Diaper Report 7/28/20

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When you land a punch, that’s the time to land another – as many as you can throw. Don’t give your opponent any time to recover – until after he’s on the floor, the ref has called 10 and he’s out.

You can now enter major grocery store chains like Kroger without having to battle for your right to not Diaper. At my local Kroger in Roanoke, Virginia they no longer have a Diaper Dispenser at the door pestering people on their way in who aren’t Diapered.

You don’t have to deal with any of that.

But you still have to cope with the depressing sight of a store full of Diapered People. You’d think people were sick or something.

Mostly, they’re afraid – terrorized. They have been PTSD’d into a state of resignation and submission  . . . by signs. 

And “policies.”

It is remarkable how obedient so many people are – which is the manifestation of decades of conditioning to avoid questioning authority and just do what it says they must. This includes the authority of signs at the door to grocery stores. You’d think they were wearing guns or something.

But some people aren’t obedient. They do ask questions – and when the answers aren’t reasonable, they draw their own conclusions about what to do.

I encountered two such today at my local Kroger, both women. I spoke with both, which was easy because not only were we able to make eye contact we could see what the other wasn’t wearing and safely assume why.

Fellow wrongthinkers! Disbelievers in the power of the Diaper!

I smiled – which they could also see – and they smiled back, indicating safe to approach – and did so. This is risky with the Diapered because you cannot tell whether they’re smiling or something else – which is part of the alienating aspect of these dehumanizing devices.

They turn everyone who wears one into a faceless person.

At any rate, the smile and the ability to see it – and they mine – served as the preliminary to a friendly, normal conversation. Like people used to have. Like they can, again, if they’re willing to stop being afraid. Or rather, be more afraid of what’s being done to them than of a virus that probably won’t do anything to them.

I go out of my way to smile and – if possible – say something nice to every person I see sans Diaper, in order to encourage more sans Diapering.

The more the Undiapered are seen, the harder it becomes to maintain the lie that Diapering is the only barrier between life and death.

Or even a sore throat.

Go in and show them you’re not afraid – by showing your face. The more of us who do, the more of us will as most people will do what they see others doing – or not doing. Just a few months ago, it was abnormal to see people in grocery stores Darth Vadering their own schnott through swaddling over their mouths and noses. It can be abnormal again, if enough of us start acting normally again.

Hence – go shopping sans Diaper as often as possible. Make multiple trips, just to show your face – and to maybe give courage to others to show theirs.

The Diapered Monster Thing isn’t down for the count yet. But we may have rocked him, just a bit.

Now for another haymaker!


  1. Well said Eric! I went, maskless as always, to Kroger and Walmart right before the most recent threat of mandatory masking. I asked three people at Walmart specifically what the mask policy was going to be. Not one person could give me any specifics.

    While standing in the checkout line at Kroger, I asked the manager what the policy was going to be and for some specifics. She could not tell me a single thing either. A masked woman with three kids in line in front of me overheard me questioning the manager. She looked at me and then pulled her mask off and said, “I think this whole mask thing is just a big shakedown!” I just gave her a big maskless smile and said you can leave that thing off.

    Eric, you should post the 30 minute video of Doctors United as they spoke out in support of Hydroxychloroquine, zinc, and Zpacs! As of today it’s still available. I can tell you it’s truly inspiring and worth saving and sharing!

  2. Nobody wears masks around here in the immediate vicinity, you have to travel to where the brainwashed mask wearers are located to see it in action.

    Was at the bar last night to have a brew, not one mask on anybody. I asked the owner of the bar how many people in the area have died of the dreaded corona virus.

    No one is the answer.

    No real paranoia, nobody asking why there are no masks anywhere, just plain old normal local yokels imbibing in libations.

    Was at a gas stop, one person, a worker was masked, everyone else was risking their lives breathing in indoor and outdoor air with no protection. They don’t have to wear masks in the gas stop convenience store to buy fuel and have some lunch, that’s why they are there, business was booming.

    Had I gone mask crazy and insisted on every customer to get their masks on, I probably would be punched in the snoot. I may be stupid, but I’m not as dumb as I look. lol

    Of course, where I am located, Mars is closer to everywhere else. The edge of nowhere is the place to be these days.

    • Hi Drumphish,

      More good news to start the day – thank you! Also, if I may ask, where is your edge of nowhere? It might be a place I’m interested in. Would the locals object to a lurid orange Trans-Am rolling around?

      • Well, it’s not Iceland, however, Icelanders settled here and farmed.

        The corvette owners in a three county area met on main street here the other night, so a Trans-Am would be okay.

        I have CRS disease, how am I supposed to know where I am? lol

        100 degrees longitude, 48.5 degrees latitude, continental US. Summers are perfect, winters can be a war of all against all, brutal, but tolerable.

        Think Peggy Lee, Lawrence Welk, Roger Maris, all once lived here in the great state of North Dakota. Peggy Lee, Norma Engstrom, joined Benny Goodman’s band at a young age.

        Phil Jackson of New York Knickerbockers, coach of the Chicago Bulls then onto Los Angeles to coach the Lakers led the Williston Coyotes to the 1963 state championship in high school basketball. He wrote the book ‘Maverick’, tells all.

        All bars, restaurants, and schools were closed during the lockdown in North Dakota.

        All but one closed, the bar owner refused, the bar is twenty miles from here. The bar name is Gunslingers, so the law enforcers respectfully issued warnings, but the bar was never closed.

        Law enforcement has a healthy respect for the bar owner and there were no problems.

        The bar owner has teetered on the other side of the law in other areas, so he is well-known for his antics.

        Farmers from Iowa settled the area in the early 1900’s, they sold their land in Iowa at a good profit, homesteaded, all new farmland to be tilled and hoed.

        Wisconsin farmers also settled the area.

        John Miller, the state’s first governor, was from New York, settled in the Red River Valley of the North, farmed thousands of acres of land there. A bonanza farmer, really.

        I kind of lied, there is a military installation some tens of miles from here, if you want to settle in the countryside, it is advised to be near a military base. Modern day super fortresses are the most wired spots on the planet, they know you’re there right now. The post-modern world at work.

        The county directly north of my location would have numerous farmsteads for sale close to the Canadian border. I have a small farm now, no other place is suitable for me, done all of the urban living I ever needed.

        If you are more suited for closer neighbors and a small town with the supply lines, a popular lake straddles the Canadian/US border. Prices are above normal though.

        Now you know where the edge of nowhere is .

        • Thanks Drump!

          If only it it weren’t for the cold. But then even Old Man Winter is becoming more appealing than all of these youthful sickness psychotics. A warm asylum for the insane is no place to be, in any case.

          My area used to be so nice – and still is, except for the people. Not all of them. But how many spoons of poo does it take to ruin a gallon of ice cream?

          • For a place to possibly re-locate, there is Washington State, which has decent winter weather and scenery France wishes they had.

            If you have the money, Orcas Island is outstanding for basic country living and nobody is really going to bother you. The ferry system is world class. The Puget Sound will have something to offer. Shilshole Bay marina for your boat and all of that nonchalant jazz, Chuckanut Drive near Anacortes is outstanding.

            I lived in Seattle in the mid-eighties for about seven months or so, great place then, probably not so much now. I was homesick, I had to see the sun once in a while.

            ‘The Needle is Goddess, Space is the Place’ – graffiti on a building in downtown Seattle. Kind of prophetic graffiti.

            There is also the Pacific Coast, the weather is good for most of the year and towns are not too big, Gray’s Harbor is a great area, cranberry fields forever. Further north into the Olympics, there are plenty of areas to inhabit. Fishing is always good. Dungeness crab cannot be beat.

            If you want to be near mountains and rugged terrain, the Cascades have it all, Mount Rainier is as good as it gets. The Swiss Alps of America, you won’t be disappointed.

            As far as weather and scenery, western Washington State is too good to be true.

            • Hi Drump,

              I’ve been to Washington – Seattle as well as the countryside – also all over CA. Beautiful areas ruined by Clovers, who control the state. Not worth the effort of moving. My part of SW Virginia is also beautiful – and being ruined by Clovers, most of them former Northern Virginians who left after having ruined that part of the state.

              I despair of options – and so hold my ground against the inevitable incoming tide.

              • Then consider Montana or Idaho. Elk and bears wandering around along the highway in Idaho is what you do see. Montana first.

                There is the Oxford Bar in Missoula that is open 24/7/365. They never use keys to unlock and lock the doors, the place is open all of the time. Been there once, quite an experience.

                If you see one Montanan near somewhere out there in the forest wilderness, two are hidden behind trees and are definitely armed. What I’ve heard before.

                ‘Make tax day and election day the same day’ – words on a billboard along a highway in Montana.

                You’ll see wolves, which look like dogs, only lupus species, on the side of the road munching on a kill.

                What seals the deal for me is not the on ground report of the current zeitgeist, it is what nature offers.

                Snow geese flying in a flock of a thousand led by three Sandhill cranes, following the snow geese are about a dozen whooping cranes that fly in kind of a weaving pattern. A natural symbiosis.

                Also, you’ll see a bald eagle at an altitude of some 600 feet, you look above and there are two red-tailed hawks bearing down on the eagle’s position.

                One day, two hawks were chasing a bald eagle to hell and gone, just have to keep your eye’s peeled. You see the two bald eagle’s about a mile and a half away from the scene. Hawks win the battle, all the time, every time.

                Coyote, pheasant, grouse, deer, antelope, moose, are running around and flying around all of the time.

                A few skunks now and then. Had one living under a building in the yard rent free, an outrage. Eviction time. What to do? I thought about giving the skunk of a taste of his own medicine, some urination might work, so I peed at his doorway a few times, the skunk was gone. Skunks are always rabid, never assume otherwise.

                You see things going on all of the time. When you do, you might just see an object that is unknown to the human eye and the noosphere.

                An unidentified object never seen before is what you might see. They’re out there.

                Northwest Montana, Whitefish area, will work.

                Recommended movie, ‘Rancho Deluxe’.

  3. Here’s an encouraging report from my wife who just returned from Albertsons earlier this evening:

    She was standing in the checkout line. There were only 2 lanes open. A lady in the next lane kept gesturing to my wife for her to pull her chinstrap up over her mouth and nose.

    For a while my wife ignored her. While still behind 1 guy at the checkout, she looked over at the Diaper Dapper in the next lane who intensified her stern pull-the-diaper-up gesturing.

    My wife got angry and yelled at her: “Shut up! Don’t tell me what to do. You know nothing about me. Its hard for me to breath.”

    Then the Latin guy in front of my wife checking out, pulled his mask down and turned around to my wife and said loudly for everyone to hear “You know this is all bullshit don’t you?”

    They had a discussion about the Cameroon doctor and the mask studies” while he finished getting checked out.

    And then when my wife moved up to checkout, the checkout lady said: “Yeah this is all b.s.”

    And then the Filipino lady behind my wife said, “Yeah, I have a breathing problem too. People don’t like this. Trump is going to win”.

    Then my wife told the Filipino lady “I’m going to register Democrat and apply to be a ballot-worker to watch them cheat and harvest mail-in-ballots”

    And then the white guy behind the Filipino lady heard what my wife said and raised his fist in the air and said “That’s a great idea!”

    So by inciting my wife to anger, they allowed 6 out of 6 people to find out that they’re not alone.

    [Full disclosure on the pro-Trump sentiments: My personal opinion is that he’s controlled opposition, and not a friend to the Anti-Diaper-De-Humanization movement.]

    • This is excellent, Wolfgang!

      I’ve had similar conversations with checkout clerks at my local Kroger; they universally – in my interactions – loathe the Diaper and wear it under duress. But this is building rage against those forcing them to wear the Diaper. In the same way people’s anger toward bullies builds and builds until it explodes.

      God help the Diaper Pushers when it does.

      I urge all reading this to engage others in conversation, to seek out people who resent what’s happening and confirm that you resent it also. This can spread and give us all the strength necessary to rip off these vile symbols of repression and torment and shove them down the throats of those tormenting us.

  4. I just got back from grocery shopping. I went to my favorite, local store. They HAD been strict about masking, but they’ve eased up over the last week or so. I went in sans face diaper, got my stuff, and checked out. While checking out, a guy in a face diaper came up to me and asked if I was tired of the masks. I said yeah, and besides, they don’t work anyway; I told him why, and he knew the dimensions of a N95 mask vs. the CV. He proceeded to remove HIS face diaper! We had a good convo that carried on till we went out to the parking lot. He invited me to Bible study tomorrow, and I just might go…

    • Hi Mark,

      Yes! A million such victories for sanity and this sickness will wane. They want us alienated from one another, suspicious and fearful. If that can be turned off – and it can be, I am convinced, else I’d not be typing this now – we can end this in a couple of weeks.

      People are scared – the cases! the cases! – but if the bodies fail to stack up (again) then this con will lose its virility and if that happens, there could well be a powerful surge of anger directed toward those who’ve been screwing with – and ruining – our lives for the past six months.

  5. There is a weird inverse incentive to masking, it frustrates facial recognition. Unless this is an exercise in advancing and refining it.

    • Hi Max,

      I doubt very much Diapering interferes with facial recognition; or rather, I see Diapering as a temporary thing – the conditioning thing necessary prior to the Needling that’s coming. Once Needled, you won’t need to be facially tracked as they can track you using what’s in you.

  6. The Scam-a-rona virus received more JD Power awards for initial deadliness than any other virus scam.

    Wow, oooh, amazing, this is one sexy virus, I’m definitely buying this whole pandemic thing.


  7. So here’s my mini-mask report for yesterday and today.
    1) Went to the car dealership yesterday. As required by the county, they had multiple signs about mask requirements. I did not wear a mask and everyone was very polite with me. At no time during the 3 hours I was in the waiting room did anyone say anything about my lack of a mask. Some of the employees sometimes had their masks half-off but all of the customers I saw were wearing them.
    2) Went to Home Depot which also had multiple mask signs but didn’t have a door guard. Went in and made my purchase without anyone saying anything to me. I did see one other customer without a mask and I probably should have gone up to talk with him about his views, but I didn’t.
    3) Called the corporate office of Publix to complain to customer service about their store-wide mandatory mask policy. The customer service rep was very polite and took notes about the points I made and promised to escalate my complaint to a higher level.
    4) I had a doctor appointment today. The medical establishment is much more into mask enforcement than the retail establishment. Their first line of defense was someone at the front door who took my temperature. They absolutely wouldn’t let anyone in without a mask if they didn’t have a demonstrable breathing problem. Since my doctor was in a position to challenge this, so I didn’t pursue that route. Changing doctors is a major hassle and at least at this point it’s not something I’m willing to do. While I was in there, they engaged in several other covid-theater practices. They had turned half the chairs around so people couldn’t sit in them. Every time someone got up out of their chair, someone came over and swabbed down the chair. They also swabbed down the inside of the blood pressure cuff and the chair you sat in to get your blood pressure taken. I’m afraid it’s going to be very difficult to get the medical establishment to retreat on this issue.
    5. I ordered a body cam that I plan to wear when I go shopping so I can easily record any encounters I might have, especially if I run into some undercover mask enforcers.

    As Eric says, in most cases all you need to do to resist diapering is to have the courage to ignore a sign, but in other cases, they are taking enforcement more seriously.

    • I’ve been in a whole bunch of stores without a diaper over the last couple of weeks, and while 90 percent or more of people are diapered, I’m kind of surprised that not one person has said a word to me. I do make a point of approaching almost every undiapered person I encounter to thank them for not being diapered. Have had some great conversations and met some really nice, intelligent folks. There are still some people out there who get it.

    • Re the medical establishment- you are entirely correct. Because there are way too many lawyers and bureaucrats involved, they don’t, aren’t allowed to, and generally CAN’T think. This will only change when the medical/sick care insurance industry collapses under its own weight.

      • Of course the Medical Industrial Complex is all on board with the corona flu hysteria. It’s their ball game. They created it in order to generate enormous profit at gun point. if one is in the medical business, in which any and all practitioners are required to own a licence, your license can easily be revoked for the most innocuous of reasons. Any and all who speak truth to power in the medical industry are summarily dismissed by “experts”, if not disposed of by “censors”. It will be the last bastion of corona flu hysteria if the rest of us are indeed able to escape it. Like the newly created tyrants, the medical establishment should be exposed as the evil parasites they have become. Medicine has become an industry claiming to be in pursuit of our health, while its actions proclaim otherwise. Pharma is not interested in curing anything, and is engaged in very little if any research in pursuit of that end. There isn’t any money in cures, like Hydroxychloroquine. Likewise no money in homeopathic treatment, like vitamin D and Zinc, which it constantly and aggressively attacks. Your doctor may care, but they are under Pharma’s thumb. If they aren’t very careful what they say and do in pursuit of your health, they could find themselves without a job. Medicine is in partnership with the Psychopaths In Charge that continue to inflict tyrannical solutions that are orders of magnitude worse in effect than the disease.


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