination” by “experts” and “officials”?

      • Intelligence should be as near a text book standard distribution bell curve as one can expect which means the median and average will be the same value or so close as to not have a meaningful difference. Thus interchangeable in conversation. It’s only when things do not follow a standard distribution where there is a difference.

        • “It’s only when things do not follow a standard distribution where there is a difference.” You mean like the fact that women occupy the near average intelligent zone, while men occupy the high and low end?

          • Both follow standard distributions separately. the distribution for women is narrower and taller and for men it’s wider and shorter. The distribution of women is closer into the mean, with very few geniuses and morons and none at the very extremes compared with the distribution for men.

            When you plot all people you still have a standard distribution but the averages from the individual plots will be at different places on that all people plot and different from the average of all people.

            For each average, because it is a standard distribution, half the women will be above the women’s average and have below it. Half the men will be above the men’s average and half below it. Half of all people will be above the average for all people and half below it.

            You have to stay within the same data set. You won’t have half of all people above the male average or half of all people below the female average. It doesn’t work that way.

    • anon 1

      There is so many holes, lies in the official narrative it is strange how people still believe it, that is slowly changing, maybe. Sucking people into getting an extermination injection = the best marketing campaign in history, voluntary suicide.
      Maybe the planners reasoning was everybody is self destruct, this just speeds it up, plus they see us as useless eaters, an invasive species, so it is zero loss, plus more real estate for them and they will own everything.


  21. ‘Second chances shouldn’t be missed.’ — eric

    Evidently, the Biden Thing has reached the same conclusion. From AP News:

    ‘While Biden’s vaccination-or-testing requirement for workers at larger employers has been held up by legal challenges, the president on Thursday will renew his call for businesses to move ahead and impose their own mandates on workers.’

    Also known as ‘contempt of court.’ Haul ‘Biden’ before the Sixth Circuit in shackles, then clap his shriveled ass into a chilly cell until his calculated defiance stops.

    ‘The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services will send a notice to all 63 million Medicare beneficiaries encouraging them to get booster doses, the White House said. The AARP will work with the administration on education campaigns for seniors.’

    And I will reply to CMMS’s pharma-pimping agitprop with my customary fusillade of derisory abuse, with copies to Kongress Klowns. Likewise to the collaborationist AARP, an abject handjob-maiden for Big Gov since it was founded in 1958 (in Commiefornia, natch) by an ‘educator’ and an insurance peddler.

    ‘Biden is also extending his directive requiring masks on airplanes and other public transit, which had been set to expire in January, through at least the middle of March, the White House said.’

    I just made a 2,000-mile road trip to avoid the airlines and the TSA, which I will continue to shun like rat poison. Boycott these corporate collaborationists and their AGW enforcers.

    FJB with a cattle prod.

  22. Went to Tuesday morning breakfast with the old retired boys in the ham radio club. NO one in the resturant was masked. Not the staff, not any of the patrons, no one. On the way out a couple was coming in, masked. The lady stopped dead in her tracks and jumped back seeing my unmasked face while I held the door. Unbelieveable.

    • Hi RK,

      “The lady stopped dead in her tracks and jumped back seeing my unmasked face while I held the door. Unbelieveable.”

      Normally, I also practice such civilities. But these are no longer normal times. I would have let the door slam the Freak in its Diapered face.

      • I’m not enough of a quick thinker to do anything outside automatic reactions. But next time I’ll stick out my tounge and shout “ogga booga booga!”

    • I have heard of many of these stories. Haven’t come across it personally yet, but there seems to be a fair amount of [mostly older] people who are so brainwashed they can’t handle proximity to normal people.

      Guarantee they are 3x vaxxed but still afraid b/c someone near by doesn’t have a mask. I can’t even imagine the mental struggle it takes to come to that sorry state.

      I have seen maskers entering a diner we go to before hunting, where the staff is not masked.
      If I were so insane to believe in the magic mask, why would I take food from a normal?
      But yet they do.

      • “mostly older” does not add to the conversation. It in fact adds to the psyop, by dividing us into this or that demographic group the left so fondly encourages. Being one of those “mostly older” I deeply resent such demographic assignment. Aside from helping my 90 year old late father buy groceries, I have not worn a mask. I did so with him because I saw no reason to confuse or disturb him with any conflict that may have arisen.

      • On the sidewalk I see many younger people masked up. But I’m willing to give them a little more slack. Many of them are using government public transport to go to government schools, both of which have strict mask requirements. When everyone in your circle is wearing a mask, no matter the reason, you’re more likely to participate.

        Rich old f***ers are another matter. They’re so afraid of death, especially those who have no afterlife. Luckily they aren’t as numerous as we’re led to believe.

        • Amen RK. One of the things we should intuitively know as grownups is, don’t fear something you have no control over. If a person hasn’t learned this after 7 or 8 decades, then death is doing all of us a favor.

  23. The last time I was at the local Kroger undiapered (store about 70/30 customers undiapered/diapered, employees 100% diapered), the retarded (because they can legally be paid less than min wage) bagger started wiping one of my items on his face diaper. I asked him to stop and he didn’t, he grabbed something else and did the same thing, so I demanded he move away and I bagged my own stuff. I told the manager about it and said I thought diapers and all kabuki were ridiculous but this guy’s BS would’ve been disgusting 2 years ago.

    Almost all the old, long time employees are gone, probably chased out by vax mandates/pressure and perpetual diaper wearing. Now it’s just the retards and the bitter compliant psychos. Deteriorating by the day.

    • My GF told me of a kid working at Taco Bell so utterly stoned that he could hardly function at the drive-through window. Synapses were firing blanks. Look, I don’t ask that you’re sober when you’re working Taco Bell, but if you’re too high to know what planet you’re on, you’ve gone a bit far.

      But, just as you indicate, Anon, places are hiring anyone with a pulse, even if they do things as disgusting as you’ve stated. It’s a great time for those with “employability issues” to find work.

      • The restaurant “dining experience” is rapidly degrading. Fast food is becoming like it was in the 1970s, when no one cared and the corporate chef was more chemist than cook. Last night I got in the mood from Popeyes’ Chicken, but the dining room was closed due to “no staff.” Probably did me a favor and for sure saved me about $15 for a meal.


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