Post lockdown interviews

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Here are some interviews with post-lockdown Bostonians:

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  1. Hero Serenades and Trolls the Troopfz!

    An 85 Year Old Butchers His Organ At a Wedding

    New Rage Against the Machine – After Court Ordered Anger Mgmt
    [Now you do what they told ya…]

    Captain Jean Luc Picard – Just Doesn’t Care

    Adorable Young Fuk-Mi Shreds the Xylophone

    • All in a day’s work MoT. When I first moved out here, I heard a deputy lamenting to a firefighter (both of them tax feeders) that all these returning combat vets were signing up as “reserve deputies.” They apparently didn’t want to do the scut work of directing traffic and leading funeral processions. No these “heroes” wanted to run the local SWAT team, swagger around in boots and BDUs and carry machine guns. Hmmm. Sounds like what they were trained for over in Eye-rack to me.

      It also sounds suspiciously like the young men that preceded them in SS, the Redcoats and the Roman Legions. The PTB take societies thugs, nosy busybodies and sadists, then train them as the attack dogs for the elite and their “house negroes” (i.e. the politicians and bureaucrats). They run roughshod over the masses all the while telling them it’s for their own “saaaaaaafety.” It’s enough to make a rugged individualist and critical thinker blow chunks. Just as we saw in Baa-ston, most of the sheeple rolled over, exposed their soft white bellies and peed on themselves ’cause some 19 y.o. “terrist” was on the lam in their neighborhood. Where were all the upright Baa-stonian men with their privately owned militia weapons that should have been sweeping their own neighborhoods? Why they were at home, safely watching the thug scrum lock down their town on tee-vee, while their own balls resided in jars on their mantle pieces. Can you say emasculated? This country is indeed going out with a whimper not a bang.

      • “No these “heroes” wanted to run the local SWAT team, swagger around in boots and BDUs and carry machine guns. ”

        Yeah, with that attitude, that “air of scumbag entitlement” as the Billy Costigan character in “The Departed” told his shrink.

        That same attitude that had the lead character saying dismissively, “Fackin’ fiahfightahs ah a bunch of homos….Well, they aahh…”.

      • Are you saying you live in the Boston area or some such enclave? Sorry to hear that. As much as I’ve heard people saying that those folks up there “asked for it” I don’t believe anyone deserves to be treated like dogs just because a segment of the population votes a particular way. The actions of the cops are of their own doing and tell me there’s some sort of psychosis at work.

        • No MoT, I live near a small mid-west town of about 10K people. But the thuggish mindset of the revenue collectors seems to be a nationwide phenomenon. I would go so far as to call it a permeating spirit. As far as voting goes, if that would change anything it would be illegal.

          I agree that the cops did this thing to Boston, and they were undoubtedly directed to do so from above. They were certainly given the hardware for the job so I can’t imagine they weren’t also given approval. My question, in line with Ed’s point, is where were the classic Baa-stonian responses to this? Like, “Faaack you! Git the faack outa my yahd! Come back wit a faackin’ wahant!” This neutered crop of Baa-stonians simply aren’t the kind of folks the British disarmament team ran into back on April 19, 1775; not by any stretch of the imagination.

          • “This neutered crop of Baa-stonians simply aren’t the kind of folks the British disarmament team ran into back on April 19, 1775;”

            True, that. They aren’t even the kind the current crop of grabbers would have run into in Charlestown. I think “theah mightah been a fackin’ riot” if they’d shown up with that kind of noise in some of the neighborhoods elsewhere in Bahsten.

          • Boothe, Ed, yall are killing me. I can hear it now. I was ordering some auto parts from Ca. with this young girl on the other end and was smiling like a jackass listening to her. When business was conducted, I asked her how long she’d been in LA. She said “2 maanths”. So I asked if she was from Boston and she was sorta embarrassed and said yes. The last thing she said, and then sorta giggled was “anything else we can get for yaah caaah?” I said no thanks and wished her good luck on the left coast. What a change it must have been for her. Wow. And if yall could hear me talk you’d be rolling on the floor.

          • “Whatever happened to serious white people”

            I think they’re still around in goodly numbers. The cops avoided a riot by leaving them alone during the staged Warsaw Ghetto search, and the news media avoided interviewing any of them for fear of having them point out the ridiculous nature of the threat.

            Imagine some news twit asking one of them if he’s scared about the terrorism threat:

            “Whaaat? Ah you facking retahded? Who cares about a coupla retahds with backpacks?”

            Crisis actors with bland, middle America TV accents chanting “USA USA USA” present a false picture of what went on in Boston.

            The serious white people weren’t cringing in fear of a couple of young immigrants in backpacks who were supposed to have set off bombs. The serious white people are, as the George Higgins character said in “Cogan’s Trade”, capable of some hod boggins themselves, ovah theah.

          • Serious white people are most certainly out there, they’re just not stupid enough to put themselves out there on the internet. No offense to all of “us” here on the internet, but from what I’ve heard, 9/11 caused a serious down surge on the internet of the “good ol’ boys”.

            Water, food, guns, precious metals, all the while continuing to focus on what it truly means to be a good honest person. Fuck the government.

          • “Serious white people are most certainly out there, they’re just not stupid enough to put themselves out there on the internet.”

            SAY IT LOUD! I’M WHITE AND I’M uuhhhh….serious. ahaha

            You’re exactly right, Jacob. It would be pretty retarded, since the PATRIOT act, to make a point of being an internet badass. The loudest guy on the block is the weakest guy on the block.

            People who make threats make targets of themselves. The guy you want on your side is the one who keeps his head up and his voice down.

          • You’re exactly right, Jacob. It would be pretty retarded, since the PATRIOT act, to make a point of being an internet badass. The loudest guy on the block is the weakest guy on the block.

            People who make threats make targets of themselves. The guy you want on your side is the one who keeps his head up and his voice down. Great advice Ed. I know more and more people using double encryption to get online. Last year the FBI took on a test to see if they could find a guy who had this setup. They used Super Cray’s for a solid month with lots of people working on it and finally admitted they weren’t able to track it. I’d be there if I had the coin. Now I get the very infrequent email from someone because they have to drop their encryption to reply to me, strange but true.

  2. “If yes, we are not heading toward a police state.

    We are living in one”

    I thought of that comment when I read this headline:

    Are all telephone calls recorded and accessible to the US government?

    A former FBI counterterrorism agent claims on CNN that this is the case

    I read a few of the comments there. Clover’s brother is on there saying that if you have done nothing wrong you have nothing to fear.

    If he’s not a gooberment spook, I guess he has no clue about how on average every American commits three felonies a day without even knowing it.

    Seems like we’re living in a police state to me.

  3. It blows me away how many people simply answered the door to these cops/government people.

    I have learned that if I am not expecting someone/something to arrive at my front door, and someone comes knocking, I don’t answer it. Every time I’ve broken this rule I’ve had to talk to some salesman douchebag, or a gossiping neighbor. The reason I mention this is because I think “we” need to preach how awesome it is to not answer the door if you’re not expecting someone. If “they” don’t have a warrant they can knock and yell all they want, I’ll be sitting here in my chair pretending to not be home. God forbid I flush the toilet and “they” hear it on the other side of the door….”He’s destroying evidence! Kick down the door, shoot his dog, and arrest that son of a bitch!”

    When my ex-girlfriend and her kids were living with me, the hardest part for me was the constant knocks on the doors from the lonely neighbor parents who thought that because I have kids playing in or around my house that they can invite themselves over to gossip. I mention all that because if you’ve got kids in your house, the whole “never answer the door” thing is pretty much impossible without drawing the attention of all your neighbors. Now that I live alone I can have my bi-weekly 2 minute chat with neighbors, and come across as a “shut in”….I even look out my blinds before walking my dog just so I don’t have to talk to them haha. (I just proof read what I just typed and giving credit where credit is due, my neighbors aren’t bad nasty people, I just so don’t care about the things they want to talk about. I do have a couple of neighbors a few houses down who are very pro gun, but even then the conversation inevitably switches to their ex-wives, and I so don’t want to hear about my neighbors personal issues, I’ve got enough of my own).

    I hate gossiping neighbors, and the morons in Boston who allowed the police into their homes seem like they did it because it was exciting to them, and it would give them something to talk to their neighbors about… bunch of god damned losers who desperately need a productive hobby.

    • That and I’m sure the sheep who allowed the government into their homes did so because of their very successful programming from the media. “I don’t have anything to hide, so I’ve got nothing to fear. I am a good citizen….what’s that? Jacob across the street is shooting at them? He must be trying to hide that damned terrorist! Traitor! I hope those cops burn his house down with him inside! If everyone just did what they were told the world would be a better place!”…

      Zippity doo dah, zippity A.

    • Yeah, that’s how I feel also.

      We are out in the Sticks – and when someone unexpected comes onto our land, I am on high alert. I always have a gun on me.

      And if the person has come to the front door – I come around from the back door and ask them: What do they want? Firmly, politely – but (I hope) clearly telegraphing that they are not wanted. If they start with a sales pitch, I stop them – and tell them no, not interested. And stand there. So far, it has not been necessary to do anything else. They leave. I usually note the car/plate – just in case.

      I answer the door because I want them to know I am home – and that this home is not a gun-free zone.

      I also sprinkle spent shotgun shells and .45 brass near the doors/windows.

      It helps get the message across.

      • I also sprinkle spent shotgun shells and .45 brass near the doors/windows.

        Ha ha! I’m laughing Eric, great minds think alike. I have a B-27 (man silhouette) target hung in my front window, with 10 .45 holes in it…seven in the 9-ring and three in the head. I wrote in black marker–

        10 rounds
        10 yards
        8 seconds
        Sometimes I work at home

        We’ve had a few robberies recently; I’m betting the rate skyrockets as the economy descends into the Greater Depression. I’m also betting even the dumbest criminal gets the message.

        Unfortunately the State hires even dumber criminals so it won’t dissuade them.

      • Ha good stuff! The spent shells are great I’ll be doing that next! I have a 8 channel surveillance rig setup plus 2 additional ip cameras. Also have a full sized manikin dressed and chilling at the door! Scared the shit out of me for about six months! LOL

        • I see the benefit of doing that (littering the ground with mini-scarecrows and such) however; maybe then the not-so-stupid criminals know you’ve got something worth coming back for later and taking?

          Maybe they bring some friends too?
          Maybe they watch from a distance until your gone or preoccupied?
          Maybe they snatch a member of your family as a hostage?

          Seems like I read some stuff like that happening in Argentina.

          It’s not a win-win situation no matter how you slice it.

          • That’s a good point. I figure if the crook is going to go that far, I’m screwed either way.

            Or fight fire with fire. Out smart those psychopaths:

            Use the mannequin idea but kick it up a notch. Get yourself a few mannequins and dress them with colorful wigs, put them somewhere in view behind your front door. Now get a boom box with “Goodbye Horses” at the ready. When someone suspicious comes knocking, put on some bright red lipstick, tuck your dick in between your legs, press “play” on the boom box and answer the door with “I’d fuck me so hard”. With any luck you’ll touch deep into the mind of the would-be criminal, at first they were scared but once they understand the reference and realize that they too love the movie Silence of the Lambs, now you’re best friends.

          • So after looking up many a youtube video of Buffalo Bill’s dick tucked dance to “Goodbye Horses” I stumbled across another excellent song to blast at unwelcome people.


            If it’s a gossiping neighbor, blast the song and ask them (shouting over the loud Candy Colored Clown song) “We’re giving our neighbor a joyride! Anyone wanna go on a joy ride with us?! How about you?!” (point at your gossip filled neighbor)….”LET’S FUUUUCK! I’ll FUCK ANYTHING THAT MOVES!”. Slam the door.

            If only the Boston residents were prepared with this information…

          • “It’s not a win-win situation no matter how you slice it.”

            True. It’s more a ‘win some, lose some’ situation. It’s also a case of giving them fair warning. Sometimes, that’s the best we can do.

        • I have gone in my sisters house when it was dark and she had one of those torso and head things for clothes and wigs and hats. I’d see it in the faint light coming through the house and nearly shit before I realized. I really like the silhouette shooting target in the window. We’ve always had dogs and they don’t let anyone up without a big todo.

        • Hey dom – how about a full sized mannequin dressed up in tactical gear, like the prison guard in V for Vendetta, complete with an airsoft weapon? But load the head and chest cavity with a couple of those exploding target jars, so the first door kicking miscreant that shoots will think he just took out a suicide bomber! That’d be a pretty good early warning system for the rest of the household. Pow – Ka-boom!!! “Honey, I think the police are here.”

          • Boothe, might not have a home left. Jeez, that tannerite, while being really safe packs some serious punch. I’ve seen a cinder block vaporized by one. They say at least 300′ away and that’s at least how far away you need to be. You’re looking at a cinder block and then just smoke and flying pieces going out to the sides, wild.

          • That tannerite is bad-assed! I just read up on it; it’s basically legal ANFO (ammonium nitrate/fuel oil)

            The tannerite works the same way basically; the vast majority is ammonium nitrate…the nitrate group is desperately unstable and very much wants to become N2 and O2, and the O2 wants very much to join up with someone nearby with electrons to give up.

            The other part of tannerite is fine aluminum powder to “sensitize” the nitrate. I’m not 100% sure of the chemistry of that; maybe PM or Hot Rod can elaborate?

            Neat reactions though. I do love chemistry.

          • And one guy said the old woman who attributed her longevity to eating bacon, she ate Aldi bacon with extra nitrates.

            Ah-hem, pardon the interruption. Just typing out loud.

          • Ed, did you notice here about 3 weeks ago where West Texas was nearly blown away? They had an anhydrous ammonia(liquid)plant there that blew the town away. Growing up, everybody used ammonia nitrate and I did until 911, one of the things I’m so pissed over. No other fertilizer works as well. I’d put a few hundred pounds per acre on our grass patches a couple times a year and it made all the difference, really good feed or just filler without it. People used it for moving dirt or other stubborn things as well. Just soak a 60lb. sack of it with diesel for a week and stick a pound of dynamite in it and you were in business. The gypmills around here use it, large amounts, and I guess they might still use it although I’m sure it’s a real hassle. When I worked in the lab for USG, they’d bring cases of dynamite in and I’d weigh them, sometimes take a single stick and weight it on the electronic O’Haus’s to see how much they’d lost….or gained if somehow moisture could get to them. Run dynamite down the hole and then fill the hole with ammonia nitrate(the amount was figured beforhand). I had a friend who got hired on to shoot gyp as a kid, 18 I think. He lost his teacher right off, some work shitty, you know how it goes. He’s out there and they told him to fill the hole to a certain depth. He drills this hole and then starts filling it and not really knowing what he’s doing and just being a kid, he kept filling it till it reached the correct level. He didn’t know there was a big cavity there. When it was touched off, it slung a pickup sized rock about a 1/4 mile, right next to where he was with the truck. He said he sorta got his head rung. No joke. Another friend who was a driller in the oil patch and really young found out you couldn’t throw 5 pounds of dynamite far enough one day when he threw it off the bridge over the Double Mountain Fork of the Brazo. He said the last thing he saw was the tip of his toes, not his shoes, his sock feet and then when he came to he was sorta stunned. I like that big “whump” when you use dynamite. No soap anymore though.

          • Eightsouthman,

            Those were the days. Free people, trusting each other with scary explosives and only fools getting hurt; the way life should be.

            No “What if?”. What if the sky falls? What if scary terrorists get fertilizer? What if I stub my toe?

            Ah, god…I can’t wait to breathe free again. I’m going to get likkered up, go on a joyride with a really powerful jetboat on a glassy-smooth lake, blow a stump out of my yard with some ANFO, shoot some tannerite with a 50-cal, then barbecue some venison. Might even get me some cannabis.

            And invite the local privately-hired peace officer to join me; because he’ll be One Of Us.

            The only way to teach boys chemistry is to blow shit up.

            I was hooked when my uncle introduced me to thermite. If it ain’t high-energy, it ain’t chemistry to a 15-year-old.

            What the hell are they doing to boys today? No wonder the poor little bastards have to be drugged to the gills to suffer through another day of drudgery at the indoctrination camps…and supplement it with whatever the government’s flown in that week.

            I went to a semi-rural private Lutheran school when I was a kid; we didn’t know what boredom was. I remember my eighth-grade history teacher warning us about the Illuminati and the Mark of the Beast. We thought he was a little off. Funny how things turn out. Our science teacher showed us what happens when you put a car battery out in the field and hook up a rectified 120VDC to it–KABOOM! Hey kids, isn’t electrolysis neat?

            Damn. That was 1983–can you believe what’s happened?

            You know what? I want that BACK. And I will HAVE that back, come hell or high water.

  4. The guy shown in the youtube imbed above was asked, did you comply when they told you to get out? He said, ” No, not really because I had the old people over there..I told that guy to to..well.. you know what I mean…”

    I can guess that he told them “Aaaahhh, go faack ya’self”. naturally he wasn’t interviewed for the local Fox affiliate. 😉

  5. Systematic House-to-House Raids of Locked-Down Serfs in Watertown, MA for a single teenager.

    Deval Patrick is a criminal!

    In August 2011, Patrick declared a state of emergency in Massachusetts prior to the arrival of Hurricane Irene. Anyone who orders you to leave your own home is a criminal. Anyone who orders you to remain in your own home is a criminal.

    Collapser Bill O’Reilly – Attacks Alex Jones Infowarriors

    Bill O’Reilly is a criminal!
    Mainstream media jackals who read prepared propaganda scripts from teleprompters and pretend they care about us are the opposite of preppers. They are collapsers who hasten our economic demise and possible descent into misery and death for millions. What kind of nasty misanthrope accepts money to lie to us, and aid and abet the prohibitionists and inflationists who are killing us?

    no guns no alcohol no tobacco no soda no junk foods no ammo skyhigh gun prices skyhigh alcohol prices skyhigh tobacco prices skyhigh soda prices skyhigh junk food prices skyhigh ammo prices

    prohibit inflate prohibit inflate prohibit inflate

    • “prohibit inflate prohibit inflate prohibit inflate”

      As the old gal in the joke said, ‘I bleeve yo’ mind’s a’comin’ to you now.’ 😉

      You’re right. The current program calls for more and more price inflation along with the disastrous inflation of the volume of money in the system.

      During a depression (which is what we currently have) prices should naturally fall as less discretionary income is available. Instead, any fall in prices is viewed with horror as “deflation” by the Keynesian economists. Falling prices are, of course, not deflation. Deflation is a reduction in the supply of money, or in our case, circulating fiat currency.

      They are going to need some mo’ better demagoguery if they are going to keep us all spending and consuming. Lots of people seem to be waking up and rejecting the old demagoguery.

  6. Wow!!! So many violations of people’s rights, and such rudeness on the police and their fellow thugs. Wonder who will pay for the damages they caused. Hard to believe 1 19 year old wounded boy could tie up so much of law enforcement in 1 little suburb. Sounds like so much of Boston law enforcement is just so corrupt and incompetent.

    • I’d like to know what “the law” is with regard to all of this. I mean, what if those homeowners had said: “No one’s here; if you don’t have a warrant, please leave. I do not want you on my property much less in my home.” Would the cops have just kicked down the door and forced their way in, with no warrant and not even a pretext of probable cause a crime had been committed? Would that be allowable under “the law”? If the homeowner had resisted, would that be a violation of “the law”? Would it give the cops the legal right to use deadly force?

      If yes, we are not heading toward a police state.

      We are living in one.

      • I can’t believe not one person did just as you suggest, Eric–“There’s no-one here but me and my family. No, you may not enter.”

        As I said in a previous post, my heart sank when I saw the Amoricons’ reaction to this martial-law drill…and I’m sure the Elites cackled their vampire laughs and rubbed their unnaturally long fingers together with glee.

        But could they do this nationwide? Or will they do one FEMA region at a time?

        And will people react differently next time?

        I was heartened that the polls immediately after the event showed most people did NOT support new restrictions on liberty post-Boston.

        But if they could cow an entire city with three deaths and a couple of primitive bombs, how much hysteria will there be if they try a low-yield nuke next time?

        Because the Psychopaths In Charge will do “whatever it takes”.

        Nuke Phoenix, and watch the entire country prostrate themselves like dogs lying on their backs pissing on themselves in submission.

        Or will they? We’re at a tipping point. It’s going to be a close race.

        • “my heart sank when I saw the Amoricons’ reaction to this martial-law drill”

          My take on it is that what was shown on news media outlets was staged. Crisis actors are used routinely in mainstream news media reports as a means of manufacturing public perception and reaction.

          It’s bogus, and I don’t submit myself to it willingly. Not being under the sway of the mainstream media really helps in spotting fake reporting.

          You saw how ridiculous those people shown on network TV looked, chanting “USA USA USA”. You don’t believe them, either, do you?

          Take heart in the fact that you aren’t the only one who saw through the fake depictions.

        • I’d like to get an answer to these questions:

          * Did the cops have the legal right to force people out of their homes at gunpoint?

          * Could the homeowners have legally barred the cops from entry, absent a search warrant or at least some tangible probable cause that a crime had been committed?

          • I don’t see cops as having “legal rights” to do what they do. They may have legal authority to enforce laws and to investigate crimes, but the “cops” in mil-spec BDUs with ‘POLICE’ on the backs of their vests weren’t doing any such thing.

            It’s very likely that the ones in camo weren’t even cops, more likely that they were military. I noticed that one person in the video said that the Watertown cops were OK but the others weren’t City police, they were something else.

            The one person who mentioned that the cops weren’t granted access to the house, but demanded and got the key to an apartment in the upstairs, said that her mother, who refused to let them search the downstairs wasn’t arrested and that the downstairs wasn’t searched.

            She also said that her mother demanded the key to the apartment be returned and that is was returned, though the police didn’t want to give it back.

            It looks as though there was more than one set of cops involved: the locals (and there were several in ordinary cop uniforms w/o SWAT gear to be seen in the video) and the camo BDU clad guys acting like a military force, though they had ‘POLICE’ strips on the backs of their vests.

            That was a very bad scene and could have easily gotten even more out of hand than it did.


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