Reader Question: Census in Coronaland?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply!

Chris asks: Have you received the Census letters in the mail and how have you responded?

I want no part of it obviously.

If I don’t respond to it via the online questionnaire they will send someone to my house.  Which I’m at a minimum going to make them do.  Why should I/we make it easy for them?  It’s akin to us filing tax forms and doing all the work for them.  No thanks. And have you seen the questions they’re asking?  It’s ludicrous!  They want a telephone number, name, sex, race, etc.  Absurd and appalling!  There’s varying info on what we “legally” have to tell them.  Some say we are only obligated to tell them the number of persons living in said household.  Others say we’re obligated to answer all the questions.  I’m willing to give them the number of people living in the house but it ends there.  But even telling them that tears at my soul.  But that would be the most I’d give them.  Thoughts?

My reply: I threw mine in the Woods the day I got it. Because – like you – I’m appalled by the intrusiveness of the questions and the peremptory tone of it all. My understanding is that the Census is done for purposes of legislative/congressional apportionment only. Or rather, that is its constitutional purpose. Demanding personal information such as phone numbers and so on is not something I’m going to provide – and they can come Hut! Hut! Hut! me if it comes to that.

If some Karen – annoying busybody female – or ken (the same, with male genitalia) shows up at my place I will tell them one adult male resides here and that is all. We’ll see what the reaction is.

PS: I am far from looking for a confrontation. I hate confrontation. I love peace. But these bastards will not leave us alone, ever. So what choice do we have?

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  1. Supposedly the fine for not doing it has gone up, else they would have got the middle finger. I had some fun liberties in the ethnicity part and just left initials for the names.

    • Hi Brazos!

      If they send a geek to my place I will babble at them in indignant German; possibly recite a Hitler speech. But they might like that…

  2. I threw mine in the garbage, as I always have. In the past, despite the threats, no one has ever come to my door (A closed gate, and no trespassing signs help). Last time, someone did actually phone me, and actually got a hold of me eventually…..told ’em “One resident” and said goodbye. Seemed to satisfy them.

    • A name like yours, yet no love of lustrums, eh?

      A lustrum indicates official acts of a five-year period in Rome.

      The lustration was originally a sacrifice for expiation and purification offered by one of the censors in the name of the Roman people at the close of the taking of the census. The sacrifice was often in the form of an animal sacrifice, known as a suovetaurilia.

      These censuses were taken at five-year intervals, thus a lustrum came to refer to the five-year inter-census period. Lustrum (from luo, Ancient Greek: λούω) is a lustration or purification of the whole Roman people performed by one of the censors in the Campus Martius, after the taking of the census was over. As this purification took place only once in five years, the word lustrum was also used to designate the time between two lustra.

      The first lustrum was performed in 566 BC by King Servius, after he had completed his census, and afterwards it is said to have taken place regularly every five years after the census was over. In the earliest period of the republic, the business of the census and the solemnities of the lustrum were performed by the consuls. The first censors were appointed in 443 BC, and from this year down to 294 BC there had, according to Livy (X.47), only been 26 pairs of censors, and only 21 lustra, or general purifications, although if all had been regular, there would have been 30 pairs of censors and 30 lustra. Sometimes the census was not held at all, or at least not by the censors. The census might take place without the lustrum, and indeed two cases of this kind are recorded, in 459 and 214 BC. In these cases, the lustrum was not performed because of some great calamities that had befallen the republic.

      The time when the lustrum took place has been calculated. Six ancient Romulian years, of 304 days each, were, with the difference of two days, equal to five solar years of 365 days each, with one leap year of 366 days; or the six ancient years made 1824 days, while the five solar years contained 1826 days. The lustrum, or the great year of the ancient Romans, was thus a cycle, at the end of which, the beginning of the ancient year nearly coincided with that of the solar year. As the coincidence, however, was not perfect, a month of 24 days was interposed in every eleventh lustrum. It is highly probable that the recurrence of such a cycle or great year was, from the earliest times, solemnized with sacrifices and purifications, and that King Servius did not introduce them, but merely connected them with his census, and thus set the example for subsequent ages, which however, as we have seen, was not observed with regularity.

      The last lustrum was solemnized at Rome, in AD 74.

      • Tor, that sounds like an ill lustration…..err…I mean an illustration of history. 😉

        “We” have these censuses every ten years; we also seem to have an economic downturn or some other major shake-up every ten years. If this scamdemic [Cornholevirus] were real…it would negate the results of the current census before it’s even completed.

      • I was just thinking of this last night in bed: Ironically, all my years in NY, I’d just throw the census BS away…and that’d be the end of it. Only here- last (2010) census, did I ever get a call after not responding. I guess it’s easier to keep track of things in sparsely populated areas……

  3. Well, I mailed it back in with number of persons, age, sex, and race but no names or telephone number or anything else.

    If someone comes out here asking for more information, I will run them off in no uncertain terms. Heck, at this point I will run anyone off who hasn’t made pre-arrangement / permission as we are in the “higher risk” age group for the bat flu and are self isolating by our own choice.


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