Diaper Report 8/6/20

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I went to my usual Kroger in SW Virginia today and found myself the Last of the Undiapered Mohicans.

This was the second time in about three days I was the only person in the store not pretending there is a “pandemic” afoot. The absence of evidence for which can be found just down the road at my gym, which remains startlingly free of dead bodies despite the almost complete absence of Diapers on faces.

The juxtaposition is startling – and telling. If anyone would think about it.

Let’s do just that.

If, as the Fear Organ ululates – the cases! the cases! – it is to risk death and to spread death to walk Undiapered amongst the Undiapered, then why is it that not one of the Undiapered many who work out at my gym have been afflicted with so much as the sniffles?

The gym has been open for more than a month now, long enough for “asymptomatic” spread. Long enough for some evidence that a dangerous sickness is afoot.

But everyone remains healthy. This includes several older – but fit and healthy – members. No one has died. No one has even gotten sick.

Think about what that implies and – very likely means.

We are being conned, folks. If you have been on the fence then explain why it is that a daily and large gathering of people breathing heavily – Undiapered – and also sweating and touching the same equipment – has not resulted in one person ending up on a slab or even in bed for a few days?

The Emperor has no clothes . . .if only people would open their eyes and see.

If all the Diapered at Kroger and everywhere else cast their Diapers into the trash where they belong tomorrow the pandemic – of fear – would end tomorrow. People would realize there is no reason to be afraid.

Well, of a virus.

There is plenty of reason to fear a media that for months has been deliberately inculcating panic by parroting the most lurid hypotheticals as inevitable actuals – for a purpose that can only be characterized as evil.

If what is being done to people by the media were done by a “researcher” to college students as part of a sick experiment, we’d be disgusted by their sadism. Such an experiment was conducted. The Milgram Experiment. Same principles as are being applied now with regard to Diapering. There is an an authority figure and a victim. The experimenter gets the authority figure to torment the victim both by the infliction of pain as well as humiliation. The authority is random and cruel.

The point is the same – to show who is boss.

All in the name of what is fake. The authority figure is a fraud. The experiment itself is fraudulent. But the victimization was – and is – very real.

You have probably observed the same experiment in your area. There are almost certainly gatherings of the Undiapered – who aren’t getting dead. But all gatherings are increasingly force-Diapered – to show who is boss.

And it’s not you.

If someone insists you Diaper, they are insisting you accept training. Imbibe the humiliation that implies. Your being made to perform like a puppet in a show that – if they get their way – will never end.

Unless you take off the Diaper. Or better yet, never put the filthy thing on.

. . .

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  1. Beautiful night here weather wise. Went down to the local drive in (yes, we still have one). Lots of great cars (no planned car show, just the typical summer Friday night there). Almost no face diapers at all! Some of the car hops had them, but most weren’t wearing them and almost no customers had them. Owner of the place had no diaper in sight at all.

    It was great and felt almost normal for once.

    Hope word doesn’t get out to mask police………because my state has the face diaper order and everybody was violating it.

    • Hi Rich,

      I’ve noticed a taking of sides. It’s no longer a mixed group of Diapered and not. It’s either all or almost Diapered or all or almost none Diapered. My gym is an almost Diaper-free zone; the staff wear them reluctantly Because the Coonman but loathe them. 99 percent of the members do not. This is a core group of Diaper Deniers. But go down the road a mile to Kroger and Diapering is almost universal, even though it is not mandatory in the sense that you must. All one who doesn’t wish to Diaper has to do is not put the damned thing on – and shop. But these shoppers Diaper anyhow.

      The Diaper, then is becoming a uniform of sorts. Those who wear it – voluntarily wear it – are part of one army; those who don’t are part of another.

      I think Orange Man – or any politician – could win the election on this issue. Vote for me if you are sick of Sickness Psychosis – tired of donning the Diaper!

      • I wish that MY gym was open, I could USE a decent workout. But, alas, I live, if you want to call it that, in the “People’s Republic of Cali(porn)ia”, where my gym is shut down as all its outlets are in the 30 of California’s 58 counties that are “locked down”.

        • Hi Douglas,

          Miserable. I get how it feels, too – as my gym was “locked down” for months, too. I had access to a bench and some dumbells at my buddy’s shop but – as you know – it’s not the same. I am far from being an extrovert but my almost daily gym stops – before Sickness Psychosis descended – were both physically and psychologically good for me. It was nice to see people I knew and say hi to them; it was motivating to work out with others. It was demoralizing to work out by myself – and my physical as well as psychological health suffered.

          If the bastards lock the gym down again – or force Diaper the place – I know I will have to create a “club” to replicate the experience. No membership fees. But members. People gathered to hit the weights, say hi. And no one will know about it except those who do.

          • I’ve been taking 2 to 3 mile walks TWICE a day and doing isometric exercises as it’s been impossible to just get dumbbells (I wonder why….?). When I leave my humble hovel, I see a house, recently purchased (little less than mine, indicating a slight falling-off in the RE market here in Sac town) which has some “young-uns” (late 20s to early 30s, from the looks of them). I wave “hi” but don’t want to intrude. They’ve set up quite a gym and have a few “visitors”, so methinks this COULD be an “illicit” one. GOOD! Besides, at times there’s some bona fide “eye candy”, just like I used to get to view at California “Family” Fitness (and not just young ladies with nice, tight bods, but even some very nice women in the 30 to 50 y.o. range that were, “ahem”, DO-ABLE. We had but a month when the gym re-opened, with the damnable masking requirement, half the equipment blocked off, and some kid following you around with a spritzer and cleaning rag. You had to reserve a swim lane at the pool, which times were tough to obtain around my work schedule, and the spa was still CLOSED. It was barely tolerable, but made the workouts somehow less enjoyable.

            What ALSO has been made quite UN-ENJOYABLE is when MLB, like all the other sports, got “woke”, all but mandating kneeling to disrespect the flag, and pushed that goddamned fraud and humbug called “Black Lives Matter” in my face. FUCK THAT! I USED to watch baseball to FORGET about politics and the cares of the world and just enjoy the goddamned GAME with all its subtleties and strategies. So, after nearly 40 years of following my San Francisco Giants, and, with the suspension of play during this COVID-19 freakout, I got WEANED from my sports habit, and now I’ve sworn it off. I’m sorry, but not only has my enjoyment been taken away, but also, I couldn’t live with myself if I gave MLB (which IS an anagram of BLM) any more TIME and ATTENTION, and they’ll certainly not get one more goddamned red cent for tickets or licensed merchandise. I won’t even tune in the games on the cable box so it won’t give feedback that would support their advertising revenue. Finally, I’m BOYCOTTING those advertisers, and letting them know WHY. If I have to grow food and other things on my property, so be it! Maybe THAT’S why that dingbat witch governor in MI forbad sales of gardening implements and supplies and SEED? Anyway, now my mantra is…”Go, Giants, and take the goddamned 49ers with you!”

            • Morning, Doug!

              This is great news about the Samizdat gym; wondering whether you have friends into fitness who might have some barbells/benches and such? That was my end-run during the “lockdown” here in VA and I am under no illusions it may be necessary to fall back to that expedient again. I also expect that there will be an attempt to require a “Vaccine Card” as the replacement Diaper within a few months at most. And it won’t be a card, per se – too much trouble to have to physically check each person coming in. It will be something in your body that they can scan. Those who do not have the “card” will be denied entry – to everything.

              Which is why this lie has to be exposed and fought – and the Diaper shoved into the orifice where it belongs, deeply and painfully.

              • The whole likening to a diaper reminds me of the old joke about what diapers (the usual kind) and politicians have in common – they need to be changed FREQUENTLY – and for the SAME reason.

                I dunno if it’s the “mask hysteria” that’s part of some overall nefarious agenda to turn this country into AmeriKKKa (as if it hasn’t ALREADY), but certainly much of the “second wave” hysteria seems way OVERBLOWN. I compiled some stats and noticed that the supposed “hot spots” like Arizona are STILL lower, far lower, in terms of deaths per case and per capita, than the “woke” places like NYC. Of course, we DON’T see a detailed breakdown as to age groups, RACE, gender, occupation, and so on, and please don’t tell me that each state’s respective Dept. of Health and the CDC aren’t compiling that data! My guess is that although certainly anyone COULD contract the virus; that certain groups are being shown more susceptible than others to getting infected and/or perishing from it. It’s likely ALSO a guess that the results aren’t terribly convenient for the “woke”, else COVID-19 be “raciss”, or “homophobic”, or “xenophobic”.

                And yes, once a vaccine is supposedly developed (never mind all the suppressing of hydroxyloquinine info and discussions of same), expected that along with it comes that RFID chip (the “rice grain in the ear lobe”), which you won’t be able to conduct ordinary transactions or even start your car, like a “valid” from the 1997 movie “Gattaca”.

              • People willing to take whatever vaccine they come up with has dropped to 42%. Got to keep pushing on this so hardly anyone will do it without coercion. Make them show the violence inherent in the system.

                • Exactly, Brent!

                  I occasionally get complaints that boil down to I ought to be writing more about cars. I reply that cars will be an irrelevance if Diapering cements. I therefore pour the coals to the opposition to Diapering, using all the tools available to me. This has to be stopped. It can be stopped. I won’t stop until it is stopped.

                  • With the way cars already are, there often isn’t much to write about….

                    Here is this car, it has a little 1 or 2 liter four cylinder engine. It has a big ass touchscreen. Is it a 15k Kia or a 60k BMW? It could be either…….

  2. Went to a local tavern for happy hour yesterday. I was in the outdoor area and masking was about 10% for those coming and going. Went inside to use the restroom, no hassles (and no masking by seated patrons that I saw).

    Hit a convenience store this afternoon. About 12 people in there, 4 of us unmasked. I nodded to one of the unmasked and he smiled and nodded back. Staff didn’t say anything to me at all except “have a nice weekend.”

    These are places I go to regularly *because* they don’t hassle me about the mask. So the fair treatment is somewhat expected. But we’ll see how that holds up down the road.

  3. College kids went back to a couple of the universities in my area. Couple of days later, here comes the panic and hysteria of kids not diapering and standing close to one another! Local health officials are now going to “educate” them about what must be done in order to not have more draconian measures put in place.

    I see the writing on the wall…the schools have said they will not issue refunds for the next shutdown. I give until early October that they shut the schools down and keep our money in order to stage maximum pain for the election.

  4. Wife went into a Publix without the diaper. She said 6 masked people behind her said “that’s a good idea” and removed their masks. There seems to be some hope,,, unless you live in Australia.
    It’s terrible there. Raiding peoples homes,,, breaking the glass on peoples cars that refuse to give “papers please”. Jailing and fining. They are also using the military to assist in this tyranny. It seems most military’s are helpful in that regard. Amazingly though, the USSR military stood down during the 1991 revolt. Does anyone think the US military would do the same? I don’t.

    Australia Corona info.
    266 dead over 5 months. population of 25 million = 0.0000106%

    Average Corona deaths per month. 53.2
    Average auto deaths per month 100.75

    • Hi Ken,

      In re: “Wife went into a Publix without the diaper. She said 6 masked people behind her said “that’s a good idea” and removed their masks.”

      Outstanding! This is what can be done by not Diapering. Keep it up – and thanks for doing it!

      • When they tell us we should wear a mask we tell them “We feel fine, Thank You”. You get one of those stupid looks. Unlike your situation our fuhrer governor has left it to the locals and our county commissars have voted no masks so they cannot use that.

  5. In just the past couple of weeks I’ve gone undiapered virtually everywhere without problem. I’m still undiapered at Kroger, O’Reillys, local small grocery store, work, auto upholstery shop, multiple restaurants, hobby shops, etc.

    Regarding the diapered and compliance, lately I’ve gotten the eerie feeling that people actually like wearing them. They all have nice looking and nicely fitting masks with decorations on them. Trendy men seem to like the black masks. Diaper conditioning is quite a success. I suspect it will only get worse now that virtually all contradictory covid information has been scrubbed from the web.

    • I’ve noticed the same. They are all conditioned and ready to take the shot and everything in it. It’s going to get very sporty soon.

  6. I was in Bryson City, NC for a few days which was discouraging because the face diaper compliance there was nearly 100%. At least half the people were wearing masks even while walking outside on the sidewalk. Many establishments supplemented the required government soviet-style “mask required” signs, with their own signs urging customers to be considerate of the health of their employees by wearing masks. My friend and I were almost always the only ones who went indoors without masks. Once we were inside no one ever said anything to us.

    Several restaurants refused to serve us without a mask, even if you claimed to have a breathing problem. You could take the mask off at the table but in order to walk from the hostess station to the table you had to be wearing a mask. I don’t really understand the medical rational for that policy, but that’s the rule and everybody just obeys.

    It’s great to see some of the posters on this site who are offering little pockets of resistance.

    • Hi Greg,

      From little pockets of resistance grow bigger ones. This is why it is so important for us to resist – in order to encourage more to. The obvious theater of expecting people to wear a Diaper for the few seconds it takes to walk to a table – and then take the damned thing off – ought to prove to any rational person that this is theater. Which ought to make them angry for being made to perform the Sickness Kabuki.

      I personally would not eat at a restaurant where I was told I had to perform a humiliation/training ritual in order to be seated – because that’s exactly what being told to Diaper to walk from the door to the table is. It is no different than being told you must open your fly as you walk to your table but once there, it’s ok to zipper up.

      This virus – of fear and idiocy – can be defeated. Just as it was possible to defeat Gate Rape at the airport – and without anything more violent than simply refusing to go there. If a third of the people of this country had opted out of air travel until they could fly without being groped and treated as presumptive “terrorists” we’d all be able to fly today without being groped and treated as presumptive “terrorists.” If a third of the population simply refused to wear a Diaper or do business with the Diaper-pushers then no one would be forced to Diaper within a month from now. The whole regime would come undone and life could resume being normal.

      We can have that – or we can have the new normal.

      The choice really is up to us. Or rather, enough of us to make the decision – either way.

      • Usually we just told the restaurants refusing to serve us that we would go somewhere else, but one time we accepted the masks they proffered and held them in our hands until we got to our table without actually putting them on. That seemed to satisfy them and they didn’t say anything else to us.

        > This is why it is so important for us to resist – in order to encourage more to.

        Yep, and that’s why I’m so appreciative of what you are doing and the resistance you are inspiring in others.

        • I was accosted at a local Staples and did a similar thing. Upon waling in some Soy Boy rushes to me and says in his poofy voice that they require masks…do I need one. I said ok, it took him about as long to go retrieve the mask as it did for me to find the first item I needed. I then carried the mask to the next item, then to the front where i checked out while holding the thing in my hand. Very fun experience…luckily I rarely need anything from there.

      • Your observation about “one-third” being needed to resist reminds me that during the Revolutionary War, until the very end once Lord Cornwallis got his ass kicked at Kings Mountain, SC, and had to high-tail it all the way to Yorktown, VA, where his once-proud Army was surrounded and forced to surrender (and that’s when suddenly EVERYONE became “Patriotic” and started harassing the Tories and kicked them out), only about a THIRD of the colonists actually supported the “Continentals”, almost as many were “Loyalists” to the King, aka “Tories”, and the rest were indifferent and often profited by trading with either, even at times playing them off against each other.

  7. I was the only one undiapered in Walmart and Home Depot today as well. I always expect I’m going to have trouble, but when they ask if I have a mask I simply say “no sir” and just walk past the gatekeeper. They tend not to bother me any further.

    This is no doubt the is the biggest hoax ever perpetrated on mankind. The mini Maos need to be ignored and ridiculed. We who choose to say no must continue to do so. The sheep need us as an example to demonstrate that this is all a fraud and that they may also choose no.

    Eric: Your steadfast work here is just so important. Thank you so much!

    • Thanks, Mister!

      Those of us who see the Emperor’s New Clothes at this moment in time perhaps feel uneasy and lonely; that the battle is over and we have lost. I expect the men at Valley Forge felt the same; also the people of England in 1940. It is darkest before the dawn breaks and that is the moment for standing fast.

      It won’t take much to break this spell. I cannot imagine that most people like being Diapered and once they see the Emperor’s New Clothes, they will also take their Diapers off.

      And that is why I refuse to put one on, ever.

      • Eric, IF you leave your rides outside where someone can tamper with them, then PLEASE do a walk-around and a quick inspection to make sure no one has fucked with them…don’t kid yourself that once this “no mask” movement takes off that you won’t be targeted by some “Deep State” operative. Or at least some “Antifa” punk tries something…which could end up very unfortunate..most likely for THEM. Trouble is, you’ve got that asshole Northam as governor whom is trying to disarm you and make it so if you do defend yourself, YOU’RE the one that goes to jail.

        • Hi Douglas,

          Sound advice; I realize we are living in weird and loathsome times. I hope it won’t come to that but won’t be very surprised if it does. Regardless, no Diaper for me – and I will continue Diaper Dissenting until the Diapers go away… outside of the nuthouse!

  8. Yep, it’s a con. Been a con from the beginning. No proof but I think the US and China, possibly Russia have been colluding since the beginning. The PCR test is a sham,,, can be adjusted up or down by just changing the number of cycles. The blood test triggers on most any Corona antigen. Both designed to CDC and the WHO specs.

    The real ‘tells’ are the absolute dirt stupid rules the governors and other little tyrants are invoking,,, the mask being one of them,,, that BLM, Antifa and other terrorists were exempt when rioting, another. A vaccine they come up with in 6 months when they have failed for 70 years. The whole thing is now obviously political.

    I think after the so called Pandemic exercise Event 201 showed how gullible most folks were so they decided to go live. A bad virus supposedly from bats in China was enough to get it started, Folks collapsing on the street in China really livened it up. China locking down millions put the clincher on it. People already on deaths bed were used as bodies stacking which is why the elderly seemed more at risk. Putting most on ventilators guarantees death in 97 out of 100. Most were likely TB, Pneumonia and other respiratory diseases. Italy really helped the facade as it has the most elderly population. Those normally dying of air pollution ended up Covid. Air pollution in northern Italy is very bad as is Wuhan China. Mostly in the US it was for the money. The Feds pay bribes for positive cases and Medicare / Medicaid and other providers pay bribes for calling deaths Covid.
    So there is my short version of the scam. Someone with writing abilities could make a best seller out of this.
    Yes,,, a con and still being conned.

    • They came up with a “vaccine” in the 90s. Not six months. They were waiting for the right time to create the plandemic hoax. The “vaccine” contains “population control measures” if you know what I mean. If you don’t, then you were clearly “educated” in the gov. run school system (brainwashing warehouse).

      • Hi SM777,

        Many reasons to object to vaccines – not just the WuFlu one. The chief one being the forcing of a medical procedure/treatment on any human being. It amounts to treating a person like a lab rat. It is why injecting unwilling subjects was considered a war crime at Nuremburg.

        Forcing a vaccine on someone is to force their views of what’s “good for them” on them – the same disease driving all the evil abounding these days and which goes back decades, if you want to locate its genesis. Longer, even.

        Heck, it is arguable that when the government decreed smoking bans it laid the bricks for the decreeing of Diapering today. It’s for your own good; it keeps others safe.

  9. So, Eric, it was my understanding that Kroger was enforcing mask wearing. I ask because the local flavor of Kroger here in Utah (Smith’s) has people standing outside and, sometimes, inside to verify compliance.

    I’m wondering how that’s being handled (or not) in your part of the country?

    My wife told me yesterday that she managed to get past the door and was doing her shopping when some 60-ish year old male-Karen started getting into her personal space and eyeballing her because of her lack of a mask. She put the mask on to avoid problems. I would have like to see how the fellow reacted if I’d flipped him off, but I am somewhat juvenile that way.

    • Hi Jim,

      It may vary by region but my understanding is that Kroger and the other major chains are not enforcing Diapering – just pressuring people to Diaper. Most of course buckle to this pressure – but those who don’t (me at least) have been left alone.

      • Kroger *is* enforcing the masquerade, according to internal guidelines for the stores, and they play obnoxious and Verhoeven-esque announcements every few minutes to the same effect over their PA, so you likely have only the pervasive apathy of retail employees to thank if you aren’t hassled for not muzzling yourself.

        For what it’s worth, most of them know it’s pointless placation, anyway, but the company has promised to discipline employees who don’t cover their mouths and noses, so- since it would otherwise mean extra work and confrontation for them- they often just pretend not to notice until/unless some busybody starts loudly complaining. Then, self-preservation kicks in, and they’d probably tell you to leave.

        • Hi Mike,

          I almost want some Karen or Kevin to accost me. I suspect they haven’t because I radiate hate for the Diapered – and because I’m 6ft 3 and a solid 215. I’ve been working out hard, being motivated for the fight I expect I will have to take up.

          I’m a peaceful guy. But I don’t brook bullies.

          • “6ft 3 and a solid 215”

            Yeah, that should help, too. 🙂

            It hurts more to be *made* a complicit bully, I think, and that’s what’s being done. Saw one supervisor on a smoke break suck in a lungful, put back on his mask, exhale and sarcastically state through the cloud of haze swirling out around the edges that made him look like Blackbeard, “Purifies the HELL out of the air!” They know…

            As always, thanks for the work you put into this site!

            • My pleasure, Mike!

              I am trying to make the best of an awful situation; working out like Rocky making his comeback against Mr. T is one way. Another is by making new friends – every time I see an Undiapered, I make the approach. The woman I am with is an excellent woman whose merits have become clear to me in a way I may not have seen as well just six months ago. I am becoming more self-sufficient in terms of food and fuel.

              We each have different ways to make the best of this but the one thing we can all do and should is not let these bastards win!

              • A truth reply occurred on this thread, which was immediately removed by admin.

                A shadow ban, if you will.

                Censorship from a journalist is to be expected these days. Truth can be chewy gristle. It can be thrown out in times of abundance. In times of scarcity is good nutrition.

                Hold up a mirror, and the weak will smack it right down. Watch it shatter to bits, fearful of his reflection.

                Hold up a mirror, and the strong will gaze at any given angle. See and acknowledge the ugly for immediate correction.

    • They call it Fry’s out here in AZ. I have only had a couple trips since they past the local mandates in Phoenix and the first time the 20 y.o. security guard kid came up and I told him I had a medical condition and asked if he would like me to show him where it states the exemptions and he basically ran in fear. I didn’t want to be mean to the young kid because his boss is telling him to do it. Everywhere else I have been in the whole 5 weeks or so since not a single world said to me. Couple stares, but just ignore them with headphones in most times.

      I think it’s like most others have said here just call their bluff and walk past their sign. I think only about 40% out here were wearing them before the mandates so it’s people just going along to get along.


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