Reader Question: The Death of the VW L1?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply!

Harvey asks: Do you think there is any connection between the huge fines against VW and the possibility of the L1 coming out? Were they trying to stop it?

My reply: Absolutely. It is not a coincidence that VW’s diesels became the object of an unprecedented regulatory and criminal jihad  at the same time the EV juggernaut was getting seriously underway.

VW’s diesels threatened the EV juggernaut. The L1 – a diesel-powered commuter car capable of averaging 80 MPG that was expected to cost less than $25k – especially. This was a mortal threat to the EV juggernaut – and not just because of the low cost and high mileage. An 80 MPG diesel’s emissions would be almost nil and thus, very hard to portray as “dirty”… which was necessary to portray EVs as “clean.”

But VW was probably targeted generally because it was the only car company selling a whole lineup of affordable diesel-powered cars. Almost all of the other diesel-powered cars available were higher-cost luxury models from Benz, BMW and Audi and so no real threat to EVs – because all of them are expensive.

The idea being to make cars unaffordable for most people – and to control cars, generally.

That’s what the EV juggernaut is all about. And it’s why VW had to “sleep with the fishes.”

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  1. They’ll get my 2002 VW ALH TDI when they pry it from my cold fingers!

    You’re killing me here Eric with that graphic, oh man, a nice R5 TDI in a Passat class car, I’m gettin’ verklempt!

  2. I think Elio motors trying to get to market for many years and Solo, an EV that will probably debut this year and is just a new start-up tells you everything you need to know about what the elites propose.

  3. Someone made an observation that super-efficient HVAC systems didn’t lead to the massive energy savings promised. Turns out by having a less-expensive house to heat people were able to build bigger houses. Miles traveled increases every year (possibly because new, larger houses are located outside the city core) as cost per mile decreases. Now along comes VW and their wonderful TDI engines. Now that cross-country trek might only use about 30 gal of fuel instead of 60. So people are more likely to travel (at least if cheap efficient products lead to more consumption as the theory shows). So the net gains won’t be “enough” to satisfy the people who are paid to worry about such things. BTW this is happening with electric light bulbs, low-flow shower heads, and just about anything that increases efficiency. So of course a super-efficient vehicle is out of the running. Look at the Volt as another example.

  4. As the meme goes, we’re hitting autism levels that shouldn’t even be possible

    Hopefully during the Dank God Emperor’s second term, this EV craze will go the way of the VHS or furbies

    • Hi Zane,

      Orange is the new Dank! His re-election may result in a backlash of full-glow socialism in 2024… but we’ll have a good show for the next four, at least!

      • And whose to say there won’t be Trump 2.0 or lite who emerges

        I think come 2nd term, the shackles come off and if we regain the house and keep the Senate, the left will be dealt blows they can’t recover from

        Also, slightly back on topic, think the ’10s tdi’s will start appreciating in price anytime soon, it’s been long enough, right?


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