Diaper Report 8/23/20

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Bad – and some good – news to report from SW Virginia regarding the Diapering of America, its ritual induction into a Sickness Cult.

The bad news is the place I have been going to in place of the coffee shop (Sweet Donkey in Roanoke) that excommunicated me for refusing to join the cult by donning the Diaper tried to get me to Diaper yesterday.

For the duration of the 90 seconds or so it takes to place one’s order. After that, the Diaper may be removed – because otherwise it is hard to eat (or drink) though no doubt the High Priests are working on a Diaper with a food valve or some such to make it feasible to keep the Diaper on while eating.

But the point – if you’re not addled by Sickness Psychosis – is that “the virus” (let’s assume it’s dangerous to the 99.5 percent of the healthy population, who aren’t killed by it, for the sake of the moment) doesn’t cease emanating after you pay for your food; there is no Virus Break Room where it waits while you eat your meal. The place is full of Undiapered people in a not very large space without the windows open and so the air is in common.

Yet the ritual is you’re expected to put the medically useless (read the label) disposable Diaper – or the filthy old bandana – around your face for the duration of the ten yard walk from the entrance door to the cash register, after which the suborned/Diapered altar gals – the poor women who work the register – are no longer pressured to pester you about your Diaper.

Because you’ve participated in the ritual – the same as putting on the burka in countries where Islam is the state religion.

This is what the Diapering is really all about and if it weren’t (if “the virus” was the threat it is purported to be) then no one would be allowed to walk around with a filthy bandana covering their pie hole or a marginally less ridiculous disposable Face Diaper – much less only “required” to wear the cultic artifact for 90 seconds or so and then it’s fine to sit – and breathe – for an hour or more.

They need you to do it for the same reason Jim Jones needed you to drink the Cool Aid and Marshall “Herf” Applewhite needed you to eat the pudding.

To show you believe.

And to make you believe everyone else does, too.

Because that’s how it looks when all you see are Diapered Faces Everywhere.

Anyhow, I declined the membership offer – the same as I did when I worked at The Washington Times and the Moonies (who owned it) made a less strident approach. The poor girl tried – and even made the non-cultic appeal by explaining the threats of the Gesundheitsfuhrers (i.e., the Virginia Department of Health) who harass small businesses – but never corporate businesses – that aren’t faithful enough to the doctrines of the cult.

Apparently, some American East German “complained” about someone – probably me – not playing along by not performing the ritual for the 10 yards and 90 seconds it takes to proceed from the entrance to the cash register. The girls behind the counter had never said a word to me before yesterday – or rather, a word about the absence of a Diaper (not “my” Diaper; I don’t own one just as I don’t own a tambourine or a saffron robe, either).

Rather, the opposite.

I wore my plague doctor shirt there just the day prior and the girls complimented me on it. I also happen to know – inside baseball – that the owners despise the Diaper Cult but are under heavy pressure to pretend otherwise by imposing Diapering, lest the Priests of the Cult accost them for heresy.

Anyhow, I said no – and said I’m exempt – and the girl behind the counter ceased her pitch. But it ruined my meal. This constant harassment by Cultists wears on one. It is like not being able to get into a store without being harassed by Girl Scouts selling cookies but far worse because Girl Scouts are not trying to make you join their outfit nor wear it.

If this place goes full Diaper I will publicly identify the joint – and my fallback will be to work (write, on my laptop) outside somewhere, at least until the Diapering expands to the outdoors, as it already has in several states (even Arkansas; so much for “conservative” Republican governors).

But I will not Diaper, ever. For the same reason that I would not involve myself in a witch hunt, which is just what this business is.

Now, the good news – conveyed to me by a friend who must remain anonymous for all the obvious reasons. This friend works at a place where there is no contact with customers except via the phone. Yet the place has been applying heavy pressure on all the employees to Diaper at their desks. My friend has refused – and been threatened with the loss of employment.

My friend stood fast – was willing to risk the loss of employment for the sake of not losing self-respect. This is bravura and commendable and the only way the Diaper Cult can be defeated.

And it was, in this case.

The management relented, though very sulkily. My friend showed me a memo regarding the affair that was distributed all employees which attempted to make them feel very bad for not joining the cult – or appearing to, by putting on its uniform.

But my friend did not have to put it on – and did not lose employment – because my friend and some others stood up up to the Cultists, who are as pushy as Jehova’s Witnesses and far more dangerous. It worked – and can again.

If people are willing to push back, as my friend did.

As the girl behind the counter did not.

This is the choice facing us all – me included. If it should come to pass that the car companies decree I must Diaper in order to be allowed to test drive their new cars, then I will no longer test drive them.

A job – a career – is important. Not joining a dangerous Cult is much more so. This Cult will not stop at Diapering. Understand that.

This Cult threatens to become the national religion – one which the First Amendment will not grant an exemptions from bending knee to. There will be no First Amendment. There will be nothing but obedience – to the sickest operation ever perpetrated upon the American people.

Which all too many Americans have willingly submitted to.

. . .

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  1. Diaper Report:

    I went to a shop today. I was immediately confronted by one of the clerks about my non-diaper. He was quite militant about it. I told him I did not have one (as I never do and never will). He then asked “Do you need a mask, sir?!” Of course I said no. He continued to try to keep me from going any further into the shop. I told him I have a medical exemption. He incredulously asked what my medical condition is in a mocking tone. Taking Eric’s advice, I picked up a metaphorical AK found on the battlefield and told him that by asking me that question he just violated the ADA and would be subject to a $75,000 fine. He immediately backed off, apologized, actually thanked me for educating him and then welcomed me in.

    The whole world is incredibly inhospitable right now. While I’m getting a bit of battle fatigue, I won’t give in on this sickness psychosis, which is all based on one big fucking lie!

  2. My Catholic parish near Charlotte is following orders from the Charlotte Diocese that all parish churches are required to follow NC Democrat Gov. Roy Cooper’s perpetual lockdown order. Face diapers mandatory, no singing, roped off pews. Our church is now a pathetic shell compared to the joyous, loud, packed-to-the-rafters services we enjoyed before the spring lockdowns. And the worst of it is the moral decrepitude of our church leaders who preach about the sanctity of human life yet follow dictates from Cooper, a late-term abortion zealot who vetoed the Born-Alive Protection Act in the NC legislature. We were close to jumping ship and finding a parish in nearby S.C. (Republican Governor, still standing strong), but decided it was better to stay and fight by attending Mass, ignoring the diaper order, singing joyously, shaking hands and giving hugs. We’re packing into a front pew with another like-minded family and looking for others to swell our ranks. Fight back any way you can.

    • Hi Mike,

      My sympathies on this – it infuriates me to hear of normal human interactions being stifled this way. But there is a way around it. Talk with your parishioners and form your own church. Anyone’s home – or back yard – can serve as the church. Cut ties with the official church, which bends its knee to the government.

      This is a power we have and must exercise while we still have it.

    • I’m a catholic and it PO’s me how the church has caved on this everywhere. Even during the Black Death (when you really were likely to die) they still held masses. The first amendment is supposed to prevent things like this. What PC-groveling cowards.

      • Hi Anon,

        Indeed. The acquiescence of the churches is appalling; also of the parishioners. But they believe they are doing good – and therein lies the incandescent danger of all this. Solzhenitysn wrote about this extensively and with great insight. The Soviet Union wasn’t populated by psychopaths though it was run by them. But the ones running it needed to get the average person to believe in the “dictatorship of the Proletariat” and “class enemies.”

        Just as today, many of the Diapered, though Demented, believe they are “stopping the spread.”

  3. Is anyone else curious about how long they CAN keep up the panic? Deaths have basically stopped due to claimed Corona, people can be easily panicked, but keeping them panicked requires increasing amounts of effort and lies.

    Does anyone else fear the release of an actual biowarfare agent to make a new “wave” of “Cases” ?

    • Hi Ernie,

      I fear it. Because it’s precisely what a psychopath would do. It would not only reignite mass panic, it would completely anathematize everyone who “denies” the true faith. Dissent would become a de facto and perhaps de jure capital offense.

    • Don’t worry, I don’t think bioweapons can hurt you. But chemical weapons can, or radio/energy weapons. Maybe they’ll blast everyone with 5G, and ppl will get ill & die, and they’ll blame it on the “virus”, now that they have an established patsy.

      • Krazy, if you think 5G is bad, wait until 6G! The Lizard people are going to use it to cook our brains for harvest… ^^ On the other hand, I really worry that the psychopaths involved will release a much worse virus. Or just weaponize the seasonal flu, and claim its the dreaded third wave. The Cases the Cases!… face palm.

        • My U.S. representative is already planning on a third wave this winter, regardless of any virus or reality, he just knows it’s coming already because he’s psychic. But he’s calling it the SECOND wave instead of the third wave. Nice mind control tricks they play eh?

  4. I’m really having a hard time with this diapering – this past weekend we were hiking in a national park and when we would come close to passing another couple they would put on their diapers until we passed – at least 3/4 of people did this. We stopped and had nice chats about the park with any of the un-diapered. I have decided now to put flyers on cars, ask people to explain to me why they accept the insanity of wearing a mask to walk into a restaurant but then not need it while eating – all of these crazy things – we have to stand up now or this is FOREVER. Do they think one day CNN will just tell them “OK you can take your masks off now.” I will also attempt to walk un-diapered into every store and I will make sure to talk loudly of this absurdity as they throw me out.

    • Excellent, Jen!

      I am doing the same here and encourage everyone to do likewise/ Ridicule is a powerful weapon and in any case, do not accept being guilted into submission to other people’s fears.

      • Eric or anybody – can you help me with a paragraph of what I can say to teens and people in their 20’s? I just realized that kids are not rebellious anymore – if I was a teenager now there is no way I would wear a face diaper – its always the young who protest like in the 60’s and even in the 80’s I protested by having a mohawk – the kids today are just taking all this! I was hoping you may have some eloquent speech I could hand them on paper or say to them as I pass them in the park or somewhere. Unfortunately with schools closed I can’t find groups of kids hanging out.

  5. I’m one of the few who has quit a job over the face diapering. It’s tough, if not impossible, for most people to do. While I think that people who have bought into the bullshit are either brainwashed or sick in the head, I do feel for those who can’t afford to quit their jobs to protest the nonsense. My old store made us not only diaper, but sanitize shopping carts and count people coming and going. That’s when I quit. And that came down from on high in the company, not just local management. A lot of the employees are stuck between a rock and a hard place. I’m not sure what they can do about it. I’ve asked around on the net, other people who are against all this bullshit, but there are no good answers.

    • Good on you- keep the faith. My line in the sand 12 years ago was mandatory drug testing. I have never used arbitrarily illegal drugs and in my very high functioning engineering career cannot afford to be muddled in my thinking.

      I am not a slave. You, miss employer, do not own me. You can ask things of me while I’m taking your pay, but I always have the right to refuse. Most things mandatory are harmful fads.

      They cannot keep it up forever. Our job as the intelligent and sane is to be an example and to the less intelligent and weaker. It is as simple as that- being an example by being seen and refusing to kneel to the tyrants. And of course by refusing to do business with them.

    • Good on you, Jim. For me it’s college. Not only are they demanding masks (at a public university in a state without an order) but they have stated that any students who attend off campus activities without masks will be disciplined. Tyrannical much?
      I’m supposed to graduate this year; what do I do? Rock meet hard place.

    GOT NO HUMAN GRACE… – Billy Idol.

    The song makes finally makes a bit O sense to me now, it didn’t – At All – way back when.

    • Hi Ken,

      I’m okay with both. I want to live a normal life, like anyone else. I don’t have a martyr or god complex. I know I’m a very flawed man. Still, I cannot just pretend all is well and write car reviews. CJM and I talked a little about this the other day ay Kroger – where we met up to shop Undiapered (no hassles from the Diapered). I have lived a pretty good life. I would like to live the rest of my life in peace and enjoyment. But I will not abide living the way these creatures are trying to make us live. If that comes with cost, so be it.

      I couldn’t live with myself if I dodged standing up to this in whatever way I can.

      • Interesting idea. Maybe that’s the idea. Come together with others and shop together, so that you’re not the only one diaperless.

        • I’m part of a rather strong anti-mask group here in OK. I want to get the group into a sprouts, which is known for a no tolerance mask policy. Come in Diapered and then take the masks off and shop. Watch the Karens and Kevins running the store go absolutely nuts trying to chase us all down.

          • Hi Swamp,

            If I could get there, I’d be there. This is the sort of thing that needs to be done. I understand Nunzio’s argument about property rights but no one has the right to dehumanize people, especially in the context of a corporation – a thing without rights.

  7. There are multiple angles to play on these sorts of things.

    •For everybody insisting “it isn’t a big deal, just put the mask on.” They are proving the point that, “it isn’t a big deal to just NOT put it on.”

    •It is illegal in most states for somebody without a medical license and no doctor patient relationship with you to give you medical device. (For all those order followers just going along with govenor/mayor _______’s “executive order.” Pile more laws on those who fear “the law.” Remind them they aren’t your care provider and they really shouldn’t engage in giving medical advice without proper training and patient knowledge. “Cuz duh laws.”

    •You can play the angle of the HIPAA/ADA laws that allow you can claim medical exemptions and it is illegal for them to ask you to disclose said conditions an they may be subject to fines for doing so.
    Whether this wouldn’t or would hold up in court, or whether you have no intention of ever going that route, that is irrelevant. Most retailers aren’t legal experts, are scared to death of lawsuits and rightfully so


    •This whole face-maxi humiliation ritual is more a psychological operation of normalizing compliance no matter how ridiculous and inconsistent it may be.

    Which is the primary reason I won’t comply. Aside from the fact that I own myself. I refuse to act as if lies and nonsense are true and good.

    •Remember most people think and respond to rhetoric (emotional thinking) more that dialectic (raw logic and data thinking) use that to your advantage. Anyone who can be shamed into wearing a mask can just as easily be shamed into not trying to force you to wear one. It is possible to respectfully let someone know ” You really have no idea about why I don’t wear a mask, I’m respecting your choice to wear one, please respect mine.” Good people will respect that, emotional retards who won’t should be dealt with accordingly.

    •Keep in mind most people are television watchers and they are bombarded all day every day with lies. If it doesn’t work the first time don’t give up.

    Or just go along to get along and put on the Yellow star patch… I mean face-maxi. Cuz it’s just a piece of cloth yah know!

    • Morning, Sicilian!

      I’m considering using a Diaper as an armband. To make the should-be-obvious point. Of course, I expect it will mostly enrage the Diaper Demented – precisely because they are demented and cannot grok logic, inference, analogy or fact. These people aren’t all stupid in the low IQ sense. Most have sufficient brain power to operate at a fairly high level when it comes to rote skills and so on. But they are also brain-damaged; they react to stimulus like a gerbil in an experiment.

      • People don’t get it. Social media done in my real first and last name for the last couple months or more has been almost entirely in a form of Tamarian. I use old science fiction, Twilight Zone, Monty Python, and much more from the old america that tried to teach people valuable things through fiction. So many people just don’t grasp them.

        But I probably should not be surprised the masses don’t get it. It was written by smart people to get past the people who are easily offended and want to censor everything they don’t agree with.

    • I’m glad I’m not the only one who draws the inference to the Star of David armbands. My girlfriend thinks I’m crazy for saying so. I’ll admit it’s a couple of steps removed, but only a couple, and a nasty precedent.

  8. The food factories & farms & everything else being shut down is going to kill alot more people than any stupid virus, by their own “official” [lies] numbers this “virus” is no more deadly than ANY other regular/normal/everyday cause of death. THEREFORE THIS SHUTDOWN MAKES NO SENSE WHATSOEVER — IT’S TOTAL INSANITY & CRAZYTALK — THE ONLY LOGICAL CONCLUSION IS THAT THESE DICTATORS WANT TO MURDER US ALL.

    Some of the sheeple are still walking around with their muzzles on — this just shows how devastated the worlds’ people are — the govt dictators did this to the people! THEY did this us! I feel sorry for all the stupid sheeple — they’re practically certified retarded nowadays. They probably got brain damage from all the pesticides & herbicides & glyphosate & gmo’s & fluoride & everything else. I don’t blame the sheeple, I blame the criminals that did this to them. We need leaders to organize the people, and the sheeple will follow. Even the ‘doomsday preppers’ are not going to survive long — they’re delusional if they think they will — because “they” are coming for them too sooner than later. We all need to unite as real actual communities now, whereby we have an efficient organize communication system and we all vote on everything. This dictatorship “representative” crap has got to end.

  9. I had to visit a jewelry store a few weeks ago in Fairfield County, CT. Of course, masks were required for entry. Well, being the sardonic bastard that I am, I turned the Sickness Kabuki up to “11”. I strutted in with a neck gaiter pulled all the way up to just beneath my eyes, a black baseball cap, and dark sunglasses. The staff was visibly nervous, but what can they do?

  10. Great idea on group undiapered shopping. If you could somehow get a couple dozen in the store at once it could really break the glass for the sheeple.

    • Thats what I want to do if I could find a big group here in my city to do it with me. Unfortunately my family and most of my friends hate me now for not going along with this.

      • Hi Jen,

        If your friends hate you for questioning mass hysteria, you need some new friends. I’ve had to deal with exactly the same thing – and it’s ok. Better than, actually. I now know who my friends really are.

  11. Hi Greg! I am at this moment parked outside Kroger waiting for another epautos reader whom I have not met yet in person…he wants to shop undiapered…in a group!

  12. After my experience at Walmart here in B.C. I encountered something similar at a another chain here too. Superstore will demand face diapers at the end of the month. From now until then it is OK without but Aug. 29, the virus will apparently become far more deadly than today somehow. If it is as dangerous as they seem to think, why are they waiting?

    We have no government mask mandate here. It seems that even without the government mandating fear-theater, the corporations are doing it anyway.

    I am rapidly running out of places to shop. I have a giant Santa like beard. Mask is pointless with a beard, even if they worked in the first place.

    So at some point I am going to have to wear a mask or starve if this stupidity continues. I have a plan.

    I am going to put on the flimsiest thing that will pass as a mask and cough like I am trying to expel a lung for the duration. If anyone says anything, “It’s OK, I am wearing a mask”. Next time, maybe I will make sure there is a crowd of witnesses, stumble a bit, exclaim “I can’t breathe!” and fall against something expensive. Then hand them my lawyers card and let them know they are going to be held accountable for causing me to nearly pass out.

    Lawfare is the only option now before we move on to warfare.

    • You know that mesh that they make laundry bags out of? 4mm polyester hex mesh. It’s labeled in the packaging as “mesh fabric.” Fabric. Since none of the fatwas specify any kind of thread count standard, for obvious reasons, you take a piece of that crap, cut it to size, and tie it on with a shoelace. Then tell the pants-wetting pussies that you *are* wearing a cloth face covering, so what’s their fucking problem? If you can’t get out of wearing a diaper, and if they want security theater, give it to them.

      • “pants- wetting pussies” – you’re my kind of guy D. These mask-wearing, brainwashed idiots drive me nuts too – I have zero tolerance for pussies (My family worked in steel mills, and I never saw any of them behave like a sissies).

  13. I’m disappointed in your new coffee shop, but thanks for continuing to stand up for what is right, regardless of how unpopular it has become. I think that every time one of us resists even a little bit, so that the diaper-enforcers are forced to confront us, it makes them a little less likely to want to enforce their ritual in the future. Every time we go diaper-less, I think it encourages others who might want to stop pretense as well.

    Even though I believe in everyone’s natural right to wear whatever costume they want, I feel like I am walking into some dystopian fantasy when I look around and all I see is a bunch of obedient zombies wearing masks.

  14. Science destroys religion.

    Science, at the theoretical fringe, becomes faith based because there’s no way to test hypothesis with modern engineering.

    Science becomes religion.

    • Science is simply a process. Its a search for the truth of the universe and ourselves. Its a reference frame that we use to further that understanding. Taking it to the point of religion, is to distort and destroy what it is.
      Religion is an examination of our connection to God (in what ever form one conceives them to be). It has
      no relationship to science.

      • I was being mostly sarcastic but to the layperson without religion science has become the substitute, although they won’t acknowledge their behavior is identical to many religious “nuts.”

  15. Don’t know why the owners and/or managers try to force these ladies to enforce diapers. The ladies should tell the manager that is his job so that they can do their jobs. Pretty chickenshit to get your employees to do your job.

    That diaper ritual is the same everywhere, even here in Floriduh. Wear the diaper until seated then take it off to order and eat. About as stupid as it gets but stupidity seems to be the norm today.

    I doubt someone complained. They all say such things trying to act as though it’s not their fault when confronting you.

    Too bad we have a eunuch for a president,,, he could stop it all by simply rescinding the emergency order. But I digress…..

    • the president has nothing to do with face diapering or emergency orders. It is the state governors who have usurped power that they are not supposed to have who are pushing the face diapering.

      • I think many states’ constitutions allow for a lot of executive power when it comes to declared emergencies. And don’t forget that in the case of Cuomo the morons in NYC are begging for his style of leadership when it comes to clarification of the whole “is a hot dog a sandwich” debate. The alternative is thinking for yourself, and if you start doing that you might question why you’re paying $3000/month for a dirty motel room.

        • Hi RK

          “I think many states’ constitutions allow for a lot of executive power when it comes to declared emergencies.”

          Maybe it’s just me… but I don’t think a bug that kills maybe as much as a bad flu season rates a “declared emergency”,,, where tin pot “governors” and “mayors” are allowed to decimate the national economy, fine and/or jail folks for ridiculous “rules” or force them to wear things that could actually harm them.

          The willful destruction of the national economy by individual States is an act of sedition. I would think a national government would have every right to stop it. And I don’t see anywhere in the constitution allowing States to pass such laws allowing presidents, governors or mayors to have dictatorial powers over citizens.

          Then what would be the reason for having a constitution…. ??

          • People are disappointed that the annual 9/11 reading of the victims, at least the ones that died that day anyway, won’t be read slowly and solemnly this year due to the Wuhan flu. Maybe that will be the end of it, but I’m guessing next year they’ll be back at it (20th anniversary and all), and this ridiculous pageant will continue for all time.

            The line “We’re in week 231 of the temporary emergency declaration” comes to mind. No one can ever go back to normal, and mass nostalgia has taken over. Nostalgia used to be a psychological disorder. Now it’s 10% of the programs on TV.

        • RK,

          After 9/11, the feds, in the form of the CDC, proposed this thing called the Model State Emergency Health Powers Act, and sent it out to the states. The CDC encouraged the states to pass this thing, and many of them did. The MSEHPA gives the state gov’t a lot of new, expanded powers. It was for bioterrorism, don’t you know…

            • I forget exactly where, or how it’s stated, but the Constitution demands that “The federal government guarantee to the states a republican form of government” (paraphrased). This would forbid executive edicts, or any state law that allowed or demanded them. Of course since the Constitution does not account for external enforcement, it leaves the fox (SCOTUS) in charge of the hen house (to determine what the Constitution says, as if it were written in some obscure foreign language). These executive edicts are illegal, and the federal government has not only the authority to suspend them, but the duty to do so.l

        • State constitutions don’t supersede the US Constitution, which is the supreme law of the land. My copy of it doesn’t contain the word “health.” It’s obscene that the DOJ hasn’t lifted a finger to rein in these gestapo state and local politicians. Obscene. Emergencies by definition are of limited duration. They last days, not months, and anyway, there’s no virus exemption clause in the Constitution. State and local laws, edicts, fatwas, orders, and wishful thinking still have to comport with the Constitution. It’s the DOJ’s job to make that happen, yet Barr’s too busy trying to make tech companies build him back doors into cell phones so he can access them without warrants.

      • Hi anarchy

        The commerce clause that they use to control everything could especially be used here as the economy is being (has been) destroyed.

        Amazing how the eunuch gets a pass. So, he cannot put an end to all this BS because the president has nothing to do with it,,, but Biden can force the mask nationwide. Makes about as much sense as wearing the diaper.

        Amazing the eunuch can say everyone has to have the shot but the president has nothing to do with any of this.

        Almost every day I receive garbage mail from the Republican Party “begging” for money explaining how they’re gonna make America great again. While I watch them destroy the nations economy, currency and freedoms. After about 2 seconds of thought I take the mailings out back and burn them.

        • Yep. How many Republican politicians have you heard objecting to any of this? They’re self-emasculated geldings and no different from any other CNN-watching, scientifically illiterate diaperer. They have no moral or intellectual ammunition with which to support freedom and speak up against the tyranny, and many of them are just fine with how things are going. That’s why the silence.

    • Well, Ken, during the course of my life, I have noticed that 80% of all managers are nothing but worthless chickenshit. That might explain some things.

      • Sadly true,,, but we’re not talking some piddly business here. And it explains what is going on. The wannabee dictators doing this are the “managers”. Gates, Soros, and the WEC and others seem to be the bosses.

        They all need to be jailed,,, or worse. Look what they have done to the nation… IMO the nation is burnt toast. It’s just a matter of time for the breakup if not stopped.

  16. Once again, congratulations to public education, for their success in creating one or more generations of what were formally called human beings that are unable to think in the least critical fashion. I found myself in an untenable situation regarding masking. The business where I purchased my hearing aids several years ago has swallowed the new and improved religion, hook line and sinker. One of my hearing aids had a failure, and I needed to get it fixed. The business kept its doors LOCKED until the prospective customer masked up. It was either comply, or remain half deaf. So I did, with a quite dirty bandanna I found in my truck, complaining and rebuking them in every sentence not directly related to my hearing aids. I have begun exploring new hearing aids that I may purchase in an area less involved in the drama. You’re right Eric, this is a religious experience. These morons are chock full of “belief”, which of course they have to be since there are no facts in evidence.

    • Yep. Government schooling is one of the first (if not the most important) places that you encounter mass propaganda and the stifling of critical thinking.


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