Reader Question: Will They Ban Lawn Mowers?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply!

Mike asks: It occurs to me that outdoor power equipment such as lawn mowers and maybe even gas-powered weed wackers will be hugely restricted if not outright banned in the years ahead on the same “climate crisis” basis as the push for the banning of cars with internal combustion engines. What do you think about this?

My reply: I think that unless the “climate crisis” scam is exposed (it already has been, but I mean enough people understand that it’s a scam) then it is inevitable that things like lawn mowers and weed whackers will be hugely restricted if not outright banned. Because the logic of it is ineluctable. If it is accepted that the “climate” is in “crisis” because of internal combustion-engined cars then it follows that internal combustion-powered anything is a “threat” and must be stomped.

Now, consider what this will mean. How will people living in the country, who have land, be able to maintain their land when it is no longer legal to use gas-powered equipment? It is one thing to cut a 20×20 patch of curbside grass in a cul-de-sac with an electric mower. What about four or five acres? Forget it. The cost/hassle would make it unfeasible.

Which is just what’s wanted.

This will be another means by which people are nudged off their land and into the urban hives the technocrats have in mind for us.

Which is why it’s literally a life or death thing to stop/expose the “climate crisis” scam before it’s too late and an era of arrested development, enstupidation and total control descends upon us.

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  1. I saw a segment on a home improvement show from 7-8 years ago touting a 4 stroke weed whacker (imagine changing the oil in your weed whacker) designed this way to “cut emissions”. Complexity at least is already here.

    • Hi Anon,

      What is sought – by them – is a kind of arrested development. It is ironic that this is being pursued under the label of “progressivism.” But the coercive collectivists are masters at the use of double meanings – often, it seems, as their own inside joke played upon the useful idiots.

  2. Eric,

    My late mother was telling me years ago (a decade or more now) that the EPA was going to go after lawn mowers. It would make sense, because they went after motorcycles over a decade ago; ever since the late 2000s, bikes have had O2 sensors, catalytic converters, etc.

    • EPA and other alphabet parasites have banned new manufacture of 2-stroke lawnmowers for some years now. Yes, they will figure out a way to ban ICE powered lawn equipment and soon. Maybe the commies in Leningrad on the Potomac will use the WuFlu, as they did 9-11 to jam through FISA. They are creative and relentless in their pursuit of power.

      Notice how there are no 2-stroke bikes anymore? It will take longer, but I suspect the green commies really want to ban ICE powered bikes too, which means banning bikes wholesale. Imagine a battery-powered Yamahama!

      • Crusty,

        If I’m not mistaken, FISA was instituted after the Church hearings held in the 1970s. There was a huge scandal involving the CIA; they were spying on Americans. FISA was passed in response to that, so there would theoretically be some control over the CIA and other alphabet agencies.

        That’s not to say that 9/11 didn’t usher in some bad stuff. The enduring legacy of 9/11 is the atrocious USAPATRIOT Act, which just SHREDS what’s left of the COTUS. For example, if we were neighbors and I see the FBI search your house while you’re away, I can be put in jail for that! That’s right; if I say, “Oh Crusty, I noticed what appear to be gov’t agents breaking in and searching your house while you weren’t home,” I can go to jail for that. Screw my First Amendment right to free speech! Screw your 4A right against unreasonable searches and seizures-especially sans a warrant! Those aren’t the only BoR infringements in the USAPATRIOT Act; that law is chock full of ’em. Those are the ones that come to mind right now…

      • I remember two stroke bikes, boats, and lawn mowers. I used to LOVE the smell of ’em too! I noticed that they disappeared long ago. They weren’t banned outright, either; what did them in was increasingly stringent air pollution regs…

      • Sure, you can outlaw gasoline-powered lawn and garden equipment, and only “outlaws” will have them.

        Given all the commercial and GOVERNMENT properties with landscaping, I can imagine that rather than an outright ban, it’ll be a “license”, which won’t be granted for the typical small patch of paradise that can be serviced with an electric…of course, there’s always SHEEP…if somehow these bureaucratic ding-dongs have forgotten about the costs and health problems of managing livestock, including disposal of thousands of tons of sheep shit.

        • Hi Doug,

          They’ll keep on pushing… until there is pushback. I have no doubt that, absent resistance, these people – by which I mean the controlling elites, the politicians and bureaucrats, corporate glad-handers/rent-seekers and their legions of useful idiots – will not stop until a monstrous, continent-wide company town is erected in which the majority serve as propertyless worker drones serving the elites and doing as they’re told. The useful idiots – which includes most of the media – think they are part of the elite but most aren’t and will serve as drones, too.

          Not one more inch. The time has come to stop playing nice with people whose intent is to enslave us, whether they’re aware of it or not.

  3. “How will people living in the country, who have land, be able to maintain their land when it is no longer legal to use gas-powered equipment?”

    Those who know what’s best for us don’t want us living in the country, they want us herded into small city apartments. Just the thing for when pandemics come along. So from their standpoint, problem solved. Sorry, proles, the countryside is for high party officials only.

      • That’s why the CA DOJ keeps asking about my great-uncle’s M1A2 carbine…oh wait, they DON’T, because I got it out of Calipornia when it was reclassified as an “assault rifle” to a relative for safekeeping. Well, I hope the five goddamned dead Japs that great-uncle Fred shot with it were “assaulted”, and I presume that when the Redcoats marched on Lexington and Concord to seize the colonial’s arsenal, and were greeted with a volley of fire and harassed all the way back to Boston, that THEY were “assaulted”.

    • Of course, the dachas of the ruling elite will be well landscaped, just as Al Gore, presuming to lecture us about our failing ecology, jets about in his private aircraft. Fuckin’ hypocrites all.

  4. Well, just try to imagine feeding six billion people without some redneck out there blowing smoke out of a 200 horsepower eight-wheel drive tractor …

    • Something tells me the EPA already has come for the ag community, or will very soon. I suspect cat converters, cooled EGR, and DPF’s, along with urea injection are coming to a tractor near you, and soon.


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