Reader Question: What Was Supposed to Happen?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply!

Bruce writes: Thanks for a great article! I and others also smell a rat ! What was supposed to happen by 2030?

My reply: 2030 was among the dates trotted out by the “climate crisis” cultists, who claimed that the “crisis” would be unavoidable by then. Or by 2035. The problem is that 2030 is getting too close for comfort and another failed prediction (there have been several, including every prediction of The End trotted out by the International Panel on Climate Change).

It was all coming unglued; it was becoming too easy to ask questions – to raised objections.

Enter Corona.

And now everything’s on the table.

. . .

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  1. To answer the reader’s question, there’s this thing called UN Agenda 21/2030. Agenda 21 was formulated in 1992, and it was a plan to guide the nations of the world to sustainable living. Agenda 21 meant that it was to be finished some time in the 21st Century.

    Some time later (can’t remember exactly when), the UN updated this to Agenda 2030, the year we’re supposed to be living in this sustainable, globalist utopia. Why did they select a year? If a goal has no date associated with it, it’s just wishful thinking. You can go download pdfs of both UN Agenda 21 and UN Agenda 2030. In fact, they just call it Agenda 21/2030, since 2030 is just an outgrowth and refinement of Agenda 21.

    As Eric and others have pointed out elsewhere, 2030 is about 10 years away; if you’re talking about Q1 of 2030, that’s LESS than 10 years away now. Since we haven’t made sufficient “progress” towards a sustainable planet (at least according to our betters at the UN), something had to be done to speed things up. I think that the CV hysteria was either a deliberate Deep State act, or at the very least taken advantage by said Deep State in furtherance of their dastardly goals. You’ll note that both H1N1 and Ebola were objectively much more serious conditions, but they passed with nary a whimper. Like Eric, I smell a rat…

  2. I’ve seen the whole post from Q regarding what’s going on. I like a conspiracy just as much as the next guy but not sure I can buy all of what he’s saying. I guess we’ll see. It’s a likeable story for sure and would be great if true. But it’s quite a stretch.

  3. From what I understand, Orange Man and the Patriots turned the tables on the Deep State and are using this time against them, going for Mass arrests of CEO’s and Celebs (Notice all the “Resignations” and “X getting the Wuhan 400”), taking power away from the Fed (So we get our full paychecks amongst other things) and whatnot.

    The reason for staying at home and stuff is so the Deep State can’t target the masses with some sort of False Flag.

    All I can remember off the top of my head from the Q folks, definitely looks like we’re finally taking control of things once again.

    Just sharing what I know

    • I’d say, from listening to 3 press releases by the Orange man himself, he’s jumping in with both feet and is doing everything BUT draining the swamp. I said it before but it bears repeating. Get most of your money in cash or precious metal(get it while it’s down and copper is down which is rare). Time to order seed and get the garden in.

    • HI Zane,

      Wow, that’s a lot of serious 3D chess playing by the OM, all to neuter the deep State and end the Fed’s ability to inflate away the value of our money! Cool, Trump is the best! Or, it’s all a load of delusional, wishful thinking crap. Hmm, if the Fed can’t print new money, how’s he going to pay his plan to send us all checks? Maybe, he’s so awesome that he’ll just use his own money.

      Did that weird dude from Deep Space Nine get a new gig? Here’s my prediction, Trump wont,

      – authorize “mass arrests of CEO’s and Celebs”
      – take any “power away from the Fed”
      – “turn the tables” on the Deep State

      What do you think Zane? Care to bet on it?


      • Jeremy, I think I know where it’s going to originate. He’s going to pull it out of his ass. Well, not his ass, our ass, but he wants us to think he’s the one bearing the great cost. —– him and the horse he rode in on. ——– yankee. peace, b


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