Why Diaper the Healthy?

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One of the strangest things about the disease plaguing America – sickness psychosis, not the WufFlu – is not the wearing of literal Diapers on one’s face as well as their equivalents (e.g., an old bandana or a “mask” that the box it came in warns is useless) as a mechanism to protect the wearer from becoming sick.

It is the Diapering of the not-sick.

Even if Face Diapers worked, that would be an irrelevance if the wearer isn’t sick. It is the equivalent of insisting that people who haven’t got broken legs wear leg casts.

Of course, the Sickness Psychotic will erupt in outrage and say that broken legs aren’t communicable!

True, but neither is a virus you haven’t got.

Then they fall back on, “But you might be sick!” – i.e, the apparently healthy, with no signs of sickness – such as symptoms – must be presumed sick, perpetually.

This isn’t strange.

It is evil.

No different an evil, in its essence, than presuming Jews are evil, for instance. That blacks are criminal. That women are sluts. That we are all “trrists” – and drunks and drug addicts, too.

It is a recipe for societal sickness. Paranoia – and its corollary, fear – enshrined as the basis of a state of perpetual psychosis.

It is also the doctrine that will be used as the basis for pushing the pending Needling on people since the only way to “be sure you’re not getting people sick” is by inoculating them against the sickness.

That way, they can’t get it – or give it.

Except, of course, they can – plus more.

Unless the WuFlu vaccine is unlike any other vaccine, it will not be 100 percent – or probably even 70 percent – effective and there will almost certainly be side effects, very possibly worse than the WuFlu itself. This was the case back in the mid-’70s when there was a kind of trial-run of what’s happening right now. The “swine flu” was abounding – or so it was marketed. Most people didn’t get it, much less killed by it but there was an overweaning, you’d-better-do-it public relations campaign to get people Needled.

For free, of course!

Many got just what they paid for, too – including one previously healthy woman who was crippled for life by side effects she wasn’t told about before she extended her arm – and ended her life.

She survived the shot in terms of remaining alive. But her life became more like existence, due to the loss of her previous ability to walk.

The WuFlu-ites will not care about this anymore than they care about the medical efficacy of forcing healthy people to wear Face diapers that can’t stop the spread of a virus they haven’t got.

What they care about – though most of the Diapered are Dupes and don’t know it – is laying the groundwork for what is almost certainly the previously planned, entirely intentional forced vaccination of the entire population. Get everyone Diapered and you’ve gotten everyone to implicitly agree to more than just Diapering.

It is a form of carrot and stick.

The carrot dangled before the Dupe is that he will at last be free of the hated Diaper – provided he agrees to the Needle. And he will demand you Needle, too – else he will still be made to Diaper because . . . you can probably anticipate this . . . you (the Undiapered, not Needled) might be sick

Everyone must Needle – in order to avoid Diapering.

Which brings us ’round to the life-or-death importance of ripping the Diapers off our Faces – or better yet, never putting them on our faces.

Because we’re not sick.

Because we don’t wish to risk sickness – by getting needled.

Because weighing the risk to our health is our right. By rejecting the guilt-trip that we might not be healthy, absent any evidence to the contrary – and accept being presumed sick, which is a sickness unto itself.

Or – better put – an indulgence of sickness.

People are understandably afraid. The government and the media have done a very good job of making people afraid. That is not the issue. The issue is whether someone’s fear imposes obligations on others to assuage it.

Some people are afraid of dogs. It imposes no obligation on people who like dogs not to walk them in public.

Some people are afraid of driving in the snow. It should not impose an obligation on others, who aren’t, to stay home.

Diapering is about pandering to fear – in order to normalize fear as the basis for imposing obligations on other people. If this doctrine is accepted, we will have a great deal to fear because there will be no “vaccine” to protect us from being guilty because we’ve been accused.

Assertions will replace evidence. Punishment will not require conviction. If the fearful herd demands it, the cattle must accept it.

That’s what the Diaper Thing is all about. If it were about “health,” a diaper wouldn’t cut it.

The fact that it does ought to tell those insisting on it something. But you might as well try explaining geometry to a rooster.

. . .

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  1. My father in law got a flu shot, the only one he’d ever taken in his life, and had a near-fatal Gillian-Barre type reaction. Basically, it killed all the nerves in his throat area. He was unable to talk or swallow or cough and clear his throat. He’s had pneumonia like 20 times in the seven years since he got this. He’s much better now. He can eat, but it’s still hard to understand him. He can’t walk because he’s spent so much time bedridden.
    Ironically, that year was the only time I’ve ever had a flu shot. That was when some African disease was showing up here and the panic was beginning. Ebola, maybe? I was getting ready to travel and didn’t want to risk getting the flu, having it be mistaken for this other thing, and ending up in a FEMA camp or something. Fortunately, I had no problems with it. I didn’t get the flu, but I never do anyway.
    When we were visiting my FIL during one of his hospitalizations, we met his respiratory therapist, who told us her teenage daughter had the same reaction from the HPV shot. It’s like in some people, the immune system over reacts to the vaccine and attacks the nervous system. There’s no way to know who will have this reaction, even if you had the shot before and were fine.
    You can’t sue the drug companies when this happens. There is a fund, paid by a tax on the vaccines. You get a lawyer who files a claim and submits your health records. The fund administrators, not a judge or jury, decide what you should get. There’s no publicity or lawsuits that attract media attention, although some of the records are open. FIL got $1 million. He got a lump sum for some of it and the rest comes in payments. It’s not transferable to his wife if he dies before it runs out.
    Obviously, no one in my in-laws’ family gets flu shots and I’ve converted most of mine, too. So no, I won’t be getting this new shot.

    • Yes. That fund and the law that protects Big Pharma from liability have been keep very quiet, for obvious reasons. If you look into the past history of vaccines you find a very tangled, corrupted hall of mirrors.
      The anti vaxers have good cause to be concerned. There are some seriously shady people and groups involved.

      But that can be said about just about any industry, that intersects with government and its power.

      This is just a taste of what is involved on the other side. I’m really surprised that our Google Over Lords™ haven’t nuked it yet. Unless this fellow is controlled opposition? But he is doing a LOT of damage to various vested interests.


  2. Your comparison to racism is spot on. Racism is a learned instinct from times when “not like us” was indeed an indication of danger, as in the Mongol horde coming over the hill. Part of the definition of civilization is to overcome our instincts with logic and reason. Now, not wearing a mask is “not like us”, and those who are adamant in their fear of “not like us” are demonstrating a couple of things. They are not civilized, and they are incapable of logic and reason. There is no evidence whatsoever that any of the restrictions inflicted have any positive effect. Sweden’s results fall within the boundaries of those nations that inflicted the restrictions. In fact, many of the regions with the most restrictions suffered the worst results. NYC and Italy for example. This is by far the most fact free psyop we have ever faced, which means that all the “experts” are liars, either by error or intent.

  3. People are going bonkers around this. I live in CA, in Santa Clara county, which has a mask mandate, but not outdoors where it’s not crowded. I took my kid to the ocean, to enjoy some fresh air in between our nasty forest fires, and it didn’t even occur to me to put the damn thing on. Someone like 20 feet away flipped out, and started yelling at me about endangering her life. We’re so doomed.

    • Hi Opposite,

      Don’t let the hysterics get to you – much less guilt you. Let them shriek like the crazies they are. In time, their craziness will be generally conceded.

      We play for time.

    • Hi Opposite,
      I get what you’re saying, I live and work in Campbell. If you need some sanity, you’re welcome to hang out with the crew at the shop for beer and go-carts on Friday’s after 5pm.

  4. The nation missed an excellent chance to rip the masks off this summer when cold/flu season ended. Instead, they inexplicably *increased* mask wearing.

    The November election will obviously present the next opportunity for the Covidians to finally take them off. I have serious doubts, but does anyone think they’ll actually do it?

    • I lost hope after seeing the sheep wearing masks in 90+ degree heat. In fact, these dildos are now comparing masking with wearing clothes! In other words, noses and mouths are now “indecent”.

      • Truthfully, many faces are indecent. But some such as mine and those of many but not all ladies are quite attractive.

        I propose masking ugly people, and requiring them to wear shoes and pants, full shirts while lovely ladies can wear sandles, tank tops and short shorts, and healthy men can wear long shorts and t shirts.

        By shaming obesity and uglyness, enforcing basic aesthetic. this will encourage people to become healthy, and strenghten society.

        Ultimately its ugly people that ruined society, so we need to place that burdon on them.

        • I’m sure you’re being facetious, but your post reminded me of something on Zero Hedge. It’s worth quoting:

          “Masks started at the grocery store with the women using EBT cards. But if you were paying attention, first they got fat and ugly and bitter, then they quickly put the masks on and demanded pretty women did also. They also muffle words and make it impossible to read lips so people who don’t speak English love it. Grocery store clerks normally getting carriages were suddenly State Troopers. Now people who were always on welfare can force others out of work and say ‘See? You’re no better than I am!’ Covid is the equalizer for them.”

      • Masks keep other people safe. You are alive today because wage slaves waterboarded themselves with their own sweat processing your food and selling you groceries. Greedy non Maskies like you spread disease while maskies suffer to protect you. The meat packers got pneumonia, not from breathing in sweat and drool mixed with meat goo that splashes on their masks but because non maskies like us went outside and stuff.

        Yes masks make you feel shitty, and sick if you wear them for more than 30 minutes per day, but you have to sacrifice your respritory health to prevent the spread of respritory illness

          • Bardelys, How Dare You! Bring reason and logic into a discussion based on hand waving and emotion? The Branch Covidians, and their Dear Leaders, have issued their edicts! It is up to all of us sheep to obey, or get the flock out. ^^

        • “…but you have to sacrifice your respritory health to prevent the spread of respritory illness”

          Why don’t you set an example and sacrifice yourself? ‘Cause if you don’t, then you’re a threat to others. Seppuku, much? lol But seriously, did you and the rest of your ilk think of “protecting others” when y’all hoarded all the masks?

          Eric, looks like we got another one!

            • Hmm, I suppose you’re right. Perhaps “Anonymous” here was indeed being sarcastic. I’m just so used to so many sheep not only accepting, but demanding enslavement and even slaughter over a damn flu virus, that it’s becoming more and more difficult to spot the “odd one out”.

  5. The answer to that question is obvious. We face-diaper the healthy to keep the fear going.

    By the same token, in Western countries healthy people have never been quarantined at home during a pandemic before COVID-19. Sick people, such as those with tuberculosis 100 years ago, were, but not those who weren’t sick. But now loads of people have become accustomed to being under house arrest.

    It’s not brain surgery to see a larger agenda at work.

    • “The answer to that question is obvious. We face-diaper the healthy to keep the fear going.”

      Not only that, it’s also being done to make the healthy sick by lack of oxygen and bacterial infection. It’s all part of the plan to “thin out the herd.”

      • Thats part of the fear. The restricted breathing makes you anxious, depressed and parinoid. Not being able to see faces hides emotions, so you are socially isolated. Muffling everything makes communication more annoying, and you think everyone is out to get you. And they are. If you are retarded, this makes you double down on idiocy. And also some people like anonymity.

        • I know, right? With so many wearing masks 24/7, it amazes me that they still have enough brain cells left to post comments here questioning our right to breathe properly.

      • Bacterial infections are nasty and deadly, but can usually be treated with by antibiotics, nutrition, fresh air, and sunshine. A bigger worry is fungi, and a warm moist cloth over the breathing orifices is tailor made for incubating such. Fungus is much more dangerous and much harder to cure. There is one which has been spreading in hospitals for years, C. Auris- mostly fatal, nothing you can do to treat it. Masks used unnecessarily and incorrectly are a very dangerous, very bad idea. I’ve had pneumonia a couple times by being stupid and reusing respirators when painting cars- those things cost 25-50 bucks, and they can be reused for quite a while with new cartridges. You have to learn to sterilize them, let them dry, and air out before you reuse them.

        • Hi Ernie,

          I’ve used those respirators, too – and as you say, after wearing one for a couple of hours, they get funky. I can’t imagine hw much funk must be in a Face Diaper after several days of wearing the same one.

  6. If your theory is the asymptomatic cannot be contagious, that can be easily tested.

    Floyd County has about 15 thousand people and based upon current rates about 20 people who test positive.Clover

    Invite them down to a large gathering with your friends someplace indoors and spend the day singing songs and drinking.

    Repeat the test every week for a couple of months.

    If you can show “Low incidence of airborne transmission” you could become famous.

    • Clover,

      It is not my “theory” that people who aren’t sick can’t get people sick. It is a medical fact. You prefer the hysterical woman position that “someone might be sick”! No need to establish the fact; just require everyone to pretend they are sick to make you (and other neurotics) feel better. Force healthy people to self-imprison, close their businesses, wear Face Diapers. . . ostracize them for not doing so.

      It’s sick.

      Just as it is a fact that a “case” isn’t someone who tests positive on a highly dubious test but rather someone who has symptoms serious enough to require medical care.

      If that standard were used, “the cases! the cases!” would recede by more than 90 percent.

      The media have exaggerated the “crisis” by reporting “positive tests” as “cases,” implying that a “case” equals someone badly sick who may well die.

      It’s despicable – because it’s not true. And because the deception/fear is being used to keep people terrified and accepting of outrageous (because unjustified) restrictions and mandates.

      As far as the rest: I’ve already told you – several times – that my “theory” has been tested as you’ve suggested. I get together with my local friends, indoors, Diaperless, regularly and have been doing so for this entire year. None of us – not one of us – has so much as had a cough. This is pretty persuasive evidence that this “highly infectious disease” isn’t.

      Moreover, we have those cruise ships – remember them? – from the beginning of the “crisis.” Notice that media coverage of them fell away? Ever wonder why? Could it be because almost everyone on those ships – exposed to the “highly infectious deadly disease” did not die?

      Why do you reject every fact, every piece of news that contradicts the “crisis” narrative? Do you enjoy catastrophism?

      • Eric, the Clover is obviously a member of the Branch Covidian cult. They worship the power of the State, and their mark of virtue is the Mask. Like many cults, they are not content to merely practice their dogma. They have to inflict it on everyone. All must bow to the supreme power of their lord, the State. I’ve attempted to explain things to members of their flock. It is indeed akin to attempting to explain geometry to a rooster. Or Astronomy to someone else… ^^

      • “t is not my “theory” that people who aren’t sick can’t get people sick. It is a medical fact.”

        Well, perhaps your grandfather could have hired Mary Mallon as a cook then.
        After all by your logic there was no way she could get anyone sick.Clover

        “Moreover, we have those cruise ships – remember them? – from the beginning of the “crisis.” Notice that media coverage of them fell away? Ever wonder why? Could it be because almost everyone on those ships – exposed to the “highly infectious deadly disease” did not die?”

        I thought that cases on cruise ships fell because they stopped sailing.

        But it sounds like you really only care about Corona if it kills people.

        So maybe you should get a whole bunch of libertarians onto a cruise ship.
        You could rent one cheap. Sail out of Newport for 2 weeks.

        Drink, Sing Songs, Talk about Ayn Rand.

        If you are right, there are lots of cheap event spaces you can rent, lots of cheap cruises. Why aren’t you out there taking advantage of that market opportunity?

        • Clover,

          The core issue here is whether the assertion – not the fact – that “anyone might be sick” justifies treating everyone as if they were, in fact, sick. I have explained why this is a dangerous assertion. But you seem unable to grasp the concept of precedent.

          Do we lock down the country every flu season? Require perpetual Diapering – because “anyone might be sick” and “someone might die”?

          If not, why not?

          Why not treat every man as a might-be rapist? Presume everyone is a “tax cheat”? Where does it end, Clover? And how?

          Next up: If you believe a dirty old bandana or a disposable “mask” serves to prevent the transmission of viruses, then you’re either an ignoramus or a fool.

          Which is it?

          Why not insist on “PPE” that actually can stop the spread of a virus, Clover? Including goggles, since viruses can and do transmit onto porous membranes.

          Or is it all just for show?

          The cruise ships I mentioned are the ones which were quarantined with their passengers – remember that? Remember the hysteria? But no mention of them now… because the passengers survived.

          Most never even got sick.

          As is the “case” with regard to the WuFlu. Even if the 200,000 figure is accepted – and leaving aside the fact that a very large percentage of them are admitted to have been very elderly/very sick people who were vulnerable to the common cold, the ordinary flu and likely would have died this year regardless of the WuFlu – the number is a tiny percentage of the total population.

          You support changing the way hundreds of millions of people live – including totalitarian restrictions on their lives – because less than half a percent of the population has died.

          This is the very definition of a hysterical, over-the-top response. It is no different than insisting the maximum speed limit be no higher anywhere than 15 MPH because it would “save lives.”

          • I never would have thought that people would become so fearful of life that they would rather be slaughtered to avoid, say, catching a cold. Either that, or they’re just using this “pandemic” as an excuse to avoid individual responsibility.

            • Hi Bluegrey,

              It’s a combination of factors: Fear, the fear of standing apart, the instinctive need for “meaning” being filled by this evil submission ritual. And ritual is just the word. This is a religious thing. A ritual – juts the same as genuflecting before an icon.

        • “But it sounds like you really only care about Corona if it kills people.”

          Well, duh! I mean, if 99% of people who get sick from this virus recover from it, then what’s the big deal? It’s no different than catching a cold, which of course some people unfortunately succumb to. But that’s life. People get sick; some people die. It’s been like that since the beginning of time, and it will continue until the end of time. Or are you suggesting that we should stifle humanity in order to save ~0.1% of it? That would be like dropping A-bombs over a city to combat rodents.

          • Don’t give the Branch Covidians any ideas… Those rats might have fleas, and the fleas might have plague!! Call in the bombers!… Face Palm.

  7. WuFlu Logic – Ya know, if we had some steak we could have steak and lobster, but we don’t have any lobster.

    What really grinds my gears is that you aren’t allowed to make your own decision. If you want to wear a mask and take the vaccine, fine, but leave me out of it. Don’t cajole, ridicule, snarl, or order me. Just let me be! What the hell is wrong with people who just won’t leave you alone?

  8. There is no such thing as a communicable virus because NO VIRUS HAS EVER SATISFIED KOCH’S POSTULATES. All “outbreaks” have alternative explanations, typically a toxin contaminating water, food or air.

    Gallups Island and Goat Island flu experiments by McCoy and Rosenow showed 1918 flu wasn’t contagious. No one has ever been able to experimentally demonstrate PERSON TO PERSON communication of a disease.

    The entire virus paradigm is a misinterpretation of what little we can see and deduce about the nanometer scale world. It’s no coincidence that germ theory conquered biology just as microscopes got good enough to see “germs,” and viruses conquered germ theory just after the invention of electron microscopy.

    • bg,

      Worse than that, “scientists” keep lowering the bar for what is supposed to “prove” viral infection/etiology to the point that it completely lacks any semblance of logic.
      I agree with you, there “s no such thing as a communicable virus.” I read those papers by Rosenow, etal.
      The conclusion in one of the papers is quite humerus and in part, reads:

      “The results of these experiments indicate presumptively that influenza may be transmitted by means of the secretions of the upper respiratory passages from patients in the early stages of this disease, probably within less than 12 hours from onset. Very definite conclusions can not be drawn from our experiments …”

      Translation: “We could not transmit the flu to test subjects, and we tried very hard. In spite of the lack of evidence and contrary to logic, and sound science, we are going to conclude hat influenza may be transmitted by means of the secretions of the upper respiratory passages.”

      i.e. muss sein!

    • Well said — when I was young people talked about “getting a cold” which was just symptoms and maybe a bacteria of some sort. But nowadays everyone somehow thinks that the cause of their cold is a “flu” and there’s even “flu season” every year. AS IF. I think it’s all bollocks — it’s all FALSE — everyone lives in FAKEality, noone lives in reality anymore. Population is completely IGNORANT and INSANE, and dictators are all TRAITORS now. Welcome to hell everyone. Stop having children, because this planet is HELL, and they will just have a horrible life.

      • Hi Harry,

        I sometimes regret not having had kids. And then I am glad I did not have them. One of the main reasons I am able to utterly defy the Diapering is because I work for myself. The other is that I haven’t got kids, which the state would own – and by dint of that, me.

        I feel for anyone who has kids today. Yes,it’s possible to “keep them safe” (from the Diaperers, from the general insanity) but it requires home schooling and (soon) total off-gridding if you want to keep them from being Needled. If I were to embark upon it today, I think it’d be a case of free range parenting. Birth at home, no SS records or any other records. The kid grows up unknown to the government, and free to decide for himself or herself when of age whether to join the hive or not.


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