Diaper Report 8/28/21

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A good friend of mine is a nurse who works at the VA – the hospital for sick veterans. He is throughly disgusted with what goes on within, especially the heavy pressure being applied to get him to roll up his sleeve – for the sake of the heavies within. And at the behest of doctors – and a medical-pharmaceutical apparat – that feeds these heavies the very things that made them sick in the first place.

And thereby feeds off of them.

He tells me of refrigerators stocked with ice cream and soda. That such food is knowingly given to morbidly obese diabetics nurses (not him) and ok’d by doctors. Also chips and anything else these sick patients desire – in the quantity desired. He tells me of being chastened by doctors after raising questions about this; of being unsupported when he tried to explain to his obese patients the correlation between what – and how much – they eat and their sickness.

Just give them what they want is the order of the day at the VA.

But he is supposed to roll up his sleeve – to “keep them safe,” from a secondary sickness that would threaten them little if at all – at the potential cost of his health, which is very good because he is not obese. Which he’s not because he works out regularly and does not eat excessive quantities of the foods that tend to result in obesity.

He is to be put at risk for the sake of people who put themselves at risk.

This is as fascinating as it is infuriating – and we can see it practically everywhere. Especially where Sickness Psychosis abounds and Kabuki is practiced. Is ordered. As in Illinois, for instance – where the obese governor-gesundheitsfuhrer has just decreed that healthy people must – once again – don the medically useless “mask” so as to make the heavies feel safe. It is the heavies, more than any other category of humanity, who are getting seriously sick – chiefly because they are chronically sick.

Obesity being a kind of chronic and fundamental sickness, one closely correlated with a roster of other, secondary sicknesses – including diabetes, hypertension and emphysema, all of which make the sufferer more likely to not only catch cold – any cold – but for that cold to elaborate into a serious, often fatal sickness.

Something on the order of two-thirds of the people who’ve died of ‘Rona can fairly be said to have died from complications related to obesity. If you aren’t obese, you face a very small risk of dying from the ‘Rona or any of its supposed “variants.”

Yet little is done to “stop the spread” – around the middle.

This is “the science”- or rather, the fact. But “the science” refuses to deal honestly with the fact that this sickness is overwhelmingly a problem for the unhealthy – who, by any moral standard, have the primary obligation to care for themselves first. As opposed to insisting that others be forced to endure endless restrictions and assume risks to themselves, for their sake.

Why no gaslighting of the heavy?

Why no restrictions placed upon what they do to themselves; or at least, no sanction – paid by them – for harming themselves? As in letting them absorb the consequences of what they do to themselves.

A person has every right to eat whatever they like. To sit on the couch all weekend long, if they like. But do they have the right to blame – and punish – others for the harms they have done to themselves? To make others pay for the consequences of their choices?

We hear this argument all the time – disingenuously deployed against those who refuse to “mask” or get Jabbed. But they are not the ones getting sick and so not spreading sickness.

My friend is a very fit guy in his mid-40s. He needs a “vaccination” like Elvis needed more charisma. Why should he be pressured to put his health at risk – by rolling up his sleeve -for the sake of people who can’t be bothered to stop eating?

Why should anyone who is healthy and conscientious about their health be so obliged?

Why should anyone feel anything other than resentment for being so pressured?

Yet that is precisely the opposite of what’s occurring. Healthy people who aren’t at risk, who express resentment over being expected to perform various strange rites such as the wearing of a “mask” over their faces and who are adamant about not taking known serious and possibly catastrophic unknown long-term risks by submitting to an injection of highly suspect medicine that doesn’t even keep the fatties from getting sick are told they are “selfish” and the takers-away of other people’s freedoms.

To eat too much. To not take care of their health.

If only everyone would submit to the Jab, all would be well again. This in the face of the galling (because simply ignored) fact that the “vaccines” work about as well as a cement lifejacket; of a piece with the fact that there is no evidence whatsoever that “masks” stop the spread of anything other than sanity.

Instead, keep on feeding – and Jabbing – the obese. Get everyone on the Big Pharma bandwagon, for the sake of making the heavies feel better. And making Big Pharma rich and government all-powerful – via sickness manufactured by them and used by them to keep people afraid, sick – and paying.

. . .

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  1. Israel is the test bed for Pfizer and a leading indicator for future US vaccine policy:

    ‘Holders of Israel’s vaccine passports must get a third dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine within six months of their second dose, or lose the so-called green pass that allows them more freedom.

    ‘More than 2 million of Israel’s population of 9.3 million have already had a third shot.

    ‘U.S. regulators are likely to approve in mid-September a Covid-19 booster shot.

    “Why are we the first country to do this,” said 28-year-old Tovatel Magen, who works at a cafe in Jerusalem and has had her first two shots. “They are doing experiments on us.”


    They are doing experiments on us.‘ Quite right. And the results so far are disastrous.

    Yet ‘Biden’ already has decided to mimic Israel’s failing booster-jab experiment, regardless of inconvenient facts.

    Booster shots lead by an inexorable logic to 6-month validity for vaccine apartheid passes.

    Americans who already got two jabs likely will find themselves reclassified as ‘unvaxxed’ by January, unless they show up for a booster.

    You’ll be on this for life‘ — Big Pharma’s KA-CHING moment. Just like mandatory auto insurance. Thanks for playing.

    • Back in 1960, when Israeli’s Mossad sent a team of operatives to Argentina, Adolf Eichmann was actually the “consolation prize”, as they were primarily after “Herr Doktor” Josef Mengele, who had overseen medical experiments on Jewish victims, including his infamous “twins” series of experiments. Mengele by coincidence had recently moved, he was not aware of the Mossad team targeting him, though wary of reprisals in general.
      Some 61 years later, a massive medical experiment is being done with the entire nation of Israel as the “guinea pigs”, and no one gets in a bother about it. Oy! Vey!

  2. Watch ‘Forks Over Knives’.

    The German army invaded Norway, armies have to eat, Norwegian farmers found themselves with a shortage of livestock, had to change their eating habits.

    The result, a noticeable decrease in heart disease among farmers with more or less just vegetables for sustenance, basically. Can’t eat the milk cow until she dries up, then you can have your porterhouse.

    Beer and lefse will keep you alive, just so you know. And lutefisk, don’t forget the salted cod. Lutefisk, lutefisk, lefse, lefse, we’re Norwegians, ya, you betcha.

    William Howard Taft, US President, weighed in at 340 pounds and had a larger bathtub installed at the White House so he didn’t have difficulty getting out of the tub that was there. He was an over eater, so they say.

    If you haven’t noticed, the people that I see who received the vaccines do have a worried look on their faces.

    Looks that way to me, but I could be wrong.

  3. Airheaded bird brain Michelle Goldberg of the New York Slimes takes the cake with an Op-Ed titled:

    The Intolerable Wait for a Kids’ Vaccine

    Women this gobsmacking dumb should be prohibited from reproducing.

      • Yesterday Israel — the most-vaccinated nation on earth, thanks to its aggressive booster jab campaign — saw its daily ‘case’ rate blow through a thousand for the first time ever, reaching 1,010 per million.

        Dudes … it ain’t workin’. Stop, just stop.

        • It is so clear that the jab is the goal – it has never been about health, conserving health care resources, fewer deaths, or any of the other lies that have been told.

          It has ALWAYS been about the jab.

        • The champagne corks were a-poppin at the office of the National Vanguard at the news of the misfortune of the Israeli people re: COVID and the “Jab”.

  4. I am seeing something worrisome over the last few days….the unjabbed are getting jabbed. A few people I know who stated they were not getting it have since caved. Some of it is pressure from significant others or family members, others are caving due to work or school. I do not like where this is heading or the trend I am seeing. I expect with the onslaught of new jabbers the virus will continue to mutate and cases will increase in the next week or two.

    • This is just anecdotal, but my brother, who early on last year was anti-mask, etc., was recently contemplating getting the jab. Other brother and I had a long talk with him a couple of months ago, and his wife yesterday said he is now saying NO. He is a private contractor.

      • That’s good to hear. The majority of my family is still unjabbed, but others around me are folding like cheap lawn chairs. They have given up.

      • I can think of a few circumstances which might FAVOR getting the Jab; mine do NOT. I can’t risk the potential for clotting with what I’ve experienced in recent months; could trigger a stroke that might be fatal…or worse, not QUITE fatal

        But the biggest reason for anyone to say “NO” to the Jab is this: Why the force and threats of force? Why all the LYING re: COVID and the Jab as well? Let alone that Fauxci and the CDC are flailing about like the Keystone Cops.

        On second thought, I owe an apology…to the KEYSTONE COPS. At least these vaudevillians of yore were engaged in slapstick comedy, and were FUNNY. Fauxci and the rest of the ghouls are NOT.

  5. I was reading the comments at


    when I came across this bit by someone with the nic, cyber_rigger

    “In Texas, the stores are taking down their Plexiglas shields.”

    I wondered, has anyone else seen this happening?

    Also, does anyone else think of that creepy looking Gollum character in the film, ‘Lord of the Rings’ whenever they see a photo or video of Frankenstein Fauci?

    I was never a big fan of the film series, I only saw one, yet I’m reminded of it’s theme quite often.

    • I think of “Hoggle,” the grotesquely wizened dwarf-puppet from Labyrinth.

      Come to think of it…I’ve never seen Fauxi and Hoggle doing a press conference together…!

      • I had to look that up. Hoggle does seem to resemble Frankenstein Fauci in both character & looks.
        Or, is it the other way around?

  6. I am wondering if the so-called Fat Acceptance Movement has anything to do with the lies we are being told about who is at risk of this bug? Recently, Cosmopolitan magazine, which used to feature vampy 90 pound models on the cover, ran a spread with a bunch of women who weighed at least 300lbs each with the headline “This is healthy.”
    The article pointed out that many of the health markers for obese are not that different than non-obese. And sure, that might be true up to your mid-20s – Cosmo’s target audience – but the bill comes due later with a vengeance. Just like smoking – you’re fine the first few years of it, but then it catches up with numerous health issues.
    Also interesting: A Peloton TV ad a few years ago got a lot of criticism because the storyline was the husband buying the bike as a gift for his “anorexic wife.” While I couldn’t care less about the sexist implications everyone was bitching about, my issue was with people now referring to a normal weight, physically fit woman as “anorexic” and implying that she doesn’t need any exercise. It’s like society is trying to adjust the scale upward. Normal (at least as I remember it in the 80s) is now unattractively scrawny and what used to be considered “meat on her bones” (size 14) is normal. Morbidly obese 300+ means she needs to drop a few pounds, but don’t you dare hurt her feelings by telling her she’s digging her grave with a knife and a fork.
    There’s a big difference between bullying fat people (a common past-time amongst the little savages I schooled with in the 70s and 80s) and informing them that are at greater risks of some diseases due to their heft. I understand not liking to be nagged by medical professionals. I don’t react well to that either and until recently, most fat people knew their weight was a problem.
    But I agree, they are bringing the issue upon themselves and the least our public health people could do is make that clear. They should be warned that they are the ones who need to avoid crowds and take other steps to avoid getting sick.
    There’s a lot we don’t know about this wuflu, either because it’s new or because we’ve been lied to by stupid people since the beginning. But we do know it’s not one size fits all. Everyone I know of who has had it has a different story about how it affected them, everything from a mild case of the sniffles to death. I wish our public health gestapo would acknowledge that and stop treating us like we are all the same.

    • >stop treating us like we are all the same.
      You mean, like a “Fit and Healthy Acceptance Movement?”
      Heresy, I’m afraid.
      The Doctor-Gods will *not* be pleased.
      Because, you know, healthy people do not need their services.

      A close friend (not an MD) works with a heart surgeon in Oklahoma City. When asked why he chose Oklahoma City to practice cardiology, the surgeon, a Pakistani-American, replied “Lots of fat, rich white people with serious heart problems.”

      • Hello Turtle!

        Ironic, that is what “Medicare for All”, Bernie Bro liberals used to think as recently as a couple years ago. Doctors, hospitals, and drug makers were “mercenaries” who made money by keeping people sick, and only “universal health care” could protect us from their greed. Now, these same people tell us we must listen to *Doctor* Fauci, take the *pharmaceutical companies’* vaccines, etc. How did they go from being evil incarnate to the saviors of all mankind so quickly? 🤔

        • Inquiring minds want to know. 🙂
          Hi ho for (would be Saint) and (aspiring Pope) Anthony Fauxci.
          Will he rise from the dead? On international TeeVee?
          Diós mío! Quién sabe?

    • An obese population is very profitable for the medical and food cartels. I’m sure these mags are accepting money from shadow organizations to write such nonsense.

      The whole fashion industry has adjusted to this scheme. Most modelling agencies now have a category of overweight models euphemistically labeled as “curvy”. So slender models with measurements of 32-23-35 are NOT curvy?

      Unfortunately, there’s not enough people questioning this crazy movement because of envy. People really love to trash the healthy and the beautiful as it makes them feel more comfortable about their predicament.

    • “Fat Acceptance” is the self-esteem movement gone horribly wrong.

      I’ve been there, over 325 lbs (now down to a healthier but still somewhat “tubby” 215), and all I can say, look, folks, as you get into your 50s, the herd LITERALLY starts to “THIN OUT”. Hey, some guys are into chubby chicks (I think of the ballplayer in the 2001 movie, “Summer Catch”, getting up at the local watering hole and declaring his lust for the heftier gals, hey, if they get the ‘rise’ outta ya, more power to ya, right?), but let’s face it, being obese and especially morbidly obese is a huge TURN-OFF for most! Look, of course it’s wrong to be mean to fat people, especially women, it’s not as if they’re slowing the Earth’s rotation or sinking the continents! But if they’re having trouble attracting a mate…well, that’s a biological fact, to copulate with a partner that is virile and healthy, b/c obviously, will said mate be “there” and produce and rear healthy children? Biology doesn’t LIE, folks!

      I notice also how many dykes, especially the more grotesque ones, are also obese. So if this all is just a set of LAME excuses to justify lack of self-control, sorry, I ain’t buying it!

      • >I’ve been there, over 325 lbs (now down to a healthier but still somewhat “tubby” 215),
        Congratulations, Douglas!
        Mopar to you. 🙂
        May you live long and prosper.

        RE: the rest of your post
        The late, great George Carlin said it, in his incomparable style, many years ago, as you may know 🙂

        FWIW, I *WAS* a “fat kid” some made fun of until I hit puberty. I was 5″ taller, and 20 lbs lighter, in 10th grade than I was in 7th, and remained athletic, fit, “normal,” weight for many years.

        However, transition from physically demanding job to sitting behind a computer all day (and much of the night) presents its challenges, among which is maintaining healthy weight.

        I have seen those who coped with it successfully; it transformed their lives, emotionally and psychologically as much as physically. Those who did not cope with it are, mostly, now deceased.

        At 218 lb this AM, I am currently lingering just above my overweight/obese BMI boundary, and need to motivate myself to get below 200. I know *what* I need to do, and, mostly, *how* to do it. Just have to WANNA real bad. 🙂

        Desire to stay alive? Vanity? Desire to fit into nice clothes which no longer fir you? Various varieties of sexual motivation?

        Hey, whatever works for you. Just do it.

        • Hi Turtle,

          There is a vanity element, of course – no one wants to look bad. But for me, feeling good is the great motivator. I don’t dread getting older. I do dread becoming weak and feeble. That is why I work hard to delay it!

          • Same here, Eric.
            Exercise makes me feel wonderful, and energized.
            Makes me want to kick ass on stupid people.
            From which activity I must of necessity restrain myself. 🙂

      • Hi Doug,

        Like so many out-of-whack things, it’s the widespread (literally) problem of very heavy (as opposed to slightly overweight) people. Normal weight – a few pounds over – is normal. Not everyone has or reasonably can be expected to have the body of a Greek god. That takes genetics and lots of work. Most of us are not quite there and never will get there. But many have the body of Henry VIII toward the end of his reign – and that is literally morbid. Part of this is due to overconsumption and sloth but I also believe a great deal of it is due to the horrible “food” (not so much quantity but quality, or lack of it) that so many people unknowingly eat. I mean the processed, HFC-laden, nutritionally worthless crap one finds on most supermarket shelves and in the frozen cardboard boxes. This stuff is literally poison – and it has been administered by the same sickness interests that are now pushing “vaccines” on us. What is wanted is a population of chronically sick and so chronically paying “customers.”

        • So true, Eric, and that could just about be a website on its own.

          The sheer irony is that modern technologies of internal combustion, power generation, REFRIGERATION, plus more than a century of combined scientific research have made a more “primitive” diet, i.e., one of fresh fruits, vegetables, and MEATS quite possible for even urban dwellers. It’s a matter of CHOICE, w/o over-reliance on processed foods, if one takes the TIME to learn how to cook and to get into the habit of good foot preparation. Master Yoda was dead to rights, even if his Grand-Master Jedi prowess didn’t necessarily extend to the culinary art…”For the Jedi, time to eat, it is as well…” For many of us, as you’ve found with your chicken coop(s), though, there is an even BETTER way, and that’s to grow our own produce, and where possible, raise chickens and other livestock for eggs and/or meat. This was more common, say, a century ago, and you’ll notice that folks ate more butter, cream, cheese, and yet remained LEANER.

          I also notice that people were more active…starting from early childhood. When was the last time you saw a horde of neighbor kids, running about in play? When was the last time a bunch of lads were playing baseball during the summer and/or football in the fall? Sheesh, I recall, growing up in Maryland, just outside of DC, when it’d rain, it was time for….FOOTBALL. Just imagine a gathering of ten and eleven year olds, on the playground of the local elementary school, on a rainy Saturday morning, getting all the more covered in mud and having a hell of a time, and having to get hosed off when you got home. Nowadays, the schoolyard would be padlocked shut, and if a bunch of kids did gather, they’d called the AGWs to break it up, and likely CPS would get involved to investigate the “unauthorized” outbreak of boys being boys!

          • >Nowadays, the schoolyard would be padlocked shut,
            Where I live, in days gone by, anyone could wander over to the local high school and run around the track at the football field. There was a substantial group of tennis players who used the high school courts. Tennis players even had spectators in the grandstand. Not sure, but it may have been possible to use the (outdoor) swimming pool, on some schedule.

            These days, everything is surrounded by high (10′?) galvanized steel picket fences, with gates that look like they were designed for a high security prison, and the public is forbidden to use the high school athletic facilities. Eintritt verboten!

  7. Not really a diaper concern, but a supply source concern.

    This is from Fox Business this morning….apparently, Ida (a Cat 4 that slammed into Louisiana yesterday) is only a bump in the road?!?!


    Even reading the comments below pertaining to the article leaves me stunned. I have watched the news in New Orleans all morning and no one is talking about the breakdown of the supply chain. The wind damage is extensive (much worse than Katrina, where flooding was the biggest issue). Under Hurricane Katrina (2005) the economy was running at full knots (full employment, world growth, increased supply and productivity). Right now we have an extensive labor and supply shortage.

    It will be MONTHS (not weeks) before the last person in southern LA has electricity back on. Damaged roofs? Trees down? First floor flooded? HVAC unit destroyed? There is nothing to be found. My neighbor finally got their roof repaired (a tree fell on it back in February) just last week. Try to find a decent HVAC unit to have installed….next to impossible. The distributors are telling contractors it will be months before they receive their units (that was before a Cat 4 hurricane hit). I hope no one’s heat pump dies this winter. Right now the stores in MS and LA are cleaned out. To get the grocery stores back up and running they will have to take grocery supplies from the rest of the country. What does one do if their car flooded? You can’t go buy a new one….none available…..still waiting on the computer chips.

    I don’t think the impact of this will hit next week, but we will start feeling it in the coming months.

    Hubby and I visited the grocery store early yesterday morning…..about 50 people there….we were only one of five people that were unmasked….pathetic.

    The shelves had food, but the stockers were pushing the food forward to make it look full. There was very little food behind it. Some spaces for pasta, meat, milk, eggs, and paper products were substantially reduced. Soup was plentiful though. It was not as bad as March 2020, but the Grasslands grass fed butter I am buying still has the same expiration date as the butter that I purchased a month ago (November 2021), which means new stock is not coming in.

    The country is so worried about COVID that we are losing sight of bigger problems in our economy.

    • All part of the bigger plan our great and dear leader pedo sleepy joe has for us….. or at least his handlers do. This storm could be 50 times more devastating than katrina was and you wouldn’t hear boo on the news. I too am noticing less supply of food on the store shelves. They sheeple don’t seem to notice though. They are just too concerned with when they can go get their third jab, having their 3 yr old give off the correct vitue signal by resteicting their oxygen intake, and thinking how selfish those who are double jabbed that aren’t rushing out to get their booster shot. Afterall they are “safe & effective”🤣. And in other news we have always been at war with eastasia

      • Hi Antilles,

        You are right. The news is not talking about except in passing. Yesterday when I was scanning various news sites the Cat 4 was the 8th story on Fox’s print page and 28th on Yahoo! It wasn’t a concern. Even watching Weather Nation all day yesterday (anything is better than watching the rehashing of Covid) they were pretty nonchalant about it. “We have a Cat 4 coming….be careful.” Any other time John Van Pelt and Ben McMillian would be out shouting “Leave now. You are going to die. No one is going to rescue you.” Instead, it was the calmest Cat 4 news coverage I have ever seen.

        • I was noticing the exact thing. Almost complete news blackout on this – some power losses and a tree down. This, from supposedly the most powerful storm to ever hit the US. Nothing to see here.

          I do think we did make many improvements since Katrina and I believe they likely held up nicely. But the failures are to be hidden, to avoid more reputational harm to an administration that appears to be on a downward spiral of late. Now if Trump were in the WH (and this is by no means an endorsement of the tangerine clown) this would be plastered as a widespread catastrophe he caused, with all these covid patients now going to die from power failures and dysentery, but not before they spread it everywhere, risking the lives of first responders and FEMA.

          • Hi BAC,

            Except the news coverage (actually recorded by homeowners, storm chasers, etc.) is pretty bad. The destruction is rampant throughout LA. Houma and Port Fourchon were absolutely slammed. I agree with you if Trump was in office this would have been front page news. When the government hides (and just ignores) what is really happening I automatically become suspicious.

            • Hi RG,
              Also curious is how they’re downplaying the fact that a large amount of refinery and natural gas production has shut down; just noticed gasoline up here jumped a nickel from yesterday. Might be prudent to fill all your vehicles now, especially with Labor Day weekend coming up.
              Latest info I got from the Weather Channel (between all the constant commercials) is that it may be weeks before there is a significant amount of power restoration. Good luck charging an EV.

              • Good point on the EV, Mike. Hopefully, the Tesla drivers have stockpiled at least a month’s worth of food. 🙂

                I expect gas prices to increase another between $.10-.20 in the coming week. I think the oil rigs probably came through okay, but they are happy to look for any excuse to jack up fuel costs.

      • I was seriously thinking of ordering my Thanksgiving turkey now. I deal with a local farmer, but I am worried about supply.

          • Hi Eric,

            We are looking at raising some chickens for egg production. Hubby is working on a coop, but I am a bit hesitant since we travel a lot. The dogs that we have are easy. They hop right in the back of the truck….the chickens may be harder to travel with. He and I are back and forth on it.

            Also, I could never kill the chicks that I raise. I expect I would get too attached. I much rather have someone raise it and do the dirty deed.

          • If worse comes to worst, we are swimming in wild turkeys around here. And they are tasty fowl… lots of dark rich meat and not much fat or bloat like commercial turkey.

  8. Well, there they go again — the New York Slimes, that is, launching a fresh hit piece on ivermectin on behalf of their sponsors, Big Gov and Big Pharma:

    Demand Surges for Deworming Drug for Covid, Despite No Evidence It Works

    ‘Prescriptions for ivermectin have seen a sharp rise in recent weeks, jumping to more than 88,000 per week in mid-August from a pre-pandemic baseline average of 3,600 per week, according to CDC.

    ‘Pharmacist Travis Walthall was astonished, he said, at how many people were willing to take an unapproved drug for Covid. “I’m like, gosh, this is horrible,” he said.

    “People are going to animal feed stores and getting a formulation that’s highly concentrated because it’s for 1,000-pound animals,” Dr. Shawn Varney said. “They’re opening themselves to great potential harm.”

    ‘A recent [Cochrane] review of 14 ivermectin studies, with more than 1,600 participants, concluded that none provided evidence of the drug’s ability to prevent Covid, improve patient conditions or reduce mortality. Another 31 studies are still underway to test the drug.

    The only functional strategy we have for getting control of Covid-19 is vaccination,” said Dr. Irwin Redlener, a physician in New York and founding director of the National Center for Disaster Preparedness at Columbia University. “If people are not getting vaccinated because of nonsense they’re reading on the internet, that interferes with our ability to get this pandemic under control.”


    Lies … all lies … poison lies.

    My tube of ‘horse paste’ is 1.87% concentration. That’s ‘high’? The plunger is clearly marked in 200 lb intervals for dosage. If you’re so flaked out that you squeeze out a 1,200 lb dose (the whole tube) instead of a 200 lb dose (half an inch), you might get a tummy ache. This article is pitched to retarded children.

    Likewise ‘Doctor’ Redlener, whose remarks about ‘nonsense on the internet’ are inspired by Hillary lashing the deplorables.

    What’s changing is that now the MSM feels obliged to admit that studies are underway, instead of just preaching b-a-a-a-a-a-d-d-d-d to the retarded children. The Slimes has cherry-picked only negative studies which were designed to fail, ignoring the many positive studies covered in a meta-analysis by Dr Marik of FLCCC.

    Little by little, though, the Media’s dam of denial and denunciation is cracking up.

    • Pharmacist Travis Walthall’s astonishment that people would take an unapproved drug for Covid is particularly rich.

      This halfwit pill pusher seems unaware that ALL of the hundreds of millions of vaccinations in the US were unapproved — administrated under an Emergency Use Authorization.

      Whereas, off-label uses of approved drugs such as ivermectin are common and unexceptional.

      Ivermectin is considered a particularly safe drug because its LD50 lethal dose is many times the therapeutic dose. Deaths from ivermectin in four decades of use are almost nonexistent, compared to over 6,000 covid vaccine deaths in the US just in the past year.

      People who intentionally distort and invert facts are liars and gaslighters, serving a sinister, self-serving agenda.

      • Agree that the “pharmacist” has a colossal nerve to blabber on about “unapproved drugs.” And of course the “doctor” leaving out the fact that the doses are calibrated – not “concentrated”.


    • Hi Jim,

      I noticed the “doctors” are not questioning why the covid cases in Africa are barely a blip for those countries that are using Ivermectin. Obviously, that is not to be discussed. I hope after this fiasco is over the doctors that pushed this onto the American public face the loss of their license and jail time. Unfortunately, most of America will be the equivalent of walking zombies so I am not holding my breath that the truth will conquer all.

      • ‘I hope after this fiasco is over the doctors that pushed this onto the American public face the loss of their license and jail time.’ — Raider Girl

        Truth will out … and we will help it do so.

        Meanwhile, the Lügenpresse is gunning for those who dare to speak truth, as in this vicious hit piece from three days ago:

        Calls Grow to Discipline Doctors Spreading Virus Misinformation


        The Slimes is egging on the state of Indiana to yank the medical license of Dr Daniel Stock, who dared to make the ’emperor has no clothes’ observation that the vaccines are becoming ineffective.

        Too bad we can’t urge revocation of journalists’ licenses — they haven’t got any, unless they found one in a CrackerJack box or clipped it off the side of a milk carton.

        • On paper, we have an extremely free press in the USA. The world’s freest, or pretty darn close anyway. Certainly freer than the UK or Canada.

          Why don’t we act like it for once?!

          • Hi Publius,

            The problem is that the major organs of the press – TV, radio, print and online – are owned by a handful of interlocking corporations. This effectively controls the dialogue. Many people only regard something as true (or good or bad) if it is so portrayed by the consensus press. This is why half the country is still playing sickness kabuki – or wants to – over a virus with a 99 percent or better recovery rate for otherwise healthy, not elderly people.

            • If only you had an “upvote” counter, Eric, it’d be in perpetual motion on that last comment!

              At this point, it’s academic WHO is actually “driving the bus”, be it the media/tech moguls, the “banksters”, the “Deep State”. Judging by the rather haphazard manner in which the “bus” is actually proceeding, I’d say no ONE single entity is “Driving”, unless you’re subscribing that there’s some mastermind being, down there in the nether regions, sitting on a throne of skulls, laughing his demonic ass off at we stupid mortals, and, of course, there’s no way to confirm such a “bedtime story”.

              I’d say it’s more of a “collectivist” mindset…that is, fairly much like a RELIGION, the “woke” have effectively taken over, with their gaggle of “true believers”, manipulated by those in political, Governmental, and Corporate power, most of whom are cynics (i.e, they know better but are willing to go through with the “Kabuki” as part of the “act”) to serve THEIR ends. FEAR…ANGER. ENVY…all base emotions, used by revolutionaries and dictators alike, are being used on we gullible “Amerikaners”. Of course FEAR, especially of this “Plan-Demic”, would be the most useful weapon, as otherwise we’re too content and fat to be pissed off enough to revolt. It’s much more than getting OM out of the way, and that’s ASSuming he wasn’t just another actor, playing the part of gadfly and buffoon to make the theater credible.

              I have to admit, some eighteen months ago, when all this “Rona” bullshit was just getting started, and we were being told…JUST TWO WEEKS…”Flatten the Curve”…and it’ll soon PASS. Either those in charge didn’t know what they were doing, which is quite possible, and that’s actually the more preferable scenario…b/c if they did, we’ve ALREADY been “conquered” and just haven’t admitted to ourselves, YET.

    • Got another feel-good story: son took two doses (calibrated, of course) after having a fever, chills, etc., all day. The first dose he took was the first evening (Sunday), by Tuesday he was mowing and manual labor again. Took a 2nd dose Tuesday evening. By Wednesday he was feeling much better, Thursday back to normal.

      Another family member took a calibrated dose a couple of days ago after about a day of feeling blah. Even without any other intervention, he is now feeling just fine.

      Meanwhile, we are aware of a lady who was in ICU and now in a “kovid unit” – who was improving in ICU, but now at death’s door. The guardians of the kovid unit are refusing to cooperate/communicate with the family. I believe she was jabbed, as she was an extreme masker, as was her whole family. She also has COPD and diabetes. (PS – Her husband had cancer earlier this year, after surgery and no burning or poisoning, he is doing fine. Haven’t seen any of them in a mask since, but again I assume it may be because of the jabbing.) I had tried to tell him about ivermectin (don’t want to come off like a know-it-all, etc.), but he answered with something about HCQ, so I’m not sure he understood that they are not the same thing. I tried once more to stress ivermectin. Not sure if I got through.

      • Hi Anon,


        And: While this is anecdotal/personal, I submit it for what it’s worth. Whenever I feel a little off, the first signs I might be coming down with a cold, I go for a 4-5 mile run. This has almost always cured me. In fact, I can’t remember the last time a cold took hold after I went for a nice long (and sweaty) run. I don’t know why it works, exactly – only that it does. For me, at least!

        • I wish I could remember what my grandma used to say. I think it was ‘feed the fever, starve the cold.’ Something along those lines might explain why that 4-5 mile run works.

        • A little “PT” is usually good for what AILS ya….

          Me, I figure a night in the sack with a hot, armorous 29 y.o. woman who is, ahem, “well endowed” really improves my outlook on life. Would some “sack time” actually beat down a viral infection? I say…WHO GIVES A SHIT?

        • Eric, I have for decades suffered from sinus infections and bronchitis, every winter brings a chronic cough. This is at least partly due to living in an extreme climate, where you are indoors with concentrated mold/allergens/etc. or outside in very cold dry air for months on end.

          Every year, as soon as it gets warm enough (above freezing ideally) I cure myself by getting out and running until the coughing subsides and the accumulated crud comes out of my lungs. It just works- even on mild colds- just getting the lungs to process lots of fresh air does miracles.

          • I know someone who, “for decades suffered from sinus infections and…”

            That person started taking a buncha vitamins and minerals and it’s probably been a decade symptom free.

            I used to suffer from seasonal hayfever every year without fail in the Fall. Since I started taking the same buncha vitamins and minerals it’s also been about a decade since I had that happen.

            It’s no wonder the evil bastards led by the likes of Senator Durbin of Illinois are out to make those naturally occurring substances available by pre$cription only thus limiting availability for those who suffer even further.

            “”Doin’ right ain’t got no end”

            • Oh, I do certainly supplement with multivitamins, big doses of C, and Magnesium. Still, when you live in a 100 year old house shared with a couple dogs and cats, lots of mold spores, etc, and the outside air is around 0% humidity and from -20 to +20, your lungs take a beating.

              Why do I live like this, you ask? Because it’s so undesirable that it tends to drive out the riff-raff, and property is cheap, and I read Heinlein’s Martian novels as a young teen and always wanted to live in a climate unsuited for human life…

      • ‘now in a “kovid unit”’ — Anonymous

        Kudos for the kreative ‘k’:

        ‘Noah Webster [Connecticut Yale lawyer] was struck by the inconsistencies of English spelling and the obstacles it presented to learners (young and old alike) and resented that American classrooms were filled only with British textbooks.

        ‘[His] spelling reform was based on the author’s combined vision of logic and aesthetics. He changed the –ce in words like defence, offence, and pretence to –se; abandoned the second, silent “l” in verbs such as travel and cancel when forming the past tense; dropped the “u” from words such as humour and colour; and dropped the “k” from words such as publick and musick.

        ‘The “publick” readily accepted many of these changes and just as readily rejected some of the others.’


        Websterian hyperbole — as in ‘Kalifornia krazy’ — now serves well as a mockery of yankee fanaticism.

        Southrons stuck with British orthography long after young Noah denounced it as way too recondite.

        Kovid is musick to muh ears …

        • The Genteel Southern aristocracy had familial and economic ties to the UK, more so than the Yankees, many descended of the tight-assed Puritans that trace their roots to Cromwell. Also factored in should be a bunch of GERMANS, mainly from Saxony, Hesse, and Prussia, some that came over of their own accord prior to the Revolution, and many descended from the Hessians, quite a few Colonel Rall’s boys that got surprised in their beds at Trenton, NJ, on Dec 26th, 1776, by the rag-tag remnants of the Continental Army! So much that German, instead of English, nearly became the official language of the fledgling nation…just imagine how THAT would have changed history!

  9. I enjoy watching “Ask This Old House”, on the Pluto streaming network. Over the past week I can’t sleep for more than a few hours and then I’m wide awake around 1:00 – 3:00 am. Go downstairs, I put this show on, turn the volume to barely audible, and I eventually dose off again.

    Anyway, they keep running an Ad for Old Navy that features maybe a dozen female models of all shapes and sizes. The featured model, right in the center of the gals is pretty heavy. Others, including more plus-size women join her in swinging their booties to the camera. Message received, at least to me is that every size is normal.

    This message can’t be good for a society that wants to encourage health in their population. It seems we should be sympathetic to those that struggle with weight, not promote heaviness as just another body shape within the norm and that anything’s acceptable. It’s not factual that excessive weight is good for health, either short or long term. Is this even debatable?

    • Hi Snapdragon,

      If you are consistently waking up between 1 and 3 am you may be suffering from low blood sugar. This usually occurs from insufficient glycogen in the liver. If you are having panic and anxiety attacks you may have low cortisol, when that mixes with lower blood sugar it can result in restless sleep.

      I would suggest around 8-9 PM to have a half of peanut butter sandwich on whole grain bread or toast. I usually add banana to mine, but that is optional. After a night or two you should be waking up less and be able to get a full night’s sleep.

      • Hi RG – thanks for the advice. I will certainly try it. Although I wouldn’t say I’m having anxiety attacks, it is certainly possible I’m experiencing the low blood sugar and cortisol. We’ve basically been ex-communicated from son and daughter-in-law + the grandkids. Our daughter-in-law gave my husband and I an epic tongue-lashing a few days ago. The vitriol directed towards us was stunning. For some reason, she directed most of her ire at hubby, who is the most mild-mannered guy around. He does have a sarcastic sense of humor, though, which she has never appreciated or gotten used to. (She is a health care professional who is invested in the covid narrative in full). Both her and my son have been vaxxed.

        I was surprised, only because it was me that started the whole thing, stating that I would not be able to pick up the grands from school in case of illness if masks were still required. This opened up the first vitriolic outburst, which led to the ‘meeting’ with all four adults. I am sad to say I don’t know if things between us will be restored, only because it illustrated in stark terms that she hates us with a passion, which has been somewhat cloaked over the years.

        My husband wondered after the whole thing – if we are such monsters, why on earth does she trust us with watching her children?

        • Hi Snapdragon,

          I am so sorry to hear that. Your DIL sounds like a first class bitch. Your mild mannered son needs to lay down the law in regards to how she deals with his parents. If hubby and I have an issue with one side of the family or the other the child of that family deals with it, not the son in law or the daughter in law. I would NEVER cut loose on my husband’s family. NEVER. They are my husband’s family, I need to show them respect even if I do not agree with them. Your DIL has now created a stressful environment not only for you and your husband in dealing with her, but also between your son and your grandchildren. That is unacceptable.

          Just an FYI: You may want to add in a bit of yoga, too. Just to clear your mind and be able to focus that bad energy elsewhere. Calm breathing techniques and soft music or a book audible before bed would make the stress that you are experiencing not the last thing to think about before falling asleep.

          I hope everything works out.

          • Our daughter-in-law has always been a challenge. She was needy from the beginning of her relationship with our son. A girl with a chip on her shoulder. I suspect she appealed to the male instinct of protecting the vulnerable. He himself had a pretty good childhood with little trauma; looks, good grades, athletic ability that earned him a place on a college team.

            He is perhaps not so mild mannered as he is exhausted. He works for a large company in a high stress position. Most likely in our daughter-in-law he saw a troubled soul that he thought he could help. My husband strongly urged him against marrying her, but of course children don’t always heed parents’ advice, especially in affairs of the heart.

            At times over the years, she has drained both him and my husband and I, emotionally. She’s kind of lazy. This was just the culmination of years of tension. She is opposite in views political – a major problem, I guess, in her opinion. Yet, she is not sophisticated in political debate, so in the infrequent times that politics came up, the conversation usually ended with her storming out of the room. Yeah. Just a saint.

            • I feel for you, Snapdragon. You are in a rough spot, especially if your son is too tired to take her on. Be there for him as a shoulder to lean on (he will need it, because one day he will likely snap). Also, try to stay in touch and involved with your grandchildren. They need sanity in their lives and you and your husband can offer that to them. As the years go by they will figure out that mom is crazy and they will appreciate you and your husband for providing them a little ray of light and a differing viewpoint.

              As for her (short of strangling her) be polite, but aloof. One day the grandchildren will not need her blessing to see you, until then you have to deal with her.

              I sympathize – I have a cousin in the exact same position as your son – she works, but does not cook, will not clean, is rarely involved with the children, etc. They grew up in very different environments and my cousin pretty much handles it all. My aunt and uncle feel the same way that you and your husband do about their DIL, but they love their grandchildren so they put up with her. My cousin has played intermediary and will take the children to their grandparents house for a week or so when she heads out of town “on an all girls vacay.” It is a win win since she is no where to be found and they have the grandchildren to spoil for a few weeks.

              • Hi RG, those are very good thoughts, and thank you for sharing about your cousin. As for being here for the grandchlldren, I agree; but, honestly we have been providing free daycare for years and have had a lot of access to them. We’ve already, I think, exposed them to a pretty different way of thinking, (I hope) one less emotional and judgmental, and always infused, thanks to my husband, with a generous dose of humor.

                We are seriously considering moving out of state, especially if the clot-shot becomes mandatory to do the basic things, like shop for food (!). At a minimum, we are fixing up certain areas in this house so that it can be placed for sale in a hurry, if needed.

                Ideally, it would be great to stay here, mostly for those grandkids. I’m just not sure I can handle living in such close proximity to them anymore. It’s just painful to be cut off so suddenly from family that lives a short distance away. We have reached the point where it seems that hubby and I may need to save our own sanity, first.

    • Funny, #2 son and I had gabbed on the phone about that very notion last night.

      I’d say a lot of it is not only an “agenda”, of foisting patently unattractive females on we horny males, it’s also a collective mindset that…LOST its mind! Get a gaggle of overweight, undisciplined, PAMPERED females that have been programmed not only by TeeVee, but also the Marxist and Feminazi ideologues that it’s the fault of the “Patriarchy”, or simply Donald Trump, and get enough of them working in the advertisement and/or entertainment industry, and they actually think that not only is this utter horseshit OK, but that it’s the “new normal”. The same mentality, in case you haven’t noticed, behind pushing racially-mixed couples and families in commercials. Which is why, when they try the same approach in politics, that often spectacular “failures”, like the 2016 Presidential election happen.

      Of course, they don’t accept the notion that maybe their jaundiced view of things just isn’t so, or at least they failed in selling their message…oh, NO. It’s the “Angry White Male”, or those “idiots in ‘Fly-Over’ country”. Decades of being propagandized that they’re “victims” and they must have their “self-esteem” enhanced leaves these morons unable to process why the majority of Americans think they’re full of shit.

  10. You hit the nail on the head with this one Eric. It is infuriating to the point of anger that these blub ohs are held blameless. Like they have no responsibility for their addiction, and thus their high medical cost to society. If you ever watch any of those shows with the 600 pounders its always the same. Someone enables them. Always making it easy for them to get so large. I have a sneaking suspicion these enablers that bring them food and defend their supposed virtue are the same pink hat Karens responsible for the Marxist rot undermining the pillars of America.

    There is really no reason for someone to be that fat. If anyone should be denied healthcare on a cost basis, or ‘for the good of society’ it should be these walking Petri dishes of dis-ease. I would like to see some push back (fat chance) against morbidly overweight parents. Why should they be allowed to keep their kids? By the standards of covid and mandatory shit shots their kids should be removed by the state. Common sense has been nearly obliterated from the equation.

    In the nearby town, on the side of the building, painted in giant letters a sign reads ‘Only a life lived for others is a life worth living.’ Thats the problem with these people. They are convinced their way is the only way. Its propaganda, brainwashing, and gaslighting on an unparalleled scale.

    • Thanks, Norman!

      The foundational problem, I think, is that people are not permitted to choose yet held accountable for the choices made by others. People ought to be free to choose whether to open (or enter) a store, to take care of their health or not. They ought to be free to accept any risks – and enjoy and rewards – attending. This strikes me as reasonable, humane – and just. It strikes me as incredibly unreasonable, inhumane and unjust to deny anyone choice on account of the choices made by others; to control or punish them because of the consequences of the choices made by others.

      Imagine a person who is in very poor cardiovascular shape; this person demands all gyms and running trails be closed for his safety. Because the sight of people running and working out scares him. Then launches a PR campaign to guilt-trip fit people into amen’ing the closure as showing “respect” for the unfit.

      I am not old or fat but when I become old – and if I ever become fat – the very last thing that would occur to me is to expect others to accommodate my limitations as a matter of obligation. It is fine to hold the door for someone. It is loathsome to slam the door in someone’s face. Especially if it is their own door!

      • Hi Eric,

        People should be free to chose. You remember what it used to be like, as do many of us. The world we grew up in, no one else was responsible for the bad choices you made. More importantly if you made a bad choice you suffered with the consequences. Now consequences are almost non-existent. The only ones held to any account are normal white males.

        Most people claim to want freedom, yet have no idea what that even means. Being able to chose what we want comes with certain consequences. The best part of that dynamic is ability to change directions, if one chooses. Freedom or slavery, awake or asleep the fact that this is continually being taken away from us will eventually lead to absolute despotism as the founders called it.

      • >Because the sight of people running and working out scares him.
        Or because if *HE* tried to do what they are doing, it might very well kill him.
        Case #1 in point:
        There is a hiking trail in SoCal which goes by the unofficial name of “Cactus to Clouds”
        >The hike to the tram is strenuous, to say the least, gaining 8K feet in just 10 miles. It is also the most remote. The trail is east-facing, so you will have an early start to get up off the desert floor before sunrise. There is no water along this part of the trail, and you may not see another person either. Don’t even consider doing this hike in the middle of summer [even] if you do have the helicopter on speed dial. In winter, mountaineering equipment will be required to get to the tram, ice, and crampons a must. People have fallen to their death a few miles below the tram, trying to traverse the icy trail.
        [end quote]

        My comment:
        If you attempt this without a) proper level of fitness, and b) (in winter) technical mountaineering skills and equipment, YOU MAY VERY WELL DIE ON THE TRAIL
        Does that mean the trail should be closed to those who are capable of hiking it? I think not.

        Case #2 in point:

        At Grand Canyon National Park, U.S. Park Service advises prospective hikers that from South Rim to the river, and back, is a two day hike, permits are required, and reservation are required to camp at Phantom Ranch. There is also a mule trip down Bright Angel Trail, for those disinclined to hike on foot.

        This (cya) “guidance” from the Park Service is *routinely* ignored by those who are fit, and capable of hiking down and back in one day. The longest route is “rim to rim,” usually down North Kaibab and out South Kaibab. Although I have never done rim to rim, I have known a few people who have, including my sister and her husband.

        I *have* hiked down Bright Angel (passed up the mule train @ Indian Gardens) to the river, crossed the iron bridge, and hiked out South Kaibab in one day. That *IS* a strenuous hike, and I would not recommend it to anyone who is not fit. Also note, there is *NO* shade on South Kaibab.

        I did this hike when I was in my twenties, many years ago, and I did it in April, not the heat of the summer. Also, to prove a point, I did it without food or (carried) water (there is drinking water at Phantom Ranch). If I tried this stunt today, at age 72, I might very well die on the trail, even though I routinely jog 5k or more.

        Know your limits, folks.

        But, just as hiking trails should not all be required to be usable by people who require “mobility scooters,” so life should not be unduly constrained for normal humans with healthy immune systems.


    • I’d like to b-slap every administrator, teacher, official, and parent who allows this torture to go on.

      HOMESCHOOL!! Withdraw your children from these psycho wards and salvage their psyche while you still can. You will never regret it.

      • Hi Anon,

        I agree with this – vehemently. My sister and I are at loggerheads over it. My niece, her daughter, is being made to Diaper (at school) and will be made to roll up her sleeve (at college). They are in California, outside San Diego – a true hot spot of sickness psychosis. This 16-year-old kid hates it there. But my sister has this idiot hippie mentality that “all will be well,” that “the universe will provide.” Yeah. It will provide psychological damage, possibly Bell’s Palsy and infertility. They won’t leave because she (my sister) likes the beach. My teeth crack listening to this.

        • I’ve been to a number of beaches in S.D., they all kind of sucked. A sandbar in the Mississippi River is often better. It’s hard to imagine someone using the beach as an excuse to live there.

          The weather sure can be nice in So. Cal., that’s about it, imho.

          • Hi Helot,

            I don’t get it, either. Southern California was probably wonderful 50 years ago. Even 30 years ago, it was probably ok. But I can attest – having been there as recently as four years ago – that it is currently an overcrowded, overbuilt, overpriced, dirty, often disgusting shithole. My sister lives in a circa 1940s 850 square foot little box that is maybe 75 yards from a regularly used freight railroad track. They pay $12k a year in property taxes on this place. Her husband sent me a picture of a derelict passed out on the street adjacent.

            • Hi, Eric (& others),

              I have to agree with you, in many respects, having lived in SoCal since 1977.

              #1: Air should not be brown.
              Despite the strict pollution controls (which *DO* work) the system is overwhelmed by the sheer number of people who live here. I’ve made my living in the construction industry, so I suppose I should not complain, but….

              Saturday, I drove from Corona to Brea via Carbon Canyon Rd., a winding 2 lane rural highway, which, inshallah, will never be anything else, and was thinking, all the way through the canyon, “this is the way it used to be.”

              There are, to be sure, “refuges” from massive (over) development and “planned communities” (do these come with “planned lives,” as well? – yes, in some cases), but you have to seek them out. Reminds me of the lyric from the Paul Simon song, “The Boxer,” “looking for the places only they would know.”

              Take care,

          • Hi, Helot,
            I live inland (western Riverside Co) and seldom go to the beach, but if I do, I like to pick beaches which are uncrowded.

            In San Diego County, did you try Torrey Pines?

            Years ago, Crystal Cove, in Orange Co., didn’t even have a parking lot. You pulled over to the side of PCH and hiked a trail down the cliffs to the beach. Kind of a “riffraff deterrent.”

            My fave(?) beach in O.C., though, is the beach just north of San Clemente State Beach. Last exit before Camp Pendleton, SB on I-5. Again, years ago, there was a dirt parking lot (free parking) and to access the beach, you have to cross the RR tracks and climb down over some large boulders. The beach is wide and sandy, at the base of cliffs with houses on them to the north, & SC State Beach property to the south. It was never crowded.

            These days, there is a paved parking lot, with parking meters (SUX, IMO), and a set of wooden stairs over the boulders. RR is still there, of course, with on grade, unmarked pedestrian access full width of the parking lot. Keep an eye out for the Pacific Surfliner (Amtrak train). 🙂

        • Man, I hate that. With just a kernel of gumption, your sister could allow (hate that word, too) your niece to have a fairly normal life, even in these times and that place. There are pockets of sanity everywhere. At your niece’s age, she could participate in a great homeschool program – namely, Classical Conversations, that meets once a week, giving her the rest of the week for her school work. As the name implies, it is a classical model of education, so that students study Latin, higher math (this can be determined by the parent, but the program goes through physics in 12th grade), classical literature (American, British, and ancient), debate, logic, history (ancient, European, and American), ethics, and even classical art and music. Your niece would not only obtain a great education, she would graduate with a firm foundation for life. And it doesn’t even take herculean effort on the part of the parent, as a “tutor” oversees the student’s progress and leads the class meeting each week.

          This is just one of many possible options. There are so many configurations of homeschooling. You don’t need a degree to be a homeschool parent, just a commitment to provide an environment where they can learn and thrive.

  11. Metabolic dysfunction is what causes almost all chronic disease. It also leaves people vulnerable to any kind of infection. It is possible, but not common, to be metabolically healthy and obese. More common are people who are not overweight or just a little overweight but are metabolically ill. This is called the personal fat threshold. This happens by stealth at first. Certainly by the time post prandial blood sugar is elevated there is serious dysfunction. Shrink eating windows to once or twice per day and do not eat many carbohydrates. Keeping away from excess calories is key. The key to not worrying about calories is to eat meat, eggs, fish and non starchy vegetables only, to satisfaction once or twice per day. Fasting and a time restricted whole foods diet along with exercise, particularly resistance training, will go a long way to achieve a healthy immune system. Obviously chronic stress and insomnia or poor sleep quality will negatively impact the immune system. It’s far better to breathe through the nose at night. I put a small piece of tape over my lips every night to ensure nasal breathing.

    We’re getting hit hard at the large hospital I work at with Covid. It’s much worse than last year. Last year if it weren’t for the media I doubt most people would have noticed we had more respiratory crap going around. Now, we’re full, over capacity. I blame the vaccine, but can’t be sure. Most are old, fat, or both. But not all.

  12. Anyone seen this nasal spray? This could really be the ticket. It does make me wonder if, perhaps, it will give you a hard-on as a side effect, being it uses nitric oxide.

    I’m sure if it does work, it’ll be quickly railroaded into oblivion.


  13. Recent study has come out (FWIW) showing that not only are the obese hurting themselves, they are prone to longer illnesses, greater viral load shedding, which can contribute to the proliferation of more aggressive strains. So YES, IT’S POSSIBLE that by being overweight they may not care about my health, grannies, and muh Chillins health.

    Make push-ups great again. (NO not the orange frozen sherbet ones.)


  14. I went into the credit union for the first time in almost two years. I wasn’t wearing a diaper, but the three ladies behind the counter were. Plus the plastic shields. After doing my business, I told them, “I don’t think these things are effective”. One, like a well-prepared little soldier, said, “Yes, they keep the aerosols from flying about”. I said, “Exhaled cigarette smoke is also an aerosol. Would you sit at a table in a restaurant next to a smoker if this were between you?”. All three said, “NO!”. One said, “The whole room would smell like cigarette smoke”. I just smiled and walked out.

  15. “A person has every right to eat whatever they like. To sit on the couch all weekend long, if they like. But do they have the right to blame – and punish – others for the harms they have done to themselves? To make others pay for the consequences of their choices?”

    A fat person is punishing him or herself every day. So everyone else should give them a break, and leave them to their self chosen karma.

    And from an actuarial perspective, they do not make others pay for the harms they have done to themselves. They may ring up higher medical bills while alive. But they die early, which saves society a lo0t of money in the long run.

    How many obese 60+ year olds do you see waddling around?

  16. Twatter has banned for life former NYT journo Alex Berenson, for writing about the blockbuster Israeli study showing that natural immunity is many times superior to vax-induced immunity.

    Berenson’s fatal tweet:

    It doesn’t stop infection.
    Or transmission.

    Don’t think of it as a vaccine.

    Think of it — at best — as a therapeutic with a limited window of efficacy and a terrible side effect profile that must be dosed IN ADVANCE OF ILLNESS.

    And we want to mandate it?


    Berenson’s fact-based hesitancy is anathema to our overlords. It’s the equivalent of advocating heliocentrism in the 15th century — grounds for excommunication followed by execution.

    So pass it on to your samizdat network, comrades, while our intellectual prison guards are distracted with other rebellions.

    • As Israel proceeds at warp speed with triple vaxxing, its daily ‘case’ rate has worsened to nearly equal its record high of the previous wave: 981 per million on Jan 17, vs 980 per million yesterday (highest yet in the delta wave).


      Pfizer’s ZYKLON B vaccine, for which Israel has been recruited as a human test bed, is leaving a long trail of destruction.

      Israel is the prototype for the weaponized chaos our sauron rulers plan to unleash on us next month, as triple vaxxing launches in the US despite its abject, grotesque failure abroad.

  17. Went to the regional amusement park yesterday.

    Swear to God 75% of people i saw were medically obese – some to the point they couldn’t fit in the rides.

    America is unhealthy and disgusting. I was absolutely shocked. For some reason I didn’t know it was this bad.
    And they wear it with pride. The bigger they are, the less clothing they often wore.

    No wonder they are getting sick; they are already sick.

    • It’s a natural tendency of mammals to eat all they can get their paws on, since there’s no telling when they may get to eat again. It’s also a natural tendency of human beings to take their instincts in hand and manage them. Seems a great many have left out that last part. To top it all off, the Snowflake SJW Wokesters have declared it a sin to notice someone oozing out of their spandex.

        • It’s sad and the ignorance is appalling. When I was in grade school (quite some time ago) to see an overweight fellow student was unusual – they stood out. Really same in general population, seeing someone obese was an “event”, reason you paid to see the “Fat Lady” in the circus. Today the “Fat Lady” is unemployed as you can see it all for free at yer local Walmart…..

          • RE: “seeing someone obese was an “event”, reason you paid to see the “Fat Lady” in the circus.”

            I hadn’t thought of that.

          • Hi Jack,
            My experience also, probably because we all had to take gym class. I remember doing calisthenics and running laps, etc.; we all bitched about it especially if it was the first class of the day but at least we didn’t become blobs. Nowadays the most exercise kids get is picking up their cell phones.

          • Hi Jack,

            Yup; same experience growing up here. And I’m not talking about the ’40s or the ’50s, either. The sight of grossly overweight people was uncommon as recently as the ’90s. In the ’80s it was rare. Jackie Gleason – Sheriff Justice from Smokey & the Bandit – was considered fat in the ’80s. By today’s standards, he’d be almost normal-sized. Probably three out of five men are his size – or larger.

  18. Friday evening my wife and I attended a high school girls’ volleyball game. A neighbor who was best pals with our daughter growing up is now the varsity coach, and it was the team’s first competition under her leadership.

    Except for a handful of freaks, the crowd was mask-free. During the varsity game, the visiting side’s JV team was in the section right next to us. They had just won their game and were pumped up. They screamed and hooted and jumped up and down the whole time. When their team scored, the noise was so loud it literally made my ears hurt. Every violation by the home team prompted the taunting cheer: “Yoooou can’t doooo that!” (clap clap, clap clap clap).

    A few years ago I might have found this a little annoying, but given the perversion of the past 18 months, it was a joy to behold. Somebody call the hug police!

    Most of them probably don’t have a clue what’s going on in Afghanistan or at the CDC. If you say they’re the government-educated suckers who will grow up to vote for tyrants, you might be right. But for a couple of hours on Friday they were just acting like silly teenage girls, which is what they should be doing.

    So if you’re fortunate enough to live where the high schools are halfway normal, it might do your soul good to go there on game night and sit in the bleachers with the kids.

    • Thanks for the great report! My daughter played volleyball at a Christian school for a couple of years, as we were under their homeschool umbrella program. Although she graduated in 2020, we still received updates from the school on events. 2020-21, the school went full mask hole, temperature checks, and all the nonsense about unsocial distancing. They even said that they would limit spectators to 2 family members (this was in the large gym), no concessions, and everyone had to wear masks (even the athletes on the bench). Insanity. Since our son was still under their umbrella program, I made my opposition known and provided the usual references. Ignored, crickets. So we decided we wouldn’t support them financially, and although it cost us thousands for him to take a couple of classes there the previous year, we moved to a different program.

      This year, not a peep about masks, etc. In fact, families are “welcome to join us in the gym”!

      May go to a game just for old times’ sake.

      • You have my admiration for being homeschoolers. Our daughter attended an excellent Lutheran school from 3-year-old preschool through 8th grade, but then went to the public high school. It was a rude awakening. Her chemistry “teacher” was working on an advanced degree, so she had the kids watch YouTube videos most days.
        There were restrictions on sports here a year ago similar to what you describe; maybe not quite that bad. Each player was given four tickets. So if her parents and grandparents all wanted to see the game, tough luck. You would think they could have anticipated this dilemma and given each kid six tickets. That still would have been less than 200 people for the two teams. Perhaps they judged that the adults who were being forced to cough up the dough for their salaries needed a lesson in sharing.

  19. No vaccine for me but 3 weeks of covid. One night in the hospital, didn’t know if I was going to make it.

    Around here one out of three needs hospital help. You may or may not get a room. Two ERs turned me away.

    My advice is to be ready, have the Ivermectin, and a plan. If blood clots start, it is too late. Don’t think you can outrun this on your own. I went to a smaller hospital and was hooked up to an IV in 10 minutes on arrival.

    I agree, for most people this is a minor deal, however for a few of us it is life or death.

    • ‘I went to a smaller hospital and was hooked up to an IV in 10 minutes on arrival.’ — MarkO

      Methylprednisolone, or other IV steroid? These are accepted as mainstream ‘standard of care,’ but are used late in the game after cytokine storm already has set in.

      Incredible that people who test positive are just sent home to wait and see whether they need a ride to the hospital later. ‘Medical nihilism,’ as Dr Martenson calls it.

      Hope you are OK now.

      • Jim,

        This is what they did with my wife back in February. The doctor sent her home with an inhaler, prednisone and a zpak. I already knew about quercetin, zinc, vit d and nebulized hydrogen peroxide and made sure she had ample of all. She refused to take the hydroxychloroquine when it came in the mail, rush order from the America’s Frontline Doctor’s service and was sick in bed for over 2 weeks. Her overall recovery was 1 month. Had it not been for the 20+inches of snow she probably would have made me take her to the hospital. Who knows what the outcome would have been then.

  20. Saw plenty of people with masks, gets old fast.

    Get me out of here,, can’t cope.

    Arnold Ehret, Google the name if you want to address health issues including too much weight and a poor diet.

    You begin by eating less dairy and meat.

    Fasting does work, but exercise is key. Always drink plenty of water, grape juice, cherry juice, tomato juice is a good choice. Add some vodka, make a Bloody Mary.

    Fast for 12 hours, then 24 and then to three days.

    You have to eat, so eat good food.

    Don’t eat at McDonald’s, those places.

    Mexican food is always a good choice. Jamaican jerk chicken is really good.

    Kung Pao chicken will be a favorite, go for it.

    Arnold Ehret had Bright’s disease when young, had medical issues.

    Chose a path of nutrition and fasting.

    • Cut out the sugar and fast carbs, no more than 50 grams a day. Saturated fats, contrary to what you have been told by big Agra, is good for you.

  21. I ventured over to the Gov. Lardass side of the state line (just west of Crook County), for purposes of meeting someone for dinner (these days I normally only go over there for work). I was slightly apprehensive due to Jelly Belly’s recent proclamations. Not a mask anywhere in sight, except for the waitresses who really have no choice, poor things.

    Even from the beginning the south side/south suburbs (more family oriented, as a general rule) have been WAY less neurotic about it than the north side (more money/status oriented, as a general rule).

    I am delighted to report that this attitude continues, and that compliance now appears to be minimal at least in some areas.

    • Another anecdotal bit of evidence that, Injection Resistance Is a Class Thing.

      “Even from the beginning the south side/south suburbs (more family oriented, as a general rule) have been WAY less neurotic about it than the north side (more money/status oriented, as a general rule).”

      I don’t know how you can stand going to Illinoise. No one could pay me enough to ever set foot there again.

      • You would be amazed at the amount of crap I have had to put up with over the years. In the grand scheme of things, having to work there doesn’t even rate that highly. I went through 4 states trying to stay away from Chicago & in the end got dragged right back.

    • I was at a restaurant a week ago in the south suburbs. Things were almost normal. NW burbs were heading back into maskdom… Now Pritzker the Hutt has mandated them again. Now the crap starts all over again.

  22. I was in a big box store today and easily 95% were wearing the holy mask. It hasn’t been like that since March here in Texas. So many people so scared, yet there is no empirical data that masks make any difference at all in more circumstances. They’re just wearing them to make themselves feel better.

    The good news is that mandates aren’t coming back, at least here, and stores have realized that its bad business to stand at the door and heckle paying customers who don’t follow the Mask Religion, so those of us who don’t adhere to the religion aren’t being expected to pretend we do.

    As long as they don’t expect me to wear one or restrict my freedom of movement or commerce, I don’t care if someone else does. To each his own. People have a right to be irrational.

    • I noticed a sign on the door of my local grocery store that said “we request that you please wear a mask” – I wasn’t sure what to make of that, as it wasn’t quite a “requirement,” but my polite reply was, “No.”

      • We were walking into a wetlands institute thursday with the kids and my wife says to me, the sign says masks are strongly encouraged and starts digging in her purse for a diaper. I said, that’s nice and walked right in diaperless. My kids take their cues from me and also walk in diaperless. She shrugs her shoulder puts the diaper back in her purse and also walks in. Sometimes it just takes just a little courage and a IDGAF attitude.

        • Exactly. Glad they are only “strongly encouraging” – would hate to see what would happen if they were “really REALLY strongly encouraging”.

          My attitude is “I will not comply, I do not submit, I withdraw consent (actually never gave it in the first place).”

          You’re in NJ, right? I’m surprised that they have dialed back to “strongly encouraging” instead of the more ominous sounding “requiring.”

          • Southern jersey is another world from northern jersey. The wetlands institute was almost in cape may. Shore towns in jersey with few exceptions look like there is no plandemic going on. I’m sure facist phil is going to put an end to it soon but he is up for re-election and doesn’t want to chance it by stopping the party before at least after September. I expect full and total lockdown after the idiots in this state put him back in office.

            • Good to know that there are oases of sanity! Hope they continue regardless of who is residing in the gov’s mansion or what edicts they issue from the throne.

        • The Wetlands Institute is near where I grew up in NJ, Stone Harbor. Kinda surprising to me that place isn’t completely rabid regarding the kabuki. Probably because the other half of NJ/PA folks are down here in NC this week.

          • We did the wetlands institute and a salt marsh boat tour. I can tell you that while there are some that voluntarily don the oxygen inhibitors and force their children to do the same, most shore towns have been diaper free since early may. Now go visit edison, union, newark, secaucus, jersey city, or any of those areas near the gwb, Lincoln or Holland tunnels and its like the plandemic never ended. My area in somerset county is a mixed bag. But it seems people have separated into 2 camps in my area, those who aren’t going to play along anymore and those who are never going to take off their new security blanket ever again.

  23. Just a heads-up for your friend – I’m not sure if there are some in other states or not, but there’s a job recruiter here in Kentucky (Lexington, I believe) who specializes in placing healthcare workers. She doesn’t believe in any of the medical tyranny going on regarding con-vid, and places medical professionals at doctors’ offices or wherever that don’t enforce the tyranny. If your friend needs to find another job, he should look for someone similar. I’m sure there are some out there.

    • We need these in every state. Gab is doing something like this but unless employers use it to advertise there is no way for it to be successful

  24. ‘Make Big Pharma rich and government all-powerful – via sickness manufactured by them and used by them to keep people afraid, sick – and paying.- — EP

    In the same vein, here are some highlights from Dr Chris Martenson’s banned-on-YouTube video ‘Your Job or the Jab?‘ — it covers many of the same topics raised in Eric’s ‘GM Says: Ihre Papieren, Bitte‘ and the comments following it:

    15:30 — 71 of 222 FDA-approved drugs later were withdrawn, had ‘black box’ warnings added, or special safety announcements made.

    18:00 — a flat-out lie in the FDA’s authorization letter is identified, with the name and photo of the teenaged victim who was airbrushed out of the alleged clean bill of health for the vaccine.

    24:00 — Dr Martenson remarks that one way of inducing mass psychosis is to issue a barrage of conflicting information.

    27:00 — 30,304 women in the UK reported to the government regulator that the vaccine disrupted their menstrual cycle.

    37:00 — FDA-approved COMIRNATY safety data sheet makes no mention of menstrual cycle disruption as a risk.

    47:00 — with Big Pharma, government and employers all disclaiming liability for vaccine injuries, ‘You’re it,’ and workers comp is likely your only fallback.


    Not hard to see why YouTube banned this video: it rips the face off the lying liars of Big Pharma, Big Gov and Big Media (including YouTube), posing awkward questions which they can’t and won’t answer.

    • “Dr Martenson remarks that one way of inducing mass psychosis is to issue a barrage of conflicting information.”

      Readers who might want to dig deeper into what Martenson is referring to as “Menticide” can check out this video. Another commenter linked to it a week or so ago and it’s great stuff. I’m relinking it for the benefit of those that may have missed the original. Generally I avoid linking to YT, but I think the original poster deserves the clicks on this one.

      MASS PSYCHOSIS – How an Entire Population Becomes MENTALLY ILL

  25. Eric, you are correct about what you’re saying but there is another side to this that really exposes the medical establishment’s hypocrisy even further. While we are asked to do these things to somehow mitigate/protect an unspecific collective, when you zoom into the specific (i.e., at an individual level) things become quite different indeed.

    That is that the medical establishment has nothing to change the causes of obesity much as they don’t really have any “cures” for anything. This is the practice of “symptomatic relief” and it is really on display with these covid “vaccine” poisons as well.

    The medical establishment itself has quite clearly failed untold numbers of people struggling with weight. And, just like with these “vaccine” poisons, the blame for their failure is placed on the patients. Hey man, sometimes (maybe even often or most times) it really is the patient that doesn’t want to put in the effort. They just want the “magic pill” to go with their lives with no effort.

    But that is the precise recipe for failure and the one most often encouraged and practiced. Those BP meds, go read the NNT site about how “effective” they are and how little they change the outcome. Go read honest analysis of STATINS and how they most certainly send people to an early grave. Though they say some types of diabetes are reversible, just how often are such cases *reversed* by the treatment given?

    The real story of establishment western medicine is a box of poisonous “band aids” that ultimately reduce health in numerous ways. They remain uninterested in a meaningful effort to prevent any disease. As you have mentioned (I think numerous times now), there has been (and never will be) any such drastic measures to keep people from unhealthy eating. There won’t be any ban on McDonald’s or Burger King.

    I have struggled with weight but I am proud to say that I have substantially corrected it by countless days, weeks, months, years of significant effort. As much on my mind as my body all with ZERO help from the medical establishment that was eager to attempt to put me on numerous meds. I take zero meds now.

    So point being, it is nothing beyond pure hypocrisy and just a piece of the ongoing gas lighting to avoid the medical establishment from owning their massive failures on more fronts than one can count. They don’t care about unhealthy obese people any more than those people care about themselves if even that.

    It is a ruse and an attempt to guilt people into compliance. Pure and simple and nothing more beyond that. Lastly how about a related “thought experiment”? What would it look like, how would it look any differently than it does now, if the medical establishment wanted nothing more than the continuance of disease for obese people? How is forcing healthy people through the force and violence of government not just a continuation of that specifically?

    • ‘the medical establishment has nothing to change the causes of obesity, much as they don’t really have any “cures” for anything’ — Anonymous

      Both alcoholism and opiate overdoses have ramped up dramatically during the pandemic. What does medicine have to offer?

      There’s Antabuse, which will make you sick if you drink. And NARCAN, which can stop an overdose if administered in time.

      But nothing gets at the root cause of addictions, whether to food, alcohol, narcotics, etc

      Some promising candidates are banned. For instance, you can get Ibogaine addiction therapy at clinics in Mexico, but not in the US.

      It’s almost as if the authorities WANT to keep the majority of the population semi-crippled with morbidities. Now it’s undermining their forever wars, since it’s becoming difficult to find healthy military recruits even in their late teens. Weird.

      • ‘Both alcoholism and opiate overdoses have ramped up dramatically during the pandemic. What does medicine have to offer?’ — Jim H

        The other “thought experiment” is: think of a world where the medical establishment actually had some “magic pill” to prevent things like addiction, or obesity, or cancer, or diabetes, or anything!

        Or even… think of a world where all of this insanity was instead pointed at the true causes of most self-inflicted disease, i.e., they’re instead kicking down doors when the family has eaten too much McDonald’s, etc, etc.

        The mean weight of the household is obesity?! OK, everybody straight to jail! 😀

        I get that is equally anti-liberty and wrong for numerous reasons but the point being that it really appears that the violence they’re willing to perpetrate to get their way in regards to what they call “public health” is actually the profitable extension of disease in general!

    • If Pfizer invented a capsule that you take 3x daily for the rest of your life to combat obesity, you can bet that MD’s will be pushing it to everyone who gains 5 lbs between appointments.

    • Some have traced this back to the food pyramid, which told us to eat more carbs.
      JAMA had an article about the influence of the sugar industry in blaming fats

      USDA promotes the interests of farmers, not health, and farmers need to sell grains

      A natural diet would have very few carbs and a lot of meat & veg/fruit, not candy bars & food out of a box.
      This is why people are fat

      Growing up, hardly anyone was fat and the fat ones were constant snackers/sugar eaters.

      • The USDA published the recommended diet for fattening cattle, which just so happens was almost identical to their food pyramid. Farmers don’t all need to sell a lot of grain, They often feed most of what they grow. Industrial farming does. Archer Daniels Midland comes to mind. Lots of institutional food programs, as in schools and HOSPITALS, serve high carb foods because they are much cheaper.

      • Great point Dan,
        I remember when that food pyramid was publicized and there was also a push to eat less meat as well. Good reminder that USDA stands for United States Department of AGRICULTURE.

  26. I’m 5’ 10”, less than 160 pounds, a vegetarian, lift three days a week, walk 5+ miles a day, and ride my bike 60 miles every Saturday. My kids much the same; each played spring and summer baseball, now playing on football teams. Like Eric, we have never locked down or distanced, and don’t wear face diapers. My family and I just returned from a two week vacation in the heart of delta country – LA, AL, MS, and FL, including several days at Universal Orlando, spending time in ride queues and eating at restaurants. We mingled, diaperless, among tens of thousands of people. And… not even a sniffle among us. Weird.

    • Made me smile, BAC. And prompted me to hop on the scale, since I’m also 5’10” and similarly active. It registered 140. I think I’ve reached the age where being too skinny can become an issue. I would eat more if I knew it would end up in the right places. At 69, building muscle doesn’t work the way it did when I was 30.

      Up until now I’ve had the attitude that I will go where I want and do as I please no matter the scaremongering. But I am getting a little worried – not because covid is spreading but because the vaccines are spreading. It’s starting to look like they could turn this non-crisis into a lingering menace.

    • Such an overachiever, BAC. 😉

      But yes, how peculiar. During that trip, I’d be afraid, above all, of waiting in those long lines in the humid Southern summer. Just sounds MISERABLE. But, I see, you’ve endured.

    • BAC, your experience pushes me further in the direction of believing that viruses are not contagious. Viruses are created internal to the body in response to toxin overload to cleanse the body of the toxins, resulting in illness. The opposite of the idea that viruses are transmitted from others.

      The experience you shared sounds like you and your family minimize toxins such as alcohol, caffeine, drugs, pharmaceuticals, sugar, processed foods, stress, polluted air, vaccinations, get plenty of sunshine and physical activity.

      Live that lifestyle of avoiding toxin overload and is it any wonder that you didn’t get sick, regardless of who you came in contact? Gorge on those toxins and you will get sick even if you live in a bubble

      Checkout Jeff Green….”Viruses are not contagious”.

      Eric’s, yours, and my experience of not diapering, distancing, or jabbing is good anecdotal evidence that Jeff Green’s theory on viruses is more likely to be correct than the prevailing germ theory.

      • Hi Topspin,

        It’s an interesting hypothesis, certainly! I do know this: My generation (Gen X) and prior grew up largely healthy; such things as autism and serious allergies were extremely uncommon – and this is not anecdotal. The evidence is abundant. Something changed dramatically beginning in the late 1980s/early ’90s such that people born around that time and since are much more commonly autistic and suffer from serious food allergies. Why?

        RFK, Jr. suggests a correlation with vaccinations. Earlier generations were also vaccinated, of course – but not as much and not as much at once. That is one thing that changed at right around the time all these developmental/health problems began to crop up. Another possible culprit is the use of glyphosphate/GMO foods – which also became common beginning around the same time. My understanding is these treated/modified “foods” are nutrition deficient and trigger inflammatory response in the body.

        Either way, the population is now much more commonly obese and unhealthy to begin with. If obesity were uncommon and most people were generally healthy, this “pandemic” would have an even more trivially low IFR than it does have.

        • Precisely Eric,

          Everything you mentioned points to a higher toxic input into our bodies than earlier generations. More toxic food, more vaccinations, more medications, more sugar, possible toxic emf. This latest focus on illness started in China where the air is highly toxic. Just the focus on this is raising everyone’s stress level.

          Instead of pushing us to wear masks to prevent contagion and they (our overlords) told us they’ve been pumping toxins into the air making us sick, I might believe that and wear a mask.

          You raised the issue of obesity. Just like my belief that it’s the toxins that lead to illness and the creation of viruses to cleans the toxins from the body is the exact opposite of the prevailing germ theory, I lean towards the belief that obesity is another exact opposite of the prevailing theory.

          Instead of obesity leading to illness, maybe it’s the metabolic syndrome (high blood sugar, high triglycerides, high insulin, insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes) that leads to obesity. Obesity is generally just another symptom of metabolic syndrome/diabetes. The idea of giving insulin to someone that’s obese that is already diabetic and insulin resistant and jammed full of glucose is just mind boggling. Instead of focusing on the weight, the focus should be on removing the toxins and reversing the metabolic syndrome and diabetes. The focus on weight and the guilt it causes isn’t the answer.

  27. As this is a Diaper Report…

    The funerals keep coming (none that I know of caused by covid). Man, this is getting me down.

    My high school English teacher died Wednesday at age 82. I believe she was one of the people most responsible for my tendency to question authority. She taught us how to think. She was a voracious reader and a world traveler, with a delightful sense of humor. She was quite chunky early on, but managed to reduce her weight and keep it under control. How many people can claim the accomplishment “I took the weight off and I kept it off”?

    But at the end of her obituary: “Friends ask those attending to please wear a mask.” I don’t think she would approve.

    • Sorry to hear that, Roland. Sounds like one of what has become a rare breed these days, especially among teachers, who have largely become government-worshipping, authoritarian prima donnas.

  28. So I’m 50 pounds overweight, which counts as obese. I know I need to lose weight. I know how to go about losing weight. Yet I do not. What is wrong with me that I cannot accomplish this simple thing? Fat people know they are fat. Smokers know they should quit (another vice I enjoyed until I didn’t). What is it about humans that we’re happy to continue an activity that we are well aware will cause us harm?

    As a corollary question I’ll ask why are people afraid of risks that are so low and unlikely that if they weren’t told of the risk’s existence they would never encounter it? Since the introduction of seatbelts, the overwhelming majority of people are never in an automobile accident that causes anything but a sore neck. Air travel is so safe that an accident becomes international news. And a virus that does nothing more than cause a few weeks of discomfort for 99.8% of the population becomes a “pandemic.”

    Many here would argue that both of these questions are answered by a simple conspiracy by powerful people. But I think it’s more than that. Our brains are wired for pattern recognition and familiarity along with fear of novelty (classic definition). Those structures are deep and probably hard coded. Everything we experience has to run though those structures before it gets to the higher functional parts. The human animal is cursed with foreshadowing about the future. This is pretty deeply imbedded too (think about dogs and how they can predict where prey will be and make real-time adjustments). Unfortunately about the only thing we know about the future is that time marches on, and that we’re going to die. Everyone has these same structures, and many have been getting more use out of the fear ones lately. It seems pretty easy to push the fear structure too, especially when it is your job as a journalist. The other circuit is pretty easy to activate too, especially if your job is to promote product, such as an advertising executive.

    Kill your television. Probably your Internet connection too. Over the next few months I’m going to take that advice, but probably won’t succeed. Just like chocolate chip cookies and BBQ, the need for familiarity is just too strong.

    • RK,

      Regarding your last paragraph: Oh, how I wish. Hopefully some day soon. I’d love to just live on my own planet for once, basking in the simplicity and solitude of my rural land, taking in book after book and indulging in all of the periodicals and scientific literature I’ve collected for years… Rather than this torrent of horrors and idiocy, present site and company excluded, of course.

    • Hi RK,

      “I know I need to lose weight. I know how to go about losing weight. Yet I do not”.

      I’m really not being snarky here, but do you? Many people, including almost all dieticians, are certain that they know how to lose weight. Problem is that their advice, which many have followed, just keeps making people fatter and sicker.


      • I used to carry around about 40 extra pounds, until my Xwife moved out, and every thing I ate wasn’t saturated with sugar and other empty carbs. I dropped those 40 pounds in 6 months. The first thing I did was empty the sugar cannister in the trash, followed by the white flour cannister. The human body does not need carbs, period. They do accompany some foods we do need, such as fiber. But I think the Medical Industrial Complex standard for fiber is likely exaggerated in order to sell more carbs. Fruit, in small amounts since most are high carb, vegetables, and animal fats and protein. Of course I cheat. Sometimes that pint of chocolate ice cream leaps into my shopping cart. But not often

    • Hi RK,

      I weren’t worry about the numbers on the scale as much as I would focus on your overall well being. There is no magic number and the BMI indicator is crap. Some men look great at 180 others look great at 230. Everybody has a different body type and we aren’t all built the same way. On the other hand, if you are self conscious about your weight, feel out of breath climbing the stairs, and your vitals are out of whack then it is a good time to get started.

      My concern would be the pressure that your job brings. I know you mentioned that a few days ago. Trying to start a healthy lifestyle while your cortisol levels are high due to stress is pretty hard. Not to say it cannot be done, but it takes a lot of patience and advance planning. If one is working 16 hour days it is sometimes hard to find the motivation to get up at 5 AM and put in an hour workout. It is an extreme test of willpower and self discipline.

    • Hi RK and others,

      Sometimes I’d like very much to kill the TV and Internet as you say — not necessarily the physical devices, rather the propagandist material that emanates from them. I do wonder, though, how you keep up with “what’s going on” as far as what the MSM and government is saying. (Sometimes you have to “know the enemy”, it seems.). Right now, I glance at the headlines from the local paper’s website and Yahoo News a couple times a week, just to see what the “mood of the day” will be at work, etc. I follow Eric’s site and listen to his chats with Bryan Hyde, and check out the links they provide, and that seems to give a good perspective on things (and thank you, Eric, for providing the supporting material for your viewpoints!) Still, it seems overwhelming at times, even just people at work believing and repeating everything they hear as if it were gospel truth because “the news” said it. 😝 What are some strategies you folks have for staying sane yet informed at the same time?

      • Hi Chris,

        I usually scan printed news and follow a few online sites. I visit ultra right and ultra left, because I believe it is important to know how one’s enemy thinks. I actually like the Epoch Times. For the most part they seem to just report the news.

        I don’t have cable or satellite, but I do get a bunch of free channels with Roku. Sometimes I will put on the local news (somewhere in the country depending what is happening in what state) when cooking dinner. I cannot watch the cable channels. I have also found that I cannot watch Biden speak….or Jen Psaki….or the top military brass. It is painful so I put music or a comedy show on instead.

    • I was doing really well with my weight until I lost my job. At which point I got another, higher-stress, higher time commitment one, put all of the weight back on and then some, and have been struggling ever since. I think I’ve made some strides this year, we’ll just have to see if I can keep it moving in the right direction.

      The older I get, the harder it is.

      • And the longer you keep it the harder it is to lose. New fat breaks down fairly quickly and easily if you manage your diet to do so. Old fat, not so much.

    • Hey! ReadyKilowatt, check out Mark Sisson’s Daily Apple


      I don’t know if he has a primal chocolate chip cookie recipe (made with bacon fat) I Do Know that he has kick-ass primal BBQ sauce recipes (last time I looked, anyway). I prefer them, and paleo BBQ sauce, over anything made with sugar or HFS. YMMV, I suppose.

    • Thanks for the responses. This site, along with the gang over at No Agenda’s Mastodon instance, really are good for us. The antidote for mass psychosis.

      • Morning, RK –

        And for me, too. Good, I mean.I doubt I could keep going – or even get out of bed – were it not for the people I’ve come to know here. I battle daily with depression; it is immensely helpful to know there are other sane people left in the world!

        • Keep up the great writing Eric, it keeps me sane as well.
          When I was growing up and occasionally expressed an opinion outside the official narrative my (now deceased) mom would say “ oh, so you’re right and the world’s all wrong?” Yeah mom, I think so.

        • Eric you might never read this comment but know that your writing and this small community have given many the will to live in these times of mass psychosis.

          It’s terrifying being on the outside of it looking in.

    • Anecdotal but interesting: a couple of years ago I began taking 500mg of vitamin C every 4-6 hours and my former eatawholeboxofcookies sweet cravings have vanished.
      The theory is that when humans lost the ability to produce C internally, we needed another source, typically sweet fruits. We still crave the sweet for the C but go for the easily available 64 ounce QuikiMart mega-gulp instead.
      I am only a sample size of one, but it’s a cheap, easy, no risk experiment and I weigh the same as I did in high school, 50 years ago.

  29. Just out of Israel is a study demonstrating natural immunity is 13 times more likely to prevent the Delta than vaccines are. In other words, our millions of years of evolution had this covered. Until the Psychopaths In Charge started destroying our immune system with all their insane edicts. And yet it STILL works better than their latest cash cow that has no long term safety testing at all. Which means it may kill every single person who has taken one in the next few years.

    • the reason I heard explained for this is that mrna was designed for original covid & is essentially worthless against recognizing delta

      • Natural immunity is simply a broader spectrum immunity. It doesn’t just stop the exact virus you had, it stops others that are similar. As in variants. As in Delta.

  30. The link within the LRC post below contains some pro-vax agit-prop from the Heritage Foundation aimed at “conservatives.” I wonder how much of their funding comes from big Pharma. Some begrudging anti-diaper sentiment as well.


    An excerpt:
    Allen: You mentioned vaccine hesitancy—obviously, the vaccine has become a really large national debate and a lot of people are hesitant to get the vaccine. And yet we continue to see a major push by some to get everyone vaccinated.

    But Kevin, if the data is accurate, then those who are vaccinated will be largely safe and those who are unvaccinated, they’re making that personal choice to take that risk. So especially as conservatives, if we believe in personal freedom and autonomy, then why should anyone be vaccinated who’s hesitant to get the shot?

    (Heritage Guy) Kevin Dayaratna: Great question, Virginia. So yes, in this country, people obviously do have a significant amount of liberty to do whatever they want. I was speaking with Jeff Singer of the Cato Institute. He’s a senior fellow there and he’s also a practicing surgeon. And he tells patients that are vaccine-hesitant, “Obviously, you don’t have to get the vaccine, but it is perfectly safe. And if you end up on the ventilator, it’s on you.”

    So it is important to really consider the benefits of getting vaccinated and that is to prevent severe infection and death. And it’s sad that there are many people who are vaccine-hesitant that are now ending up in the hospital when it could have easily been prevented.

    “It’s on you.” This is how doctors, surgeons, employed by the Cato Institute, no less, talk now.

    • Exactly how does this POS know that they are perfectly safe? Does he have a crystal ball? How does he know that a vaccine with no long term safety testing won’t kill every single person who takes one in the next few years? He doesn’t. Which means he’s a bald faced liar.

    • Hi Zek,

      Heritage is a house organ of the establishment; I know – I used to have to deal with Heritage when I worked atThe Washington Times back in the Cretaceous era. It’s the no-smoking room for the Mitt Romneys, JEBs and McSames of the GOP.

      • Yeah, it’s just interesting to see the script as modified for the red team. Another thing is there is a lot of gov’t money, in addition to pharma money, being “granted” to all kinds of organizations and individuals to push the script. I know a person, a longtime family friend, who is the wife a top administrative person at a hospital. Till recently, no real diapering or overt kabuki, over a lot time, get together with the kids, etc. She is now pushing diapering on social media. I know she’s under tremendous pressure from the medical establishment and would be very disappointed if money was involved but the change in tune of this person is very noticeable and concerning.

        • You know how you aren’t allowed to advertise tobacco on TV any more?

          At the risk of endangering the 1A more than it already is, how about banning pharmaceutical companies from TV advertising while we’re at it?

          Just to even things out (Law of Conservation of Permissions applies) maybe we can lay off the tobacco companies for a while.

          The Covid crisis will be over within a week.

          • Indeed, Publius –

            The tobacco companies made the mistake of not buying the FDA. Had they done so, we’d all be eating tomaccos now (Simpson’s reference).

          • Hey Publius,
            It actually WAS illegal to advertise drugs on TV, not so terribly many years ago. As was it illegal to advertise legal services.
            Amusing looking back on it. Chet Huntley and David Brinkley on NBC news smoking a cigarette while reporting the news, but Pharma couldn’t advertise.

    • Yes but they’re clearly incorrect about their assertions unless “deaths in the tens of thousands” and “injuries in the millions” is somehow what defines “perfectly safe”. Apart from that, but along those lines, every single medication ever released has a corresponding NNT/NNH (number needed to treat, number needed to harm).


      Because, given that medications are made by humans, and given to humans, the variability of even the most innocuous sounding/seeming medications are significant across a population. Even the most mild medications often have huge NNT and respectively small NNH. Go lookup the average blood pressure medicine or even bypass surgery on the site above and read about the futility most people face in that regard.

      Can anyone state the NNT/NNH for covid “vaccines”? Because given the absolute horse shit rhetoric as displayed by your clip, we are being asked to believe that this is the first “perfect” medicine every created by humans in our history.

      Anyone that attempts to make such irrational claims should be held to task. Give me one existing example of a “perfect” medication… prescription or OTC. Just one.

      • The vaccine enthusiasts have considered all vaccines perfect for many years now. That’s the orthodoxy. Vaccines are perfect. Any harm is a coincidence. The problems would have hit them out of nowhere if they hadn’t got a jab.

        Convincing a vaxxer that vaccines had a non-zero risk has been downright impossible. It’s religious.

    • ‘Jeff Singer of the Cato Institute … practicing surgeon … tells patients that … the vaccine … is perfectly safe.’ — Hatteraszek

      A similar example of a lying physician:

      “You know, aspirin isn’t that safe. I tell people, be more worried about taking aspirin than this vaccine,” said Dr. Michael Osterholm, a University of Minnesota professor and former member of President Biden’s COVID-19 Advisory Board.

      ‘Osterholm noted that of 180 million people who received Pfizer’s COVID shot, zero died.’


      In the video I linked above at 3:05 pm, Dr Chris Martenson highlights this quote, then proceeds to flay and quarter ‘Doctor’ Osterholm for this absurd, easily-refuted lie.

      Singer deserves the same vigorous demolition.

    • >they’re making that personal choice to take that risk
      My life, my choice.
      Semi-Socratic method of argument:
      Q1. Would you agree that everyone has the right to choose their own occupation?
      A1. yes (very few would say no)
      Q2. You do realize that some occupations are riskier than others?
      A2. yes (no one wants to appear ignorant)
      Q3. And higher risk occupations often pay better than low risk ones?
      A3. yes
      Q4. And why is that?
      A4. because people might not assume the added risk without added reward
      Q5. So, if I choose to become a commercial fisherman, a risky occupation, that is my choice, right?
      A5. yes
      Q6. And if the catch is good, and the boat returns safely to port, I am entitled to my share of the catch, according to my agreement with the captain of the boat, correct?
      A6. yes
      Q7. And if the catch is bad, or the boat is lost at sea with all hands, that risk belongs to me, and to me alone?
      A7. yes
      Q8. Do you like Alaskan king crab?
      A8. yes
      Q9. Do you care if people risk their lives to bring it to you?
      A9. uh, no
      Q10. So why the f*ck do you care if other people choose to assume the risk of contracting Covid, in the expectation they will recover from it and develop natural immunity to the disease, as opposed to becoming an unpaid participant in a pharmaceutical experiment, in which you agree to hold the manufacturer harmless should the experimental drug cause you harm?
      A10. because Covid’s got electrolytes?


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