AGWs Hut! Hut! Hut! Autistic Teen Girl

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Here’s an especially appalling story about a pair of Riverside, CA armed government workers who brutally “took down” a 19-year old autistic girl whose only “crime” was ignoring their illegal orders.

Michelle Chartrand, 19, was walking home from school – not an illegal act, yet – when she was accosted by AGWs, who began asking questions and demanded she identify herself.

According to the Desert Sun:

On Aug. 30, 2018, Chartrand was dropped off by her mother at Summit High School in La Quinta to attend a job training for people with learning disabilities. Soon after arriving, two Desert Sands Unified School District security officers received reports that Chartrand had left campus and was walking home, according to the complaint (subsequently filed by her parents in U.S. District Court).

Chartrand told The Desert Sun last year that she struggles with academics, grew upset during the training and decided she needed to walk to her home, which was about three blocks from the school.

According to the Sun, school security called AGWs, who confronted her and when she tried to walk by them, was violently grabbed by the AGWs, who ululated their usual “stop resisting!” while hurling the girl to the pavement.

According to the lawsuit:

Plaintiff Michelle Chartrand—an autistic member of the Riverside community—suffered injuries as a result of an encounter with law-enforcement officers at her school. Despite having no reason to forcibly detain and arrest Plaintiff—and fully aware of her disability—officers for the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department wrestled with Plaintiff, tackled her to the ground, handcuffed her, and caused her head to strike the concrete pavement. Plaintiff suffered injuries as a result. She requests a jury trial to pursue justice on the claims detailed in this complaint.

The AGWs claim is that they acted to keep Chartrand “safe.”

AGW spokesman Chris Wilson told media in the aftermath of the incident that the two AGS merely “… attempted to contact the woman, however, she walked past one of the officers and onto Fred Waring Drive, directly toward the morning traffic.” 

Chartrand denies this, stating:

“I pressed the crosswalk button and waited for the walking icon to pop up,” she told The Desert Sun last year. The sheriff’s deputies “thought I was acting crazy, but I wasn’t. I looked both ways before I crossed the road.”

Regardless, the fact is Chartrand committed no criminal act; was not suspected of any criminal activity. She was walking down the sidewalk, minding her own business – and as a 19-year-old, was a legal adult and under no obligation to speak with or even slow down for the AGWs.

She had every right to attempt to walk past them – and the AGWs had no right to put their hands on her, let alone hurl her bodily onto the pavement.

But her rights – and yours and mine – are meaningless in the face of the unlegislated but very real “law” that we must Submit & Obey. That AGWs are the “law” – and we disobey the “law” at our peril.

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  1. When I was in grade school nearly 20 years ago, I remember that if something like this were to happen, the school would notify the parents first before taking matters into their own hands. What’s even more infuriating is that the school knew that she was walking home AND knew where she lived; yet still decided to call the police on her. This goes to show how “free” this country really is.

    “The AGWs claim is that they acted to keep Chartrand “safe.”

    Of course they did! They kept her safe from her freedom. lol

  2. More proof that schools are prisons; she left the grounds on her own so therefore – prison break! call out the guards! Which they did, and this poor girl got a beat down just because that’s the way it goes these days. I sincerely hope a family member tracks down the AGW’s responsible for this and returns the favor in spades.

      • My last two years I got early release just about every day. The principal finally called me in and said “I don’t care what you do in the afternoons, just tell somebody you won’t be here”. 10-4, I’ll let someone know. I just often didn’t return from lunch you could take anywhere. I drove home and ate with my parents since they didn’t serve gruel.
        After that I’d go check, water, feed my livestock, maybe hang out with the neighbor who taught choir and might not have a class. I’d mow the lawn(several hours) so my dad didn’t have to and I’d be free to roam the world in the evenings.

        I had nothing to do at school the last two years. Didn’t mind going to Chemistry 2, a class arranged by the science teacher for 2 of us since we couldn’t stand the alternative.

        I go to the cotton gin where they sold feed and haul feed all afternoon to fill self-feeders so I didn’t have to do that when I could be screwing off with my buddies. My best friend’s mom was a teacher and his dad was the supt. He got to leave early now and then so we could go do some farm chore relieving his dad of it. We’d change irrigation pipe and then twist off fishing and hunting.

        Sometimes we’d work with his uncle and dad, doing the hard stuff and them watching us. When it was time for a good afternoon break, his dad and uncle would tell us to take a break as they did too. He kept some hot beer in the barn which they’d gather up and go drink….ahhhh!. We kept ice cold beer under a certain culvert in our cooler and go drink beer and laugh about them drinking hot beer. Bass fishing and drinking beer, two sciences we had down to an art.

      • My senior year high school was just about like college. I got a part time job through the business class for which I got school credit and paid. So I got done with my classes and left for work. By spring semester I was getting done by about 11am and then working 30-something hours a week including Saturday mornings.

        I never asked for no damn permission. If the school had a problem with it they never bothered me. I just walked out to the parking lot and got in my car and left every day.

        I was so fed up with school that I didn’t go to college until almost 20 years later, and only then because I was having health problems. I’ve changed careers so many times that changing careers has become a career – ha!

        • dread, we have another thing in common. Quit trucking for a bit, doing electrical work. went back to trucking. The only thing I ever did and liked and made money doing that didn’t involve trucking was day trading stocks. I have a mind for that sort of thing. Of course govt. couldn’t tolerate it and took most everything we had.

          And that wasn’t bad enough so I struggled along and made a little money roofing, very little but enough that if you want to buy my farm, call the IRS.

        • Yeah, like I kept going back to logging // wink

          Only thing I really wish I’d done different was gone out to northern Nevada when I was young and tried to get on with some ranch and learned to ride “fifty years ago” when “the adrenaline came quickly”. If I could roll back the years …

          As far as I could tell at the time, you had to be born/raised on a ranch to be a cowboy. Nobody in CO would try me out. But I guess there were places where they actually needed more hands than were available but I didn’t know that then. Now we have a couple horses and can ride up on the ranch “next door” for a few hours at a time. Only time I don’t feel old is mounted.

          • I was always a cowboy till I got bucked off and had broken bones in my pelvis. 15 years later I’d have back surgery and I could not stand even the jolt of walking a horse. I could have never been a hard core offroad racer. Of course I’ve spent decades in big rigs that beat hell out of you but it wasn’t quite the fast jolt like a horse.

            I spent 3 days hauling 625 tons of sand and spread it over an acre or so, as close as I could get it. Monday I used a big loader to put it in a tall pile. Standing one on its ass tends to tense you.

          • Spreading sand and then piling it? Must be a govt job!

            I haven’t got that bad hurt yet. Busted a rib one time, and another time pulled a tendon right out of the bone in my elbow trying to hold on the saddle horn. I thought I knew how to ride but then I finally figured it out more or less and stopped hitting the ground. I still ain’t no bronc buster and I try to stay out of trouble.

            Look up “Pan Philips” an old WY cowboy up in BC whose horse started bucking when he was out setting a trap line. One of the wolf traps hanging from the horn got between him and the saddle and busted his pelvis plum in half. Their hired kid found him before he froze to death but they were something like 90 miles from a road or town. He lived and eventually walked and rode again.

            • It was a road covered in 2 feet of silt that had to be removed. I probably only hauled 20% of it and graded the rest into a pasture with no trees.

              I’d haul it to the yard and dump. Found a friend who can use it building foundations today. I”m sure he can get it cheap since I only live 1.5 M from the yard and can use the loader when everyone is gone. We can’t use it for fill since it will only wash away…..again….if it ever rains again.

  3. These stories always make my blood boil. Many years ago, I worked as a mental health tech, and was on the hospital’s Code Rush team (code rush was the hospital’s code for a combative person who may be a danger to themselves or others). I was trained to first do everything possible to DE-ESCALATE the situation. If, and only if, all attempts to de-escalate fail, or if the person attacks someone or attempts to harm themselves, we would take that person down in such a way as to minimize the possibility of injury to themselves or us. We NEVER struck anyone, and I’m proud to say that I very seldom had to actually take anyone down, and the few that I did, the only injury ever was a psychotic old woman who managed to scratch my wrist with her nails.

    Many of those attracted to costumed thuggery for fun and profit, on the other hand, seem to be trained to do the exact opposite. Barking orders and demanding instant compliance is almost guaranteed to make a situation worse. And when the situation inevitably escalates due to their own actions, they lash out with unnecessary force. Like most sociopaths, they seem to get a thrill from hurting others, and appear to seek out the opportunity to do so.

    I grew up in the 70’s and 80’s, and was taught to respect cops. But now I despise them. Back then most cops were still more Andy Griffith. Now they’re Barney Fifes equipped with the latest tacticool military gear and a license to kill. American AGWs are far worse than third world cops who, while also thugs, are usually only looking for a small bribe, not to get a sexual thrill from beating or killing someone.

  4. Hey, look on the bright side. They only slammed her head into the concrete and handcuffed her for no reason. At least they didn’t roll up in an MRAP dressed in Level IV body armor and shoot her in the head with an M4 (which is illegal for non-cop Californians to possess).

    And they didn’t shoot her dog (yet), either!

        • I’m ready to personally bring it back. Been cuttin a lot of mesquite off the fence line, have plenty of that “perfect” size and length. I think it would look good on the fence bordering the road.

      • That’s just it…I have daughters of my own, all grown, all but one with kids of their own, and some of those are entering lovely young womanhood. If some psychopath, I don’t care if he’s sporting a “Gubmint”-issued badge, did THAT to any of my daughters or grand-daughters, be assured, his days are NUMBERED!

  5. Every time something like this happens, you wonder why heroes never seem to know what to do with people with very common disabilities like being deaf, mental problems, medical problems that cause episodes or simply just wanting to be left alone. Aren’t these supposed to be highly trained public servants? I think most people think they are. It’s a very wrong assumption.

    It just shows how little training of any kind that heroes have.

    I think people would be appalled how little training it takes to get a badge, paycheck, a taser, a semi automatic weapon, and a souped up Dodge Charger.

    Do heroes have much weapons training? Nope, not much. Some get none after the police academy*.
    Do heroes have much medical training? Many don’t have any.
    Do heroes know the law? Don’t get me started.

    Of course we could have better training. It’s only a start, since it doesn’t do anything about bullies that shouldn’t even be in the business.

    *no, not the movie

    • Amen, Rich –

      Bear in mind that most AGWs are low-IQ types who go into this line of “work” because it allows them to rise above their station, as it were. Most lack the brains or the decency to be good garbage collectors.

      • Yeah, you don’ t hear of garbage collectors being lauded as “heroes”, but if THEY aren’t out there doing their jobs, it’s actually NOTICED. And it doesn’t have to be “Gubmint” employees” doing it…I like the late Richie Aprile’s (Sopranos) slogan…”if ya ain’t satisfied, ya get your garbage BACK!”

  6. It would sure upset me if these AGWs were tracked down and burnt alive on this holy day. I pray for their continued safety and thank them for their selfless acts of heroism.

      • Eight,

        You lost me.

        Where are the “heros” coming from.

        The speaker seems to want to raise taxes to spend on combining prisons and schools.

        The architects already do this. Generally the same architect will design the local schools and prisons.

        • The speaker was speaking of no family life being the cause of criminals. They don’t all get caught and charged with murder and for the most part, those who do that wear a badge are just doing what they didn’t learn not to do at home.

        • “The architects already do this. Generally the same architect will design the local schools and prisons.”. Why NOT? What’s the DIFFERENCE? Both are places that they “inmates” are COMPELLED to go!

          • About 25 years ago, a local high school that was right off I 20 was constructed. It was nearly identical to a prison 50 miles west of it. No thanks. I wouldn’t even admit to having children.


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