Reopen . . . and Reject

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People who own small businesses put up with government edicts pre-Corona because on the whole it was worth it.

They complied with the onerous regulations.

They paid the taxes, including the taxes styled “business licenses” – i.e., the extortion called by a more benign-sounding euphemism, to make it go down easier.

But it amounts to the same thing. A worse thing, actually – because it is done by the entity that is supposed to protect honest people from being shaken down. Which means there’s no protection from being shaken down.

The owner of a gym or restaurant or hair salon is told they must pay out a large sum of money in order to avoid being shut down by goons with guns. How this differs from what Don Corleone does is a hard thing to discern. Except for the difference that the government’s shakedown is “legal” – and euphemized.

The Don is a more honest man.

At any rate, they pay it – because having paid it, they were allowed to open their doors. That’s the deal, right?

It was worth paying the extortion – and complying with all the rigamarole – because people could come through those doors. Which made it possible to do enough business to pay the extortion and keep the doors open. There was positive cashflow. The business could afford the extortionist and their employees. Pay the rent; pay suppliers.

And pay themselves.

On the whole, it was better than not bothering to get out of bed.

Now the extortionist has closed their doors anyhow – even though they paid to be allowed to open them. So why bother getting out of bed?

Better yet, why bother paying for the “license”?

Why put up with any of it? 

The “inspectors” looking for “violations” – not of anyone’s rights but of “codes”? The arbitrary – usually expensive – decrees regarding how the business may (italicized to emphasize the despicability) do business? The obnoxious interferences with free association (e.g., the freedom to go through the doors of a bar that allows smoking – and be just as free to go down the street to a bar where it is not allowed)?

Why not ignore all of it?

Why not just do business? Offer what you’ve got to sell – and if people are willing to buy it, sell it to them. No one’s being coerced. No one’s being hurt.

Everyone is free to come – and go.

Imagine that!

What are they going to do? Close you down? 

Well, they already have – which is something not even Don Corleone does . . . so long as you pay up. The Don doesn’t close you down after you pay up. And the Don doesn’t tell you how you’ll run your business.

Only the Dons of government exude that kind of effrontery.

The Don only wants to squeeze you – not close you – because it’s contrary to his interests for you to go out of business.

The Dons of government, on the other hand, have a different agenda. They want small businesses out of business.

In order to squeeze out independence. Options, end runs. The ability to economically exist with a degree of latitude.

Everything must be the same – and under the same control.

Understand this and you will understand why the Dons who are the government have begun allowing (italicized to emphasize the toxicity) small businesses to partially re-open. Heavily conditional. At half or less capacity. In other words, a mandatory 50 percent reduction of their business – but without a 50 percent reduction of the cost of the extortion.

So why pay it? Why obey any of it? The “deal: is no longer worth it.

What are they going to do? Close you down?

Got news for you, amigo. But maybe you’ve already noticed. The objective of this exercise – one of them, at any rate – is not to squeeze small businesses but to close them, permanently. For the sake of big business, which is the same thing as for the sake of government, whose Dons are really puppets

The corporations, the big box retailers and other such that haven’t been shut down – did you notice?. They don’t want the competition from small business.

Not so much for customers as for workers.

They want workers to not have options. For everyone (including the former small business owner) to work for – and so be owned by – the corporations. Which ownership will be manifested – as ownership always is – in the form of control.

Do as we tell you – or no paycheck for you. Hell, no shopping for you. No existence for you.

Corporate workers keep their heads down and do as they know they must – without even having to be told. “Reporters” who work for corporate media, for instance, know they must not raise or even hint at certain questions as doing so will cost them their jobs.

And so they do not raise them.

Questions like: Why is a Corona virus with a fatality rate half or less that of the 1968 Hong Kong Corona virus – which didn’t result in any businesses’ doors being forcibly closed by the government – treated as if it had a fatality rate 20 times as high? 

Or: How is it that Bill Gates – the software equivalent of the Maytag Man and with just as much competence to prescribe medical treatment – all-of-a-sudden America’s Vaccine Czar? Does he have an interest in forcing people to be vaccinated?

Corporate people also know not to raise their heads.

They know to keep them down.

They submit to Fear Masking even though it is embarrassingly evident that Fear Masking is “theater” – in the words of the sexiest man alive, Dr. Fauci himself. Because if they don’t they haven’t got a job anymore.

This being another form of  . . . extortion.

They will submit to being extorted to submit to vaccination and tracking, too – when there is no option to get another (non-corporate) job, the small business jobs having been eliminated, the small business owners cop-opted.

Just as corporate workers already submit to humiliating pee tests to prove they’re not using arbitrarily illegal drugs – or even legal ones, like cigarettes – as a condition of their employment.

Corona is about sickness, all right. It is about making small businesses very ill.

Ideally, fatally.

But there is a cure.

It is to say no. And to open the damn doors. Let as many people who want to do business with them – eat food, shop – come through those doors, without masks and without any conditions.

Small business owners had better come to grips with the reality that if they don’t decide to resume doing business at 100 percent, without conditions, without begging permission, without paying for permission to operate at 50 percent capacity while being forced to pay 100 percent extortion – they will soon be out of business.   

Because what are they going to do?

Close them down? 

. . .

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  1. Off the subject slightly, I hate the way they are calling this whole shit going on a “reopening.” Not when you have to wear a fucking face mask and social distance. I’m about having enough of this crap. That’s not reopening. When you are under some got damned government order, it’s not reopening. Period

  2. You know what Don Corleone does that the government doesn’t do?

    Provide protection.

    Yeah, it’s a shakedown and you’re forced to pay, but once you do pay, Don doesn’t forget and will come to your aid when you need him. The government? They couldn’t care less – and they act the part well.

    Great article Eric!

    • Thanks, Jim!

      And you’re right about the Don. It’s why people trend to like the guy, even though he is a thug. Government Dons, on the other hand, are rightly loathed by all except the service and imbecilic.

      • The don “protects” from the don.

        Then, if the extortion is paid, the don protects “his” extortion racket – criminality – from other would be criminal opportunists.

        So anybody who likes that sumbitch is just as servile & imbecilic as them what like avuncular sambitch bitchslaps & tickles.

        Gangster is gangster. & lesser two evils is dumpster.

        So where’s that leave Sally “you like me – you really like me!” Fields…& other flying nunsuches?

        Wherever the wind blows ‘em’d be my guess.

    • About the Don, if you read the novel you would see that Don Vito Corleone (before he was a Don) started his career by killing the local Black Hand boss for conducting a protection racket. The Black Hand victimized the small business owners by demanding a tax for protection against the Black Hand. After killing Fanucci, Vito (in becoming Don Vito) and his boys levied a protection tax on operators of criminal enterprises in their newly gained territory, not on small business people who weren’t “in the game”, so to speak.

      A small distinction, but a critical one.

      • Critical how?

        Who was the game the criminals preyed upon in “their/the don’s” territory?

        Is “inflation” an any less direct tax than prima facie extortion because it is less obvious (or not obvious at all, to some)? Does a different word for robbery, a euphemism, do away with the actual thing itself?

        Masochist insists its a good sadist who honors the “safe word.” Symbiotic freaks & their dictionaries, thesauruses, & word games.

        So Don was smoother, more sophisticated-cunning at “the game” than Fanucci. And, presto-voilà, much of the neighborhood liked or “loved” him, their fearless founding father leader whom they were less afraid of.

        Don was a Fanucci euphemism.

        There ain’t no good people in gangs, criminal or otherwise…Ox Bow Incident territory, that… but, per Rube Goldberg spec’d “design,” gangorrhea – Weus! – is most of the “social” human condition; it is congenital.

  3. Exactly the same situations here in Australia. The closing of small businesses while the big boys continue to operate. I work in a large retailer warehouse. We are doing better than at Christmas time. At least with our warehouse full, we cannot practice social distancing. No one is wearing a rag over their faces, and no one is concerned about the WUHAN VIRUS. I saw this at the start of our lockdown, in step with the months long allowed to burn bushfires, the attempt to convert to a cashless society, and the concentration camps and “smart” cities that were along the national rail line going through the bushfire areas.

  4. There is a video of so called Constitutional attorney Alan “Douch-a-witch” saying that you have NO right to refuse a forced vaccine. One of his inane utterances is “That’s the way it works in a democracy. If the majority of the people want a vaccine then you have no right not to take it”…Now, I’m not an “attorney” nor do I play one on TV, but I would expect “Douch-a-witch” to know the difference tween a democracy and a republic. And zactly when have laws been made based on the percentage of people that want ’em ? When they pass this mandatory vaccine shit, I want Alan to show up at my door to give me mine…..This guy makes me throw up in my mouth.

    • Hi Blues,

      Dershowitz is Jewish. I wonder whether he’d agree with – and submit to – a vote by a majority that all Jews must be gassed? Isn’t that the way it works in a democracy?

      • “The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers…” That’s the law’d thy god what begots the most gotcha’ of all.

      • He probably would to save his own skin. That’s the way people like him roll. I lost all respect for him hearing that.

      • Jews are the creators and leading proponets of communism along with the goy morons who listen to them. Cue Flinders

        • Beneficial doubt: And?

          Creator-proponents ain’t no thing a’tall without allll the good little german followers.

          Cue cinders.

          Cuz nuthin’s fare’r enheitin’ deadwood…or puritans followin’ commies who happen to be jews.

        • Ah, my old buddy Marky! No real need to comment in detail, this is old territory. Of course you are wrong, but that is to be expected. By this time anyone with at least a few brain cells knows the excoriation of Jews by the various aryan warrior/white supremacist peckerheads that pop in here is based on mindless hatred, lies, distortions, projection, and moral cowardice. Practically everything you guys know is wrong and your “proofs” laughable. But, like the flat-earthers, you are a source of endless amusement.

          • Sorry jason – Mark is correct. YOU are the clueless moron; the jews themselves openly admit to / brag about being the creators and force behind communism. ‘Their ‘sanhedrin’ has openly stated that ‘you call it communism, we call it judaism’. Read something other than $plc propaganda and the jew york times if yoyu can even read beyond a second grade level – you will see that the jew is behind all of this and the entire downfall of the West. They ADMIT it themselves. They are, as Jesus said, ‘of their father the devil’.
            Deal with it. And go back to your mommies basement.

      • to be honest the original puritans in north america practiced communism. they almost starved to death as a result. shame they didnt

        • Oh, come on Marky, don’t go honest on us and start recognizing the failings of white folks now! I am very disappointed. It must be obvious to any good white supremacist worth his salt that the Jews had to have gone back in time using their super-secret Kabbalah voodoo to force the Puritans into Communism. That’s the only thing that makes any kind of sense.

          In other news, a real Jew conspiracy continues unabated. The Jews continue their murderous rampage in destroying the icons of White culture – on the heels of murdering White notables such as Honor Blackman, Tom Lester, and John Prine the Jews have sent Fred Willard to his doom. All these deaths cannot be a coincidence, open your eyes!

          • Ridicule is the last bastion of the defeated. So hows the weather in tel aviv there jason?

            Boy Eric – you are doing a real good job here obviously! Theres enough Truth being put out on your site that you get your own little antiChrist troll! Man, you have arrived! Keep up the good work Mr Peters!

            [oh, and flinderstein, go on back to doing what you undoubtedly do best – lying, cheating the goy – kol nidre ya know – making money off of others labour, molesting little boys, ya know, jew stuff…]

        • yes they sure did, and they all consented in advance by their own written agreement, not only that they we a homogeneous’ population, all being the same race, language and values

      • Lets just say that I doubt JPFO, would have anything kind to say about Dershowitz… When they say Never Again, they VERY much mean it.

        • Dershowitz is a authoritarian totalitarian. He represents the people who rule you. Until you show them they DON”T rule you, you’re ruled by them.

          The mantra back before WW11 was “You can trust Hitler. He’ll take care of everyone. If you know any history, there were a great many people, not just Jews, who believed that, they just didn’t like the way it looked per the way he’d “take care of them”. It was a travesty when the US turned back a lot of refugees, Jews included.

          This is a huge mistake on “we the people’s part” to just go along with every edict issued by every little tyrant. The best push back I’ve seen is the people I pay to keep the 2nd A alive and well. And the big unions don’t push back because they’re run by their own tyrants.

          Every year of my life I’ve seen the American people lose just a bit more rights. We pushed back hard and I had the records to prove it, when we organized protests against the Vietnam war. Those of us who survive, still have those records and will till the day we die.

          There was a huge pushback when Reagan decided to make war in S.America. It didn’t fly well, mainly because the NE is large in Catholicism and so is S. America. We were, in effect, attacking the Pope. So Bush one looked around for an enemy. He found a people who had a religion so different from ours(for the main part), that if he pushed them and hurt them bad enough they’d finally get mad enough to push back.

          That’s all you need to know about 9/11. Follow the money. Saudi Arabia hates nearly every other country in the middle east. They had reason to get in bed with Israel and pull it off with the Zionists, many Jews, and make the story sound half-ass real. It was an obvious mistake when the Brit reporter said the other tower had fallen as it stood right behind her. Nobody in this country has a memory evidently. I have pounded on everyone who said bldg 47 was pulled over. I’ve offered all sorts of things to people who can show me how a building like that can be pulled over. Silence, except for being called anti=semite which has nothing to do with pulling a fuckin building over.

  5. When do I, or any other American get to vote on anything important? Sure, we SOMETIMES get to vote on some county or state proposals/bills now and then, only because the goobers HAD to let us vote, and BTW it’s always to raise taxes for HORRIBLE things that hurt the people. But we never get to vote on all the BIG issues.

    This isn’t a democracy, we’re not being represented, this country is a big fraud.

    These dictators everywhere suck up SO MUCH MONEY, that if we just fired them all, we’d all pay almost NO taxes whatsoever, and businesses would thrive, … gosh I think everything about life would get alot better for everyone. The world doesn’t have corona — it has the “dictators killing everyone with scams” virus, aka the DICKS virus, screwing/raping/pillaging everyone everywhere all the time. Every single thing going on with gooberment is PURE EVIL, not one honest or good thing is going on, and every single thing they say (via their fake media) is PURE LIES.

    What’s the point of it all? Life is short, we’re all gonna die soonish anyway, why do we go on like this, and put up with all this evil?

  6. Eric, accurate as usual. But there is one important item you left out. Many businesses may be looking at legal risks for opening up. That being some SOB claims to have contracted the Wuflue from a proprietor’s establishment and having a scumbag , ambulance chasing lawyer suing the hell of the business owner.

    • Thats all part of the scam. Have you noticed that most politicians are lawyers?… The “legal” system is simply the collected whims, of who ever happened to be in power at a given time. Backed, as all such things are. By the big men with clubs/spears/swords/guns. Government is, and has always been, a gang of thieves and murderers writ large. Eric is quite right. The Don, or a simple highway man, are much more honest than any government.
      The same argument was made about conscription. It was wrong then, and its wrong now.

    • Hi Allen,

      Certainly; in fact, I expect this. But it must be rejected in toto – with defensive force, if need be. Things are that bad – and going to get even worse, if enough of us do not realize (and act on the fact) that we are about to loser everything for the sake of trying to preserve something that’s already gone.

      • On my facebook feed, some shyster firm was inquiring about someone who “wrongfully” contracted corona. I addressed the shyster in my reply that he didn’t take long in that and that it would be a cold day in hell before I contacted his firm. I blocked his page and told him not to come around.

        • Amen, Swamp.

          Crikey! As you and most of the crew here know, I used to spend several hours each day at a local coffee shop, working on my rants. It was usual during the winter for there to be some people sniffling and coughing. I knew there was always a chance I might catch a cold. I sometimes moved to another table or even left if the person was really shnarfing up loogies. But it would never have occurred to me to hold the owner of the shop responsible if I caught a cold. Catching a cold is part of life – unless you want to live a life of neurosis, terrified of getting sick. Willing to do anything – to anyone – to assuage your neurotic fear of sickness.

          And here we are.

          The country has literally gone insane.

          • eric, SOME of the country has gone over the edge, been pushed over the edge. The rest is about to do some pushing, well over the edge I hope. As Barry Goldwater once said(paraphrasing here)’If I had a big enough knife I’d carve the east coast off and shove it out to sea.

            • Amen, Eight –

              I sense – I hope I sense – growing anger. Growing determination to not live like this anymore. I personally won’t have it – and damn the consequences. In fact, because of the consequences. Better to make a stand now – while it’s still possible to recover things without risking (and possibly, losing) everything.

              The first step is to hold the line on Fear Masking. Don’t truckle. Don’t accommodate. Refuse to tolerate it.

  7. Dodd-Frank was the mother of all “Kill the little guy so the big dog’s can eat” bill. Among it’s many components was a sneaky little tidbit that made bank financing startups illegal. ILLEGAL! I was told by a commercial NY banker in 2017 that the cost of compliance to his bank (Deutsche Bank) was 4 billion dollars. The mind boggles. Anyhow here’s what I learned about the “anti-startup” financing provisions. My neighbor had a chance to buy an idled steel mill- a micro mill not a city within a city blast furnace goliath- for $20mm. The mill was in “idle” condition meaning it could be cranked up in full running order in about 4 weeks. It had been idle for a short time so it still had access to skilled labor, customers, and raw materials. It had inventory. It had working equipment. In short it was a viable business that could make steel just as it had before the shut down. The buyer had 10MM cash to put down. He needed $10mm more to close the deal. He was told by multiple banks that “Even if you had $19,999,900 we are not allowed by law to lend you the $100 you need to get to closing! Why? Because of Dodd Frank! Basically Apple does not want another Steve Jobs inventing a computer in his garage and challenging it’s market share. Same story with Microsoft- sorry we don’t want to compete with the next Bill Gates. ergo- a LAW!

    Can you imagine the businesses that won’t ever open because they are now “Start-ups”? Think of the ones that couldn’t get started up, re-started or bought/sold because of this evil. Can you imagine the cost to the lifestyles to all of us because valuable enterprises can’t provide what the consumer will buy? The brilliant inventors cannot get their revolutionary ideas to market?

    It’s evil and it’s on purpose. And we the people are the ones that suffer for it.

    • Like almost all govt regulation, Dodd-Frank was a natural product (scheme) of Crony capitalism, which I define as the following:

      Crony Capitalism – Noun

      (1) a form of Fascism

      (2) an economic alliance between govt and big business that results when govt taxes, regulates, and suppresses non-favored business enterprises, pushing them to the point of extinction; meanwhile it subsidizes, supports & promotes its big business cronies by passing legislation favoring those business allies. This in turn gives them an exclusive & unfair advantage over their smaller competitors which drives the disfavored entities bankrupt. The result of this diabolical joint venture is that everyone has fewer choices in the marketplace and forces consumers into buying inferior products at much higher prices from the remaining govt supported businesses.

      Hmm…why does the name Donald Trump come to mind here?

      • Crony color o’ lawism.

        Let me issue & control a nation’s laws & I care not who has the money – cuz they won’t have it for long.

        • Snake eyes… Rosen Shields parry and trust, through the fund of darkness. Echoes through generations, up to the very day O. Now dat be a mighty stack of bananas. Boss boss da fruited plane! MMT to infinity and beyond!

          • 1 in 36 the roll, but the Ssssssybilant slitherers don’t blink – not ever.

            Still, these gimlet eyed are gimlet imbibed with “moral” hazard – “legal” intoxication.

            To cirrhosis with “love”? Please cirrhosis, may I have another?

            Any rate – faux interest rate – damn the halitosis, full speed ahead, the “trust” fund o’ darkest abyss shall providence all our best•rode islands.

            The little big-bang la petit mort echoes thru the life, leading ineluctably to the begetting of the next generation which lockstep&jaw emulates its progenitors – the machine gun that foreshadowed the BAR (mountain wo/man pronunciation “bear”…as in market), other machine guns.

            Cue Commodores & the little red in tooth & claw engine belted cartridge line dance that couldn’t help itself.


            Yes, indirtydeed, we have no bananas, nor soup nazi bananafish soup for you, either, whether you’ve earned it, can pay for it, or not…but hear-tell there’s familial lifetime supplies of the stuff, & more besides, piled up in the plush underground burrows of the very same rodents what ate the above-grounders outta’ hearth & home.

            Well, above ground’s temporary, but some are just more temporary than others.

            Tho gotta’ wonder if the kiss of the special drawing rights spider woman has been found when I look at Kissinger, et al, who was old when I was young & is still hanging around his gallows now as then, & still Em-Em-pTy’ing pockets the worldwide.

            And then I gotta’ say that even if there can be only one, *all* the swordsmen look to be Kurgan types…in which case, despite all the mixin’ o’ memory with desire, which one’s “last standing” don’t matter a’tall.

  8. Tell you what I’m trying to do. First, I have a market garden. I produce food – mostly tomatoes, lettuces, greens, radishes, carrots, etc. They are crops I can grow at a high turn over rate, and now thanks to the fallout of the fake corona scare, I can sell at exorbitant prices. How evil of me. Oh, BTW, I don’t have any permits, licenses, etc to do this. I’m just doing it.
    Second, I am seriously considering talking to some of my nearby neighbors, that have some extra land, to let me raise chickens on their property. Pretty sure I can come up with some sort of voluntary exchange for use of their land. These will be meat birds which again I can sell at now ridiculously high prices. Again, I will just do this and not ask for government permission.
    Third, I am also considering keeping bees. It can be done at a very low initial investment. Profits, even pre-corona are very good.
    I could also offer consulting on growing your own food. Successful gardening is a little more involved than people think. Plus, I am very familiar with the all the curve balls associated with the local environment/conditions.
    And to top it all off, to even accomplish a little bit of these ideas/plans would require me to hire workers, who I would “employ” as contractors and would be held responsible to manage parts of the operation, share in the risk, but also share in the profits.
    Thanks government. You’re power mad schemes and mismanagement have just furnished me with massive opportunities not only to improve my life, but the lives of many, many others.

    • I like the way you think, Charles! And the way you act – bravo! This is one of the best ways to fight the Coronamaniacs.

      Just ignore them.

  9. For the most part, they haven’t rejected much to this point, apart from a high profile case here and there. Why would they start now?

    I don’t understand this. Their lives and livelihoods have been arbitrarily shut down – for months. They’ve been demeaned and labeled nonessential and, yet, they sit there and take it up the tailpipe???

    • Citizenship o’ states is conscription. That is as obvious as the masks on the faces.

      The “I want to believe” compulsion, in words & other symbols, is all it takes. Boom: you’re in the army, now.

      But if so, it’s also because you want to be in the army.

      ♫People…people who need to conscript, be conscripted by, people…are the fuckiest people…in the world.♫


    • Hi BAC,

      This is all the ne plus ultra of “concern” – anxiety – about what might happen justifying practically any pre-emptive antidote, probably soon to include summary execution.

      • Ach! Ill•usurious segmentation – including temporal. Thus spake Neplusultra…thus has Weus! always spaked…& raked…the shake&bake.

        Your choices, re “citizen,” are buy all of it, or buy none of it.

        Which don’t mean, if the latter, the great Weus! former won’t impose it on you to the furthest extent possible anyway – thy Weus! will be done.

        But do typically mean, if the former, that you’re the religious type that picks & chooses amongst the fundamenta•list offerings, a la cart style, despite the obvious: pickin’ & choosin’ ain’t nowhere in the wo/menu options…unless you own the restaurant…& until you burn it down…if then.

        Today’s “concerns” yesterday’s “concerns”…just details changed to protect the guilty whilst the same boring headbang story goes on&on&on…….

  10. Its true. The globalists want to get rid of those pesky independent small businesses and make us all into corporate drones. Thats what this artificial crisis is all about. And of course dunce trump plays right along. The guy who used eminent domain to seize land for his casinos. Its really over folks. The communists won.

  11. “The Dons of government … want small businesses out of business.”

    But of course. Only Big Business has the wherewithal to fund professional lobbyists (often retired politicians).

    Big Business wants to eliminate, consolidate or regulate small businesses to destroy competition. Kindly old Uncle Warren Buffett euphemistically calls this strategy a “moat,” neglecting to mention that the moat is populated by alligators who rip their victims to bloody shreds as the lords and ladies of the manor titter in vicarious approval, much as the Roman emperor watched lions devour doomed gladiators.

    Shutting down small businesses is street theater. But Big Money operates far less visibly in the financial markets. Five trillion dollars of digitally-printed funny money, flowing through opaque (and utterly illegal) Special Purpose Vehicles, are propping up the bonds of Big Business — even ones with a junk credit rating, such as Ford.

    Fed chair Jerome Cntl+Powell — Cntl+P being the Print command — even went on teevee Sunday night to brag about his ability to create unlimited amounts of “digitally printed” currency to distribute to his Big Business cronies.

    Publicly-floated bonds inherently require a business to be big. Mom-and-pop businesses use bank loans, if they get any financing at all.

    In the spirit of never letting a crisis go to waste, the Big Gov-Big Business partnership is laying waste to small business, while keeping zombie big companies afloat until their assets can be hoovered up. This is fascism in Mussolini’s original sense, which had nothing to do with the political right wing, but rather referred to a syndicalized economy featuring Big Business and Big Labor, directed by Big Government.

    What they don’t tell you is that an economy organized on the fascist model, in which the big actors trundle on regardless of poor performance or even value subtraction, is incapable of growing. In this high tech feudalism, statis prevails. Economic advancement is but a distant memory. Bare subsistence is the only goal and hope of the human serfs outside the moats of the entitled.

  12. The Don•ald•s’ll geld. It’s what they do. But the castrati & eunuchs have things to do, too.

    Competition is the open system.

    The closed system begets entropy.

    But entropy at points along the way represents hypertrophy of “power,” of “profits,” of all the compensations that short wo/men with unfillable holes at their centers – castrati & eunuch included — can never get enough of.

    It’s not just “big” corporations that have hard-ons for competitonlessness. It’s people in general, up & down the chain. Been there, been done that.

    Watched Public Enemies again last night. Johnny Depp Dillinger shot down from behind. “The Devil-Depression made everybody involved do it.” And Hoover’s FBI grew out of it.

    Will there be another Flip Wilson variety show 40 years from now…or is this perhaps closer to the final entropy?

  13. Exactly! It’s obvious to anyone who cares to think about it for half an hour. The tyranny imposed, excused by an abundance of lies, has a number of demonic purposes. One is to destroy private business, leaving corporations, which are psychotic by their very definition, as the sole employer. Leaving formerly independent employees, and former private business owners, the single option of working for the company, living in the company town, buying their goods at the company store. As we know from past experience, those subjugated in such manner have absolutely zero chance of advancing their station in life. They are doomed to be just another entry on the corporate ledger, to be utilized with minimal reward if productive enough, and erased if not.

    • “The divergence between the teeth that protrude left-and-right is the kerf…” & man does the saw make a lotta’ dust. Kerf be up, down, all around. Better wear your masks.

      • There be two sides to every mask. Illusion/delusion, in one trap for Awl. Beware the serpents stock e trade, when FANGs are bear ed. Flashing sign for lemmings, Cliff Edge this whey. Mind the Kurds.

        • And sandwiched between the two mask sides, layers.
          And layered beyond the sides, more layers.
          Many traps.
          Many ill delusions, dirtybirds, carcasses in the CAFO henhouse — & other birdwo\men of Alcatraz — asylum.

          But the most common snare — the awls, serpent fangs & bear incisors that p•p•p•punctuates the equilibrium with psych defense equanimity & banal weeviltry — is “I’m taking your eggs & chicken to layer between my slices of bread” (which were also probably stolen).

          When I was young, & my life was an open book, I usta’ say behind every great fortune is a great crime cain’t abel to be true, but brother, I couldn’t spare that dime•nsion beyond inexperienced youth.

          Lots & lots of rappelling & scaling since those salad days of wine & roses & the cliffs, edges, & variously vertical faces are distill-reduced, are like the backs of my hands, are like CliffsNotes, are like whey protein in flashing synaptic mind layered rucksack, paddy-whack, give a “bum” a dime, this old man can 5-cents the rhyme….

          I’ve low & slowed most kinds of bone broth stock, but never serpent. Things get tight enough, who knows…but at this elevation only garters live & calories burned harvesting’d prolly exceed those consumed.


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