Diaper Report 3/28/21

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Forcing healthy people to wear a “mask” as a condition of being allowed to live was never meant to “stop the spread.” It was meant to establish the precedent – in this case, for forcing healthy people to submit to a vaccination.

To many vaccinations. And more than just that.

A writer for the Daily Beast makes the point – without putting it quite that way.

Instead, he uses the world-turned-upside-down logic of the “mask” pushers – i.e., that you must accept the vaccine as the price of being allowed to work, shop and socialize with others because you haven’t got the right to expose others to sickness.

He writes, in reverse-logic form:

Just as I may have a right not to wear a mask or get a shot, you have a right to be able to walk down the street without me giving you a lethal disease. Choosing not to get vaccinated isn’t “freedom” any more than driving drunk is. It’s endangering other people. It is profoundly unethical.

Except it isn’t either thing – if you’re not sick. Because a person who isn’t sick can’t ”give you a lethal disease.”

Presupposing sickness is the same as presupposing guilt, which is vile enough. And much more dangerous to societal health than a virus – especially one that doesn’t kill 99.8-something percent of the people who are infected by it.

Because presupposing sickness would kill 100 percent of everyone’s right to be presumed innocent.

Of anything.

If the person who wrote the article has the right to presume I am sick then surely I have just as much right to presuppose he’s mentally ill, say – and insist on “testing” him to establish that he is not. And to deny him entry into a restaurant or shop if he does not submit – if he does not produce an official document attesting that he has been examined by a psychiatrist and found sane  – because otherwise he might be a dangerous lunatic and that risk, which is possible,  is simply unbearable.   

Perhaps someone will explain why not.

The moral toxicity of this sentence-first/verdict-preordained on the basis of nothing more than someone’s finger pointing fear ought to be obvious (the writer apparently does not understand the difference between ethics and morals).

Both rely on the same hysterically malevolent nothing – an accusation about a possibility purveyed as a certainty used to justify punishment, preemptively. And that is precisely what the writer prescribes: “Too much is at stake to wait for people who refuse to get vaccinated. We need a plan to move forward without them.”

Italics added.

More on this “we” in a moment.

The plan, of course, is to “move forward” by closing the doors to life to people who refuse to get a vaccine that they don’t need – healthy people having almost no risk of being killed or even made seriously sick by this virus – while the risk of taking a vaccine that has been rushed to market, without long-term testing of side effects and that is known to be capable of causing death in some cases is very real and quite possibly greater than the extremely slight, almost nonexistent risk assumed by healthy people choosing not to take the vaccine.

They are to be locked-out rather than locked down.

These “anti-vaxxers” – take note of the language, intended to marginalize and even dehumanize people, in order to make what is done to them seem not only okay but necessary – must be transmuted into a pariah caste; they must be cordoned off, marked as untouchables. No freedom of moment, no freedom of association – even with people who wish to associate with them, it is important to state. As has been the case with the “masks.” It is not sufficient for these j’ accuse hysterics to “mask” themselves and to “mask” their own businesses – if that is what they wish.

Everyone must “mask.”

Which brings up interesting questions about the “masks.”

Shouldn’t the “maskers” be content to “mask” themselves if the “masks” protect them? Shouldn’t the same apply to vaccines? If one has received the Jab, then one is safe – assuming the vaccine is in fact effective. In which case it ought not to matter whether others do not get it, since they can’t get others sick – assuming, of course, that they are in fact sick.

The writer has a very sick answer for this. He says that the vaccine is only “95 percent effective” (a number pulled out of a hat, as “we” really have no idea just how “effective” whatever is in this “vaccine” is, but let’s leave that lie for purposes of the immediate discussion) and thus the possibility of any chance – however attenuated – that someone might be sick and that someone else might get sick justifies both the “mask” and the shot.

Which means more shots, going forward – to be justified on the same basis. How can one argue against the ordinary flu shot, for instance, once one accept the basis for imposing the WuFlu shot?

Shots for all, for everything – forever.

Or else.

This is how the world – as we once knew it – ends. Because there is no end – no limit – to such “reasoning.” It opens the door to general presumptive guilt – of anything – based on anyone’s assertion –  not just about sickness. And does it in the complete absence of a scintilla of specific evidence to support that a given  individual may be guilty of whatever it is that’s being generally asserted he might be guilty of because anyone might be guilty of it.

The writer says this without saying it plainly, by using the royal “we” so popular among such great minds.

To efface the individual. To collectivize him. With certain self-appointed individuals embodying the supposed will of this collective.

We need written proof of vaccination that is as difficult to counterfeit or falsify as a hundred-dollar bill. We need it to be standardized and easy to show to others. And we need to start rolling it out in this phase of the pandemic, not the next one. Call them “vaccine passports”; simple, standardized documents, digital or printed, that enable society and the economy to get back to semi-normal without waiting for every anti-vaxxer to see the light.

It is as breathtaking as it is horrifying – for its thoughtless, reckless imbecility. To give the writer the benefit of the doubt as regards the latter.

This person could have written similar piece for Der Sturmer – another publication the specialized in “we” – and in the pariah-ization of a caste characterized as a threat to the health of the collective.

No need to find the individual guilty of anything. It is sufficient to punish him – to make outrageous demands of him – on the basis of assertions made by people such as this writer who insist their hysterical fears justify them as such.

Americans are to be forced, de facto, to carry and present their “papers” everywhere they go.

And these “papers’ will almost certainly not be paper at all. They will be digital – embedded technology in smartphones, which it will become de facto necessary to carry everywhere – so as to monitor where everyone goes and what everyone does, all the time. It will no longer be possible, as a practical matter, to not have a smartphone – if you wish to leave your home, at any rate – and take with you all that it contains and all that is capable of doing, all the time.

And once it is cemented that healthy people can be forced to take this vaccine – on the basis of an assertion about their being possibly sick and assertions, however attenuated, about the possibility that they might spread a sickness no one has shown they have – there will no longer be any reason to not force the population to get any vaccine peddled as a palliative against any sickness, ad infinitum – which means forever, ongoing.

It will mean accepting as moral the idea that our health – however hypothetical – is the public’s business. That “we” have the right to inject you, shun you and inevitably, worse for those who still refuse.

It always gets worse when sicknesses such as this begin to spread.

I suspect that when enough businesses and other public places go “vaxx-only,” that may incentivize some of the unvaccinated to change their behavior. If they can’t get into a baseball game, a graduation, a diner or a veterinarian’s office, they might find themselves re-examining their opinions about the vaccine.

“This is what freedom looks like,” the useful idiot writes with predictable moral inversion.

No, it doesn’t.

Freedom looks like leaving people alone unless they have done something to harm someone else. Quivering fears of The Might do not rise to the standard, unless “we” wish to quiver in fear, perpetually – of what others worry we “might” do – and about what they are going to do to us on that basis.

Which is far worse than worrying about the threat posed by a virus that doesn’t even make most people feel sick.     

. . . 

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  1. I have been bullied for refusing to wear the face diapers. I’ve become Karen fodder for the Skippies of the world who try to shame me for refusing. I have also become quite rude. If you feel wearing a masks protects you, good for you, wear it. I will quietly roll my eyes but I will not bully or ridicule you for it. Your health is not my responsibility and my health is none of your business. I won’t wear one and if asked to leave, I will, making a mental note never to patronize your business ever. I have never seen so many sheep in my entire 60 years on this earth.

    • They didn’t become sheep with the donning of the masks. You’ve been looking right at them for 60 years, without realizing it.

  2. Just an FYI for those who aren’t far from Jacksonville FL. Jax lifted their mask mandate to the city last week and masks are now by the discretion of the business.

    Someone on Instagram has created a list of businesses that masks are not required or deemed optional. I don’t have a IG account, but I was still able to see a list of the businesses. Just wanted to pass it along to help these businesses out.


    • Hi Anon,

      It’s past time for people to resist – by not complying. With more, if necessary. Gather with like-minded people and refuse to submit. This is vital, else submitting will never end and – worse – the impositions will increase. If this ever was about “health,” it ought to be obvious to any thinking person that is now about something else, something sinister.

      • And the idiots still rush to line up for a jab.


        “Finding evidence of vaccine breakthrough cases reminds us that, even if you have been vaccinated, you still need to wear a mask, practice socially distancing, and wash your hands to prevent spreading COVID-19 to others who have not been vaccinated”

        Except that, “prevent spreading COVID-19 to others who have not been vaccinated”, apparently even IF THEY WERE “vaccinated” (not a f’n vaccine) they obviously still could get it.

        In other words, getting the jab does not even give your normal life back. But it might end it or fuck up the rest of it.

        It is clear that with or without “vaccine”, sick or not, this is all about control and has fuck all to do with disease.

        Anyone remember logic and how it used to be employed?

      • “Gather with like-minded people”

        I wish. I am down to one person that is not a complete kool aid gulper and evangelist. Even that one is just being “brave” around me. I know he is doing the full kabuki everywhere else. Hand sanitizer and masks in his car and truck, never mentioned having been hassled for non-compliance. It is clear why.

  3. …Oh, just one more thing, regarding this douche factory author and his ideas:

    I’ve said it before, as did Batman: I’m not going to kill you, but I don’t have to save you.

    I’ll go out of my way to help people. But the truth is, I have NO obligation to protect anyone from anything. Hell, the courts have even ruled that COPS have no obligation to protect you. Now, if I were sick with something dangerous and I knowingly tried to infect you, there is malice in that, and culpability, but that’s not what is being asserted here.

    I have no obligation to put on a bullet proof vest to protect people from bullets going through me and hitting them. And I have no obligation to take a vaccine, whether or not it works, to protect anyone else from illness. Period.

  4. Eric,

    Great article, as always.

    Going to try the gym again, today or tomorrow, after about 8 months of my absence. Their stated policy, after Gov. Ducey’s proclamation, is no mask needed if you stay 6 feet from people.

    Still 99% of people in stores are diapered, even when there is no sign and the (Phoenix) city diaper mandate has been declared null and void. Still people in diapers while in their cars alone. Not what I was hoping for, but not entirely unexpected.

  5. I still think that the gal in the forefront has a decent shape.
    Anyway, I am here to bitch about modern plumbing for bathtubs. I liked my old one that had TWO valves for hot and cold and a rubber stopper for the drain. I got my prehensile toes to operate the hot water valve without much practice. The modern junk has an unfathomable complication for adding water or draining it.
    My old dump had a proper tub that was simple enough for manual shifters. While steeping in the tub I even found out that the cat peed into the toilet. It was such a strange noise that I had to look over my left shoulder to see what was going on.
    There is a great deal to be said for a simple life.

  6. Would ya just look at this comment section EP, and the day ain’t even all the way over yet. If it weren’t for this site I’d wager most of us would be in straightjackets by now.

    Every couple months this shit makes its way deep down under my skin and it’s been another one of those days. Intolerable.

    I’ve done all sorts of little things to prepare, but I seriously gotta get my affairs in order ahead of the inevitable. Wanted to be able to stay in this job, really wanted to believe it could work out somehow supposing maybe if the freaks took their jab they’d calm down, but the dickwads running the universe appear to be demanding 100% compliance, the weirdos are out for our lives and livelihoods and my body’s begun screaming at me to make a change before they do it for me.

    Just wish there were normal companies left around that can sustain themselves in the face of all the mandates and govt thuggery.

    I’ve considered self-employment, but I’m not sure how I’d even begin offering services publicly or even privately when so many are so openly willing to LARP out their long-romanticized zombie tv shows. People just can’t be trusted. How the hell is this supposed to work.

    • Thanks, Moose!

      The people here help me stay sane and on course, too. I am grateful every day. And I agree that everyone who isn’t a sickness psychotic and unwilling to pretend to be one or defer to them ought to take every step possible to prepare for the possibility of Total Avoidance, which may be the only way to continue keeping on without giving in to them. Self-sufficiency, decentralization. Under the table networks of like-minded people. Getting as far away from them as feasible.

      I am preparing to live on my land and defend it as my island of sanity, should that become necessary.

      No Diapers. No Needles.


    • Is anyone else suffering from flashbacks from the 1984 Macintosh commercial, especially the first pic? So to attend a concert and watch like a zombie one needs to be tortured tested, their status uploaded onto their phone, can’t sing or dance, and must wear a mask the entire time? Sound like fun! 🤮

      • Hahaha! No, RG- but that does bring an absurd memory alright, from c. ’84: A longtime fambly friend had these two friends who decided to go into the word processing business- This was at a time when ya still had typing service businesses where people would manually type stuff up for people on typewriters. So these two ladies that the fambly friend knew were gonna be pioneers and use these new-fangled computers to do what typists were doing.
        I think it cost them close to ten grand for ONE computer, and the word processing software (on floppy disks, no less) cost them almost as much, and came with an instruction manual that was thicker than a NYC phone book! They rented a store…in a busy area of Queens…the whole 9 yards…and of course the business was a complete flop, and closed within a couple of months.
        These same two women would later go on to purchase a video rental store in a neighborhood where none of the big video rental places would go, and when the industry was already in decline (I warned them!)….and you can imagine how that went….
        Every time I think of these ladies, I always think of the saying: “You know how to make a small fortune? Start out with a large fortune!”.
        Hey, I don’t know about you, but I miss office machines! Adding machines! Typewriters! Hand-cranked mimeograph machines! I’ve never worked in an office, but if they’d bring those cool old metal, manual machines back, I think I would just for the atmosphere! I especially miss the REAL cashiers…when being a supermarket cashier was an actual skill, who’d have one hand on a huge array of metal keys on a big cash register, while their other hand was picking up your items and their eyes were looking at the price sticker, and they’d punch it into the cash regsiter without even turning their head…and they were faster than these stupid barcode scanners where the cashier just has to pasws the item over the scanner!

          • Ooo! Thanks, Tuan! A bit too long to listen to now…but I’ve bookmarked it. Paul Harvey was one of the few mainstreamers I used to actually enjoy listening to! (Until he’d get into the troop worship stuff..then I’d have to turn him off)

            Well…him and Andy Rooney! (Liked ’em both)

            • Hiya Nunz!
              Loved Andy Rooney, he had more common sense than the entire population of Amerika today (posters here excepted). My favorite bit was his take on car commercials – he’d show a clip of the car driving down an empty street, not even any cars parked, then aim his camera out his office window to show the hellscape of traffic in midtown Manhattan. Always was in touch with reality.

              • Mike! I’ve never seen that Andy Rooney car bit….but it sounds GREAT! I’ll keep an eye oiut for it online. Used to enjoy reading his books too.

            • Nunzio,

              I know you’re a big fan of old TV like Archie and Meathead.

              But what about radio?

              When I was a kid I use to get to read the news and the Chicago Mercantile prices on air. Very important that people knew the price of hog bellies, corn, and soybeans. lol

              Sometimes I’d even introduce the Wolfman Jack show. It came to the station as a box of four 33 1/3 LPs. Quite the challenge to think of something to say when flipping the albums.

              Did you ever listen to WOR as a kid?

              I just loved CBS Radio Mystery Theater with E G Marshall. All 1399 episodes are online and free.

              The totally cool thing about the online shows is that they include news and commercials.

              I think you’d get a real kick out of listening to what was coming up on tomorrow’s All In The Family back in 1970 something.

              Sometimes the news has the exact same stories as today. The propaganda is so clear in hindsight.

              Nixon, Ford, Carter, and Reagan had their daily shenanigans broadcast across the country.

              Same shit-different day as they say. Today I heard that Ford announced the government’s plan to vaccinate “every man, woman, and child in the United States”. Meet the new boss-same as the old boss.

              Last week I was listening to a story about a company in Ferndale, Michigan that was coming out with a 144 volt electric car.

              (Perhaps Eric might give us a history of the success of that company and the Holiday Inn charging stations.)

              Anyway Nunzio, I hope you get some of the old Archie Bunker commercials. The shows are listed in order so you can pick and choose the broadcast dates. Cbsrmt.com

              Just remember, the only thing missing in the new Buick Skylark is you.

              • Hi Tuanorea,
                I grew up in NJ and remember listening to Gene Shepherd on WOR; can’t remember many specifics that far back but I think it was a radio version of today’s SNL.

              • Hey Tuan,
                Yes, when I was younger, I used to listen to a lot of radio. When I was a little kid, I’d listen to Jerry Carroll on WPIX- as you probably know, he was the guy who went on to be the manic guy in the Crazy Eddie TV commercials.
                Scott Muny on WNEW-FM….”Cousin Brucie” Bruce Morrow on WABC.
                I remember Howard Stern’s beginnings on WNBC, when he was actually good! My long-time favorite though was Bruce Williams- the business/financial advice guy.
                I guess I had a high tolerance for commercials when IO was younger….. Now, as soon as I’d hear “SUNDAY! SUNDAY! SUNDAY….,at RACEWAY PARK, ENGLISHTOWN NEW JERSEY!!!! BE THERE!!!!”: I’d throiw the radio out the window! (I don’t currently even own a radio!).
                Sheesh…your reference to Wolfman Jack made me think of his appearance on The Odd Couple….hilarious!
                And ah yes…the Swine Flu of 1976. Sadly, I got that jab (I was 14…Mom made me)- I KNEW it was wrong!!! It was the last vaccine I’d ever take. (Funny- soon as I stopped taking vaccines, my long-time psoriasis went away!). Of course, as it would turn out, all of the 8 people who actually died from the Swine Flu…..had been vaccinated for it. I’m still trying to find out if my lkate aunt who died “from the ‘Rona” in January had taken the jab- as chances are high that she did, as her and my uncle were personal friends of their fizz-ician, and did all the masking and anti-social distancing, etc. My cousin would never answer me directly when I asked…… but other than myself and my mother, it seems that just about every relative has taken the shot- including a niece who already had had the flu…and then got the vax…….

                Crazy times…but like ya say, nothing really changes, just more people fall for the BS, and those who speak/believe/practice the truth become the new radicals in the midst of a radicalized society.

                • Nunzio,

                  Crazy Eddie? His prices were INSANE! I remember Cousin Brucie, Dan Ingram, etc. Do you remember those WABC pins? I had one; I wore it to school in 1975.

                  I remember Bernard Meltzer on WOR; my late mother always listened to him. I remember “Rambling with Gambling” too, as my mom would always have that on in the morning.

                  • Hey MM!

                    Oooo, Rambling With Gambling…there’s one I’d forgotten about!

                    Speaking of Crazy Eddie: I was driving past this big old house in Blue Point LI once with my friend, and he mentions that Crazy Eddie used to own that house (This was, I believe while Eddie was hiding in Israel -or maybe just after he came back to do time).
                    It was a strange coincidence, ’cause at the time, I had recently found out this kid whom I had gone to 7th grade with and who had become a fudgepacker, was the current owner of that house! (Found out, because both my cousin, and this girl I had gone on a date with, both knew the fudgepacker, and he had come up in conversation while we were reminiscing, because I’d mention “That kid Joe who always used toi wave to me in the hall in 7th grade” 🙂 – I still remember the girl’s words: “Oh, I know Joe- He owns that big house on the corner of xxx and xxx in Blue Pt” -Didn’t learn of the Crazy Eddie connection till my friend pointed it out randomly when we just happened to be passing that house…)
                    Weird co-inky-dink in a metro area of 14 million people, quite a ways from Brooklyn (as NY mileage goes).

                    • We had a furniture store here called Sofa King.

                      Great radio commercials,

                      “Sofa-King great deals”

                      (say it fast)

                • Nunzio,

                  “Now, as soon as I’d hear “SUNDAY! SUNDAY! SUNDAY….,at RACEWAY PARK, ENGLISHTOWN NEW JERSEY!!!! BE THERE!!!!”: I’d throiw the radio out the window!”

                  Such heresy on a car guy website.

            • Nunzio,

              And I don’t know if you liked Herman Munster but he did a bunch of shows on the Mystery Theater.

              “The fear you can hear.”

              • Tuan, I loved Herman Munster! I’ll have to check that out! Been tempted to buy the Munsters on DVD- it’s cheap enopugh…’cept I can rarely bring myself to sit and watch anything these days…but maybe just to keep it for the futiure! (Fred Gwynn and Al Lewis…how can ya beat THAT?!)- People tell me that I’d love Car 54 Where Are You too….I think they’re right…never actually saw the show, but I’ve seen some clips…Fred & Al…..it’s gotta be good!

        • > I think it cost them close to ten grand for ONE computer, and the word processing software (on floppy disks, no less) cost them almost as much, and came with an instruction manual that was thicker than a NYC phone book!

          Looks like whoever sold them that stuff knew he’d found a couple of marks he could rip off. $1500 for an Apple IIe (that’s about what mine cost a year later), maybe $600-$800 for a daisy-wheel printer, and a couple hundred or so for software, and they would’ve been in business…assuming they didn’t get further ripped off on office rent or something like that. $20k for a word processor? Even a Lisa (Apple’s $10k flop that preceded the Mac by a year) with one of the early laser printers wouldn’t have run that much.

          • That’s the thing, Scott- it was right around that time when computer prices were absurd for the ‘laterst and greatest state-of-the-art’ stuff…and then that stuff would be obsolete in 6 months and worthless, and newer better stuff would be a quarter of the price.
            What I don’t “get” is why those women didn’t just do their business the old-fashioned way…and then if they were to get a high enough volume of business to justfy it, switch to the new-fangled computers. But that’d be the sensible thing to do. Or actually, doing something else entirely would be the sensible thing, as how the hell can one justify paying NYC commercial rent for a freaking stand-alone typing service?
            Heh, I remember right around that time, I actually used a typing service to type up a few pages for me once, and it cost like $2. But at least the guy who did it just did it as a side thing out of an office that he occupied for other things 9And he did a beautiful job with a regular typewriter!).
            Ya wanna hear an even more absurd one? A friend of my idiot sister, in the early 00’s came into about $80K. So she’s gonna go into business. She opens a FILM developing store….. in a small town of 1500 people, which even if film hadn’t already been abandoned for digital, one STILL would not be able to make a viable business in such a nickel & dime business in such a small town!
            I’d be willing to wager that these are the same people who’d buy old pay-phones from people hucking them when the phone co.s were abandoning the industry!
            There’s one born every 60 seconds…probably more these days!

    • “Breaking news!!!! The flu is declining as spring comes upon us! We’ll have complete 24hr. coverage of this amazing phenomenon right after this brief three-hour commercial message!”

      • Except the house organs are hyping case counts in other states and ignoring Texas. While satanic fauxi is spouting off that kids need to wear face diapers while playing outside with other kids. And other vile media scum warn of a coming fourth wave from relaxing on this too soon. God damn them all.

  7. Update from WNC and N Ga.: Didn’t wear the Covid-Burqa last week to the doctor’s office in Ga. Every other old goat yes. The doctor didn’t ask me to and of course I didn’t offer. My wife’s doctor, also in N Ga., asked her to don the holy rag. I didn’t in the outer office/lobby. I thanked an aged woman, the only other w/o the Covid-Burqa for resisting. Her face lit up and appeared to truly appreciate the recognition. Otherwise, at both the N Ga. and WNC big boxes…at least 90% (Trump Country) were still in compliance. Depressing, but I feel free as a bird.

  8. It’s hard to think of anything promoted or required by governments that haven’t made the problem they intended to solve worse. Because most such edicts were carried out to appease shrieking hysterical cause-heads, who knew neither what they were talking about nor what the long term effects of the intervention would be.

    So will it be here. Had people just left well enough alone, this thing would have burned itself out in a couple months, and few would have even noticed. The virus would have spread rapidly as a bad cold, and mutated itself into a harmless nuisance. Now, with endless diapering and vaccines, we get to be treated to lots of virus escape mutants (which avoid the vaccine), some of which will be quite virulent, perhaps more deadly. And who knows the future societal costs as the vaccinated begin to experience the long term side effects which are bound to set in at some point.

    Meanwhile, civility crumbles. Blame is laid on us, the “selfish” freedom lovers. The corporate rats fatten themselves on misbegotten largesse. And western civilization burns merrily on its way to the ash heap of history.

  9. Some British healh guy said it cpuld be ten years which of course means forever. In Britain you now have to pay 7K to leave the country without an approved reason.

    The only thing that would end it here is if the government would give legal immunity to businesses from Karens that claim they got it from and unmasked person in that business. Similar to what the vaccine cmpanies enjoy. Of course – outside Florida maybe – that will NEVER happen here with pur bought off politicains.

    The fact that ANYONE thinks this is about our health much less the majority of our population is sad and frightening.

    If it comes to it perhaps I’ll get fake papers off the dark web. First I have find the dark web!

  10. I thought the vaxes would be a placebo this time around, so they could implement the vax passport system, and then unleash another “pandemic” or two, and then eventually introduce the real “vaccine” for whatever they actually wanted to do with them. Or perhaps the vax passport really is the only purpose. But who would have thought they’d be stupid enough to introduce these vaxes that actually do something and have side effects, including killing people?

    I’ve heard that the vaxes don’t actually stop you from getting the virus, just not getting the symptoms. So they can’t stop you from getting the virus, but, can somehow prevent you from getting symptomatically sick from it.

    I’ve also heard that it allows your body to produce antibodies that will fight the virus if you are exposed to it. Hasn’t that always been the sell for vaxes? Has the pharma industry not made enough money from the dipshits that get their flu shot every year? Guess not enough people were taking them. Guess word was getting out. Lends further credence to the theory that this is entirely about the passport/digital ID.

    There has never been this large of a world-wide psy-op to get this vax into people. There has never been this much trauma inflicted on a population to get them to submit to whatever this is. There has never been such marketing, with celebrities and politicians getting “vaxed” with their saline on camera. And there has never been a national/worldwide database for those who have taken the needle, as far as I know. One thing I do know, is that it can’t be in our best interest. Because they certainly don’t want to help us, they want most of us gone.

  11. Eric – really feel like im at that winston smith 2+2 moment you wrote about some weeks ago. Its kinda like everyone you speak to now is getting the vaccine… maybe its just because i live in a big city where everyone works with a big corporate… they have all sorts of reasons to argue for getting the vaccine. In the end they say stuff like “you will have to anyways – why argue”…. as if they are happy to accept defeat and roll over…

    I mean however you argue or reason with them the best you can happen is they shut down (hopefully thinking about you’re points) and the worst they just think you’re crazy…. really think this is an uphill battle… I thought this would blow over in a year or so – but as these vaccines roll out it seems that its getting worse….

    • Hi Nasir,

      Not only have they accepted it – they are happy about it! Even the few people that I have talked to who are holding out have already claimed defeat. One told me she will hold out until she has to travel and then she will get it?!?! Here is the sad thing – not one person (other than my family’s members) has told me “no way in hell am I getting this.” Not one. They shrug and go “what can I do?”

      Cruise lines, sports and concert venues, and many countries: Greece, Portugal, Georgia (the country not the state), Sweden (this one makes me particularly ill), Denmark, Spain, Italy, Poland and the Czech Republic are already underway for implementing passports. What are we doing? I can’t fathom that all levels of common sense have been completely eroded. I have spoken to a few who refuse to allow anyone who has not been vaccinated to attend their functions (one was a funeral, the other a wedding). One daughter I know actually told her mother that if she was not vaccinated she could not attend her wedding this fall. I guarantee if my child said that to me I would be rewriting my will.

      • There is so much to unpack regarding the cognitive dissonance involved in this psyop. The “vaccine” isn’t claimed to protect one from infection, nor even hospitalization. Yet people will dismiss this glaring inconsistency between the purported use of the jab and its assumed purpose and proceed ahead, KNOWING that there is no “protection” from anything…except that they now FEEL “safe.”

        Did have some good news today. Our family reunion is on this year. No mention of masks. This family gathered together at graveside last December to pay respects to one of the patriarchs, and one of his sons had requested masks and anti-social distancing (although his own mother, the widow, had a mask under her chin and freely accepted hugs). Nearly everyone at the graveside service was masked, except my immediate family and the deceased’s other son. I say this because the coordinator of this upcoming family reunion was also masked. Of course, last year’s reunion was cancelled. So the fact that there will be a reunion and nothing about diapering was mentioned on the flyer is a good sign. Either way, our family will NOT be diapering. I’d like to think that our resistance to the nonsense may have played a small part in it not being mentioned for the reunion. (The flyer even says, “the reunion will be the same as in previous years…”) 🙂

        • That is good news, A. Any form of normalcy is a welcome return. Hopefully, it goes well. My family has gotten together this entire time. We haven’t missed holidays, birthdays, or other family events. It is very hard to terrify people that have lived somewhat typically over the last year. Twenty of us in a kitchen eating buffet style and so far, we are still here. I am thankful I am surrounded by sane people.

          • Hi RG

            My goofy, aging aunt (twice vaxxed) will not join us for Easter. As she had not joined for 2020 birthdays, Thanksgiving, or Christmas. She has literally locked herself down for a year now – a true specimen of irrationality. Now wasting the waning years of her life, cowering in fear of us (while crowing about how much she misses my kids). She had been saying that she would join the family now that she has been vaccinated, but I strongly suspect she’s holding back because my crew is and will remain proudly vaccine free. Frankly, I’m done blowing smoke up the asses of people like this, family or not. And screw them – for selfishly ruining the future for my kids.

            • Hi BAC,

              We have one in my family as well. We invited their side of the family the first couple times. After blowing us off at T-giving the rest of us just said “Screw it. If they want to join us, they will join us.” We no longer ask. It is sad the toil that it has taken on family and friends, but the rest of us can’t stop living, because they are scared to.

              I don’t know how old your kids are, but mine are young teenagers. I hate what society is doing to them. I look at both of them and think “Oh God, what kind of people are they going to meet. Is there going to be anybody sane still out there for them?” Hubby and I try to protect them the best we can, but I look at the world and feel almost hopeless for the next generation.

              • Hi RG

                My kids are 14 and 11. We pulled them from school and, like you, try and protect them best we can. But the walls at least feel like they are closing in. I’m trying to think of ways to escape or start anew, but am coming up empty – the insanity is global this time, or at least global enough to cover any place I’d consider. I’m fearful for their future, hoping they have one or at least the same opportunities afforded me. In speaking with a friend who is a middle school psychologist, I can tell you that school kids are not coping well. Sad – it needn’t be this way.

                • Mine are 13 and 15, very similar in age to yours, and I am thankful I homeschool. I can only imagine the hell that most public school kids are going through. I think the best thing any parent can do is pull the children out of the public schools and either put them in a private or homeschool. The private schools never really shutdown and us homeschoolers, we teach all year.

                  With mine, we take lots of trips. I constantly keep them moving. A change of pace seems to help. It does for their mother at least. 🙂 I would go crazy if I was at home 24/7. We stick with nature, hang out with family, and take 2 or 3 vacations a year (even last year). I usually head South, because as much as I would like to see the Northern part of the US they seem to be pretty pro lockdowns. Whether fortunately or unfortunately, my youngest seems to enjoy being some what of an anarchist. It will be interesting on how they turn out.

                  • RG, interesting. Good to see you are still travelling. I too was able to sneak out for 2 holidays last year luckily. Though this year is looking VERY tough given the new “laws” banning illegal travel (yes not said the days of the berlin wall did you need government permission to leave the country – then people wonder why I say we are living under communism)…..

                    i think its very important especially for kids to be able to travel at this time- let them realise there is sanity in other parts of the world….

                    re home schooling ive really considered it over the years but i dont know at times I feel it is good for the kids to realise the world as it is – though I do try to keep a very open dialogue with them about things, and encourage them to challenge teachers and the school (though always in a polite and respectful way). Like im the only adult amongst the parents who goes onto the school ground without masking. She asked why – went through the science with her. She now wonders why everyone else does it when most of the info is out there via simple google….

                    anyhow lets see where things go maybe i will end up the home school route eventually….

                    • Hi Nasir,

                      Unfortunately, I haven’t traveled outside the US since late 2019, so I only travel by car lately. I keep hoping a private airline will open for us non vaxxers, non maskers. 🙂
                      I will happily pay whatever price necessary. It looks like though my destinations will be limited due to most countries looking to require the needle. I am hoping after a few years of this garbage that the countries will ease their requirements and I am able to head back to the Caribbean, even if it is just by private boat.

      • RG, one of the worst things I find is how many of the people who used to happily come over to my place for an illegal lockdown BBQ are now happily lining up to get the jab as a way to be allowed to get back to normal. Not realising how retarded it sounds given TPTB have clearly said you still wont be able to get back to normal !! But I really thought when these guys would come over, see they dont drop dead in the company of a heretic like me will realise the whole thing is a con (me and the mrs also saw it as a public service to help people going nuts at home with the spouse / kids to get out and have a normal day socialising with others). But unfortunately as soon as they are being offered the slightest carrot in the direction of compliance for hope of relative normality – they get back in line !!

        • There is a part of me that pity these people, because they are grasping on to straws. Even with the vax they are enforcing the masks and social distancing…..what is the point of the vax then? They don’t question it. Now they believe once everyone is vaxxed then we can return to normal. I guess many never heard the saying “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.” We are up to 4 or 5 good lies and still most are following along. “This time it will be better.” Ugh!

          • honestly RG i dont get it. when will the sheeple wake up – I guess this is what decades of government dumbing down society gets you….

            The one thing which then also shocks me is many do wake up when it comes to their children. They say they would never let their kids get the vaccine. They genuinely think that one they are masked, jabbed (tied up, castrated, whatever) TPTB will leave them and their kids alone….. and well when I try to tell them the main reason to say no now is to really keep them away from the kids – well guess who the crazy conspiracy theorist is …. (Even despite the recent scaremongering and propaganda in the UK schools with secondary school kids and all parents requiring to mask, all secondary school kids being tested every week – they still just cant put 2+2 together to see where this is going)

            • It will be interesting to watch once they force vaccination on the kids. If people can’t stand up for themselves do they have enough mettle for their children? It is doubtful. Are they going to be any smarter in 6 or 12 months? I hope they will be, but being that they have masked themselves and their children, refused to visit Grandma, not allowed their kids sleepovers or visits to friends, followed blindly as the schools have yanked their chain and destroyed their child’s ability to learn, and willingly put poison into their own veins, I don’t expect a lot to change.

          • Hi RG,

            Remember when the face diapers/anti-social distancing, etc. were “just for two weeks to flatten the curve”

            Then it was “just until the cases go down”…then “just until there’s a vaccine”….then “just until *everybody’s* vaccinated”… then “just until we make sure it’s effective against the ‘variants’”…

            What’s next…”it’s just forever”? 😝🤷‍♂️

            As to the supporters of this nonsense — I have to wonder, what exactly *would* they consider “too much” — or is anything and everything acceptable as long it’s about WuFlu?

          • Makes as much sense as the idiots that mask up when DRIVING THEIR CARS.

            I see no reason to be stuck with the (un)Holy Jab given the anecdotes (and, more important, how the Lamestream Media is SUPRESSING them) of otherwise healthy folks DYING after receiving it.

            Especially at this time of year, when opportunity abounds to get plenty of fresh air and sunshine, and if you keep up on the Vitamins (“Vit-a-minz”) C and D3, your immune system ought to be strong enough to shrug off come what may.

    • Hi Nasir,

      Same here. But I have decided that, should it come down to it, I will emulate the Scharnhorst’s captain and fight until the barrels glow red and the last shell is fired. They might get me, but I will never submit to this.

      • best of luck man…. i dont know how long I’ll last – but wish me luck. Im seriously considering moving back to PK and laying low till this shit blows over and hopefully (and eventually) ambulance chasing lawyers bring an end to all this nonsense as the other effects are noticed….

      • But seriously Eric you are doing an awesome job with this website and the open forum – helps people see that somewhere out there there is intelligent and “sane” life out there…. finding it must be the modern day equivalent of how people with those HAM or whatever radios with big antennas used to listen for alien radio transmissions from space, and would find something that resembles intelligent life…. maybe one day it’ll be the stuff of movies when they get us all….

    • Hi Nasir,

      Have you noticed how the vocabulary has morphed into “your” vaccine, like “your” mask? I hear people at work, online, etc. talking about “did you get your COVID shot yet?” or “I just got my second COVID vaccine” (while doing happy dance) like they just won the lottery! 😝😖😝

  12. OK. So it is clear that TPTB are going to exclude the non-vaxxed from being able to participate in society.

    There will be no mainstream push back anymore than the TSA stupidity was resisted.

    So, what is anyone going to do about it? Anything?


    Just like the TSA.

  13. Dr. Fauci doesn’t dare look at himself in the mirror. He just stays in the dark all of the time, he should. lol

    Biden should mandate ear plugs and blindfolds.

    It’s a dark winter turned an even bleaker dark spring, everybody is in the dark, might as well show it, be deaf, dumb and blind in plain sight.

    Ear plugs, a gag ball, you will move from a mandated mask to a mandated gag ball, and a blindfold, all that will do it.

    A new dark age, everybody is in the dark and nobody even knows.

  14. Watch out for the “second dose” crew. My wife had to drop something off at a 70 year old acquaintance’s house. This woman had been a vibrant, healthy and active person. As recently as February 2020, she was in Egypt touring the pyramids. When my wife arrived, the woman, who she had not seen in person in over a year, waved to her from her second story deck (mask on) and said she just had her second dose of the gene therapy (my words). Then she said she would be downstairs to greet my wife. 10 minutes later my wife starts wondering where the woman is. A few more minutes later she staggers out. Visibly unwell, disoriented, badly blood shot eyes, and get this, bleeding from the bed of 2 or 3 fingernails. Explanation? Seasonal allergies.

    • Likely more than the possible deleterious effect of the vaccination(s). If this aged woman was “active”, doing things like “Seeing the Pyramids, along the Nile…” (remember the old tune from the early 50s by the


      Then just imagine what a YEAR of being turned into, against life-long habits, a RECLUSE has done to that poor woman. And all for the misguided interests of her “health”! What a load of BS this whole damn COVID thing has been. That she’s got an active specchia going in her fingers is indicative that her immune system is shot to hell. Sad. The best thing you could ever do to help your friend is to drag her arse out of her house, kicking and screaming, and go for a nice, LONG walk, out in the sunshine and fresh air, UNMASKED.

    • The dude in “The Fly” who “hacked the software of life” started losing his fingernails as he became a genetic freak

  15. Eric, I’m f–ing terrified. I’ve never seen anything like this. The U.S. is in the grip of insanity like I’ve never imagined. It’s a mania, a mass psychosis. I genuinely fear arrest every day for potentially anything. It’s like East Germany. Between the black and communist riots, the virus hoax, printing trillions, troops in the streets, a demented puppet in the White House, censorship of speech, illegals crashing the border, I feel like I’m living in the End Times and I don’t know how Very Bad Shit can be avoided.

    Since the beginning of this virus mania I have been a mask refusenik. I thought it was totally stupid right from the beginning — a YEAR ago. (Remember this was supposed to last TWO WEEKS?) Certainly, I think the virus is real, and people get it, but we absolutely know that the true death statics have been rigged and are fake. Masks are pretty much useless against the virus itself. The only thing a mask can do is prevent you from spewing virus-infected droplets of sputum into the air if you are sneezing or hacking uncontrollably:


    Of course, if you’re not sneezing or hacking, you’re not sick so it’s a moot point. In a quarantine, you are supposed to isolate the sick, not the entire population. The masks people are wearing are completely ineffective against the virus particles themselves, and beyond that, since there is no standard for masks you can sneeze sputum into your environment anyway. People wrap bandannas and regular cloth around their faces. Even if you have one of those medical masks, you exhale out the sides and top of it anyway. Short of a f–ing NBC gas mask none of them really do anything. Even that little weasel Fauci said, verbatim, that masks don’t do anything except make you feel better and you don’t need to wear one.

    The entire thing is completely unscientific BS. But it’s become a social norm and you can get arrested, gang tackled by the cops, tased, and cuffed for not wearing one, and it’s happened a number of times, including to 5′ tall women.

    Anyway, for the past year I ignored it. Over the past year I have avoided places where I think I will have a problem, and patronized ones where I don’t get any grief. Until now, out here it hasn’t been much of a problem. On the couple of occasions managers or employees have said “Do you have a mask” I say “I’m medically exempt” and they just leave me alone. Even so I have confined my shopping mostly to late hours, when I figure the second-shift morons who likely don’t give much of a f–k will be working — and, equally importantly, when there will be fewer customers, because I’ve also had TOTAL STRANGERS accost and berate me for not wearing one. I think people are emboldened to say and do shit from behind that mask that they otherwise wouldn’t. Especially women. (And urban crime is WAY up in the past year with everybody wearing those damn things).

    Anyway, you’d tend to think that after a YEAR of this bullshit people would start saying “Enough, already, f—k this nonsense.” But it’s getting WORSE. Maybe the election of Biden has emboldened some of these people, I don’t know.

    Anyway, within the last ten days or so for some reason shit has really been getting out of hand around here. One grocery store I usually go to, some little bitch “manager” got in my face last June or July — it was a LONG time ago — and tried to make me wear one. I said “I’m medically exempt” and refused.

    I thought that was the last of it.

    Been in there a couple of times a week ever since, no problems, and then about two weeks ago I am looking for something on the shelf, and there are a couple of employees up the aisle stocking, and I am not paying any attention to them, and I hear a raised voice and look up and it’s this woman and she’s saying “You’re ignoring me! You need to put a mask on!” I say “I’m medically exempt.”

    “No you’re not! You need to put a mask on!”

    I just walk away.

    Five minutes later she accosts on on the other side of the store, and says “This is your last shopping trip here without a mask! If I see you here again without a mask I’m calling the police and having you arrested!”

    This is serious shit. And it’s a problem, because I buy a lot of stuff there, and because it was one of my “go to” places where I thought I wouldn’t get hassled.

    Two days later, I go into the hardware store, half hour before closing. Exact same scenario over there for the past year. Back in June or so some manager says “Do you have a mask?” I say “I’m medically exempt.” Been going in there ever since.

    Anyway so I go in there a few days ago and there’s NOBODY in there but two cashiers and the bitchy night manager. Same thing. “Do you have a mask?”

    “No, I don’t.”

    “We have curbside service if you want, but you’ll have to leave.”

    I stop looking for the things I’m looking for and say “You can cram it, lady, I don’t need your bullshit” and leave.

    So now I have to avoid that place also if I’m going to be mask-less.

    Then the REAL big deal goes down last night.

    I intentionally go to the OTHER grocery store, which is way more expensive, at 9:30 at night on a Saturday when I think people will leave me the alone. It’s practically empty, but busier than I thought — maybe 10-12 people in there.

    I’m rounding the corner of an aisle as some guy is coming from the other direction, I am not really paying attention to him — some older gray-haired guy with glasses and a blue mask and a blue jacket. As I pass him, he is behind me now, he says “HEY. You’re not wearing a mask!”

    And I say “Yep. That’s correct. I’m not” over my shoulder and keep walking. And he shouts “WELL, YOU’RE A REAL ASSHOLE!!!” I’m at the other and of the aisle now, and respond “Not as much as you are!” and disappear around the corner.

    However, now my blood pressure’s up. I’m really not interested in getting into a snit with some random, hostile, shouting stranger. Not that I can’t handle myself, or am afraid of telling somebody to f–k off, but I don’t want to get arrested.

    So I need to keep shopping but now I want to avoid this guy.

    At the other end of the store I see some old guy with gray hair and glasses and a blue mask and a blue jacket, and as I walk past he sort of looks at me over the bananas and I growl “Better keep your f–ing mouth shut, pal.”

    Turns out, it’s the wrong guy.

    I get into the self-checkout and there are about four people there and two of them are old gray haired guys with glasses and blue jackets and blue masks.

    And the other guy starts shouting “YOU ASSHOLE! MY WIFE DIED OF COVID AND YOU DON’T HAVE A MASK!”



    And he goes to the cashier “I WANT YOU TO CALL A MANAGER!”

    She actually doesn’t want to be involved, and says “I’m working on it” and I ignore the guy and keep scanning my shit. The manager comes and she doesn’t say anything to me, but talks to him for a minute maybe 20 feet away. The guy then walks past and says “My wife died ‘a COVID and I hope YOU’RE NOT THE SON-OF-A-BITCH THAT BREATHED ON HER!!!” and walks past.

    I say “Mind your own fuckin’ business, pal” as he leaves.

    I pay for my stuff, I’m shaking my head, the cashier is really apologetic, she says “I don’t get paid enough to care if somebody has a mask or not, I’m sorry he went off on you.”

    The manager doesn’t say anything and I leave, wondering if I am going to have to fight this guy in the parking lot. I actually would be relieved if he attacked me, because I know I can take him and it will be justified self defense and it will be on camera.

    But he’s gone by the time I get out there.

    So anyway, this is three times that things have gotten out of hand in maybe the last ten days. If an employee tells me to leave I have to leave or I will get arrested for trespass. A misdemeanor trespass arrest is a criminal arrest, meaning my guns get seized.

    But that means I can’t eat unless I give in to the mask hoax.

    Even if some employee does not tell me to leave, it is quite unsettling to be in constant fear of being accosted by some sheer random stranger at any time without warning.

    It’s like the Salem f—ing Witch trials, you can be walking around minding you own business and some random stranger can start screaming “Witch! WITCH!” and if they call the law you can get hauled off.

    I am on video at the store, of course, and they have my name from my credit card transaction. They didn’t say anything to me or tell me to get out, so I don’t THINK the cops are going to be an issue — this time.

    But I am sure that the night manager will report the whole thing to the day manager, and they will issue a policy to start cracking down on masks, and if I do it again they will call the cops.

    So now I can’t eat unless I drive 20 miles the the next store and hope it doesn’t happen there.

    This shit is NEVER going to end. They’ve created a monster. We’ve already had swine flu, Hong Kong flu, avian flu, SARS, hantavirus, you name it. Every couple of years there’s some kind of clap going around. Now they’ve created a totalitarian hysteria culture where they can control your every move with scientifically-disproven witchcraft.

    I’m thinking of buying a surplus Soviet gas mask and wearing that when they force me to put one on to show how f–ing absurd they are.

    It’s like being a heretic in the Spanish Inquisition.

    I’m really starting to get frazzled by this shit.

    • There’s a saying: “Man who stand for NOTHING, fall for ANYTHING!”.

      As a nation, Americans have lost their sense of personal pride, of self-respect and self-sufficiency, and the desire for individual achievement and greatness. We’ve been bamboozled into a “collectivist” or “herd” mentality, and look to the “Collective” (i.e. Government) for our succor. Hence why so many fall for the whole COVID-19 BS.

      We WERE offered, by virtue of OM, to be, for one last time, shown a BETTER way. And some did follow it…but so many others were the naysayers, as either their selfish interests were threatened, or at least they FEARED…feared to be responsible, maybe for the first time ever, RESPONSIBLE for their own pathetic lives. And so many that professed to be following OM were just looking for another “Savior”, to DO for them rather than simply show them the way and lead by example. Hence why when he stumbled and at times, failed, as all mortal men will, they quickly lost courage. Me, I didn’t really need OM, but at least he was working FOR me, and not AGAINST. Now, with that pathetic senile old fool “in charge” (in reality, propped up to hold it together for ten minutes, which usually even then he can’t), matters are much worse.

      American deserves its inevitable fate. We could have had freedom AND prosperity, but that path involved RISK and HARD WORK. Instead, we’ve been bamboozled into what was sold as “security”, and EASE…and soon we will have NEITHER. Unfortunately, those of us that knew better and worked for what little we do have get to suffer along with all the damned fools that though they could vote themselves benefits and get SOMEONE ELSE to pay for it.

      • Hi Doug,

        I agree with all you’ve said and would only add this:

        I’d have gone to the ramparts to support the OM had he fought the weaponization of hypochondria; had he refused to accept unvetted counting of mass absentee ballots. I literally would have put everything I have and am on the line.I suspect milllions of others would have done as well.

        But he did neither and that is truly tragic.

          • Yep, couldn’t even pardon the people who helped him get in. What else did he have to lose? Why not pardon all political prisoners? They would ignore his pardons and continue with prosecuting them, showing yet an additional example of what this system really is. What better way to say F-You to the system that put the final nail into the county’s coffin with the illegitimate election? But, I guess he wanted to protect the image of the system. Either that or he’s in on it all. I guess there’s always, heh, 2024.

            • Brandon, of course he was in on it; That’s why even the few piddling little things that he did actually do, -like putting the CAFE standards Obozocare personal mandate on hold- he did by executive order rather than via the legislative process (Which he could easily have done in his first 2 years, having a Repugnantcan House and Senate), so that Creepy Joe could easily rescind those orders on day one.
              Practically everything Trump did was really a paving of the way for the commies- from championing 5G, to authorizing the biggest military budget in history, to further militarizing the fuzz…and even keeping Fraud Fauci employed. From installing gun-grabbers and liberal-sympathizers and Neocon sycophants in key positions- to presiding over the institution of the COVID scam and it’s medical martial law, and sweeping the Epstein thing under the carpet.
              The life-long Democrat lying NYC real-estate developer was just playing a part (as they all are)- saying the things that the “ignorant hicks in flyover country” would like to hear, while likely making fun of “the rubes” who ardently continue to support him (as I guess he should).
              Heck, I saw a vid of Mike Lindell yesternight, saying that they “have more evidence and that Trump will be back in the WH by August” -LOL!
              Some think that Trump is stupid- but the nefarious would rather be thought stupid than corrupt, so they play stupid and surround themselves with those who either are truly stupid, or who can also play the part, because being stupid is not a crime, nor do the supporters of morons feel betrayed when things don’t go their way- as is perfectly evidenced by the millions who continue to support Donald Doonothing and his cast of bungling idjits.

    • Brandon Smith (alt-market.us) has a theory about the scamdemic he calls “waves of mutilation” wherein the string pullers raising and diminishing of hopes and fears in a non-linear fashion is the primary tactic to keep it going and keep people demoralized and off balance. It think we’re seeing this with recent reporting of increased “cases” and maybe a “third wave” here like in Europe. This may be riling up the sheeple near you.

      Having dealt with what you describe on and off over the past year, since the first of the year I have diversified about 50% of my food purchases away from the local grocery stores to online. Startpage almost anything you like and it’s probably available, often for the same price or less with online coupons, and, especially if you buy in bulk, free shipping. I have had good luck with FarmFoods.com (beef & fish), Perdue.com (chicken & pork), and Vitacost.com (center of the store dry goods.) The protein, although frozen, has actually been better than what sits on the shelf in the store (which also mostly arrives at the store frozen- you’re cutting out the middle man). Now, I only really shop at the store for fresh produce and dairy both of which I am aware are available online but haven’t found the right thing just yet. This means I’m only in the store 2-3 times in a month, max. And when I do go, I’m ready for bear, just in case.

    • You might want to leave whatever state you are in and move. I live in Murrells Inlet, SC, and there are times when the non-face diapered out number the Covidians. I have yet to be “masked shamed,” but I also walk around like Denzel Washington.

      • I know where that is. 🙂 Some great restaurants on the marsh. My family lives in Surfside. I was able to hit Old Time Pottery last time I was down there and dropped $300 on kitchenware and other household goods. I and another lady (around 70) were the only ones unmasked, but no one said anything and was as nice as could be. The restaurants in Georgetown County and Horry (with the exception of Myrtle Beach) have been pretty lenient. Most will sneak us onto the patio rather than through the front doors, but that is fine. I enjoy eating outside on beautiful sunny days.

        • We go to Dead Dog every Saturday, great burgers. We don’t wear masks upon entering just to walk to our table and take them off. Most people still do, however, it’s become habit for them, otherwise it’s a fairly normal affair.

          • Yes, they have good burgers. I like River City, too. I always stop by the Fish Shak (food truck). I love their sandwiches. Also, about a year ago I discovered the Brown Fox Coffee Box. I usually buy a coffee and walk the boardwalk for a bit.

    • Hi X,

      I am sorry you are going through this. I have avoided stores for the most part. I haven’t had any issues with hardware and farm stores, but the last grocery store I visited was in the middle of West Virginnie in early June. I hang out at the farmer markets, where rules are a bit more lax. If I need something from a store I use curbside, which is something that I used before COVID was on the scene. To me, I have better things to do then walk around aimlessly for 1-1/2 hours when for $1.99 charge someone else can do my shopping for me. I consider my time valuable and honestly, I really don’t want to see who or what is going on in the stores right now. I tip generously to whomever brings out my cart full of crap and their has been a few hiccups, but it is doable.

      Do you have any farms in your area? Now is a good time to make friends with as many farmers as you can. Also, a drive out to the country reminds you that the world isn’t all crazy. The horses, goats, chickens, cows, and pigs don’t seem affected by all of this.

      • Sure I am in farm country, but it is not growing season so the farmers’ markets aren’t open. I have a fair amount of venison in the freezer from last fall, and some local brown eggs, but I still need other stuff from the grocery store on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

        • Do any of the farms have farm stores? In my area we have about five farm stores that operate directly on the farm. They are usually open 3-4x a week. I am able to go and purchase eggs, milk, cheese, butter, meat, soap, candles, various sauces, honey, etc. I usually hit the grocery store for toiletries although I am contemplating making my own shampoo and soap. I also want to learn how to make my own pasta and ricotta. I have enough paper towels and tp for a year.

    • Hi X,

      I’m frazzled by it, too. Your story is harrowing. So far, no one has bothered me. I have decided if they do, they’re going to get the full broadside. I’m done with all of this. Sick and tired of sick-in-the-head people making everything miserable for the sake of their fear. I reserve maximum loathing for those who created this fear but – even so – I am sick of weak-minded simps who fell for it. I won’t have it, come what may.

      I urge you to consider doing what others have and seek out alternatives for food; they are available – just not as convenient. My gf and I have just begun our garden for this year and the birds are giving a dizen-plus eggs a day.

      I’ll live on my own island if need be and if the Freaks come here, they’ll get some for their trouble.

      • Far Upstate NY. Closer to Ohio than NYC. But I’ve seen videos of mask-less people getting arrested all over — Ohio, Texas, Canada. It’s not just the Blue States any more, this whole country is nuts.

        • I watch the vids of “takedowns” with interest, but I have come to not believe anything unless I see it with my own eyes, and then not always…

          Perhaps these “takedowns” are part of the psyop to strike fear and ambivalence into the hearts of the refuseniks?

          I have also been confronted by maskholes, and sometimes I simply stare at them, expressionless, or respond with “none of your business”, whatever the situation calls for :).

          In a year, I can count on the fingers of one hand the number of times I have actually been refused service, even traveling among several states.

        • X, there is literally no COVID-BS enforcement here in southern KY (And never has been- though it had been technically on the books)- and very few businesses voluntarily doing it, as I’ve only been denied service 3 times in the last year for being a non-masker (At the eye-doctor, the vet, and one bank). It’s truly a different world than anywhere in NY.
          Now I’m gonna go out and shoot-up an old water heater with my AK (On my own property!)- LOL- just owning this thing in NY would probably buy me many years in the hoosegow…never mind actually shooting it!

        • X,

          Idaho, that bastion of “freedom and conservatism” (sarc!), is among the worst in the US. The governor and both houses of the state legislature are GOP-so much for them being for freedom! The arrested a pastor for leading hymns in a public area sans the face diaper. They also jailed Ammon Bundy, who’s been a thorn in the side to these a-holes.

          Ammon’s case is special though. He was charged with something (can’t remember now), so he had a court appearance. He showed up to the courthouse without a face diaper, so they didn’t let him in for his own hearing or trail. Then, the judge put a warrant out for his arrest for failing to appear! He appeared; he was at the door of the courthouse. The “authorities” wouldn’t let him in! So, he’s no languishing in jail, sans blankets or heat.

    • The programming and mandates have given power to those who have never had it and don’t deserve it, but enjoy it. Those at the bottom of the hierarchy, overnight, given the status of more equal animals by joining the new religion imposed by their media/corporate/government masters. Masters like the propagandist working for the Beast. These are the same people who would pretend to recoil at a “Whites Only” sign during the civil rights era, or a no jews allowed policy in Weimar Republic Germany. That’s just awful they made jews wear yellow stars. That’s so racist that AF-RI-CAN-AM-ER_I_CANS were slaves. And yet we can see after this year that they of course are not only equivalent, but worse. They would do the same in those times, because we can see them do it to us now. Worse because every one of these enforcers was just like us last year and beyond. But upon command, they turn on those dressed like they have dressed their entire lives. Just for power. Temporary power in the moment. An excuse to abuse another human. An excuse to inflict their hatred upon something, coming of course from a position of cowardice, not strength. They know the system is on their side. They don’t need strength. No different from slavery. No different from torturing a defenseless animal. They would have opposed nothing like discrimination, yellow stars, or slavery, just as they do not oppose the new discrimination/yellow stars/slavery. But worse further than not opposing it, they perpetuate it.

      “My wife died of covid” Bullshit. He wanted you to submit to him. For the pleasure that would have brought him. When you didn’t he became furious. He hated you. He appealed to those with even more power, hourly retail employees, to punish you for not submitting to him and his religious cult. He would enjoy the thought of you starving to death for not joining his religion. For not submitting to him. And as the system decriminalizes violence against us, things will heat up further, because they know the system protects them. But not you. If the cretins screaming at normal people for not joining their religion could start getting their asses kicked, things would go back to normal very quickly. Violence is the only way evil people learn morality (if I am wrong here, correct me). But of course the system will bear its full weight and power upon us for refusing to join their cult. So they can attack us, but we can’t defend ourselves. As it always is in history, we bear the weight of the world to defend our own and their rights, and they have the full power of the world to eliminate ours and theirs.

      And if we somehow, by some miracle, escape this hell, the same people screaming at others to join their cult or die, will pretend they weren’t like that. They’ll watch some video compilation 20 years from now of all the strife and fighting that occurred because those in the cult demanded others adhere to it, and they’ll say, “I can’t believe some people were like that back then”.

      • Mr. Jin!

        I’m not ignoring you….your posts just always inspire me to want to build so much more upon the ideas you touch on [I think that means you’re a little “touched”] that I just never have the time to write it all out…or even remember half of what I want to say!!!! Sheesh! I’ll have to start taking notes just to have a convo with ya!

        • Hey Nunziono,

          You’re too kind. It took a lot of brain juice to write that comment. All it really was was an emotion I was feeling, and wanted to express. The sensation of this emotion is something constantly simmering in me and then explodes when I read, watch, or experience stories like X’s or anyone else’s here. It took that block of text and quite a bit of time to translate that emotion into something digestible for others.

          You know how sometimes you have a terrible nightmare, and then you wake up, and you are so thankful that that world isn’t actually real, and it was just a dream?

          Or when you wake up in the middle of the night, and you think, what am I supposed to be stressed about? And then you remember that thing you have to do today or next week and it destroys the mental tranquility you had for a few seconds.

          I had an experience like that recently. Woke up in the middle of the night, from a good dream. The dream was just me ordering food from a build-your-own pizza restaurant, like subway, but with pizzas. Nobody wearing rags on their face, because it was normal. I was in ignorant bliss for a few seconds after waking, thinking, what am I supposed to be stressed about? Oh, that’s right, that was just a dream. We’re still in this nightmare.

          I have learned so much from this year. This type of evil is really not something I could have honestly conceived of just a year ago.

          • Ha! I know, Brandon! We can read about stuff (Note to self: Get busy and listen to the Gulag Archipelago!), and think about it, but there’s nothing like actually seeing it erected all around us [Brandon: “No, Nunz! It wasn’t that kinda dream!”] on a worldwide scale such as has never been accomplished before, no less!
            The dream analogy is perfect. I’ve had dreams where I could see again out of my blind eye. I wake up and think ‘It was just a dream’- and then close my other eye and….I can see out of my blind eye again! But no! The part about waking up was also a dream- and when I really wake up and try it…..WAHWAHwahwah-WAHHhhhhh! But it seemed so real!
            If only we could wake up from this and find that it also isn’t real….but no such luck on that! And what REALLY frosts my Kelvinator (I feel it in my stomach right now) is when I think of someone your age, who has never really even had a chance to experience the “old world” and to know the level of freedom that many of us old farts were privileged to experience!
            Then again, maybe that’s a good thing- ’cause I mourn the loss of that old world and those freedoms every day of my life- and while I’m sure that you also mourn the destruction of what you’ve known in the more recent past…believe me, it’d be worse if you had even more to mourn the loss of, as those of us who have been fortunate enough to experience the 60’s, 70’s and even 80’s do.
            I do give God thanks daily though, for the fact that I was able to not only experience the tail end of the pinnacle of civilization- the likes of which we will never see again; and that I really got to gorge on it, -i.e. that I didn’t blow it by getting into alky-hol or drugs, or spending years in school or in some cubicle.

    • Testing….1-2-3-

      Hmmm…T’was trying to reply to X, and kept getting “A potentially unsafe operation has been detected in your request to this site”….

      Let’s see if THIS post goes through…..

    • X,

      I FEEL YA! I went in to my local grocery last night, and I was accosted by some off-duty Karen who works there. Early on in this craziness, they enforced the masks, but they hadn’t been doing that for months now. It was dark, so I thought I’d be left alone with fewer people there. Anyway, I’m walking and this woman asks me if I forgot my mask, and I ignored her. I heard her say “Oh,” but I thought that was the end of it. I proceeded to where the mouthwash is, and she comes up to me, hands me a mask, and I take it while continuing to ignore her. She then gets all pissy, telling me I HAVE to wear the mask, I’m in the store, etc. I told her that I’m not near anyone (at least I wasn’t till she came up, but I didn’t have the presence of mind to point that out), so I didn’t need one. Karen got all hysterical (though not looking at her behind me to my left, I could tell by her voice that she was on the verge of hysterics) at this point, cussing at me, telling me I’m in a f’ing store, I must wear the mask, etc. I didn’t think of to say that she should relax, and stop watching so much CNN, hehehe.

      She then gets pissed again, and then calls out to a blond woman who I think is the night mgr. or a fill-in for when the regular managers aren’t there. Karen goes towards the woman by the meat area along the wall, while I walk the opposite direction to go around and pick up my salad. Thankfully, when I got to the meat rack area along the back, neither woman was there. I know the blond manager, and she’s nice; she knows me. She’s seen me without a mask before, and I’ve seen her maskless when she’s just outside her office by the self-pay machines. I like to think that she told Karen to cool her jets, that I wasn’t bothering anyone, and to leave me alone. I was able to shop in peace after that. Even though I went to the self-pay machine (so as to avoid causing a scene in a cashier lane), I was half expecting to be told to leave my stuff and leave the store. I wasn’t.

      It’s a pity, because this supermarket, unlike others in my area, is not only American owned; it’s not only locally owned; it’s family owned. So, I like to support them. I don’t know if I’d get any better treatment at other grocery stores anyway, as I live in an “inner suburb” adjacent to a small city. Based on my own observations and the stories on here, it seems that the more populated the area, the greater the weaponized hypochondria; the COVID insanity is in direct proportion to the population. The rural areas are too far to travel, because perishable items requiring refrigeration won’t “keep” that long in the warmer months; in the winter months, going to the rural areas may not be an option at all.

      With that in mind, I inquired about the grocery store’s curbside pickup service, and I may very well start using it; I live less than 2 miles from the store, so it’s no biggie for me to do that. I do that at PetSmart, and it works well; I get what I need without the hassle over the mask. My cats like their litter, so I don’t want to change that; cats are finicky about their litter, so I make sure I keep the same brand that PetSmart has.

      With all that said, what worries me is the push for the vaccine. While I can do curbside pickup for groceries and cat stuff, I can’t very well do it for the doctor visits, optician, the veterinarian, etc. I won’t lie; that has me WORRIED! My one cat has kidney disease and diabetes, so regular vet visits are part of my future, like it or not. I’m worried about being able to look after my health, and I’m worried about being able to care for my cat in 6-12 months’ time.

      I’m curious as to which area restaurants will enforce the vaccine? There’s a local place that doesn’t hassle me about no mask; I’m a regular, and I order from them at least once a week. Plus, they’re not doing eat-in yet, even though the restrictions are off. I don’t know about the other restaurants. I haven’t had a steak since last year, and I’d dearly love to have one! I’d like to go to a couple of Italian places near me. And so on. I’d like to, at least on occasion, go to a place without a drive-thru; I’d like to, at least on occasion, have a SIT-DOWN meal at a table! We’ll see.

      I’m not worried about being unable to fly internationally, or even domestically, again. I’m not worried about being able to attend sporting events, as I seldom attended them anyway-at least at the major league level; I HATE the crowds at “big league” sporting events! Plus, they’re so gosh darn expensive that I can’t justify going to them. Smaller, more local, more “minor league” events will be a different story, depending on location. As long as it’s in an urban area, I think that the vax will be required; the masks are required now. Once in a rural area, I think the requirements will be more lax, if they’re enforced at all. That was my experience attending auto races last summer.

      Longer term, I’m concerned about being able to renew my driver’s license. I’m eligible to do so this September, and I can do so online. Thankfully, we can renew up to six months early, and I plan to do that ASAP! I don’t think that this time will be a problem, as I don’t think that vax enforcement will be that hardcore yet. In 2025-26, when I’m due to renew my DL again, I don’t know. I’ll just take things one day at a time, and push back wherever and whenever possible. Hopefully enough of us will do that, so as to at least slow down, if not stop, this BS.

      In closing, I’m frightened, horrified, confused, and in a state of consternation. While I can live without flights and nice restaurants (at least I can still eat, which makes me luckier than many), I’m seriously worried about being able to care for myself and my cats. WTF do they have to put my cats in harm’s way?! Can anyone tell me that? They did nothing to deserve this! I just want to care for them, and give ’em the love they deserve. After they’re dead and gone, I don’t GAF what happens to me. With the way the world’s going (fucking insane!), death is looking like a better fate with each passing day. Those are my thoughts…

      • Hi Mark,

        This all echoes of attacks on Jews in Germany during the late NS Unpleasantness. Der Jude… a bacillus that has infected the nation. I now understand, in a most personal way, what these people had to deal with. Our lesson is to not just take it. Even if they do subject us to “special handling” – they’ll lose an eye or worse in the process.

        • Eric,

          The only thing keeping me in check at this point is my cats; if not for them, I’d go full Scharnhorst RIGHT NOW! I want to outlive my cats, because I know that they’ll be loved and cared for with me. My former street cat loves me; we share a special bond, and I don’t know what would happen to him if we were separated for any reason. My other cat has kidney disease and diabetes, so she needs regular care; she needs special food, twice daily injections, regular glucose tests, and quarterly to semi annual vet visits. My cats of given me lots of love and company, so I owe it to them to be there for them. If not for them though, I’d go full Scharnhorst. What especially upsets me is being PLACED in this position…

        • I said that in an e-mail to my brother last night; I said to him that the vax business is no different than segregation, when blacks and whites couldn’t use the same tables, bathrooms, etc. He said that was crazy, that I was selfish, etc. Earlier today, I sent him the Daily Beast piece that you fisked, and I asked him point blank, yes/no, do you agree or disagree with this? He said he agreed with parts of it, while disagreeing with other parts.

          He then pointed out that I took a lot of shots while in the Navy, which is true. That said, they were classic vaccines, not a gene modifying injection like the COVID “vaccine” is. Two, since the Navy operates worldwide, we had to get ’em, because we would literally encounter things overseas that we don’t see here.

          He then said that some countries require vaccinations now. I know that some nations, particularly in Africa, require a Yellow Fever vax card prior to entry. The COVID vax advocates always point to this, and I don’t know what to say in response to that. I can’t help but feeling that either part of the truth is being omitted here, or that we’re being lied to.

          All I DO know is that I resent being placed in this position…

      • Hi MM,

        Our vet here has been pretty lenient. They meet us at the side door and take our dogs in (one at a time – my dogs are the size of a Shetland ponies), do their checkup, and bring them back to us. The dogs have yet to come back traumatized. I cannot see most small businesses being able to implement such a system – yes, the airlines, the Walmart’s, government buildings, but not small business. The costs would be astronomical for them. I know damn well my small business is not going to be checking vaccination certificates. I won’t even let maskers through the door. There is no way I am asking someone to verify their health status – it is none of my business. I will also only deal with other businesses that feel the same.

        • RG,

          That’s good to know; thanks! I only hope the same holds out for my doctors and my medical care. At 59, the ole “check engine” light is coming on more often now…

          • Hi MM,

            There are doctors out there that will bypass the mask/vaccine mandates, we just have to find them. So far I have had good luck with finding a new eye doctor (no mask at all and a no jab guy) and my dentist (a masker) has been willing to put up with my children and I not masking. I don’t have a wellness doc, but if I need one I am looking at DOs. They seem to be more about overall health and eating right than the MDs, which I prefer anyway.

            FYI: I know 4 docs (all MDs) none of them have gotten the needle. That tells me everything I need to know about this.

            • RG,

              There are a LOT of health professionals who aren’t taking the jab! Wonder why? What do they know that we don’t? That’s worldwide too. Depending on where in the world you’re talking about, the % is sizable-as in sizable enough to throw a monkey wrench in to this diabolical plan. I’d SO LOVE to see that…

              I’ll find other docs if necessary. I’m going to have to do this one day at a time, one step at a time; IOW, I’ll find alternatives as needed. I’ll stick with my current providers as long as I can, as they know my history and everything.

              I finally patronized a small, local, and INDEPENDENT hardware store! I’ve passed it through the years, but I never went there till the other day. I had to pass it on my way to where I was going and I needed filters, so I stopped in.

              It’s got a well worn, wooden floor, old guy working there (owner, I think), etc. I was looking for an alternative to Home Depot or Lowes to get stuff I need, like furnace filters. Not only do I want to avoid supporting globalist corporations whenever and wherever possible; not only do I want to support local businesses; I want to go where I’m not hectored about being maskless. At the local hardware store, I wasn’t. Oh, and the filters there are cheaper to boot! If I found an alternative there, I can find them elsewhere if needed.

              That said, I’d rather not change veterinary offices, as the one I go to has the special food I need for my diabatic/FKD cat. I’ll tolerate donning a mask to go in there, but if they insist on the jab, I WILL go elsewhere! Hopefully, it won’t come to that.

              My orthopedist is a DO, and she was a former basketball player in college. I like the DOs approach.

              As I said, I’ll find alternatives on an “as needed” basis. I don’t know what else to do at this point. I’m well enough prepared to do that… 🙂

        • Hi RG,

          You are in accounting/financial services, correct?

          When you’re meeting with clients, do you tell them ahead of time you won’t be wearing a “mask”, or do they know you well enough to already know your feelings on the issue?

          Just wondered if any clients were “freaked out” by you.

          • Hi Chris,

            When clients show up at my office I meet them at the door sans mask. A few have shown up with a mask on and I let them know up front that if they feel comfortable wearing it that is fine, but they are not required to do so. So far I am batting a 100%, because no one has chosen to cross the threshold in one (at least this year).

            When I meet clients at their home it has been a different story. At the beginning I did let everyone know up front that I am not wearing a mask. I had a few clients switch to phone conversations rather than in person meetings. Fortunately, nobody decided to stop doing business with me, they just didn’t want to see me. :).

            The last few weeks I just show up. I own one silk scarf that I keep in my console and have on hand in an emergency if a client freaks out. It provides zero protection, but I have had two 80+ year old clients prefer that I wear it. I wouldn’t do this for most people, but I like little old people and have no desire to cause undue stress to an 83 year old.

            The majority of my clients realize I am a bit zany anyway and have been more hospitable to my bare face since they have been jabbed.

        • Thank You RG for banning the maskers from your store. If I was in my own business I’d do the same. Turn it back around on the mentally ill freaks!

    • Sorry that’s happened to you. This video by “Frank Hassle”‘s videos might make you feel better. I got a kick out of it

    • X, I hear you and completely sympathize with you. But for the love of all things holy and decent, DO NOT give into these psychopaths! Once you capitulate to them, there is no going back. When you start wearing the mask, they’ll realize they’ve “won” (which is the only thing psychopaths ever really want). Then they’ll make your life miserable in a hundred different ways by making you jump through a new set of hoops (ooh, ooh, your mask isn’t regulation! ooh, ooh, you have to wear two of them!).

      Even if it means you have to order curbside pickup at the grocery store, do it! Even if you have to have your groceries delivered, do it! Better yet, call around some of the stores in your area and see if you can make special arrangements with the managers. But please, please don’t give into the sick freaks!

      • Amen, Jim –

        It is critical to not give in to these psychopaths and their fear-addled/weaponized hypochondriac victims for just the reason you’ve laid out. If you want it to stop – if you don’t want more – do not wear a “mask.” Ever.

    • X,
      I’m sorry to hear the situation is deteriorating where you live. Here in Az, the governor decreed that cities and counties can no longer mandate diapers, but individual businesses can. Great! So I search out those who don’t have the “Diapers Muss Sein!” out front, and go there.

      Still, about 99% “compliance” with mandates that no longer exist. I went to Lowes on Saturday, and they no longer have a “Diapers required” sign. Furthermore, they’ve NEVER bothered me the entire time there WAS a sign, and I was a bare-faced heretic. Still, I only see ONE other guy in the store displaying his visage. The rest, and there might have been over a hundred people in the whole store, were all diapered.

      Quite sad.

      But I haven’t dealt with such mental illness as you have, X. I’ve been kicked out of some places, true, but never has a shopper come to verbally, or otherwise, assault me.

      As Jim and Eric have said, do everything you can to not give in. The zeitgeist makes me nervous as well, but the only way it ever changes is to refuse the idiocy. Good luck and godspeed.

      • This is why it’s more important than ever these days to choose wisely where one resides. Had I stilkl lived in NY, I would have either gone crazy or ended up in jail- or likely both- with all of this ‘Rona BS- as if things were oppressive enough there already.
        Here in KY. it’s largely been a non-issue. Life goes on as normal, except for the spectacle of seeing so many others wearing the rag when ya go to a larger town for shopping .

    • x…

      “They’ve created a monster.”

      No. The monster was always already there, all along.

      What “they” have done is permission the monster. By pointing the hiveherd thing in a direction: a body in motion tends to….

      I know that fact doesn’t make it any easier. But I also know that even the merest possibility of easier (even if only very relatively & only in your own corner-piece of life) evaporates if false premises are accepted as foundation.

      But…I also know that the vast majority always have & always will eagerly accept false premises as foundation.

      So Babel Tower keeps getting re-erected in the same clayfootprint it collapsed into all those previous times.

      Cowardice→Brain Freeze (inability to think, “stupidity”)→Dishonesty (including “bargaining” – a la Kubler Ross’ stages of grief – with whatever devils promise to make it all go away) are the three steps to the dance.

      And it never ends.

      This dance o’ dunk-the-dunce is exactly what is meant by “no atheists in foxholes.”

      No atheists in most living rooms, a la the Network rant scene, either.

      Vaxhole, foxhole – just different characters Vanna’s “sold” the pre-bought gameshow contestants. (So, no, it ain’t tits & teeth in tight dresses made for tv that closed those sales.)

      They Shoot (Jab) Horses, Don’t They? (looks like the whole ’69 film is on yt, if interested) (Red Buttons is in it, “living” the Blue Pill, showing the Black Pill – which is actually Crystal Clear, at least to some):


      Melancholia in motion (I know someone who planned a huge wedding, postponed it due to the vaxhole, has re-slated it for September – bodies in motion & attending collisions are fractal, after all – complete with “zoom” portals for those who think close proximity at a large wedding spells this newer doom); stars align & planets collide cuz s/he’s a Pinball Wizard, those deaf, dumb & blind kids, scoring “more”:


  16. “If the person who wrote the article has the right to presume I am sick then surely I have just as much right to presuppose he’s mentally ill, say – and insist on “testing” him to establish that he is not.”


    • Also, why aren’t there any philosophically-sound kamikaze drunk drivers around willing to demonstrate for these freaks their error in logic 🤔

      • Hi Moose,

        I got to know Bob Bondurant – the race car driver/instructor – back in the late ’90s. I drank with him. I drove with him. That guy could do controlled pirouettes in a Ford Econoline van with six scotch and waters in him – something that very few people could do “sober.” The whole thing is silly; imbecilic posturing by feeble-brained ferrets.

        • Heheheh, can’t help vicariously reveling in that anecdote. I can hear the yuppies now. Fuck ’em.

          Pigs used to pull my brother over in his Econoline all the time when he was in his late teens/early 20s. Stupid thugs didn’t like the asthetics..the kids liked that it could fit all their bikes for their trips to the skatepark. Quality burnouts too. I once hopped into the back to catch a ride home on a milkcrate after walking away from a school bombscare where they had us standing in a couple feet of snow waiting for the all-clear..friend had a cellphone and selflessly told me if I could get a ride out then go. Too cold for that shit. “You get back here!” the wimp librarian was shouting as I wandered off. If it had happened in this day and age I likely would have gotten shot by some turd resource officer.

          Pretty sure the goons impounded it one night when they claimed he was too slow to flick off his hi-beams and blew something like a point zero two. He should’ve lied about having a beer or two but.. that’s what happens when you believe that telling the truth will get you anywhere with the authoritahs. Sadly hasnt really learned from this, either.

          • Hi Moose –

            Yup; great story! There were no “school resource officers” – armed government goons – in the ’80s, when I was in high school. Our biggest fear was boredom. Kids came and went; the ones with cars could drive to McDonald’s for lunch. Or ride a bike to and from. This was normal/routine. No Hut! Hut! Hut! The thing was unknown. Outside prison, I mean.

        • Watched Ford vs. Ferrari again recently. BB’s name was in it. Perfect Pirouettes “under the influence” is what grated about how Flight ended (even tho other motives were at play & trumped performance – & even deeper motives might have been the true engine…).

  17. Except the Amerikan people, as a whole, are no longer learned, moral, ethical, content, kind, empathetic, spiritual, or neighborly, nor do they have much in common. Rather, they are fearful, paranoid, depraved, unjust, uncaring, selfish, unsympathetic, hateful, spiteful, hurtful, cold, calculating, nasty, greedy, amoral, unethical, exploitive, ignorant, and wicked.

    The author of the attached article simply represents the mindset of a dying culture. A transformational society, on the road to ruination and collapse. Most of it self-induced, all of it deserved.

    • Exactly.

      Me first, Fuck you, really started to get a head of steam in the late 1990s and has now become the norm.

      When the characteristics that built a society are lost, the decline is inevitable. It is only a matter of finding the bottom now.

      • Selfishness, self-destructive, and societal-destructive attitudes and behavior are en vogue. It’s so disheartening to watch it unfold in real time. I’m not sure where or when we will bottom out, but I fear we have a long way to fall.

  18. If the noncritical thinkers continue down this path, they will have to constantly protect themselves from any and all diseases. Our immune systems are in part like a muscle. If you don’t use it, it stops working. We NEED exposure to pathogens to challenge our immune system. I read an article many years ago about long term space travel, which included reference to a stockpile of such pathogens being part of the cargo, to occasionally present just such challenge to the travelers immune system.
    Masking, etc. would be possibly tolerable if there was any evidence they work. Just like every other “fact” promoted around this “existential threat to the survival of the species”, there is no such evidence. Every “fact” has been purposely exaggerated to cause us to FEAR! From recommending excessive PCR test cycles causing enormous numbers of false positives, to the totally fraudulent protocol for assigning cause of death. NOT ONE SINGLE “FACT” cast even the mildest aspersion on the propaganda. Which in the real world would be impossible. The “vaccines” are the so far most successful marketing campaign in history. The makers do not claim they provide any immunity at all. Which hasn’t stopped the marketing department from pretending they do. Since they don’t, they serve no purpose in enhancing herd immunity, nor do they provide any basis for the “passport”, since they will NOT reduce transmission at all, either to or from the vaccinated. Every single aspect of COVID hysteria is based upon an outright bald faced lie.

    • Just wait until this mRNA “vaccine” trial ends the way all previous ones did. In every prior attempt at making such brew all the animal subjects ended up dead. Why should we think that the highest primate has the ability to avoid that fate?

      • Hi Mark,

        I have been reading those studies too, but I can’t believe that is the end game. TPTB are going to kill off the very people that listen to them, but keep the rest of us that refuse to oblige? Never has that been done in history. The dissenters have always been killed and weak are enslaved.

        • I understand your point fully, RG. I think their hubris and conceit are making them blind to this obvious outcome. The goal is to reduce the global human population by as much as 90%. 1.5-2Billion humans is what most consider “optimum”.


          I think you have stated well the glaring irony of the Klaus Schwab/Bill Gates crowd. They are going to awake one day to find only disgruntled gun owners (in the case of the U.S. anyway) and the compliant herd will be nowhere to be found.

          • I can’t believe that the very people that pulled off this pile of BS have not sat down and comprehended “Hey, we are going to have the mavericks left.” I am sure this plan the T’s have been crossed and the I’s dotted.

            Honestly, it wouldn’t surprise me if this is a two part puzzle. What is in the news lately (both in Washington state and Ohio)…..Ebola. Based on my reading there is a vaccine (or at least one in the making) called Ervebo. I am going to go full blown sci fi, but not much surprises me anymore. Take the sheepdogs out first then they can terrify the rest of the public with the vaccines and that pretty keeps everyone in check.

            • I can’t believe that the very people that pulled off this pile of BS have not sat down and comprehended “Hey, we are going to have the mavericks left.” – RG

              I can. They are not as smart as you think and certainly not as smart as THEY think. Don’t confuse cunning with intelligence and duplicity with wisdom.

          • I have been putting aside the global depopulation agenda “conspiracy” for sometime, unfortunately, I have come to the conclusion that it is real.

  19. The writer’s analogy to drunk driving dovetails perfectly with your recent column, Eric. This is not a desire to protect people but, to control and dominate them. It’s a sickness wrapped in a religion masquerading as compassion.

    Using the writer’s “logic”, since he is a male and is therefore capable of raping a woman, he needs to be castrated post haste to eliminate the possibility that he might engage in such an attack. How ’bout it, buddy? Drop trou while I get my box cutter…

  20. I got into this same discussion with a client earlier this week. The client was double masked the entire time I was there and they were very excited that they were getting the jab this week. They truly believe that if everyone gets the jab that this “virus” will be over. I tread easily with people that think differently than myself. It isn’t my place to try to alter someone’s view in a 45 minute meeting, but I do bring up inconsistencies to what they say like “if you have the vaccine why do you care that I don’t?” The reply is always the same “the vaccine is only 95% effective and you could still make me sick.” This is the average person’s thinking. This is the narrative that the government is pushing and many people all lapping it up.

    Us, anti vaxxers will be ostracized. We need to accept that unless we are willing to take a knee and get the jab. I absolutely refuse. I don’t mind being on the outskirts of society. There are enough rebels out there that I can get the minimum that I need to survive. The anti vaxxers will be a new society. We will be like the Amish, the Mennonites, and other small communities. These communities rely off of each other for their basic resources. We will have to be the same. We probably need to come up with some type of symbol so one can identify the other. The Free Masons have a signet ring. The non jabbers need something similar.

    • So the vax is only 95% effective but getting sick you have a 99.8% chance of survival. The logic in these people is mind numbing.

    • **”They truly believe that if everyone gets the jab that this “virus” will be over. “**

      LOL- Yeah, just as is [NOT] the case with the flu of every year for which these maroons are always getting vaccinated…… Logic, critical thinking, and just plain common sense is dead in America…..nay, the entire Western world.

      • Hi Nunz,
        I think that’s been the plan all along; flu virus is always mutating so the sheep line up for a shot every year. Guess Big Pharma wasn’t selling enough flu shots so they came up with Covid and succeeded in brainwashing the masses. Now of course the PTB are already pushing the narrative that “the variants” will require the needle every year, ad infinitum. Great income stream for Big Pharma and ostracism for us; already the MSM are floating stories of “vaccine passports” aka Mark of the Beast to live your life. My remaining years are going to be lonely (except for my cats) because those are lines I will not cross.

    • “This is the average person’s thinking.”

      The average person goes thru 12 years of memorize-regurgitate onto graded test papers. Somewhere within that gauntlet the binge-purge cycle gets labeled “thinking.”

      And the label adhesive is superglue. (Wire together fire together & prune away much of the rest. The biology behind get ’em while they’re young.)

      Much as I like the movie, the elevation of “trained,” if/when generalized (as it is in domesticated househumans – including trained killers-cum-trying-to-make-amends-heroes like Creasy) is a cringe:


  21. So under this logic anyone who gets into a car and drives without proof of examination from a lab that they are not legally drunk must be arrested for drunk driving. After all its the same exact logic.

    Also i guess this means all males now must prove daily they have not raped anyone because they could. If not all who don’t prove it must be arrested for a rape they could commit.

    Same with guns. 600,000,000 firearms in the hands of 100,000,000+ us citizens were not used to kill anyone yesterday but they COULD!!!!

    This never ends and could be applied to almost everything in life. Eventually you might his something this cuck writing for the daily beast objects to…… oooh i got one for him. You can’t have freedom to write and broadcast your writings because someone may use that writing as a call to action and cause harm on others. No more free speach to write crap from the daily beast until they prove without a shadow of a doubt that noone has ever used those words to harm another human.

    See where this goes.

    • Antilles, don’t encourage these bastards….

      I can see where in the interests of s-a-a-a-a-f-t-e-e-e-e-e-e, every car will be required to have a breathalzyer with an ignition interlock, never mind that it’d pertain to teetotaling Mormons as well.

      Males already operate under the PRESUMPTION that they will rape and/or abuse. Ask any young fellow falsely accused of misconduct and expelled from campus. Or, later on, if he’s stupid enough to get married, and it goes south, how he’ll fare in Family Court.

      Already when Parler or Gab were trying to go it alone, they were being pressured as to how they’d “regulate” content, meaning kick out anything that goes against the collectivist mantras. Evidently that much-ballyhooed Section 203 “exemption” was not intended to pertain to THEM. “Free” Speech? Ha!

  22. Got some good news from Kentucky this morning, though it’s not enough. The good news – yesterday was 10 days since Senate Bill 8 passed the legislature (SB8 gives us an opt-out from mandatory vaccination). The governor (fuehrer, dictator, comrade-general, whatever) neither signed it nor vetoed it. So today it became law. Most likely he was opposed but didn’t want to piss off too many people by vetoing it. That gives us here in KY at least a little breathing room.

    Now the bad news – there was proposed legislation to prevent employers, schools, etc. from mandating shots, but that never got very far during the legislative session (here in KY, we have a part-time legislature, that meets only until the end of March). As the supporters of a losing team like to say, maybe next year. There are a number of us who meet regularly and are making a list of legislators to primary out during elections next year – those who stand in the way of us getting our freedom back. We’ll see where it goes. I know I said I’d never vote again, but state level can be more effective than national level, so I might make an exception in that case.

    So what am I doing about it, the potential for mandatory vaccines by people other than the state? A few things. I’ve got over a year’s worth of living expenses in the bank (2 different banks, and one of them is not a national bank), so I can do without work for a while if I have to. Working on growing some of my own food (tough to do in an apartment, but it’s possible by using pots on the patio) and making allies, including local farm co-ops so I can at least eat without having to hit a grocery store. Something that may help would be to ally with someone who is ignorant enough to get the shot who can shop for you (I have a daughter who fits the bill, unfortunately). Also been stockpiling food, first aid supplies, clothing, etc. so I won’t have to buy much in the future if it really came down to that. I don’t know what the future holds, so I’m getting ready as much as possible.

  23. We used to regularly vaccinate our pets (rabies, etc.). In all of my years of living in the country, I have only seen 1 or 2 rabid animals…as of this year (technically last year), we are no longer vaccinating our pets.

    Re “might make others sick” – since when does someone have the “right” to expect not to get sick? It always annoyed me when other parents would try to pinpoint blame for their kids’ sniffles on whoever had the sniffles last. WHO CARES???! As if their kid never “got” anyone else sick?

    Even if I was ill, I am under no moral obligation to protect someone else. Sound harsh? (probably not to the readers here) If I am sick enough, I will stay home, as I won’t feel like going out. If I am not that sick, I will continue to function in society out of necessity. I have no claim to expect someone else to “protect” me from getting sick, either. If I become ill, I will get over it (or not). It does not lay responsibility at anyone else’s feet. It is a simple fact of life.

    • Oh, and while I do not dismiss the possibility of contagion, I have been reading lately about the terrain theory of illness, i.e., that symptoms and disease may be more a result of detoxifying as opposed to infection. In other words symptoms = good.

      • Anon,

        I too have been reading lately about the terrain theory. I’m about 50% of the way to dismissing the possibility of contagion.

        Jeff Green makes a compelling case explaining how viruses are created internally to detoxify from toxins and are not spread by contagion.

        • Makes sense, although I still believe that there are SOME pathogens (bacteria, fungi, mold) that can cause illness/infection.

          “Viruses” don’t meet the 4 criteria for life…and they are assumed to exist because fragments have been discovered that don’t seem to belong anywhere else in an organism.

            • I am not questioning whether something can be seen, just whether it is capable of contagion, or the product of detoxification (or some other process).

              • Exactly, Anon- Not that it doesn’t exist….but the visible evidence of what they call a virus does not in any way tell one what caused that condition. We hear ‘virus’, and so tend to assume that all of the theory they have put forth regarding viruses are solidified fact…just like a 5 year-old leaving cookies and milk for Santa Claus accepts that Santa must be real since the cookies and milk have been consumed.

                • You mean Santa did not eat those cookies I left as a child? I am heartbroken!

                  You hit the nail on the head there with these Vax und Korona Karen und Klausen. They believe in der Autoritaeten und das Bundesamten (Federal Agencies in the original German) as a 5-year-old believes in Santa. The truth cannot penetrate the hard shell of fantasy. St. Nicholas the Bishop of Nyra, the manly man who punched Arius in the face, who was jailed by the Roman government for his faith and acts of charity, is forgotten by this bunch. Only the government approved caricature of the Saint remains in their minds. So it is with the Korona truth.

                  • To be clear, I am not commenting on the virus debate, but the overall Coronavax and Coronadiaper (and Coronapassport) discussion, and the Karens and Klauses who feed on it as a hog feeds on slop. As for whether a virus is real or not…I defer to Agent Smith.

      • I read Bechamp, or Pasteur recently. Whole thing’s online.


        Also Dissolving Illusions: Disease, Vaccines, & the Forgotten History ~ Suzanne Humphries (lent this one to a doc who has put a copy on the library shelf he makes available to his “patients”)

        The case for terroir is strong. Like heliocentric strong. House arrest for you, Galileo.

        Pasteur was very Fauci-like. And the batwing doors – “Gates” – of feinting misperception have been swinging forever.

        “What you got ain’t nothing new. This country is hard on people. You can’t stop what’s comin’. Ain’t all waitin’ on you. That’s vanity.” ~ No Country for Old Men

    • “I was not born to be forced. I will breathe after my own fashion. Let us see who is the strongest.” Henry David Thoreau.

  24. Oh, and I forgot this video. It’s an Israeli woman telling the world what this tyranny is like, because Israel is rolling it out right now. That’s right; the nation birthed in the wake of The Holocaust is implementing and ENFORCING this tyranny on its people right now! If it wasn’t so horrific, the irony would be funny. Unfortunately, it’s not funny; it’s downright scary. Listen to this Israeli woman’s impassioned plea for the rest of us to wake up before it’s too late: https://ugetube.com/watch/israeli-woman-tells-the-world-what-039-s-really-going-on-in-israel-can-039-t-go-to-work-or-some-food_ElultaMes6mCh88.html

    • As said before,

      The irony of Israel doing the Mengele on its own would be staggering.

      I have a hard time trying to figure out what TPTB plan is. Then I remember I am not a psychopath and that therefore I am probably incapable of understanding their reasoning.

  25. Eric,

    The passes have already started! NY State is rolling them out right now. To learn more about their “Excelsior Pass”, go here to Gov. Cuomo’s announcement: https://www.governor.ny.gov/news/governor-cuomo-announces-pilot-program-testing-excelsior-pass-madison-square-garden-and

    My brother’s thinking leans this way. I’ve tried to warn him, but he won’t listen. He lives in FL, which is relatively free yet; Gov. DeSantis has said that vax passports are off the table-at least under him. The thing is that he barely won (by 0.4%), and with the recent demographic changes in FL, I don’t expect their freedom to last long. TPTB can’t tolerate dissent! They’ll find a way to take out the dissidents.

    Tanzania’s now former president had no lockdowns whatsoever, and life was normal in Tanzania; it was as if the ‘rona never happened there. Oh, and he REFUSED a load of vaccines! Why? Because they said “Not for use in US or Europe”. He said that, if these vaccines aren’t good enough for use here or in Europe, then they’re not good enough to be used here, either. Oh, and BTW, Tanzania’s now former president just died under suspicious circumstances, and that his replacement is more amenable to The Holy Jab! How propitious is that?

    • Back in the mid 80s my roommate had 2 friends who moved to Switzerland. Man + Woman. Both ex US servicemen who became mercenaries. They had a job in Africa to help an army take over a government. They went there and helped out the dictator take his place. He duly paid them and put the whole group of mercs on a plane. As the plane was taking off, his forces blasted the plane into oblivion and shot all the survivors.

      • Mercenaries is just a fancy name for hired killers. Those two got Biblical justice: “He who lives by the sword shall die by the sword”.

        • Amen, Mike! Funny how they call ’em mercenaries when they’re doing the killing for some unofficial group or foreign government…but when done for lower pay but with nicer uniforms for our criminal dictators they get bumped up to “patriotic troops” or “our boys”!


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