An Aspect of the Con

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There are many good reasons to be very skeptical about practically everything we are being told about the WuFlu (don’t dignify this bug by using the term we are being told to use – “COVID-19”- which sounds so much more impressive and scientific. . . so novel . . . but is political and being purveyed to us by the Fear Organ in just the same way that, for those who remember, the attacks upon the World Trade Center suddenly – almost as if a light switch had been flipped – became “911” as the Fear Organ sang that tune in unanimity and endlessly until everyone sang the same tune . . . in order to make it hard to sing a different one).

Well, here is another reason to be very skeptical about the cases! the cases! – which the Fear Organ won’t stop telling us about.

Always without context – without telling people that most of the “cases” aren’t dying – for the ought-to-be-obvious purpose of terrifying people that they are going to die . . . unless they Diaper. Unless they demand everyone Diaper. Unless – soon – everyone Needle.

It ought to be obvious by now.

It’s not because of deliberate deception.

I will now tell you about an aspect of it that I became aware of through a friend who holds a position of seniority within the hierarchy of a major medical apparat. I cannot name this person for reasons that also ought to be obvious as this person would be subject to immediate retribution that could extend beyond loss of job. Besides which, it is good to have a Deep Throat within the bowels of the Sickness apparat.

This person told me the following:

When a person goes to their doctor – or the hospital – for A (a condition or problem that has nothing to do with the WuFlu) they may leave with a very large bill for the services rendered. Unless those services are coded as B (WuFlu or WuFlu-related) and then they get a substantial financial break because the government compensates the providers of those services if they are “coded” as WuFlu services.

The doctor who so codes is trying to be helpful to his patient by helping them avoid a big bill for their ear infection or GI issue.

But he is also helping to pour gas on the WuFlu fire because the coding uplifts the cases! the cases! and this helps maintain the impression that there is an ongoing crisis – one sufficient to justify forcing every American to play Sickness Kabuki in order to be allowed to work or shop or do practically anything.

Even kids are being Kabuki’d – which is perhaps the most despicable aspect of the whole thing since kids are essentially immune from death by WuFlu, as the Orange Man correctly stated the other day. For which he was excoriated by the Fear Organ, precisely because what he said runs counter to the necessary maintenance in perpetuity of all this fear.

Kids are being terrorized in the name of a sickness that poses no more threat to them than a bad fall down the stairs on the way to the cafeteria, if that. Their childhoods are being ruined along with their peace of mind, which may never recover.

This ought to get parents – and any adult with a sense of humanity – angry. Instead, they get angry at people who raise questions about the cases! the cases! by asking about context. Who dare to point out that a “case” does not mean automatic or even probable death. Especially for kids.

Does not even mean symptoms for 80-ish percent of the “cases” and nothing worse than that for 99-plus percent of them outside of old-age homes, where old people tend to die . . . from complications of old age.

Many of them within the first year of being admitted. Not because of WuFlu. Because they aren’t immortal.

My friend within the apparat pointed out the vicious financial incentives pushing the cases! the cases! ever higher. Hospitals and the doctors who work there are paid to report the cases! the cases! – as many of them as possible because each one triggers a payday – and that fact alone ought to cast into disrepute everything the Fear Organ has been playing.

It used to, when journalists reported the facts – which includes the context.

Why wasn’t the country locked down in 1968, every American pressured to wear a Face Diaper? There was a bad flu in the air that year – the Hong Kong Flu. But there were journalist in those days, not Fear Organ grinders – and they reported the facts and the context.

Flu can kill – then and now. But it doesn’t kill everyone or even most everyone and so everyone doesn’t need to take the same precautions; nor does it justify universal impositions – for the same reason that it would be silly and even vicious (because humiliating) to enforce a “mandate” that everyone who goes near a pool must wear a life preserver at all times – including people who can swim.

Today, the not-sick are forced to wear a Face Diaper. It amounts to the same humiliation.

And training. In the S&M sense.

If, back in ’68, hospitals got a check from the government for every “case” they reported, there would probably have been many more “cases.” And there would have been much more hysteria, if the journalists of that era opened every news broadcast – and ended it – with a hyperventilating counting of these “cases.”

But there were journalists then.

The National Enquirer and Weekly World News were not The New York Times and Washington Post. Today, the latter are the former – with the difference being that they are considered credible – which is an incredible thing.

It is so because of the lock they have on the public mind, which they have because corporations own journalism. There is no journalism unless you look for alternatives to what it has become – and most don’t.

They listen, instead, to the Fear Organ’s sick song.

And live in fear of a virulent nothing so terrifying that they are willing to surrender anything if only it will go away.

Which, of course, it never will.

The fear being the whole point of the thing.

. . .

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    • Haha, I know, once we start accepting a lie, we’re just going down a road of lies. This whole thing is lies on top of other lies.

  1. Yesterday, here in Coronaville, I was walking through the woods, as solitary as a bird, sans mask. A fellow and a young man whom I took to be his son, both masked, approached me on the path. When we came within ten or twelve feet of each other and the fellow observed that I was maskless, he asked if I’d step to the side which I was happy to do. But then he requested that I step off the path into the brush to give them more room to pass, say ten or twelve feet as opposed to eight feet. I glanced to see if there was poison ivy in the brush. There wasn’t.

    I had to make a split second decision. So far as I can recount it in narrative time, as these considerations, on the spot, take place in the wink of an eye, I could have refused to oblige and provoked an unpleasant situation, saying, curtly, “You’ll do fine,” as they passed by or I could accommodate the request and avoid the unpleasantness. I chose to let discretion be the better part of valor, stepped a foot or two off the path and let them proceed.

    In retrospect, I’m not sure whether I did this out of cowardice or because I had no desire to permit this foolishness to infect me with the bad vibes I would have taken with me for the rest of my walk, not so much about this silly contretempts but about the whole damn business.

    Which raises the point: I suspect we’re fighting a lost cause against the forces of Big Brother. Do we adjust or do we resist and go down with the ship knowing that others will be affected by our choices?

  2. Thanks for pointing out another way they are cooking the books.

    Michigan plays the Cases Con too of course, but we also have the “Death Spike Con”. The DSC goes like this; Once a week or so, pick a random day, they add deaths from a “critical review”. The critical review includes cases from weeks or even months ago. Aug 6th was the last DSC with 26 deaths. The Detroit papers don’t bother to tell people it’s from a review of old cases and they plot the deaths on their graphs as if the deaths all happened on the 26th. If the placed them on the graph where they belonged (date of death) the graph would show a sharper peak and a flatter line currently. In Michigan we have not had a day with over 10 deaths since mid June, with the exceptions being 6 different DSC days. Even with the DSC we are averaging under 10 a day, even though they started the Testing Con over a month ago, which helped created a cases spike con.

    Michigan isn’t the only State playing the Death Spike Con. A bunch of states are adding “critical review” deaths to current stats, as if the deaths are happening today, rather than weeks ago. They also plot these deaths on their graphs using “reporting dates” rather than the dates on the death certificates. This makes all of the graphs part of the Con as well. By doing this they make sure that their magic curve will never be flat, even though, in Michigan at least, it’s been flat for over a month. (and of course we got locked down again, thanks to the reporting con and deaths spike con.)

    I haven’t followed all the states to see how many are doing this, but every once in a while I’ll check a random state that reports a Death Spike and sure enough, it will eventually get reported that it was due to a critical review of past cases and of course it never gets corrected on the graphs. (no flat curve for you!)

    PS. Still haven’t worn a face diaper.

  3. I dont think you understand. America no longer exists. The middle class has been wiped out. America has been conquered by the New World Order Collectivist terrorist-parasites. Within 5 years, China will be a much better place to live. White people are just vapid, mentally ill twits.

    “in order to conquer America and create a world government, you have to make them stupid and make them poor”

    Who said that?

  4. The government is to blame. If they took away the higher payments for Covid coded expenses, perhaps the number of cases would drop by 90%…my estimate. This plays right into the medical mafia’s billing scheme which is based on more of everything, more often and then when that doesn’t work, more of something else. Never will you get the simplest, cheapest, most effective remedy from your mafia paid doctor or the hospital. It’s all about generated monstrous incomes for the medical mafia. Of course the hospitals, lacking the normal inflow of patients (revenues) are going to suck every dollar from the stupid government that they can. We have seen how eager the government is to give handout after handout, all in the name of saving the totally corrupt system. So we have governments shutting down people’s lives, which in turn shuts down revenues on all levels of government and the economy just so they can continue to create a fake pandemic and the eventual downfall of the system to be replaced by some idiotic madness called Marxism. The CDC is talking about shutdowns for the next 3 years. How does that grab you baby? The majority will be jumping for joy as they will be able to wear their permanent-for-life face diapers and I hope they are filled with poop.

    • I agree that you will never get the simplest, cheapest cure. The minute one does appear OTC always disappears once the AM A and big pharmaceutical notice it sells like hotcakes. a sure sign ‘we’ think it’s working. This happened to one of the most effective sinus meds that my ENT told me to use when I was working at Motorola in Schaumburg, IL. It actually cleared up an infection. Removed from the market in the early 90s. Can’t have something OTC that actually kills the infection that often sets in. No money to spread around to the members of their club. If there’s a Hell I hope collectively they all wind up there. I need an antibiotic but can’t afford all the expense to eventually get one nor do I want my visit counted as a Covid case. Of course, that’s if you can even get into see a doctor. Obamacare angered the Hell out of me. I struggle to pay my own medical and these commie rags want me to pay for the so-called poor. I think Henry Hazlitt might have had a point when indicating that poverty is where the money is. Think about it. Isn’t that where all those $1200.00 checks went to first? And an additional $1200 to them for each kid. These are people who are already subsidized by the tax donkeys. Seems to me the people who most need the help are the ones actually paying for their asses. I have yet to see a $1200 check from the IRS for myself. Have you? Has anyone here who pays taxes? You know, Rothbard was right. The state is nothing more than legalized theft writ large. No wonder they went to war with the Mafia. They didn’t like the competition

      • I’m poor (hopefully not forever lol) but anyways, I don’t get any free healthcare. All I can get is medicaid, but I have to PAY for it, and it’s more than I can afford, so I have no health insurance at all. I admit IDK much about Oblahblahcare, but I do know they never got a functioning website etc, the whole thing is just a scam. OR spent apparently a $billion on a healthcare website that never worked and they ended up dumping it. So, IDK who these poor ppl are that are getting anything for free.

  5. What I like to hammer most, at this point, is the massive masking compliancy. Here in rivercity (Ohio) it’s unfreekingbelievable! Observed maskers in the last couple days: a man cutting his own lawn; customers in a baseball card shop; children w/parents; customers at a highway produce stand; a bicycle rider!

    • – Meanwhile Trump just giving an address from N.J. – among other things, underscoring the “reality” of the “pandemic” and the wonderful military involved injections solution…

  6. This isn’t directly related to the subject matter but I am hoping someone can provide some insight onto why, during the alleged vivid virus, a local government who has mandated face disappearing, has all of a sudden mandated the laying of fiber optic cable, violating social distancing mandates and where they have been granted ‘legal’ access to property to dig up peoples yards. Call paranoid, but I was wondering if this out of the blue and sudden push to install fiber optic cables plays into the communist agenda and how? Will this in some way allow them to control and track people more. I live 12 miles outside of Lexington, Ky and they haven’t bothered to extend it since 2005 but now towards the end of the summer during the alleged pandemic, out of the blue all their mandates are going to be violated by forcing construction on property they won’t in the end be responsible for repairing! Does this have something to do with 5g and why would that be so important to TPTB? Any enlightenment would be appreciated. Lyn

    • Hi Lyn,

      I have noticed this also in my area; almost frantic laying of orange/blue cables byt he side of US 221 in Floyd County, “the virus” be damned. The workers aren’t Diapered – and do not “practice” (what the Hell does that mean) anti-social distancing, either.

      I agree – it’s weird…

      • Thanks, Eric, glad to know someone else is noticing this. If there is anything to their dirty electricity I have been reading about, the radiation from 5g will be even worse than regular wireless. But still, government doesn’t push through anything that doesn’t benefit itself. Why now should they care if ‘we’ have fast internet access or not. I’ve been around since the Warren Commission approved the Magic Bullet theory as gospel when JFK was assassinated, Ruby Ridge, the USS Liberty, Janet Reno and the Branch Davidians. The government has a long history of lies in my lifetime, not to mention, a long history of lying before I was even born. And I Really don’t understand how the majority of citizens haven’t noticed the lies, the false flags and how history is repeating itself BECAUSE of their fecking complacency.

        I support your resistance 100 percent. It’s nice to know some men still have a pair of cajones the feminists haven’t excised. I miss the good old days when men were still men and women were still women and people actually expected the sexes to have their differences. Today, we have cops kneeling before BLM and washing their feet. Give me DIrty Harry any day. At least he knew when to take out the trash.

        • Hi Lyn,

          I’m glad you brought this issue up as I, too, have wondered about the apparent urgency of it all. Even during the “lockdown” roadside work didn’t skip a beat. Along the entire appx. 30 mile stretch of US 221 from the top of Bent Mountain to my place – and probably all the way along the rest of 221 – they have been burying these heavy-gauge orange/blue cables. I assume this is the 5G stuff. I hope all I’ve read about it that’s creepy and ominous is just hyperbolic. But then, I see what is going with the Diapering and the push for Needling and I return to the premise – which you’ve elaborated – that these creatures are capable of literally anything.

          I don’t think we’ve even reached the top of the roller coaster yet…

          As far as cajones: I never considered myself a tough guy; I’m a live – and let live – guy. Or want to be. The problem is these creatures will not leave people such as myself and yourself be. And I’ve had enough. Because I know there will be more. And so I won’t take it anymore.

          If that’s cajones, I hope more grow some!

          • I think it will play some role in transforming America into a totalitarian country. I think the move towards a cashless society going on for some years now, will see a system instituted much like China’s complete with social credit scoring. Stalin’s useful idiots who have historically always been obedient to the state up to their death, will score higher at least for a while until their usefulness is no longer needed. I don’t believe long term these evil people are going to keep all the bottom feeders they are currently working so hard to attract and keep. If Gates and company is any indication, I would say eugenics and deliberate depopulation is on the table as well. So what if the vaccine kills more than it cures. They have been granted medical immunity so no survivors of the deceased can sue them. Seems like a win-win for mass murderers. For me, these things would constitute a life not worth living. What is life without the liberty and freedom to be? We have moved so far away from the country I was born into and most of the people I don’t recognize anymore. I feel like I’m living the Last of the Mohicans and I am one of the Mohicans.

      • When the political terrorists propagandize their sheeple about “Internet of Things”…That includes YOU! YOU are their THINGS! You will soon be wearing an Internet “asset tag” provided by the political terrorists who claim to own you. Resistance is Futile.

    • Yes,,, They’re getting the fiber laid for 5G and some other upgrades to older fiber. I remember when they used one fiber for tx and one for rx. (Good ole days) Now they’re muxing hundreds of circuits on one fiber at different frequencies. They are compressing so much that soon if you lose one fiber half a city is out.
      5G will have transmitters/receivers about every 100 yards maybe less. Without sounding like a crackpot I have studied 5G a little and believe me ,,, its some kind of dangerous stuff to all life.
      But hey,,, Your fridge will be able to tell everyone its temp and load,,, and that cute kitty pic will be at grandmas in a millisecond. Important stuff dontcha know.

      • Yes, I think all the extra radiation will prove dangerous and especially if transmitters and receivers are placed every 100 yards. But somehow I also think this is going to open the door to even a bigger invasion of privacy. Personally I would rather see the abolition of the Federal Reserve and decentralized government than have faster internet. But of course government would have to give a damn about what I want and need.

        I don’t use the so-called ‘smart’ devices. I believe they can be used to invade my privacy. Basically, I don’t think my life, how I spend my time, who I spend it with, or where I go, is anyone’s business and certainly not some government shitheel.

        • No…The power levels are too low to cause damage to bio life (I R Engineer). If you place your head against the antenna, your head will get a little warm though.

        • Are you as afraid of the transmitter that you carry in your pocket as you are of the one that is far enough away from you to impart a much lower radiation level?

  7. This whole thing really smells like accountants and lawyers advising businesses and politicians on how best to avoid being sued for “not being proactive” in controlling the spread. So when A. Chaser, esq. comes after you because his client caught the flu in your shop, you can show that you did your due diligence. Who cares if it works or not? The “experts” recommended we take this action, so by putting a bunch of tape and stickers on the floor you’re off the hook.

    • There is a $20m lawsuit against Lowes for exactly that. Plaintiff (who first accosted a non-masked outlaw) claims he was spat upon by said outlaw. It is Lowes’ fault for not having expelled the outlaw. (I predict a quick out-of-court settlement.) Try to find a major retailer which hasn’t fallen in line. Even Mom-and-Pops are generally compliant if for nothing else than pressures from righteously indignant (AKA obnoxious) customers like the Lowes plaintiff.

  8. Covidiots want to freak you out!

    They think you’re sick, so you have to wear a mask so other people won’t get sick. Okay, then why are so many getting sick?

    Because people get sick, whether they wear a mask or not. Some people even have malignant gliomas and then in about 77 weeks, they’re dead and gone. I’ve seen it happen, it is not pleasant. Neoplasms galore in this world, some benign, some malignant, oncogenes exist. Whoddathunkit?

    Some people end up with Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, wasting disease, mad cow disease. What happens to the brain is not something you want to see or happen to you. It is a horrible disease. Saw it happen, you don’t want it.

    People get sick and die, people get in accidents and they die. One day every person will die, not many have a desire to die, anywho, you don’t want to at any time, but you will. I digress.

    Covid mania to the rescue! Covidiots lives matter!

    As long as it is ethical, moral, legal and justifiable, it can be done. It will be done.

    Doesn’t matter if it is unethical, immoral, illegal and totally unjustifiable, it is still done. Especially when there is money involved.

    There’s gonna be many more tests to discover how many are infected. It’s the Covid dollar, very good money, we gotta have the vaccine too, by golly, the more the merrier, we’ll be billionaires!

    So you go about your business being demoralized, broken in spirit, you just get so wound up, you come undone. You’re psyched out, you are imposed upon for one reason only, to control you, freaks you out.

    You just have to pretend you’re free, human nature rules, though. The powers that be tell you you’re free, they even pretend you’re free, it’s fun for them.

    It is easy to go along with the program, when in Walmart, do what Walmartians do, don something, a bandana makes more sense. You don’t loiter while there, you go in, find your two items, then leave. I was wearing my bandana as my mask, right up to my eyeballs, just like every bankster and gangster does. You get some funny looks, hey, your mask is not official, too bad if I look like a robber, you look like an idiot. Besides, you don’t need no stinking money, everything is free when you steal it!

    Just kidding, I pay with clownbux, so my gallon of paint cost me about 60 cents or some other ridiculous number, the bacon was about 24 cents in 1932 dollars, so everything you buy at Walmart is always less than dollar, gold standard zeitgeist.

    Every single customer removed their mask right after exiting the store.

    If I were to venture a guess, Walmart has lost plenty of business, do it at their peril, if you ask me.

    Avoid it at all costs these days. If it is a hassle no matter what, it ain’t worth it.

    Frankly, I didn’t want to be hassled in any way if I didn’t don a robber’s mask before entering Walmart, I do a lot less of it these days, that’s for sure.

    Some cognitive dissonance brought to you by covidiocy and kaskistocrats combined.

    Just what you wanted in this world, to be hassled and harassed constantly and it continues to be a never ending ordeal.

    If you wear a mask 24/7, you should wear goggles 24/7 too. You’ll die sooner, rather than later.

    Give us this day our daily beer.

    • OMG I’m overposting, sorry everyone. Basically I upvote every single post on this site, every article. There, now I won’t have to overpost.

  9. As long as there are people like Eric standing tall and shining light on the roaches running roache gulag USSA, then I have no doubt the elite fascist filth will be disposed of. Stay strong and believe NOTHING the gubermint punks say!

      • I went to WalMart today, and when they asked if I had a face diaper at the entrance I told the mask Comrade “I have a medical condition” and proceeded to walk into the store. I swore off WalMart when they instituted the diaper policy, but ran in for one item that I needed now.

        Probably 95% of the sheep were diapered, and looked like miserable serfs.

        • Hi Copperhead,

          The degree of voluntary compliance with Diapering is halting. You’d think there was a crisis or something. And there is – of poltroonery mixed with virtue-signaling. Look at me – what you can see of me! I care! I am a good sheep; can you tell me where the sheep pellets are?

    • Hi Zac,

      This Diapering thing is, of course, about training. So it’s to be expected that our trainers don’t Diaper . . . for the same reason a dog doesn’t hold the leash of its master.

      • Thank you for your response Eric and thanks for staying true. I like your lingo and not calling the WuFlu by is pseudoscientific name is a good call. Looking forward to future “transmissions”.

        • Hi Zac,

          I will – and I know others will, too. We really are “in this together.” Words define thought so the words used control thought. That is why these vile people are very good at using words like “your” mask (Diaper). No, it is a Diaper and it seems to belong to you; I’m not interested in it. Keep it to yourself!

          • “Words define thought…” That’s why, Eric, I hate the 1984 newspeak, “social distancing”. Getting as far away from each other as possible is NOT social. But, prepending the word, “social” makes it sound goody, goody. I wish everyone reading this would comment on every news article they read that uses the term “social distancing”. Call it what it really is, “physical distancing”. But that doesn’t sound very social. Sigh.

    • What about Charles Schwab, whose resort’s employees contributed almost all of the positive tests in the county where it is located?

    • Hi Blues,

      I wasn’t able to open the link because USSA Today doesn’t like my ad blocker – and I do not like their ads. But I get the gist and it’s to be expected. They are going to try to cajole – and nudge – the populace to accept Needling which is why Diapering is the Omaha Beach of this whole war.

      If they succeed with Diapering, they’ll have succeeded with Needling. The actual Needling will be just a formality.

      • Hi Eric,
        It’s a pretty depressing article written by some “Dr.” saying that the only way to beat this dreadful thing is to have forced vaccinations for everyone. No exemptions of ANY kind. Period. Along with extremely harsh punishment for refusniks…..the guy makes me want to throw up in my mouth.

        • Amen, Blues – glad I wasn’t able to read it. I did watch an interview to the same effect with the loathsome Allan Dershowitz – who also says Americans have no right to refuse vaccinations. If Satan ever took human form, his would suit.

    • I took every opportunity to point out that attitude is about treating human beings as farm animals.
      I got zero push back. None. Because that author went so far that I don’t look like a paranoid conspiracy theorist with a tin foil hat on too tight by saying it. The more they want to treat humans like domesticated animals the more we can point it out and get people to rebel against it.

    • Hi Marcus,

      I continue to hammer on this point. A “case”? Ok, so? A “case” of anything means nothing – other than it being a “case.” There are millions of “cases” of dandruff in this country. What concerns us – if we’re concerned about dying – is whether a “case” of whatever it is entails death.

      It is very telling that this latter thing is almost never mentioned in the context of the “cases.” The silence ought to tell people everything they need to know about this “pandemic.”

      • “When I use a word,” Humpty Dumpty said, in rather a scornful tone, “it means just what I choose it to mean—neither more nor less.”

        “The question is,” said Alice, “whether you can make words mean so many different things.”

        “The question is,” said Humpty Dumpty, “which is to be master—that’s all.”
        ― Lewis Carroll

      • I actually cut it a little finer than “death”. I want to know if the person is even ill. Having a bug up his nose does not designate illness, let alone death.

  10. As far as children being immune is concerned – haven’t you seen the latest studies? Chlidren can carry up to 100 times more virus than adults! Never mind that this is almost guaranteed to be more of the asymptomatic spread/RT-PCR is a real test line that we all know is wrong, just be very, very afraid!

    Normally I’d say that the fearmongers were doing us all a favor by trying to keep the ideological gulags closed, but at this point I’m sure there’s some sinister reason for that too.

    One thing I’ve noticed in my capacity as a grocery store cashier, which has strengthened my conviction that this entire crisis is at least 90% gasbaggery, is as follows: once the “crisis” kicked off, it took weeks or months – I no longer even remember which – to hear a customer mention that they’d lost someone or otherwise had any real knowledge of someone who had died from the Wuhan Virus, and that was, in and of itself, months ago. My neighbor thinks he and his family had it back in December before it was officially recognized as being present in the US, and my mother’s hairdresser says someone in her family is said to have died of WuFlu-related “permanent heart damage” after getting and kicking the virus.

    Meanwhile, we’re in the middle of another outbreak of a different sort, though I wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t know: onions contaminated with salmonella. Don’t ask me how that happened, because I haven’t a clue. The dangerous onions are believed – though as far as I know, not yet confirmed – to have been grown at one specific farm in California, and thenceforth sold under various labels all over the US and Canada, including to other food producers as the recall has now expanded to include various onion-containing cheese dips and deli dips sold all the way up through yesterday. In the few days since we started printing recall notices on our receipts (I’m not sure of the exact day it started), I’ve had two customers personally tell me they got sick from eating contaminated onions recently, one of whom told me he’d just got out of the hospital for it.

    I have literally heard from more onion salmonella victims in the last 3 days, than I have heard OF WuFlu victims in the last 3 MONTHS.

    In other words – this onion-salmonella thing is obviously a real thing that’s having real effects on real individuals in real time, who are telling other people quite freely that they got sick and why. This is as opposed to the Wuhan virus, with which you may very occasionally – say, once a month or so, if that – hear from someone who THINKS they had it back before we even knew what it was, or says they know someone who died of it, or was told their family member died of some permanent complication after apparently recovering, or something else distant and indeterminate along those lines. After all the months I’ve spent risking disciplinary action by ranting about the virus to and in front of customers and coworkers, I’ve had one person tell me they lost a family member to it (or was it a friend of theirs who lost one? Too long ago now to remember) and precisely zero say they personally had it.

    The whole “working in a grocery store” thing is another layer. During the WuFlu “crisis”, we’ve had probably hundreds of employees on the payroll for varying lengths of time (and we’re not even the biggest store in town), all of whom are subjected to many prolonged and conversation-heavy human contacts per day. Front-end personnel such as myself even moreso; we interact and converse with hundreds of unfamiliar people per shift, some of whom are coughing, sniffling, wiping their noses with the backs of their hands, touching the fronts of their masks, and so on, usually in situations where PHYSICAL distancing is impractical or impossible. Masks weren’t mandatory for employees until after the virus had well and truly arrived in the US, they weren’t mandatory for customers until quite recently, one local chain doesn’t require them for either, people never bothered to wear them correctly and still don’t, and my store is one of the ones that backed off on actual enforcement. Every piece of merchandise a customer, cashier, or bagger interacts with has been handled by tens or hundreds of people before, including the aforementioned coughing, sniffling, mask-touching nose wipers. And the grand total of employees I know of who have been sidelined by the Wuhan virus is… zero. Very early on, one of my supervisors thought she was coming down with it, but she was back at work soon enough and we never heard any more about it. A cartpusher left early one day because he wasn’t feeling well, but he also was back soon enough, none the worse for wear. You’d think grocery stores would be the biggest virus magnets in the world, but instead this virus seems to have completely missed the one I work at. I know Alaska is a pretty low-virus area right now, and there are people who have gotten sick from this, but something is obviously very fishy with the numbers we’ve been fed.

    • Hi Chuck,


      I could say the same about my gym – more so, because almost no one except the staff Diapers. The gym has been open for going on two months now, so plenty of time for the “virus” to “spread” and for people to get “sick.” Yet not one of the hundreds of people who work out at this gym every day – Diaperless, in close (normal) proximity and representing all age groups except the elderly and already sick – has become sick much less died.

      Push the bullshit button on WuFlu.

      How likely is it – if what they say is true about the incredible transmissibility and lethality of this “virus” – that not one of the gym’s members has died or even gotten sick? I mean not even sniffles. These people – the members – come from all parts of Roanoke to work out. Surely at least one of them would have carried the Dread Bug into the place and “spread” it because Undiapered and surely at least one of all those Undiapered people would have inhaled the Dread Bug?


      It astounds me that people aren’t ripping the damned rags off their faces and shoving them up the asses of the Diaper pushers.

    • Is it possible that we have been misled about what a virus is? Have we been lied to all of these years since Pasteur declared on his death bed that his germ theory was complete nonsense just so that the drug companies can peddle their poisons to combat the dreaded bugs and beasties from the ether? What if modern medicine is built upon one big pile of shit that rivals anything encountered in Jurrassic Park? That may be a bit unfair as bacterial infections and viral infections, which are the presence of too many of those things, can and do make you sick. But are they invaders from the external world or are they present in our bodies and, do to a compromised immune system, balloon into numbers sufficient to cause an infection? The distinction is important because it’s the difference between I ought be afraid of you, and perhaps I over did it these last few weeks. On the one hand, the other (you, me and everyone else) is considered a walking toxic Typhoid Mary and on the other, illness is the body’s response to cell damage caused by any number of things from ubiquitous pollutants, toxins we are exposed to (Did I really need that 5th Jack and Coke?), a change in the EMF environment, a change in the output of the sun thus causing a change in the number of micro organisms sent to the site of the damage to clean up the mess that made, and depending on the fitness of our immune system, may balloon to numbers sufficient to cause an infection. It’s the difference between You, dammit, made me sick, and my body is trying to repair itself from exposure to the flotsam and jetsam of the modern world, which, by the way, IS someone else’s fault, mainly, the people trying to sell you the nutty notion that you got sick because the guy standing next to you in the produce isle is sick. Something else to ponder, contagion has never been proven. Yes, you heard that right, not once.

      All of this may sound too complicated for the average Joe who is just trying to get through this shitshow called life, but, buyer beware, when someone is trying to sell you something, you owe it to yourself to at least peruse the reviews. So, if it is true that “the virus is within you” then all of these silly naps and gloves and hand sanitizers, ad nauseum, are merely displays of ignorance and pathetic apathy donned by those who can’t be bothered to at least read the comments.

        • Hi Tommy,

          Both my dad and grandfather were doctors so I have a little insight into the medical complex. A doctor today is hugely constrained by fear of the AMA and the possible loss of employment and “privileges” for dabbling in any unorthodoxy, whether it’s a legal issue or not. Diapering, for example, is very hard for any doctor to buck because if he does buck it, some geek will squeal on him and it is quite likely he’ll lose his job and possibly his license to practice medicine. Now, most MDs have invested massive sums in their education as well as some of the best years of their lives (20s and early 30s) getting credentialed and beginning to pay down the debt load. The prospect of all of that work and money and time being for naught – and having to find a new career in their middle-late years and still owing perhaps $200k in student loans to boot is a heavy incentive to assume an orthodox attitude, even if the doctor personally and privately believes Diapering and all the rest is absurd.

          • True– all flows from what the Rockefellers did to “medicine” — watch the video– lays it all out! All of the site James Corbett is great! God bless you!

          • The AMA has been using state licensing to force orthodoxy on doctors for over a century now. The end result is that any doctor who breaks ranks and starts doing something cheaper, better, or both risks losing his license. On so many levels medical care is a government enforced cartel and that’s why it is so expensive.

      • What about Charles Schwab, whose resort’s employees contributed almost all of the positive tests in the county where it is located?

      • Rog, spot on, well said! Eric & everyone else, I apologize for posting so much lately, I’m trying to cut down LOL, but I just had to say how good this post was.

    • I made some potato salad with onions from Costco, spent the night on in the throne room popping Imodium. Next day I got a robocall from Costco telling me to return the unused portion of the offensive onions for a full refund. Of course I’d already finished most of the bag but all the other dishes I made with them were fully cooked.

  11. If this were actually 1% true — alot of dr’s & nurses would all be dead, since they work around the “infected” ppl all the time. Also, amazing that no ‘hi-ranking’ govt ppl ever died yet. Boy, they are really good at evading catching the “infection”. WHY aren’t THEY dead? No — only the people that aren’t in the govt or medical scams.

    • Hi Harry,

      Yup. I’ve noticed that while – in the beginning of this “crisis” – we heard lots of reports about celebrities like Tom Hanks “testing positive” we never hear about them testing dead. There have been one or two celebrities who have died – but I am pretty sure they were all very old and thus their deaths, while regrettable, were part of the natural order of things. When someone in their ’80s dies it used to be considered normal. Because such a person had lived the length of a normal human lifespan. Now, apparently, it is considered unnatural if people in their ’80s have a higher mortality rate than people in their 30s.

      • The tests are simply BS with a high false positive rate. For other diseases they have been entirely worthless and caused institutional panics until other tests brought people back to reality. In other words this testing itself feeds the panic.

        • Hi Brent,

          Yup. The difference this time is the corporate mass-media controls the narrative to such a degree that it can maintain the fiction of a “crisis” just by not providing context. The Cases! The Cases! Every day – every hour. It has done its evil work.

          • People cannot do math. there’s a reason the schools do not teach math and science properly. It’s to keep people from being able to think for themselves. The tricks they use like “the cases” are so elementary a fifth grader should be able to see through them. I learned not to do the things government experts do in the fifth grade. That’s when I learned how to properly present data.

            Sad thing is that didn’t even stick with some of the people I attended fifth grade with or who had the same teachers, but it seems most can see through nonsense better than the average bear.

            • Indeed, Brent –

              Logic (math) seems self-evident and is to those who have the logical habit of thought. Who take the numbers and the facts and see whether they “add up.” But the emotional feel – and they feel whatever they are urged to feel by those who do think . . . of the feelers as the cattle they are.

  12. Out of a population of 800,000 in my area, there were ZERO deaths from the virus yesterday. Amazingly,
    that was reported by the local paper, of course that fact was buried at the very end of a story about something else……….. At least that paper has been criticized quite a bit on social media for sensitization-lying the virus.

    Frankly I can’t remember any report of more than two people a day dying from this. This is about the biggest non-news event that i can think of in recent times.

  13. We can go one better than that. Friend of my wife posted that one of her family members went to a testing site recently. There was a long line, but she signed up anyway and waited as long as she could but she had to get to work and left without getting a test. A few days she got the letter telling of a positive result….for a test that was never taken. Clear evidence that we are being totally scammed. Also, there are the false positives from faulty test kits like happened with the Ohio governor. You can bet none of those are subtracted from the result. My estimate is that at least 25-30% of the “cases” are faked up like this.

    • More like 100%. SIGH. Hey, don’t forget … what is the current death rate compared to the average death rate? The same? Then that means ZERO ppl died from this virus [lie-rus]. Is the media & govt telling you what the average/normal death rate is??? I doubt it!!! I’m right, aren’t I?

      • Well, that may not be completely correct, but IF there is a nasty virus and it IS killing some folks, it is by definition natural causes. As to it being an epidemic or a pandemic, its a really pale, anemic, and sickly one which is killing 0.047 percent of the population in 6 months when 0.5 percent normally die in that time. Especially since the death distribution tracks natural causes by age- very few young and healthy, very many old, sick, and weak. And the annual death rate is still pretty much the same as recent years.

        Also, it is still way behind medical and medication mistakes and even the breathless “it could kill 300,000 by the end of the year” would put it under half of that.

        What is most interesting is that there is no actual test for it and there is no scientific proof that this “virus” exists (meets Kochs postulates, etc.)

  14. One need look no further than the fact that we are subject to far more restrictions now than we were at corona flu’s peak back in March/April. There is an agenda afoot, and it has nothing whatsoever to do with anyone’s health. Quite the contrary.

    • You are correct, nobody in my six county area died of it yesterday. IMHO the peak in my area was likely before anybody really “knew” what it was (Nov. 2019-Feb. 2020). IMHO we didn’t even need to shut things down as it was largely over by March 2020.

      • Yeah exactly. How long does it take for a virus to stop “spreading around the whole world”? A week or two at the most. Sooooooo, it’s been MONTHS now. This shutdown has NOTHING to do with a virus. This would be a funny cartoon joke, except that it’s a bad joke.

        This is literally the absolute stupidest/dumbest hoax that they could possibly come up with in the entire 3-D universe. There’s literally nothing dumber — except maybe if they said invisible pigs are flying around trying to swoop down to eat us, and we all have to move very slowly so as not to trigger the pigs’ motion sensing instincts (much like dogs have) — so we all must be forced to tie our ankles together, so as to prevent us from moving too fast.

        I am not sick of any virus, because that’s literally impossible, even an engineered “biowarfare” one is impossible to kill people… pardon me for being educated and 1000 years ahead of my time, but the only thing that can kill people is CHEMICALS/poisons, not viruses or even bacteria. What I AM SICK OF is the people just putting up with this BS. The people could take over by the end of the month, but they all just sit around, complain, and keep taking crap to no end, never ever organize, they’re just too well trained I guess.

        • Organize? YES. Websearch (NOT google) the Canadian organization “Hugs Not Masks” and organize yourself a local chapter. This does not take genius or extraordinary social skills. Just talk to people not wearing face diapers and ask them if they are interested. Get their names and contact information. They are eager!
          This has the advantage of being very positive. We need hugs for well-being and we need love.
          I just learned that people do not change their minds on contrary evidence–their first opinion actually grows stronger. This is worse for highly educated (that explains a few things!). So preach to the choir.
          And figure out where your enemy is right and strengthen that.

          • Hi Esther,

            I will look into this; I have not yet thought about handing anything out, such as contact info, when I approach a fellow Undiapered. I think it’s a capital idea and already have my business cards available for this purpose. Which could include going shopping in a group, Undiapered as well as just get-togethers on private property, also Undiapered, for the sanity and camaraderie.

  15. Even so if a dude dies in hospital – good luck for a hospital recovering the bill. Unless he died of covid, in which case uncle sam basically clears the bill. Hence people who died in motorcycle crashes or get shot in the head are classified as “covid deaths”

    • Hi Nasir,

      Yup; that business in Florida (young guy, killed on bike – listed as “Corona’d”) being just one of many such examples. If the corporate media covered it as relentlessly as the cases! the cases! there’d be much less hysteria about the cases! the cases!

      • And nobody from the management from the hospital will ever face a fraud charge either (of course they aren’t even the top of that fraud). Imagine a regular person taking advantage of something like that? They would get raked over the coals.

        Two sets of rules, one for regular folks, the other for banks, hospitals, government and the connected. God forbid we would commit fraud against any of them, but its a daily everyday thing for them.

    • It’s called “economic stimulus,” just like the USS Keynes being built to be scuttled and the holes to be dug and filled.

  16. Eric, you make a good point regarding 911. This slow campaign to go from a nation of courageous men and women to cowards was orchestrated by the media and safety cult that pervaded politicians to inact more and more safety laws (Saaaaaaafety). Then 911 happened. Government used the fear and chaos to pull a piece of legislation that was already drafted and lying in wait *the patriot act*. This changed the relationship between citizens and their constitution. It made police officers into armed government workers who have power over the citizen. It made safety the priority over your un-alienable rights that just became alienated. Now the the new next crisis…both the left and many within right have a president they despise. The Chicoms despised him because he called out their cheating in trade and caused a recession in a command economy. The chicoms want him gone too. Trump had a diverse robust economy. Release the virus was the perfect plan and the left, right and chicoms, and the fourth state of government (deep state) all have the same goal. Get Trump. This will all end November 4th; if drooling biden wins, Fauci will declare the virus attenuated, If Trump wins there is no benefit to states and cities to continue the shutdown so that will end. However the chicoms are not done yet and more will come from them. Get ready for the rollar coaster ride next 4-years.

    • Yeah, we should just nuke China now and get it over with. While we are at it we might as well take out the other countries that resist being US vassals, Russia, North Korea, Venezuela, Syria and Iran. India has been stealing jobs from us and undermining our economy much as China has, so no good reason not to turn them into glass as well. Yeah baby, love me some American jingoism!

      • So you think the ChiComs are some good stuff? Do you have any clue how minorities are treated there? The entire country — every person — is basically spied on 24/7 and has zero rights outside of the “Party” big shots — this is the system that they want to inflict on us using Medical Martial Law. The truth is that David Rockefeller gave us — and them — “modern” China. His fingerprints are all over it — and it was to be, and is, the “Model” they plan to inflict on all us Peons.

        The same NWO types behind Rockefeller are the ones behind all the wars the USA has been in — Masonic/NWO. So to say it is “American jingoism” — nope — it’s the “Elite” and Medical Martial Law is from them as will be the ChiComs and the WW3 we are currently in with them although it is not being mentioned…it will be….

  17. If TPTB were being honest, which they aren’t, never were, and never will be, they’d be doing a much more detailed breakdown of statistics on COVID-19 by percentage of the total population, positive tests, symptomatic vs. asymptomatic, etc.

    They’d also be rating cases by severity, as in: 1=no symptoms, 2=mild symptoms, 3=moderate symptoms, 4=severe symptoms (requiring inpatient hospitalization), 5=death.

    Furthermore, they’d be breaking cases and case severity down by age; as in “70 percent of severe cases/deaths were in people over 65.”

    I just haven’t seen that being done. And that means that I can’t really understand what’s going on as far as how bad this disease really is, which seems to be overblown.

    I do know that people on all sides of the political spectrum are taking advantage of the situation for their own benefit at the expense of everyone else. And I know that more and more people are becoming aware of that.

    And the thing that gets under my skin is the arbitrary and capricious nature of governments’ responses, and that
    government officials are demonstrating remarkable hypocrisy. For example, two close friends lost loved ones, and they can’t have funerals, but George Floyd and John Lewis can? Or that it’s not safe to go to church, but it’s safe to riot?

    What concerns me is what happens should the Orange Man be re-elected…then the woke left will go completely off the rails.

    • Not only that….our health services “expert” in North Carolina has recoveries information somewhere in all the fake data that they use. They NEVER say anything about that, only about the ever increasing case count from March until now. That is why so many of the sheeple are so scared…they think that there are millions of people that have had this thing for months on end.

  18. I few months back I used to temper my opinion of this as having at least a kernel of truth, what with all of the elderly dying from it (in contrast to the Russian collusion nonsense for example, which had absolutely zero truth). However, I’ve now come to realize there is not even a kernel of truth to this. The deaths were all most likely WITH covid, not BECAUSE of covid. Ultimately, the total deaths (for all causes) won’t differ much in 2020 as compared to previous years.

    Of course, this won’t stop them though. They’ll argue that with the lockdowns the total deaths should have been much (they’ll probably throw in a fancy word like “substantially”) lower than previous years. “Experts” will then postulate (but will of course assert it as irrefutable fact) that if covid did not exists during the lockdowns the total death rate would have decreased by 250,000 (because of less driving, travel, work, blah blah blah). Therefore, covid accounts for 250,000 deaths. My god, it must be a virus of mass destruction!

  19. Hospitals get something like $34,600 in Medicare reimbursements for WooFluu coding. No wonder a kid with a sprained ankle winds up as a COVID case.

    • Medicare

      $13,000 per Covid diagnosis.
      $39,000 per Covid patient put on ventilator which kills 97 out of 100.

      Each State gets so much per ‘case’. Don’t ask me why each State is different.
      Some States more equal than others???

      State-by-state breakdown of federal aid per COVID-19 case
      Ayla Ellison (Twitter) – Tuesday, April 14th, 2020 Print |

      $158,000 per COVID-19 case
      District of Columbia
      New Hampshire
      New Jersey
      New Mexico
      New York
      North Carolina
      North Dakota
      Rhode Island
      South Carolina
      South Dakota
      West Virginia

        • Correct but this is nothing new. Medicare/Medicaid is a fraud- the reason medical care is so crappy and expensive in this country is because we have socialized medicine in everything but name. It’s given to the “poor”, and the old, and the entire burden is laid upon the tax donkeys who work. The really rich, of course are above that medicare/medicaid tax threshold and largely avoid it.

          • Hi Ernie,

            Yup. With fee for service you get service. With “free” health care, you get what you pay for – and you’d better be happy with it because you can’t take your money elsewhere as it’s already been stolen and spent.

      • If it weren’t true I would never believe it would be that much — I would assume they get maybe $1,000 to $2,000, and that’d be alot of money but I’d believe it since everything medical-related is overpriced nowadays. But $100,000 to $200,000+? That can’t be real. I still can’t believe it.

        • Partly that calculation is based on how many cases they’ve claimed- New Yawk claimed a zillion, so their average is way down. South Dakota (and other flyover states) claimed very few so the numbers look really high. Whatever, it’s only fiat money and there will never be a price to pay for printing more. That reminds me, time to pick up some more silver.

            • I buy from local coin dealers. This is one of the things where web/mail order is too risky. Also if you buy from a local with cash there is no record. Best advice I was given to pass on is to buy junk silver, pre 64 US heavily circulated stuff. Prices are much higher than spot now, I don’t think that matters anymore. Our currency and our country are sinking, metals are life preservers which might get you through.

            • I’ve bought from Kitco in the past. It was much more of a hassle back then because they wouldn’t ship until the check cleared, (these days they take credit cards) introducing a variable ship date, and you had to be available to sign for the package (which had Kitco as a return address, so any delivery guy in the know could “lose” your package, so keep the order small). But just checking the site now it looks like they’ve run out of small round gold inventory and really charging a premium for silver.

              Mish Shedlock recommends using, but they’re also an advertiser. Then again Valentine is an advertiser here because you like their product. Sure, using Goldmoney is more like an investment/hedge than a bug-out tool, but they will ship if you need it.

              Back when silver shot up to $40/oz I sold some to a local dealer, but took a pretty big hit on what he paid vs spot price. The closer you get to a city the better price you’ll get. They also have to follow a lot of “know your customer” laws designed to catch money laundering operations, so you’ll probably get put on a list somewhere (happens with Kitco and Goldmoney too).

              Maybe investing in a moonshine still and cartridge loading machine would make more sense. Or a vehicle lift in the garage?

            • I haven’t bought coins except for maybe one or two that appealed to me in many years now. However I found the easiest places to buy from were the usmint directly or american precious metals exchange ( ).

              Both are online/mail order. Other than government slowness at times the mint never had a problem IME. APMEX I had to send a damaged coin back once for a replacement. That’s the limit of the problems I had that weren’t my fault. (I once made a mistake on a check for APMEX so I had to send another, they honored the order)

              Because I like to collect coins and believe in monetary metals it meant that I didn’t worry about the age old debate of collector coins vs. bullion coins. If I liked it for the price or it had a low premium or both I would buy it.

              Some bullion coins can become collectable because some mints (usually Canada or Australia) do one year silver bullion coins where each year is part of series. It’s a crap shoot which ones people will start to desire. But usually the first year or two of a series is good because if the series gets popular people then want the early years to complete their set.

        • Hi Blues,

          It’s just halting that the “media” hasn’t reported the enormous financial incentives that hospitals have to “count” as many “cases” as possible. Where is CR? Where is 60 Minutes?

          Imagine Car & Driver was discovered to be getting huge paychecks from GM for every favorable review of a GM vehicle it published.

          Or if it were discovered that Orange Man had been getting checks signed by Putin.

          But this – which is worse because of the tyranny it is triggering? Nothing.

      • West Virginia is highest. That explains why we have terrible official unlaws (illegal decrees) despite the Red State and the high good sense of West Virginians in NOT diapering. They shake hands and such, too.

        • Excellent, Esther!

          I like West Virginia a lot; it’s a beautiful, mountainous state. It might be one of the places to repair to as Sickness Psychosis continues to spread.


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