More Electric Diaper-Wearing

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Audi has just announced it will lower the sticker price of the e-tron, its first fully electric mass market vehicle . . . which is having trouble finding a market.

Probably because the thing only goes 204 miles but costs $74,200 to start. To put those numbers in context – like deaths from the WuFlu as opposed to the daily ululations about the cases! the cases! – you can buy an otherwise similar Q7 (which is actually a bit larger and significantly more spacious) hybrid that can travel 500-plus miles for $54,800.

So now you know why Audi reduced the price of the e-tron by $8,800.

But it’s like pulling down the Diaper just enough so you can breath through your nose.

Better to just take off the Diaper.

Of course, anyone who buys an e-tron is probably also buying the cases! the cases! – and fully Diapered up.

But the rest of us can’t afford either.

Even if you believe that EVs are “clean” – which they’re not, but let’s pretend they are, just as people are pretending that dirty bandanas “stop the spread” – it won’t save the planet if most of the people on the planet can’t afford one. Which is the fundamental problem with all electric cars on the market, which is why the quickness of electric cars (well, except as regards charging) is touted . . . so as to prevent people from thinking about the economics.

Very much of a piece with the cases! the cases! It keeps people from thinking about the deaths that aren’t occurring  . . .from unnatural causes.

Very much of a piece, also, with the dirty bandanas and ill-fitting disposable Diapers being worn to spread the fear.

If those spreading the fear really wanted to stop the spread – of the virus, assuming for the moment it presented a serious threat outside of old-age homes and hospitals – then bandanas and disposable Diapers would be replaced by properly fitted N100 or better respirators, but these – like EVs – are economically unsustainable. The average Joe cannot afford to spend even $25 per week on a new respirator and forget several times a week – to keep a working unit covering his face.

And so, we pretend – in the way a schizophrenic muttering under a bridge pretends he’s the dauphin.

He’d be a great customer for the e-tron.

If he had any money to buy it with.

Hilariously, Audi touts a revised upward range of the 21′ e-tron, which can now travel as far as (wait for it!) 222 miles before it conks out like a Corona Karen triggered into apoplectic catalepsy by the sight of someone Undiapered.

In plain English, the e-tron now goes maybe half as far as the hybrid Q7. But it still takes at least five times to partially recharge at a “fast” charger – if one’s available – as the hybrid Q7 can refill to full.

It’s as ridiculous as Sickness Kabuki.

And both are dangerous.

Delusional thinking becomes a problem when it is normalized. When crazy ideas – and crazy people – are taken seriously. That leads to crazy ideas being imposed – on the not-crazy. Who have been disarmed by the disallowing of reason as the basis for objecting.

Thus, forced Diapering – not because of a virus that has a fatality rate of less than 1 percent of the general population and which poses about the same risk to the elderly of the AC shutting off in the nursing home when it’s 100 degrees outside – but because of demented ululations about the cases! the cases!

If you aren’t allowed to counter this with facts about deaths – well, the hysterics have already won their case.

The same vile rip tide of mental disorder afflicts any discussion of the sanity of electric cars that aren’t going anywhere – or not very far – and which about as many people who have died from WuFlu can afford. This being an interesting vehicular juxtaposition of the cases! the cases! vs. the deaths.

Lots of the former. Very little of the latter.

Lots of EVs being pushed onto the market – by EV mandates – but very few of them being sold.

Audi has offloaded only about 2,800 e-trons in the United States this year – slightly more than Audi sells Q7s in a month.

A sane person might raise his hand; maybe ask a question or two.

Almost no one is dying from WuFlu who wasn’t already actuarially close to dying – from everything – and almost no one can afford an EV, which is why almost no one is buying them.

But to raise these questions is like questioning the efficacy or sensibility of the Diaper.

Perhaps the two will come together in a kind of fusion of insanity. A Diaper over ever face and an electric car in every garage. Never mind if it makes sense. Never mind that it is repudiation of sense.

Enjoy the ride. You’ve already bought the ticket.

. . .

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  1. Meanwhile Cadillac introduces the Lyriq (pronounced ly-lie-Iraq?) the electric SUV that I imagine few will want let alone buy……….

    Building multiple vehicles to compete in a “market segment” that doesn’t actually exist……. AT ALL…..

    Imagine had all this development money had gone into developing cars people would actually like to buy…….

    Imagine had all that money put into electric motors and tiny turbo charged four cylinder engines had been put into developing V6 and V8 engines that people would rather have in their new cars…….

    The waste is so astounding (I know its not the right use for that word), it’s off the charts. It’s completely lost money, very little to gain from it.

    Meanwhile the “Big Three” can’t build fully loaded $70,000+ full size pickup trucks fast enough. That’s what people are buying when they spend that kind of money on a new vehicle today…………not electric Cadillacs….

  2. I’ll buy one only if it comes with a full ‘bra’ mask that’s rated to filter out viruses, because I don’t want my car to get infected & die, plus the mask should somehow have some kind of electronic features with at least a couple of computer modules because I like things to be as complicated as possible.

  3. Hi Eric,

    So electric cars are the same as face masks?
    You’re getting a bad case of ” Mask Derangement Syndrome.”
    Hope you get well soon.

    • Would not usually agree with MikePizzo, but yup. Does not matter what the topic or discussion, everything is viewed through the Covid prism now.

      (I’m surprised the MikePizzo post did not get deleted Eric)

  4. Well , this post ain’t about EV’s but it is about ‘lectricity. The kind that the mayor of El-Lay will cut off (along with your water) if his majesty deems you are havin’ too big a party ! Wait till they pull the ‘lectric plug on someone hooked up to life saving medical equipment.
    Remember, folks…YOU ARE FREE !
    Free to do as you’re told….

  5. The EV and the face diaper are being touted due to many false assumptions and false or manipulated data. Folks refusing to verify and seek out truth will forever be pawns in the political con games.

  6. Funny thing about this car – they have just launched it in Pakistan. A country where we dont have enough power generation for our normal consumption. Most of the upper class people here (the kind who will buy this car) have big diesel generators powering their houses. So basically in Pakistan IS a smaller, more expensive Q7!!!

  7. On a similar note if you want a good laugh, it turns out Cuckoo Man accidentally spilled the beans on Government Motor’s future electro-vette.

    Whether or not Eric will be sad that GM won’t lend him an overpriced, over-hyped, mid-life crisis golf-cart to review I know not. Jojo says it’ll go 200mph, but I’m guessing it’ll barely get to 200 km/hr (approx 124mph), but think of all the fun you’ll have going ¼ mile at that speed before the battery is completely drained, and of course of paying $250,000 (in 1971 dollars) on a play thing you don’t need! (“financing available, low mileage lease *insert 32,767 low-pitched. fine-print words in span of 10 seconds here*…see your GM dealer today…”)

  8. And to add even more insult to unfathomable stupidity, I just read that there are not enough resources in the world to even replace IC cars in the UK with EV’s. Yay for thinking ahead. Lots of somebodies seem to be suffering with dain bramage!

    • The busybodies and control freaks don’t want to replace all of the IC cars with EVs. That would still give ordinary people way too much access to mobility and freedom. What they want is to shove everyone into “sustainable” cities where they can be more easily controlled. It’s the bus or subway for you, prole. Driving through the countryside is for high Inner Party officials only.

    • Actually it was an article in Forbes. To replace all the cars in the UK with EV’s would use HALF the total world wide production of copper in 2018. there were some other stats but, what it boils down to is those little Wogs in Africa can’t dig enough cobalt with their prepubescent hands to build enough cars to replace IC. I really like it when the article stated these small cobalt mines using child labor to dig by had were call “Artisan Mines”. Dig little Artisan, dig.


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