Reader Question: The Curb-Stomping of Compression-Ignition?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply!

Mia asks: I heard that some cities in Europe have banned diesel vehicles; older ones only? Euro 4’s, 3’s… ? Do you have a list of those cities and exactly which vehicles are banned today?

My reply: My understanding is that diesel-powered cars made before the 2000 model year have been decreed verboten from areas such as downtown Paris as well as areas in Germany, such  as Hamburg.

Here’s a news story that gets into greater detail. The general trend is obvious at this point. There is a systematic effort under way to first restrict then ban not just diesel-powered cars but all cars that are not electric cars. The justification given is that the “climate” is in “crisis.”

In fact, the people behind all of this are using this excuse to increase their control.

A few years ago, I thought this would take at least another 20 years to unfold. But things are happening very quickly – and matters are coming to a head.

One way or another, the whole thing is going to be decided within the next 3-5 years. Hang on; the ride is going to get bumpy!

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  1. It’s all such obvious bullshit, I’m continually amazed that they can keep this “climate change” house of cards propped up. We’ve been 10 years from catastrophe for the past 40+ years, for crying out loud! Keep expecting that at some point there has to be a collective eye-opening event, but maybe I underestimate people.


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