AGWs Hut! Hut! Hut! The Wrong Car

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Here’s video of the Hut! Hut! Hutting! of a red Nissan occupied by a female and her kids based on a search for a “beige or tan Corolla” occupied by “four males.”

Supposedly waving guns.

The AGWs point their guns at the kids in the car.

They also lie to their mother – telling her that her license plate matches the “suspect vehicle’s” plate.

It didn’t.

Luckily, the AGWs didn’t shoot the woman or her kids – but they head AGW wasn’t the least bit apologetic for the Hut! Hut! Hutting! He justifies what happened based on false information – and general incompetence – the usual gaslighting victim-blaming technique that AGWs use almost as much as “stop resisting!” while pummeling the not-resisting.

Look what you made me do!

. . .

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  1. Hey Mark,,

    You seem to be right, which is encouraging. I just checked out the original youtube vid and the comments are overwhelmingly against the police.


    • I didn’t say the bootlickers wouldn’t justify those pigs’ actions; I said that I don’t see HOW they could justify what the pigs did, because it’s indefensible. That’s what I meant to say. Anyway, I’m glad that there’s pushback on this.

  2. Jeremy, that’s the mist insightful explanation of the long game that they are playing, how itsnplay and who they are working for. Bravo.

    • Hey Swamp,

      Thanks! Mencken nailed this idea years ago with his famous “endless series of hobgoblins” quote. That the elite class wishes to pit all of us against, and be fearful of, each other seems obvious. But, they also wish to make us fearful of, and dependent on, them.

      Many people consider this cynical and hyperbolic. To them I offer my definition of a cynic:

      Cynic, noun:
      – One who angers others by correctly observing reality.


  3. Since WHEN is beige or tan even REMOTELY similar to burgundy? Since when is it even remotely similar to any shade of red?! That leads me to my next question: how could these pigs not know they had the wrong car when they pulled it over? Wouldn’t their searchlight have illuminated the car sufficiently to see that it was red or burgundy? Shouldn’t they have seen that it was NOT a tan or beige vehicle? At that point, shouldn’t they have seen the car logo, indicating that it was a Nissan, not a Toyota, as referenced in the 911 call? At that point, shouldn’t they have realized that they had the WRONG CAR? Which leads me to my final question: when they pulled over the burgundy Nissan, wouldn’t it have been appropriate for the officer to walk over and tell the driver that he’d pulled over the wrong car, and that he was sorry? How DUMB can these freakin’ pigs be?

      • It would have been so easy to do the RIGHT THING though! That’s what I don’t understand! After pulling over the car, the cop could have simply walked over; could have said they lost sight of the car they were chasing, and that it had used that exit; that they were looking for a tan car, and hers was burgundy; said they had the wrong car; issued a quick apology and wish the woman a good night; then, be done with it. It would have been easier, quicker, and built a little goodwill in the process.

        The female driver would have understood about the cops losing sight of the car, because it was dark out. She’d be glad he was on the job, because they were looking for genuine bad guys who were waving a gun out the window. The cop would have looked like a solid, conscientious professional, which the woman would have noticed; she’d have probably had good things to say to her kids about him too; the kids would have, at least for now, had a better opinion of cops. Had this been handled differently, it would have been better for ALL concerned. Had it been handled differently, there would have been good will, not will will, created as a result. This incident was just so UNNECESSARY!

        Then again, police departments nationwide are screening for aggressive, low IQ personnel, and THIS is what you get. This has been policy for what, almost two decades now? That means all this is deliberate.

        • Hi Mark,

          Of course, the supervisor thinks everything was appropriate! Nothing about this stop was appropriate. As you point out, it was so unnecessary and counter productive. Also, what nobody seemed to notice, is that it eliminated any chance of “catching the bad guy” (assuming one even existed).

          Decent people see this and conclude that it makes no sense. That’s because most of us cannot fathom the mindset produced by nearly unchecked power. Nor do they understand that, in addition to Lord Acton’s famous observation, power attracts the already corrupt. If one sees that the primary purpose of AGW’s is to protect the elite class, not us, it all makes sense. The elite class wants a subservient, deferential and frightened citizenry, AGW’s are the leading edge of this attack.

          I’m pretty sure that many bootlickers will note that the cops became reasonable and eventually attempted to deescalate the situation. But, I wonder how it would have turned out if the woman had been combative and uncooperative instead of immediately deferential and frightened?



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