Live From Corona Country, Part 12

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Here’s the latest “on the street” report from Corona Country, or my part of it, at any rate. People are still out and about, even as businesses have been forced to close. One wonders how long this can be sustained – a police state “lockdown” based on a promised Black Death that hasn’t yet appeared – and may not. If it doesn’t, there’ll be hell to pay. Assuming Americans aren’t completely poltroonized by fear to get mad at anything the government does to them, so long as they’re told it’s for their saaaaaaaaaaaaaafety! 

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  1. I think that the CV is all BULLSHIT! As Eric asks, WTF are the bodies? I drove by two area hospitals earlier today, and neither one had lines of ambulances waiting; neither one had refrigerated trucks outside to cool the dead bodies. I saw little activity at either one.

    BTW, I’m driving my normal mileage now. I went out earlier today to have some fun. One heartening sign is that there’s more traffic-enough to slow me down on the fun, local back roads. I wanted to pass this SUV and red pickup in front, because the pickup was going slow. I saw the prefix “SP” on the SUV’s plate, so I just hung back and stewed. The SUV was a NJ State Police vehicle, so I did NOT need to attract his attention! Still sucked being stuck behind them though…

  2. If anyone doubts that this is psy-Op:

    Local MSM “news” page has a headline: “Actress Patricia Boswortth Has Died From Corona”

    I read the article…they give a little bio of the actress…..never mentioning that she was 87 years old!!!!!!

    • My local news ran a touchy-feely story about an elderly Corona’d couple that died together holding each other’s hand!

      What’s the chance of two people dying at the same exact time from the flu…..holding hands? Definitely not a suicide!

      This whole thing is making 9/11 look like a candy store robbery!

      • Wow, Handler! That people could eat that stuff up without question- as I’m sure most do- is just mind boggling! That they’d even have the nerve to say such a thing…shows just how little they think of the intelligence of their viewers….and I guess, when it comes to the majority, they are right….. 🙁

      • Hell, there may be something to this “Social distancing” stuff. Since virtually everyone I know in real life is eating all of this BS up….I don’t even want to talk to them. THEY make me sick!

        Reminds me of a line from the great old classic sit-com The Odd Couple:
        “Oscar? They think I’m a hypochondriac? Makes. Me. Sick!”

    • Hi Nunz,

      Indeed. It appears they are counting practically anyone who dies of old age/respiratory failure as having been Corona’d. I wonder how long this can go on before Americans begin noticing that very few healthy/younger people are dying – and that those dying are the people you’d expect to be dying, whether Corona was a “thing” or not?

      • Exactly, Eric. If they merely publicized the number of such deaths from any flu, it would be the same…but the average Joe/sephine has no clue how many people die every yeasr from any flu….so they call this strain of the flu by a specific name, and report the numbers and make a big deal about it; and exaggerate and hype it on the tee-vee…and suddenly it’ s a “crisis” that we all need to be saved from by the implementation of martial law, and having “troops” with rifles and tanks to shoot the germs, apparently.

        • The fact that our dear leaders would even entertain martial law is enough to convince me that this whole Corona-crap was staged (not the virus, but the “pandemic”)!

      • How long can it go on? Indefinitely. Increasingly, the news reports show younger people who have supposedly died of the virus. But we are supposed to take their word for it, and they never tell us about any underlying conditions. A week or so ago I read this article in the national news about a woman in her 30s who died. Did deeper on more local news feeds, turns out she had HIV, or was inmunocompromised. But telling people that wouldn’t fit the narrative, you see.

        So bottom line, as long as the media promulgates lies, disinformation, misleading information, and spin, most people will believe it, having no apparent interest to did further, verify, or seek alternative views. Thus, I don’t see people noticing any time soon, if ever.

      • In my local paper the obits are highlighting any deaths “from the Coronavirus”, and as mentioned almost all are over 80 and/or had other health issues. Hopefully the serfs will see the correlation and eventually figure out that 2+2 still equals 4.

        • ‘Afternoon, Mike!

          …..yeah, the serfs will see it- right after they figure out that paper passports can not really survive the inferno that destroyed two 110-story buildings and another building a block away, and some airplane black boxes….and that some bozo who had a few lessons in a Cessna really can’t expertly maneuver a 747 at near ground level to hit the very office in the Pentagon where they were being audited for billions of dollars that had gone missing, on the very day and time when they were doing the audit.

          Don’t hold your breath!

      • Next, they’ll say she was an “Anti-vaxxer”! (Imagine if the publicized how many of the dead had taken a flu shot vs. those who didn’t? I’d bet ANY amount that the majority of victims were “innoculated”- just like the Swine Flu in the 70’s, where not one UNinnoculated person person died from it)

        • Exactly about vaccines. Just found out the “state” parks are open and not charging! We just went to one; didn’t see any cordwood in the 80 miles round trip to it, only a few fellow non-Zombies.

  3. Beautiful trees blooming.

    Cui bono? is the right way to think about this.

    Our local Burgermeister claims city finances will be fine, while continuing to build, build, build and pay the clowns. Doesn’t add up.

  4. It’s all staged. This explains some of the hype.

    From Bill Sardi,,, at Lew Rockwell

    News reports focus on the startling number of deaths in New York City. The American public is reading reports of massive death at Elmhurst hospital in New York City. New York is the center of the US COVID-19 pandemic.

    Shocking video coming out of Elmhurst Hospital showing row upon row of patients with COVID-19 infection and refrigerated trucks with body bags inside emanate from a Dr. Colleen Smith.

    Dr. Smith MD is identified as a “simulation specialist.” Dr. Smith is also an author on a report published at The Journal of Teaching & Learning Resources entitled “A Simulated Mass Casualty Incident Triage Exercise: SimWars.” An April 2, 2020 report published by State Of The Nation reveals that same video footage as a “staged panic that became a live drill.”

    An excellent article….


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