Diaper Report 7/25/20

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The Boogie Man’s power lies in the fear of him, not his actuality.

Diaper Decrees operate on the same principle. If you don’t believe in them, their puissance disappears.

I just walked into the coffee shop I swing by almost every day – right past the Boogie Man sign insisting I put on a Diaper before I dare to. Unlike the Boogie Man – who didn’t get me – I got my cup of coffee.

And a cookie, too.

The same at my local Kroger – where, as I relayed in a previous Diaper Report, there is signage but nothing particularly puissant. If you’re willing to stand up to a sign, you can still shop at many of the stores that have “mandated” Diapering. Just walk in and do so, sans the Diaper.

But not everywhere.

A friend called to let me know about another store (the Roanoke co-op) that sicced a Diaperer on him.

The really sick thing about this is that the person who chased him around with a Diaper is someone my friend has known for years – like my dentist (now ex-dentist) knew me for years and knew I wasn’t sick – having taken my temperature and thus established objectively that I had no fever and so couldn’t get anyone sick, not being contagious – but excommunicated me nonetheless from his practice for refusing to don the Diaper.

Civilization is being torn apart by this. People who smiled at another and exchanged pleasantries now regard each other as bizarre and dangerous enemies – the Diapered seeing the non as suppurating threats to their health; the non seeing the Diapered as threats to sanity.

There is no common ground to stand on because there is no room for live – and let live. If the Diapered were content to wear their Diapers and willing to leave others free to make their own decision about wearing them, the friendly interaction could continue. The non-Diapered might regard the Diapered as a bit tetch’d in the head, but that by itself imposes nothing ugly on anyone else.

Most of us have had an odd friend or two at one time or another in our lives and maybe still do. Their oddness can be endearing – Uncle Fester comes to mind. Provided they have a sense of humor about it and understand that just because they wear a meat suit – or a Diaper – it doesn’t mean you must, too.

The problem, of course, is that the people on the loose are not endearing Uncle Fester types – or even Michael Jackson types.

The woman who pursued my friend at the co-op, for instance. She not only knows him personally – which no longer counts for anything, apparently – but also knows he is a critical care nurse and so someone very conscious about physical health and taking necessary protective measures.

When they are necessary.

But not when they aren’t.

Like me, he would never put others at risk – but is sick of being treated as if he were doing so by people who are themselves very sick.

Just not physically.

This pitiable but dangerous woman followed my friend around the co-op, practically crawling up his leg to get that Diaper on his face. He beat her off – not with fists but a firmly stated No.

It is very disquieting to be treated this way by someone you know – or thought you did. Someone who, just the other day, smiled and waved and engaged in friendly banter – who now sees you as a threat.

Or at least, has to pretend it’s so – because of economic and social pressure applied to them; the fear of losing one’s job and the fear of being seen as a Wrongthinker.

This is what they’ve done to us.

Which is why it is so important to call a halt to this.

. . .

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  1. Heyya.
    I was turned onto the site by a friend and have been reading with a little fascination and a lot of clucking.
    First I will innoculate myself:
    This is a gun supporting, small business owning, cryptomaniac, prepper…who also is a physician.
    I get where you folks are coming from. I understand and empathize with the silliness of the current face hole covering requirement. Hey! I get to do it in a heavier version plus face shield and gown for 10-14 hours a day.
    Unfortunately, I also have a front row seat to where the rejection of the rules/mandates/laws have led.
    Yep, old people have it bad. Mortality with clinically significant Covid-19 infection is high when you have walked the earth for 7 or more decades.
    Here is where we diverge. It is also bad for people 20-60. No this isn’t a lib in Adam Smith’s clothing. It is a person who reads the infectious disease and critical care literature daily. I get to see this in real action like when I intubated a 50 something year old last night.
    I have read about, and am now seeing, people who have survived hospitalization who now need fairly significant rehab after their illness. We are 5 years away from the after-action report on what this stuff does to lungs. There is decent evidence that many people will not return to their pre-infection functional capacity. Pulmonary fibrosis does that.
    So what do we do about it? Are we stuck in masks forever? Is there an end to being told that a mask is the way through?
    From my perspective, I think a look in the way back machine is needed before moving forward.
    Let’s start with a gaze into January 2020. You know, when things looked different. We had a president and a ruling party who decided to stick their heads in the sand. We had an opportunity to engage the world’s greatest manufacturing and science base to roll out testing that would have given us the data to have a coordinated response. This chance was squandered for the trust bestowed on a man-child in the president’s son-in-law and the hallowed heath of an economy upon which an election rested.
    In March, when the threat was deemed real, another chance was given. This time, our president had the opportunity that every leader wants. Yep, this was an honest-to-god national emergency. Instead of standing up like a leader, he cowered, obfuscated and rejected any responsibility. He diverted supplies from where they were needed to states that rejected their use. He rejected basic protections that had been demonstrated to be useful. Yes, mask wearing in China and Europe did have a direct impact on the infection rate. In essence, our country was warned of menace. Met the threat. And got our asses handed to us. YAY US.

    Enough about the clown car. I trust that on this site, despising governments is easy. When they fail so miserably, shouldn’t we celebrate? so let’s do that and move on.

    Since the guvmint isn’t any answer, it comes down to us. If we each have our gated parcel, supplies and family we’re set. Unfortunately, we don’t each have our fiefs separated by lots of air and unique water supplies. We function in a hive. Our interdepedence is our greatest liability and strength.

    I read, with disappointment, the points in another comment section regarding the non-existence of a social contract. “Show me the paper” has been written many times in these spaces.
    As I said before, I own small businesses. In my experience, written contracts are built for when things go bad. If I had to produce a ‘written agreement’ for every interaction I have with my little enterprises, nothing would ever happen. 90% of the quality work I am able to get done happens because of unspoken, yes emotional agreements. These are with employees, contractors, advisors, partners. They happen with customers and producers.

    The mask laws have been pushed and implemented because the general populace (us) has not been willing to shoulder the basic responsibility we have to one another. Things went bad. There’s your contract.

    I don’t chase those without a ‘diaper’. I don’t stare. I don’t glare. I don’t say anything. Instead I keep my counsel and think to myself about the deep shame I feel when partners in the pre-infection contract have chosen to abandon their responsibilty.

    For the future, until our infection rate decreases, masks will continue to be the norm. It’s what we have. Unmasking drives this rate. And no, a 1-2% death rate is not ridiculous. It’s a hell of a lot of dads, daughters wives and moms.

    You folks are going to do what you do. As you should. But, please lay down the ‘freedom’ vitriol for a minute and give a thought for the folks around you.
    I sincerely hope you, and those close to you, never have to meet me where I work.

  2. I will say to their credit most lyft drivers leave you alone with a few exceptions. Some are relieved when they see you without a mask and take off theirs. Theres a big silent majority that see this as incredibly stupid but people are scared to voice an opinion against the orthodoxy

    • Hi Mark,

      I think that’s exactly it. And it’s precisely why it’s so important to resist this. The Fear Organs – this includes not just the major media but also the major corporations – want (need) everyone to believe that everyone agrees with Diapering… hence the relentless pushing for it by the media and the recent mandating by the corporations. The sight of Undiapered gives courage to the those who Diaper but really don’t want to, encouraging them not to.

      Consider that the same Diaper waxing we’re seeing could just as easily go in the other direction – and wane, as more and more people just stop Diapering. Once say a third of the population doesn’t, it becomes increasingly difficult to get the other two-thirds to continue Diapering. The taking off takes on a life of its own.

      And that could mean the end of all this stuff.

      Which is they need to keep the pressure – and Diapers – on.

  3. With the kids out of town with Grandma for the weekend, Diane and I decided to go out to eat at a nice restaurant last night in Tulsa. With Mayor P.T Barnum’s mandatory mask edict in place, we both had some trepidation about the evening plans.

    If hassled, I was fully prepared to evoke the “medical exception” routine. It would not be lying. After all, breathing is a medical condition necessary for life, is it not? The unrestricted intake of oxygen and expelling of carbon dioxide is a process refined by millions of years of evolution. Suddenly, politicians order us to alter this process? Uh, no thank you. Good luck with that.

    As it turns out, we were worried for nothing. Although there were signs posted stating that masks were MANDATORY in bold letters, we ignored them and walked in sans mask and were treated appropriately and seated as usual without any hassle.

    All throughout the evening as we sat at our table, we noticed the high percentage of people who also walked in with no mask. I’d say 60% ignored the mandate. No tables were blocked off for antisocial distancing. The place was packed.

    It was almost as if the world had returned to sanity for a brief moment. It was a good evening.

  4. Masks are cool, you know. Not the stupid masks that look like masks, not those masks.

    You can possibly infect others if you are COVID-19 positive and know it. Jiminee crickets, if you have been tested, then a mask is essential, doncha know. Doesn’t matter if you are tested and negative, then a mask is more than necessary. Masks are essential for a healthy society to exist at this point in time.

    People who test COVID-19 positive and know it would be required to wear a mask. You are COVID-19 positive, the mask informs everyone of your COVID status. In fact, just have words printed on the face of the mask like ‘COVID-19 Positive’, then everyone will know what’s up.

    If you haven’t been tested and don’t know, you don’t have to wear a mask until somebody gets sick, like you, maybe. Can’t have that mask-free person wandering in the midst, they’re gonna get somebody sick. You would be insane to allow people who haven’t been tested to be mask-free.

    Anybody not wearing a mask is subject to fines and isolation in the hoosegow. You’ll be hunted down, incarcerated immediately and indefinitely. For safety and security for everyone, those refusing to don a mask will be forced into a quarantine facility, a jail is the best place for those who refuse to wear a mask.

    Just the way it is nowadays.

    So you will have to don a mask to inform everyone that you haven’t been tested yet, so the mask you wear can have words printed on the face of the mask stating that you haven’t been tested. ‘Not Tested for COVID-19’ right there in front of you so you know the person has not been tested.

    You will then run from them because you don’t want to be near anybody like that, an untested human for COVID-19 is dangerous, easy to see that.

    You will have to run away from the positives too. You will have no where to go, the maskless will be a threat, the masked untested and masked tested will be threats, you’ll be surrounded. You’ll have to wear a mask, no matter what.

    Your head will be swimming, you won’t know what to do, you’re torn, gimmee my mask then, I don’t want to look like a non-conformist and show my fat face, good lord. If I am going to be normal like everyone else, I need a mask and quick.

    Might want to consider issuing approved masks, official masks to wear, only masks with the words ‘COVID-19 Positive’ and ‘Not Tested for COVID-19’ will be allowed, no other kind of mask can be worn.

    The official Mask Agency will issue you a mask, if you willingly test for the virus and are negative, which won’t happen, your mask will have the words ‘COVID-19 Free’.

    However, that will never even see the light of day, the prototype, only one, that face mask will have the words ‘COVID-19 Free’. Not a single COVID-19 Free mask will be issued, nobody will be so lucky.

    Time to roll out a few guillotines and get to work. If you are COVID-19 free, you lose your head. There will be no COVID-19 free people anywhere!

    The mask tyrants are serious, the real insanity has yet to begin. French Revolution stuff gone from ludicrous speed to plaid. Not there yet, but it is time to move so the moment finally arrives.

    I’m pulling your leg, being sarcastic and cynical at the same time. Just bullshittin’ ya. lol

    Laughter is the best medicine. In the end, that is what is going to happen. Everybody will take off their masks and start laughing at themselves knowing what fools they have been, the cure for the madness.

    The maelstrom of the malaise does continue, though. The violent protests in Portland and Seattle are just more bidness as usual, just part of your day these days. It’s ugly. Fools never learn.

    What a mess.

    Back to the cool masks.

    You can buy a neck and head stocking/scarf that pulls over your head and can hide your whole face, you can see through the material when the thing covers your eyes.

    The nylon stocking like robbers use is about the same idea for the stocking face protector, not really a mask, but can be used as one. You can wear it around your neck like an article of clothing, pull it up when you really need to do so. Kind of a dodge of the required face mask monkey business.

    Actually, I am of the opinion that face recognition technology can still see your entire face even if covered completely. Face recognition technology has X-ray vision!

    Black bird singing in dead of night, take these broken wings and learn to fly!

  5. I sometimes think I’ve transported into a Salvador Dali work. It’s so shocking, the level of dystopian delusion, that I’m left speechless most of the time. “The cases, the cases, oh my God, the cases.” Are people really that effing stupid? To believe irrelevant facts are gospel? To be unable to take in ALL the facts, and reach a logical conclusion, and expose the lie, even to themselves? Then again, one need only look at the rest of the male bovine fecal matter that the sheeple have been perfectly willing to accept from the Psychopaths In Charge, for generations, and conclude that yes indeed, they are that stupid. As Brian Young of High Impact Vlogs often advises, “never underestimate the stupidity of people in large crowds”.

  6. I’ve been thinking that maybe there should be a meme to shame mask wearers into P100 or N100 respirators that actually can be effective against viruses. Most of them would likely cave. First they are about $30 each, second they are way more involved.

    • Hi Brent,

      That might work – if reason were an effective weapon. But these are religious maniacs. Theirs is a faith – and one can’t make a dent with facts.

      • They are indeed zealots. If they were told they had to give up a pint of blood every time they left their house they would gladly die in a few days to insure their sainthood.

        • Morning, JWK!

          There’s a weird mixture of masochism and sadism at work here. They seem to want to suffer – it being, as they see it, a virtue. And they also want to make sure you suffer, too – that also being a virtue.

          It’s pretty sick, eh?

  7. Sometimes I will tell the partially masked (those that obviously don’t like it), “They are lying to us”. “There is no need for a mask because it is a hoax”.

    Sometimes it helps them. Sometimes it is a waste of breath.

    • Hi SM777,

      The partially Diapered are on our side. I have conversed with several – checkout people at Kroger – and they know the score but go through the motions for the same reason that waiters at TGI Fridays used to wear “flair” . . . they are required to. I tell them I understand and sympathize and also that I am worried that Diapering is the prequel to Needling – and Tracking – and that while I get that keeping one’s job is important, keeping the Needle away is more so and it may be worth taking a stand now – against the Diaper – to avoid the Needle (and Tracking) later.

      • Good Point about the needle. I had heard fauci, fanucci, whatever mentioning that in the future, anyone who does not get the vaccine will not be able to buy or sell in the USA. There have also been statements by Gates?…about the vaccine containing a DNA “upgrade” or “mark”. There is a book that mentioned this would happen after Israel was brought back together as a nation which happened in 1948.

  8. I went into a Publix in Georgia. Publix has mandated mask madness, the Georgia governor sued the Mayor of Atlanta over her mask made mandates. It’s a bit of cross fatwas.

    No one approached me after entering but all were masked except a black woman and her kids. The white folk’s kids had masks, lowered. One white dude appeared to be a gym frequenter, with his aon. He had overly developed biceps with obligatory tatts. But, both he and his offspring had pulled their masks down below their noses, thus negating any mask effectiveness. He glared at my unmasked face, I wanted to go up to him and call him a pussy for kneeling down as a good prole, an excellent example for his gelding son. But, I chose to buy some beer instead…at 67 I’ve got to choose my battles wisely.

    • One cannot convince another that their faith has no foundation. At least not in the time one may have in a grocery store, if at all. Once a person is a “believer”, they might die before they would change. They most definitely stop listening to reason. Which wouldn’t be so bad if they didn’t insist that you believe as well. I am likewise 66, and my asskicking days are long over. Physical confrontation is not an option in any case, much less against a regular gym user. So I don’t get confrontational too often.


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