Two Dead – Lockdown the State

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In my state – Virginia – two elderly men have died from Corona virus/respiratory failure. On account of this, Governor Coonman has decreed that it shall be unlawful for any gathering of more than ten people to occur – or else. The thug Tweeted as follows:

“I have issued an emergency order (a fuhrer befehl, as it were) to enforce Virginia’s statewide ban of more than 10 patrons in restaurants, theaters and fitness centers,” thereby cratering these businesses’ business, putting them out of business.

Der Coonman continues:

” If you were considering ignoring this limit – don’t.”

Will he order armed government workers to shoot people “who ignore this limit”?

This is what a police state looks like. And it is being accepted on the basis of a handful of elderly/sickly people dying. Read this article from CNN itself. More than half of the 115 or so people who’ve died nationally thus far are people over 60 and most of them are in their 70s, 80s and ’90s. Many were living in nursing homes.

This is insane. Or purposeful.

We will know which, soon.


  1. More people die per annum from slipping and falling in their bath tub than have died from the fictitious C-virus. The so called “pandemic” is not a thing, its a contrived piece of propaganda cover for the Sociopaths In Charge to take complete control of their tax slaves, physical and monetary, all over the world.

  2. Minyan: a quorum of ten men (or in some synagogues, men and women) over the age of 13 required for traditional Jewish public worship.

    This limit of ten was announced in Israel about a week ago. All well and good, to accommodate its local cultural traditions. But why should that be a model for Gov Coonman? Follow the money …

    Meanwhile, illustrating the hazard of state monopolies, Pennsylvania shut down its state wine and liquor stores on Tuesday.

    That leaves only over-the-counter sales of beer at bars. But — oops! — those are closed too.

    A hundred Iranians just died, believing that ingesting rubbing alcohol would kill the virus. Instead it killed them.

    By contrast, Pennsylvania has lurched willy-nilly into the opposite experiment: testing whether cold-turkey sobriety enforced by de facto prohibition will enfeeble the thirsty virus.

    No one ever thought it would go this far — cities on flame with martial-law rock ‘n roll, as Blue Oyster Cult warned us long ago.

    Headed out to lay in some strategic stocks of vodka, lingerie and cosmetics for my harem. 😉

    • More clumsy “help” from the Keystone state:

      On Tuesday, Pennsylvania closed its state-run rest stops, cutting back significant parking space for truckers along key logistics corridors. — WSJ

      That’s so typical of the entire Northeast: demand MOAR goods and services, while simultaneously erecting hurdles to their delivery.

      Decent people worry that this economic chaos may enable a new Hitlary, eager to fulfill the masses’ cry for security, purpose and direction, at the expense of their liberties.

      • Hi Jim,

        This is my fear as well. It’s all too convenient. Possibly coincidental – but I tend to be suspicious of those. At any rate, there is a difference between getting sick and getting dead. There are apparently about 150 deaths in the U.S. and 1,800 in Italy. The bulk of them older people with underlying/additional health problems. But even if it were all young, healthy people it needs to be put into context. The “crisis” is being used to destroy the lives of hundreds of millions of people, by ruining them financially and rendering them dependent and desperate. Many of these may literally die from desperation, starvation and – possibly – the Mad Max violence that is certain to erupt and then the government violence which will be used to “contain” it.

        What is occurring is either a product of insanity or evil almost beyond imagining.

        • A little of both. The US Sociopaths In Charge are after all insane, and have demonstrated so on numerous occasions. There is no act so evil that these same sociopaths would not commit if they determine its in their interest and believe they can get away with it. Whatever “conspiracy theory” we are told to ignore, make no mistake, whether true or not, the Sociopaths In Charge would not hesitate to commit any such act without the slightest remorse. Bet your ass, there are parties that are getting even wealthier as a result of this concocted emergency, and its quite obvious they are gaining vastly more control over their tax slaves.

        • It’s not that there are dead people, it’s that if the infection rate isn’t slowed the number of patients that need to be hospitalized while they recover will quickly outstrip the available number of beds. This of course will be blamed on capitalism, but in reality it’s due to all the screwball “statements of need” that keep the number of beds low for any given population. These “rules” are put in place as a pure protectionist racket and have no business existing, but they do make sure the non-profit hospital can get away with charging whenever they want and insuring they get a full day’s work out of the staff. Also known as maximizing efficiency.

          This is another fallacy of free markets. They are anything but efficient. Maybe an individual or firm is efficient, but anything short of a monopoly without restrictions on new entrants (which is just about impossible) will have incredible overhead and duplication. But it should be able to serve the community when there’s a surge in demand.

    • PA closing its liquor stores reminds me of my teenage years. I grew up in a PA town right on the Ohio border. The drinking age for anything in PA was 21, but in Ohio you could buy beer at 18. Guess what we all did? Yep, we drove about 2 miles and bought our beer in Ohio. The best part was that there was a drive-through place about 100 yards from the border that never asked for ID, so we started getting beer there as soon as we got permission from our government overseers to drive at 16.

  3. The deaths attributable to the Chi-com / deep state flu are, to put it euphemistically, suspect.

    To wit, the death of the 95 year old Florida man the news of which was the subject of a Tom DiLorenzo post at LRC. The man was suffering from a plethora of pathologies, with his actual cause of death being bacterial pneumonia.

    Has anyone noticed how the Trump apologists are defending his craven capitulation to panic? How he has been given no choice by the deep state and the media? He has folded like the Atlanta Falcons in Super Bowl 51.

    • Trump amd Virginias communist governor just deo what their told like good little goys. Trump is a craven coward and has been since day one. We’ve got more troops deployed now and are much closer to an all-out nuclear war than when he started. Endless trillion dollar deficits. Shoveling money into the MIC. We have only expanded our wars. He didnt have to be like this – he could have done what candidate trump said he would do. But nope. And now we’re looking at a president biden. And an economic collape. Yay

  4. “Now remember folks: six feet away, or six feet under. Your choice!”

    The latter of course being either from the virus or hot lead.

  5. I’m tellin ya,,, they are up to no good.

    Out in California they’re complaining that Tesla workers are ‘sneaking’ to work. Now they are fixing to arrest people for working!
    Here the schools are closed and many will stay that way so the indoctrinating parasites can stay home. Not to worry,,, the kids get to redo the grade next year.Don’t guess it matters,,, teaching anal sex and how to put a rubber on probably can wait.

    Insanity reigns!

    • ken, this is a false flag event. I’d said so for months. The Fed doesn’t want the populace to realize the economy has tanked, worse than 1929. The Fed is out of ideas except for 0% money(sic).

      The NICS system isn’t working for the best of reasons since people are lined up to buy guns and ammo.

      We will all have to bail out the Fed and WS and the big corporations. Over 130 CEO’s of the largest corporations in the world cashed out and quit their positions, including Bill Gates who didn’t want any of his $106B to get taken by anything. He’s now working with the corrupt CDC to make a vaccine for this ruse. It won’t be voluntary either. You might not have to take it at the point of a gun and if you don’t, look to have no rights left and no money in your name.

      We have been removing all but basic bill money from the bank for over a year(tell me we didn’t see this coming)and now just sitting on cash. Of course, that could backfire too and it won’t be hard to tell when headlines say “Your cash is now no longer legal currency”. Good luck everyone. And remember, trust nothing govt. does.

  6. Yet the cops in many cities now say they will no longer enforce the law for fear of the woo-floo.

    I guess that means we can just shoot the robbers and rapists and roll them to the curb.

  7. The noose tightens. They keep pushing, and our cowardly compatriots are too paralyzed with fear to push back. Or will be arrested, tased, shot, beaten (maybe all the above) if they tried. Hell, don’t even think about protesting in a group larger than 9, apparently.

    And so it shall continue – a de facto nationwide lockdown, like a cancer spreads. How long until the powder keg they are creating explodes?

    • I’m quite sure the players have accurately gamed how long they have to get what they want accomplished or to the point of no return. I figure in another 3-4 weeks as people begin to realize the country is devastated, all the small businesses and local breadwinners are destroyed, and the police state is locked on well enough, then they’ll realize they’ve been had.

      It’s interesting- sitting around I’ve had more time to think without the distractions of customer phone calls to call me into solving complex electromechanical system problems- and I’m really spinning some wild conspiracy theories from my observations.

      One of them is- have you noticed that Trump looks younger and his hair is different? And that in speeches he’s lost that defiant “Trump-ness” which has enraged his enemies and amused his supporters? Lately he’s sounded almost defeated.

      It’s almost as if he was removed in a coup and replaced with a body double. Or if he was told (after the fact) about some of the rogue agencies he’s responsible for had unleashed an economically crippling plague on China, Iran, Korea, etc and they told him to toe the line and watch the country sink or have it passed to adversary intel services to trigger a world war?

      Isn’t it crazy what guys can come up with when watching the world come apart and the “authorities” doing everything they could to make it worse? Crazy conspiracy sh*t!

      • Could be a conspiracy fact, not theory. Other people I’ve talked with have noticed the same thing about Trump’s last couple of conferences, they think he’s been drugged, noticing his wooden delivery compared to past speeches. Maybe the Secret Service is slipping Xanax into his corn flakes.

        • Oh, c’mon! This guy is a professional bullshit artist! We’re simply seeing his true self – a totalitarian huckster.

      • The conspiracy theorists are those carrying the conspiracies out, not those that can see thru them. AKA, the government, central banks, etc. are the conspiracy theorists.

        THEY conspire, and the theory is their bullshit plausible psychotic lies and propaganda that they spread all over the internet and the TOOOB w/o much questioning from the namby pambies who want a government mommy & daddy to tuck them in every night in their cells.

        Unfortunately they’re on the cusp of getting it now.

        Not to be insensitive, but nearly everyone that’s died from this had one foot in the can already, and hell, most of them are absurdly out of any wellness pattern, probably from guzzling two Big-Gulp Slurpies and eating a half-a-pound of crap every day along with their two-pack-a-day habits.

        What is stunning is the ease with which everyone just bowed and said “how high” when the global shylock masters said “jump.”

        Getting everyone into internment facilities should be a snap at this rate. Just post a pic of Tom Hanks on the door and a sign that says “Quarantine Macht Healthy” and they’ll prance in thinking it’s Camp Unicorns, Lollipops, and Rainbows.

        Unbelievable. As for me, the Vegas O/U right now says that I’m not planning on seeing 2021. No thanks to this new world of ours populated by morons just looking for money.

  8. Same thing is occurring everywhere. What I am saddened by is the complete lack of civil disobedience. Government at all levels needs to shown the big finger. Noncompliance is our patriotic duty!

  9. What in the flying fuck?! I work in an office of 100+… nobody’s called and told me to stay home. What about families of more than 10? I live next door to a lovely Mexican family of well over 10 members in the same house. That’s just how they do. Guess abuelita is going to have to live outside now? Dum dum dum dum DUUUUUUUUMB!


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