Not Like Cordwood . . .

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Here’s a video of the bodies not tacking up like cordwood at the regional trauma center in my area; also of creepy armed government workers lurking for reasons unknown:

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  1. Maybe you have noticed, we are told that most of the dead are those with compromised immune systems. What we are not told is how many are immigrants. All of the “epicenters” in the US are areas with high immigrant populations. Many of which carry latent tuberculosis. I wonder, are the dead with tuberculosis and C-virus attributed to C-virus? Since the test for C-virus has an 80% positive error, one could die from practically anything and be claimed a victim of C-virus. Not to mention that “official”deaths attributed to C-virus are not restricted to those tested, but are arbitrarily attributed by symptoms. If indeed the medical facilities are over run, which I doubt, could it be that the Medical Industrial Complex was already failing to provide adequate facilities? The last time I checked, the total “official” world wide deaths from the fictitious virus was about 65,000. That is perceived to be a lot to most of us, but considering about 250,000 die every year from medical error in the US alone, which also happens to be the “official” projection of C-virus deaths in the US, not so much. That would be medical error by the very same folks who are treating C-virus and arbitrarily attributing deaths to it.

    • Yep. My cousin lives in the Flushing section of Queens (NYC) which is so full of Asians that the signs on the stores are in Chinese- It’s the epicenter of “the outbreak” even in NYC. (“Flushing”- what an appropriate name for a place in the terlit that is NYC!)

  2. Watched the governor of NJ yesterday as he proclaimed a 24 hr curfew. He appeared to be delighted while doing so. So did his State AGW boss when he declared it would be strictly enforced. These people are the sick. The more research I do, the more I’m convinced this is the biggest hoax the Sociopaths In Charge around the world have ever perpetrated. The cooperation among them is staggering. While many of them likely do believe there is such a virus, they never the less delight in participating. Meanwhile, Dr Fauci proclaims Hydroxychloroquine is not going to save us, only a vaccine will. Of course being a member of the Medical Industrial Complex and owned by Pharma, he has motivation do poo poo such a cheap generic drug. I seriously doubt the vaccine will be voluntary when its produced, and who among the sheep will have the slightest clue what’s in it. I will not comply. If MO imposes a curfew of any kind I will not comply. If wearing a mask becomes mandatory I will not comply. If it pleases me, and the participants are pleased as well, I will not comply with social distancing. These are the chains descending upon us in full, and I will not live a slave. The pastor in LA is the hero of the day so far. May there be many more. By far the most I suffer from this tyranny is depression as what little liberty we had left disappears.

    • Ah, well, JWK, we all know that viruses spread easier at night! 😉

      Here in KY, if ya read the governor’s medical guy’s latest schpiel completely, an actual fact actually emerges, namely that there are currently 67 people statewide in the hospital with Coronavirus. 67 out of 4 million…..not even one per hospital (and they’re not dead…and many of them likely won’t die). 67…. but on the tee-vee they’re showing the “reserves” building tent hospitals (so I’m told, I don’t watch TV) for all the “sick and dying”.

      This coordinated charade is the reset of the “global economy” and the implementation of their overt world government (The covert one essentially already existing). “We’ll need a ‘world leader’ to coordinate everything and ‘save us’ from these ‘terrible plagues’.” (What’s that ya say? There is no terrible plague? Well just take something that already exists and give it a new name and disseminate the numbers of the casualties…which is no different than it ever was…and presto! A terrible plague!)

  3. It’s quiet because they have suspended all elective procedures, and everybody is afraid to go near a hospital for fear of catching the bat flu.

    We will be lucky if there are any orthopedic or cataract surgeons still left in practice after all this nonsense.

    Did you know that “pneumonia” deaths are way down since January ??? Huh … ?

      • Well, stupid anyway, but not the autocorrect..

        It’s more accurate of course to say who CREATED the media (starting with Hollywood).

        An interesting thought experiment – if it were some other group (say, the one that you belong to, presumably mongoloids) who you could state “owns the media” and doing the exact same thing, would you still be whinging about who owns it, stupidly and incorrectly stating that “no one dares name them”?

        Far from your blatant like that “no one dares name them” there was a book published about it, in detail an naming names:

        SOOOOOO… do you still stand by your asinine statement that “no one dares name them”, booby? “Oy vey” indeed.

        • And Hitler was German….but who was he taking orders from? (Just like my Calf-lick uncle when he was a little kid, who was employed by the rabbis to turn the lights on and off in the synagogue on the Sabbath….)

  4. But, Eric! You expect people to believe their owen eys when the Tee-Vee says different?

    Conversation with a relative this morning:

    Them: “I saw on TV that the reserves were heading down to Tennessee in big trucks; wearing gas masks, to build a make-shift hospi’l for all the sick and dying! It [the flu] must be REALLY bad!!!”

    Me: “Well I took my mother to the hospi’l on Sunday [It’s a pretty big hospital- serves several surrounding counties] and the place was EMPTY! [A hop, skip and a jump from the TN border] Why are they making tent hospi’ls when all of these regular hospi’ls are just sitting there, empty?”

    Them: “IO dunno, but they’re doing it! I SAW IT ON THE TV!”.

    I figured at that point that there was no sense in even trying to explain that the real disease “they’re” figting is logical thought, and reliance upon one’s own eyes and senses to assess reality……

    This crap is working better than convincing everyone that Habib behind the counter at the local gas station is really the head of a “sleeper cell”, and plotting to blow-up the local daycare center…….

    Politicians+media+fear=mass insanity and obedience. They even have “apps” and phone liones now, on which the plebes can narc on “non-essential” businesses which may be still be open, in defiance of der fuhrer’s diktat. Dick that!

    • Nunzio, who are you going to believe the Talking Heads, or your own lying eyes?… ^^ Its not as if the corporate media is pushing an agenda… Its not as if they have been hysterical since November 2016… Its not as if they are Useful Idiots, seeking to panic the Low Information types… You know, I’ve had my eye on Habib for years now, and while they may be shifty, they aren’t nearly as suspect as most political types.


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