AGWs Fail to Hut! Hut! Hut! Themselves

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Armed government workers have been Hut! Hut! Hutting! people for not behaving like residents of a prison – failing to walk within the painted/taped lines, not “social distancing” or Fear Mask wearing – but regularly ignore these “guidelines” (kind of like Social Security “contributions”) themselves. Just as they also get to ignore the “buckle up” and “speeding” laws they enforce on us.

Lately, they’ve taken to Hut! Hut! Hutting! churchgoers congregating on private property and no one being exposed to anything they aren’t willing to expose themselves to. By some odd process of transubstantiation, this has become a criminal act in what is styled the “land of the free.”

At any rate, a pastor who got Hut! Hut! Hutted! decided to  get revenge – or at least, satisfaction – by recording 20 or so AGWs not “stopping the spread.” He caught them hanging out, sans Fear Masks – and much closer than six feet apart – at a convenience store. Instead of Hut! Hut! Hutting! them, he simply shamed them.

Not that it will have change the ways of these AGWs, who have no shame. If they did, they wouldn’t have been Hut! Hut! Hutting! peaceful (and harming no one) people in the first place.

The AGWs scurry away like the roaches they are. Only roaches cant be faulted – because they haven’t got any choice about being roaches.

. . .

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  1. Shame on you Eric. Don’t you know that AGWs are by far the most “essential”? At least they are to the Psychopaths In Charge. How else would they continue to enforce their insanity upon what few sane are left.

    • Hi JWK,

      Of course! And heroes, too! We must revere our oppressors – whoops! – our protectors. They are keeping us all safe, doncha know…

  2. Hey, at least they’re not shooting up the schools/malls/etc right now… this “crisis” is keeping the goobers occupied.

    [cue emotional piano music]
    Oh noooo — we can’t let the heroes be at risk of catching the deadly virus! The masks make it hard for them to do their jobs, so that’s why they don’t wear them, and they’re incredibly BRAVE to risk their lives by not wearing masks! Of course, we the peasants don’t have any important jobs so we have to wear masks.
    But, their lives and jobs are too important, so the governor should immediately mandate that they wear masks 24/7 and stay 6 feet away from each other FOR THEIR SAFETY. OMG, what would we all do if the heroes caught the deadly virus! OH THE HUMANITY!

    • Not only that, but a lot of them are just straight-up pansies! Hence why they prefer to shoot first, then ask questions later. The thing that pisses me off, though, is the majority of these pigs get off scot-free!

      • bg, that’s the reason it’s called the Just Us system. Judges and prosecutors and cops break more laws than the rest of society.

        We finally had our first death and I think first case of covid in this county. He was 87 with Crohn’s disease. He may have had covid when he died but that wasn’t what killed him.

        The county just east of us started reporting a few cases and then more and then more. Seemed odd since everybody in this country are rural folks and work outside and are just as healthy as everyone else. Then we learn the cases that have swelled to well over 100 are in a private prison facility with, I have no doubt, no decent food, supplements or even health care(that costs money and they ain’t in the money-losin bidness). I can almost guarantee they are the worst of society, those people who are petty thieves and illicit drug takers…..although I’ll admit the crack crowd gets fairly violent at times.

    • So, instead of the “thin blue” we should refer to them as the “thick blue line”? O should we cut to the chase and call them the “fat blue blob”?

  3. Exactly what I was thinking Eric… watch them scatter like cockroaches when a light has been shined on them. Filthy, repulsive subhumans!

    • Point that out and they’ll almost make sense copsplaining how they can park in a handicap zone. Well, it makes sense in that they are handicapped, not just mentally but physically. If they even consider detaining someone they always call for backup. Once about 10 cars are on the scene then they’re ready to cuff a 100 lb girl for riding her bike…..over the line.

      The two cops that have come out with videos telling the rest they should be kinder are just trying to buy time. They know the shooting’s about to start.

      If civilians lacked morals the way these scum do, it would already have started in earnest. What’s so hard about stealing a car that won’t be missed for a little while, getting stopped for some “infraction”, shooting the cop(s)before they can even run their mouths, drive off and have somebody else pick them up? The only thing holding normal people back from doing this is morals.


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