Another Face Diaperer – Literally

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Nothing you could think up is crazier than the actuality. Herewith another exhibit of Sickness Psychosis:

And they ask me why I drink . . .l

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  1. Maybe she can make one (ein Gesichtwindel) for Bill Gates.
    Won’t cure his oral diarrhea, but might save is from having it dumped on us…
    Speaking of Germany, here are 1000 German doctors (so far) who refuse to buy the official lies:
    In German, with excellent English subtitles.
    At approx. 26:00 you will hear a two minute discussion on how new “international standards” are actively killing people, by discouraging CPR, which has saved many lives.
    Anyone else here CPR trained?
    Anyone actually saved someone else’s life by using that training?
    Speak up, folks.
    Three are some very *SICK* people who do not want you to do that.

    • I remember years ago, always seeing posters admonishing people to learn CPR. Now they probably have posters threatening fines if you do administer CPR!

      Next, they’ll probably lynch actor Anson Williams (He played “Potsy” on Happy Days), being his grandfather was the Heimlich of the maneuver fame…… (Screw Fonzi! Potsy was the coolest character!)

  2. I’ve had an epiphany. If it comes to the point where one must wear a mask if one wishes to eat, as in buy food, I have an excellent idea for a mask design. A KKK hood. Then one might witness the complete mental breakdown of one or more of the Snowflake, SJW, Wokesters as they try to assimilate their hatred of the unmasked with their equal hatred of all things race.

  3. Great! -For those who have diarrhea-of-the-mouth……. (A lot of women- and some men seem to be afflicted with that malady)


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