A Maverick, Literally

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And the children shall lead us – since the adults, apparently, won’t.

One such is 17-year-old Maverick Stow of Long Island, NY. He decided to lead by example – and go back to school. In person rather than virtual – because he’s sick of being treated as if he might be sick by people who are sick in the head.

Stow showed up for class – and was promptly suspended, for a year. He has been excluded from his senior prom as well as graduation. He also was arrested by Suffolk County police, who have stopped arresting criminals and now arrest kids for showing up to school – and  failing to pretend they are sick.

The school says it has a “zero tolerance” policy for “unauthorized people trying to enter our buildings to disrupt the educational process and/or to potentially cause an unsafe environment for our students and staff.”

So many italics added. Where to begin?

How about with all these possessives? Our buildings? Aren’t public schools public property, Herr (or is it Frau) Gesundheitsfuhrer? They are certainly paid for by the public, which  includes Stow’s parents – who haven’t got a say as far as whether to not pay for buildings their kids are forbidden to enter by those who control them.

Perhaps the Stow family is due a refund?

And our students? Interesting that the Herr/Frau Gesundheitsfuhrers also regard the humans they control as their property, too.

G-P Middle School – PODS System for Face-to-Face Learning from Gregory-Portland ISD on Vimeo.

Aber, the most loathsome italicized thing is this business of sanctioning kids who are potentially unsafe.  An assertion which cannot be disproved since anyone – kid or adult – is potentially practically anything. It is a sentence of guilt without even the possibility of establishing innocence – which is the glowing radioactive core of this WuFlu hysteria.

Also italicized – to make the point that punishing anyone on the basis of assertions is a pretty solid working definition of “hysteria.”

Stow isn’t sick. No one has even accused him of being sick. His actual health status is immaterial.  It is apparently sufficient to assert that he might be sick to punish him for refusing to pretend he is sick. Consider what this implies – in principle – if it is allowed to be established as the “new normal” for restricting and punishing people.

Wait. It has already been established as the basis for restricting and punishing people. Many examples, but here are a few:

Someone – it doesn’t have to be anyone specific; indeed, the absence of specificity is entirely the point – might use a gun to shoot up a school. People who never shot up anything (well, other than a paper target at a shooting range) are restricted and punished because the potential exists that they might shoot up something other than a paper target.

You go to an airport. You’ve never been to a jihadi training camp. You aren’t wearing a hijab much less a dynamite corset. But because it is asserted that the potential exists that you might be a “trrrist” – something that requires no proof at all – you are treated as such.

You are out driving – and forced to stop – not because you broke any law or gave any reason to suspect you might be so inclined. Your presence on the road requires you to prove you are not “drunk” – based on the potential that someone might be.

In the last two cases, at least, one can avoid punishment by proving one’s innocence (as opposed to the former standard of it being the obligation of the accuser to prove guilt before imposing punishment). You pass the “drunk” test – and you’re free to continue driving.

You let them jiggle your junk, you are free to board the airplane.

In Stow’s case, innocence is no defense. It doesn’t matter that he can prove he’s incapable of getting others sick because he himself isn’t. It doesn’t matter that people who aren’t sick can’t spread sickness.

His “crime” was to question this sickness of being presumed sick – and expected to act accordingly.

His refusal to accept guilt – and punishment – for what he hasn’t got and didn’t do is what landed him in hot water.

What ended up with him in handcuffs, for trying to go to class.

The Herr/Frau Gesundheitsfuhrer says Stow is “irresponsible and selfish” for not playing Sickness Kabuki.

The gaslighting is overpowering – much stronger than the WuFlu itself, which hasn’t killed 99.6 percent of the healthy/not-elderly population  – including practically no school-age kids, who are at greater risk of being killed by an accident such as falling down the stairs or from a bad hit during football practice than by the WuFlu.

But the hysteria has practically killed the country.

It has killed tens of millions of jobs – and careers. It has killed people’s financial security as well as their peace of mind. It has left old people to die alone in nursing homes – of depression caused by isolation. It is destroying the childhood of millions of kids, who are being isolated and regimented and taught to live in fear of a virus that is far less a threat to them than the fear itself.

One brave young man has said enough – and acted on that sentiment. He has set a worthy example for more adults to emulate.

. . .

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  1. The extinction of government schools is the end game to be fervently hoped and prayed for out of all this staggeringly inane/insane kungflu nonsense.

    • Hi Marcus,

      Amen; indeed. If there’s any upside to this, it’s this. Government schools are largely responsible for this. If most people could reason – and do basic math – none of this would have happened. It has happened because most people can’t, apparently.

  2. That is a hugely important point about the property tax payers owning or paying for “our school buildings”.
    In fact, some property tax payers are already planning to challenge their county taxing agencies to protest and challenge paying school taxes if they continue to be closed this fall. It is hard to disagree with that, and if schools remain closed, we can expect much more push back on paying those wasted school tax dollars.

    • Hi John,

      I hope there is pushback. It is high time. Bad enough to be forced to pay for schools and then have no real say in how they’re run. It’s egregious to be forced to pay for them – and then told your kid can’t use them. “Remote learning”? Who needs “the schools” for that? One can learn just as well, probably better – and much cheaper – by taking classes online, no need for “the schools” at all…

      • Exactly, and I hope there is a lot of major push back on that too.
        If they switch to “remote learning” then they should close the school buildings for good, and reduce the school taxes significantly to account for the hugely reduced costs.
        No more school buildings or buses will probably save 70-80% of the entire school budget, so tax payers need to get that reduction in school taxes.
        I also read some articles that at least 35% of parents are considering home schooling if the schools remain closed, so they will be among the ones pushing back on paying the school taxes. This may be one of those “unintended consequences” that shows that school buildings are not really needed, and may not remain in the “new normal”.
        Although, there are also many people who don’t want schools to be closed, and don’t want “remote learning” since schools are viewed as free day care for their children.

        Another unrelated unintended consequence is the wide spread face mask wearing, since it defeats and renders facial recognition useless and ineffective. They must not have thought about that yet. So much for all of the wasted money on that… LOL

        • I forget who first uttered the truism, “A corrupt nation has many laws,” but by that standard the US of A likely is the most corrupt nation in world history. Our legislators make their “bones” by passing laws, the more the merrier, to the point that every American daily is in violation of laws he’s never even heard of, and even if he’d heard of them he’d need a lawyer to explain to him what they meant. Of course to the lawyers themselves this is just peachy, allowing them to prosecute or sue practically anybody at will, very much like the old USSR, plus guaranteeing themselves lucrative life-time employment whilst instructing we, the peasantry, at least until the national SHTF and the shooting starts. We’re likely fairly close to that point right now, which could end in a French-style revolution with the kings on down losing their fortunes and their heads. To the Bastille, peasants, off with their heads!

          • That is attributed to Tacitus (ancient Roman). “The more corrupt the state, the more numerous the laws.”

            As far as having a country filled with lawyers. I believe the Immortal Bard had sage advise for how to deal with that…

  3. Many of the schooling districts are run by liberal unions and there is an endless list of mindless do’s and don’ts attached to very one. I support the kid for at least trying to be a kid and thinking for himself. It’s the do-gooder adults that wreck up everything. I recall being a kid in the 50-60’s era and what freedoms we had. It was almost criminal compared to today. Childhood has been wrecked by over-reaching safety freaks and government automatons.

    My son-in law works at a small business and his boss (about age 60) was a mask freak. I’m not sure if he has some medical condition, but masks were always required when he was around, though the handful of employees working there didn’t wear them when he was out of the building. Now, sadly, he was involved in a motorcycle accident a few weeks back and is in the hospital with brain damage. I only mention this to point out a fact that living your life as you see fit is a precious thing to do. Wearing a mask maybe saved this poor guy from sickness, who really knows, but he got clobbered by life anyway, doing something he liked to do. It’s always a risk, going out in the world, and to give up living for the sake of some braindead politicians or other tyrants is highly questionable. At some point, selling your soul to the ego-maniacs who think they are better, know what’s best for you and who are always freaked out if you don’t comply to their demands, is a fate worse than death.

  4. Kudos to this Kid…..He’s got Balls.

    I walk into stores with no mask on. Right past their 4’x8′ signs stating that masks are required as per the Governors mandate (I live in Pennsylvania) – thank you Homo Depot.

    No one says anything. Oh sure, I get some stares from the old folks, but shame has never worked on me. Not even the employees will say anything – they are sooooooooo sweeet and nice to me. Why? Cuz they’re afraid as well! They’ve been ordered not to say anything to any customer, plus they’re fearful of catching the Covi.

    Practically NO ONE in America has any BALLS anymore!

    • Hi Frank,

      Yup. It’s sad, eh?

      Mencken’s assessment – made 100 years ago – that the average American is a poltroon, fearful of everything and clamorous to be led to “safety” – is even more true now than it was then.

  5. In 6 months, we went from kids being arrested for skipping school to being arrested for ATTENDING school.

    As the old saying goes: “Damned if you do, and damned if you don’t”.

  6. In 1775 James Otis jr. argued before the Boston Supreme Court about “General Writs of Assistance” commanding “all to assist” any officer who could write his own warrant on “Bare suspicion alone.” Because no court could question (and they still don’t), any murders, thefts or property damage, not to mention traumatizing innocent colonist. America has seen the King’s treachery before, but they continue to revise “history” to their own whimsical desires at the expense of those who cannot afford to be warmongers and idiots.

  7. Teenagers often face lesser punishments for real crimes like car theft, burglary, murder, etc.

    But then again embarrassing government employees is a much greater crime these days then stealing a car and ending up killing a fellow mundane.

  8. Has anyone heard the news about Darth Vader Ginsburg? The radio kept blaring, “Another witch bites the dust. Aaaaannd another one gone, and another one gone and another witch bites the dust…..”

    • Hi SM,

      I just did! The old crone’s timing will add gas to the fire. Then again, it might prompt more people to vote Orange. It’s our only hope (cue Leia Organa appeal).

      • Lol – nice take on the name….

        That said, can the orange one not get someone in before he leaves office ? Still some months left… i suspect he was prepared for this moment and in theory can get it lined up… (though not completely familiar how this racket works)

  9. Another one: you have to present an ID and go in a government database if you want cold medicine because you MIGHT be a meth head.
    About the kid, I read that he had a positive test. Not that the test means anything anyway. But I wonder how the school got access to his health information in the first place?
    And that’s reason number 5 why I won’t get tested ever. You can’t trust the testers to protect your privacy. In fact, if the tester isn’t the government already, they have to turn you over to the government.
    A lab near me was advertising antibody testing. I was considering it because I think I had this thing back in March and was just curious. I asked them “Confidential results?”
    They said no, they are required to report all cases to the state. So even the presence of antibodies – which means you had it, got over it, are not contagious and unlikely to get it again – constitutes “a case.” In hindsight, I’m glad I didn’t waste my time. Most under 65 people fight it off with T-cells, which is how we deal with corona viruses since they are so common. So many people who were exposed to it and dealt with it don’t even have antibodies for it.

      • Hi SM,

        It’s a commentary on the state of journalism in this country that journalists almost never talk or write about the financial inducement to “make the most” of the WuFlu.

    • Hi Amy,

      Yup. I was appalled by the treatment meted out to a person attempting to buy cold medicine the last time I did so several years ago with my ex-wife. Not prescribed medicine; just Sudafed I think it was. One had to deal with a sourpuss behind the glass who demanded ID, recorded your info and so on before you were allowed to buy a box of the stuff. I’m beyond sick and tired of being treated like a meth head/trrrist/drunk driver/suppurating leper – etc. – by people who have no legitimate reason to believe I’m any of those things.

      ‘Fraidy Cat Culture has got to be cancelled.

  10. As for getting a refund, remember that in most municipalities, property taxes pay for the employee pensions and provide collateral for debt service, not for actual services.

  11. Another 17 year old standing up where “men” can’t be bothered to do the same. Police arresting someone for not playing pretend plague games like everybody else.

    This vaguely reminds me of something that happened when I was 14 years old. After being brought home to my dad by the police for (
    curfew violation) being 14 it was “illegal” to be out past 11:00 p.m. without an adult.

    He asked them if that was the extent of my “violation.” They said yes. He says, “Good! Now you can get to work catching the no good S.O.B. who stole my car stereo two weeks ago. Oh, that’s right, you only arrest people who are EASY to arrest, not real criminals. The two slobs just looked at him speechless. Then mumbled something about, well that’s the law… and how I shouldn’t be out that late anyway.

    Police, more and more are showing themselves to be worse than useless. Show me one who isn’t and I’ll show you a 6’5” chinaman.

    • The cops themselves are often working on some sort of points system. This point system comes down from higher on the food chain and usually incentivizes harassing ordinary people by making things like a speeding ticket and solving an armed robbery to being worth the same number of points. Government basically creates a system for cops work like that. It’s very much intentional. Cops who buck that often end up getting removed from the force. Doesn’t matter if they solved 15 real crimes in a month what matters is they only wrote one warning for speeding and no paying paper.

    • Amen, Sicilian –

      These “heroes” – as they like to be styled – all Hut! Hut! Hutted! up in their Tacticool gear – love to show how tough they are when it comes to enforcing Diaper Decrees and Gesundheitsfuhrer befiehls.

      That kid demonstrated more moral courage than a whole academy of them.

  12. KILLING the economy/livelihoods. Entire tourism industry must be devastated. Cruise ships must be docked just sitting around at ports. I can’t imagine what all the jobless ppl are going to do now. Not everyone is a millionaire and can afford to simply retire early… alot of people NEED their jobs to survive and save for retirement.

    This whole scam is MASS MURDER. International/global TREASON. Everyone knows this is a big fat lie.

    • One more thing… but the TV news on all day every day has no mention of all the RUINED LIVES… how about they tell us the number of people that worked at hotels, on cruise ships, and do a documentary about how they’re jobless now. Where’s all the news about the lives ruined??? NOOOO all we get on the news is “the cases!” etc etc, and “wear your slave muzzles!”. This is cartoonish ridiculousness now… come on people of the world, stop putting up with this.

      I think I heard on radio show that there’s 62 people (or was it 620?) in hospitals in the entire state of OR, BTW there’s 4+ million ppl in OR. Sooooooo… what the bloody h*ll is going on here?!

    • Not to mention how they paid people $600 on top of regular unemployment for not working.

      While fast food workers took a temporary retirement with $ 1000 per week, I worked my ass off with some overtime for $ 750 per week. Feels shitty man

      • To add insult to my hard work, I took a trip to the coast, and there was literal bum living in the room next to me. God bless him, but its completely fucked up that my taxes are paying to put all of the homeless in hotels, which also fills the hotels so they charge more to stay there. There needs to be affordable non subsidized housing for these people. Maybe the fed can force inceatment banks to liquidate some houses instead of keeping prices sky high

        The salad bars and healthy resturants were all closed down to protect your health.
        And the drivethrus had 30 minute waits. Nothing is cleaner and healthier than eating fast food in the car.

      • Hi Anon,

        Amen. This hysteria cost me several thousand much-needed bucks – the sum I was going to be paid to speak about autonomous cars in NYC. That got Corona’d.

        But I’m not complaining because I’m surviving – and doing it without taking a cent of other people’s money, via the government!

  13. Here’s another one- You accept new employment & you’re forced to provide a pee sample because you “might” be a junkie. I wonder if this applies as well to the bigshots in the C-Suite or just us ordinaries.

  14. Closing the tax funded communist indoctrination centers permanently would be the best thing that could happen. Well, THAT – and rounding up all the seditious traitors that have poisoned several generations of young folk.

    Why any parent would let their child anywhere near a Pubic Skool is beyond me …

      • Ditto that!

        Public (government) schools are awful on many levels but among the worst is that people whop pay for them have no say in them and people who have no kids in them are also forced to pay for them.

        • Eric,

          That’s one reason why I decided to work at my kid’s school. I am a far, FAR more effective fly-in-the-ointment in the classroom than as simply just another parent. Plus, I have the added ability to proactively counter woketardness for the 150 kids in my classes, something that would be impossible if I was still working in the museum. Of course, the administration will likely find a way to get rid of me after this year. That’s ok though. My daughter is in 8th grade and the local high school is suffering from a teacher shortage…

  15. Good for him! Great example to set for the others.

    I just can’t believe how many grown ass men are going along with this. They HAVE to know deep inside that it’s bullshit. I just cannot fathom the mass psychosis.

    Being a sane individual inside an insane asylum is trying on one’s soul.


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