AGWs Hut! Hut! Hut! Woman for Not Being Naked

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A woman was Hut! Hut! Hutted! by armed government workers at a beach in Myrtle, SC because “someone” called about her being naked on the beach – which she wasn’t.

But the mirror-sunglassed and rugged-looking AGWs who appeared – and applied the cuffs to this obviously dangerous woman – apparently couldn’t see her clothes. Not that there was a lot to see – or rather, the reverse. The woman, Sam Panda, was wearing a thong bikini.

That’s not much in the way of clothes but – as Panda tried to explain to the illiterate AGWs – it’s not naked and so not illegal under the law, which forbids nakedness not thongs on the beach.

You could see a lot, certainly – but not everything.

Maybe her thong was in poor taste – depending on your taste. But the letter of the law says naked and if you’re wearing clothes, you’re not . ..  by definition.

Instead of leaving her be and perhaps suggesting more clothes, the AGWs manacled Panda to show her who’s boss after she had the effrontery to explain what words – and the law – mean.

This, of course, affronted thew AGW’s authority. Commence the Hut! Hut! Hut!

Eventually, a Face-Diapered AGW “supervisor” appears and a parsing over the meaning of “naked” ensues. But no Hut! Hut! Hutting! for the Undiapered AGWs who abused their authority by abusing Panda.

AGWs wonder why people loath them. They ought to watch this video and maybe they’d stop wondering.

. . .

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  1. I was just down near Myrtle Beach a couple weeks ago. Girls dressed like that are everywhere as they probably are on many other beaches. Bikinis with butts hanging out is the new style. There must have been some other reason they decided to give this girl a hard time.

  2. This came up on my TikTok, with lots of traction. This woman handled herself so well.

    I’ve been to Myrtle many times, and I’ve seen some bods, with WAY more bod and WAY less suit. This chick was given the business because she looks a type of way.

    • Hi Anon,

      As a man, I’m ashamed of the “men” who hassled – and manacled – this woman. Despicable cowards. Thugs. I would not pause to pee on them if I saw them being torn apart by “peaceful” protestors.

      • Take note, they didn’t go after a “body positive” bovine undoubtedly a few towels over. They picked on someone they could snatch up out the sand effortlessly. The type of fight a bully likes. Still, she did well.

    • She is pretty hot imo. I don’t understand why AGW’s would hassle her instead of wanting to get her number. What the eff is wrong with those psychopaths

  3. Why does a naked or almost naked body bring out the sick morality of snitches and ragtells? These same people watch movies soaked in violence and blood yet complain about an attractive woman in a bikini? And I would bet that the snitch who phoned her in has a load of child porn on his computer.

    • It was most likely a woman that snitched on her. One much like those Al Bundy would talk about when they entered the shoe store.

      • Brent,

        Bet. A fat dollop of daisy bitch saw her dollop of daisy man take a glance. Had to take it upon herself to rid the sand of a physique not like hers, but wants to body positive her big ass self down the boardwalk.

    • I’d bet it was some stinkin’ woman angry because the object of her ire was a “threat” to her royal flabbiness. Her soy boy may have made the mistake of remarking on the babe’s ass and that set planet Karen into countermeasures.

      • Hi Auric,

        The person who “called” is certainly a harpie – but the AGWs are something even worse. Instead of telling whoever “called” that the statute says naked – not thong bikini – they not only hassled but manacled that woman, who had broken no laws and wasn’t hurting anyone.

        But they hurt her.

        So many aspects to this which serve as visuals for the horror America is becoming, among them that we have become used to AGWs putting handcuffs on people for what amounts to chewing gum with their mouth open. It wasn’t that long ago that cuffs were reserved for felons and even then, male felons capable of harming people and who’ve given reason to worry they might do so again. Women,old people, obviously frail people, kids – these were not handcuffed as policy over misdemeanors.

        But now, it’s part of submission training – meant not for “safety” but to humiliate the person. That’s the only reason a male AGW – two male AGWs – would manacle a woman a third the size of one of them who wasn’t “suspected” of anything violent and who expressed on violent inclinations.

        She argued with them. And her point as regards the validity of what she was accused of doing was very persuasive. But their Authority was affronted. Hut! Hut! Hut!

        Which is just the point. You aren’t supposed to stand tall and treat with AGWs as public servants – and expect to be treated as a citizen with rights. You are cattle – and must obey the prod.

        People like that woman and probably everyone reading this ought to not have to even think about cops much less worry about them – and yet, we do. Because we don’t have cops anymore.

        We have AGWs.


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