Uber Clover Eructs!

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What follows is just a taste of the serial eructations of a Clover whose persistence is truly indefatigable. This Clover –  variously styling itself “LH” and then “Alex” – was greatly triggered by an article I wrote about a month ago about the very different reaction of armed government workers to people thumbing their noses – and giving the finger – to their Authority vs. the reaction to AGWs goading people and beating the crap out of them.

The Clover – not very intellectually discerning – saw my article as a defense of hooliganism (the kids thumbing their noses – and giving the finger – to Authority took video of themselves doing burnouts on the highway, mocking the AGWs) rather than an indictment of AGW priorities.

I tried explaining this at least a half dozen times to this Clover- but I might as well have been trying to teach the proverbial pig to sing.

Anyhow, I just got the following and thought I’d share… so you’ll know what I mean when I say . . .  and they ask me why I drink!

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  1. People like that are just mentally and emotionally deprived, and also apparently have too much time and nothing better to do. Mean while the rest of us have to sneak in our 2-cents worth when we get a break in our work, lol!

  2. He lost me with girl scout cookies and their uniforms. I wore a boy scout uniform and it meant “I’m here to help” and there were many merit badges that were based on helping others. We probably wouldn’t have been so well-treated if we’d had on armor and carried guns with lots of magazines, tazers and other general injury inflicting devices.

    I can just hear it now. Everybody get inside, the Boy Scouts are walking down the street. Hide your chilluns.

  3. Can one imagine what hell Alex’s mind is to live in, to live one’s life so consumed with hate. I long ago stopped raging back at such, and am more inclined toward pity.

    • I do like to smack a clown now and then but I don’t believe myself to be making any difference or winning da inernets.

      Some people exist as their own punishment. The older I get the more schadenfreude works. This guy made me grin.

      I sometimes look at the people who seem to have no self control, raging and screaming at people maniacally, and think, “I wonder if they have any idea what they are doing to their health with them massive BP spikes and flight or flight hormone storms?”. Then I grin. No pity.

      • I was busy and not in a good mood when my phone rang. I was going to see if I could get off a call list as you can if you wait them out but after I said hello there was nothing. I repeated Hello goddammit, speak. Nothing. That sorta sent me over the edge and I said “You motherfucker you’d better say something” but it was way worse than that. And then this Paki tried to say something and just stopped. I screamed at the top of my lungs a few more curse words and he hung up. I stomped outside to cool off. Didn’t take long since it was 30 and a north wind. He’s so lucky I couldn’t grab him.

  4. That clover sounds so dumb and dense he’d probably have trouble pouring piss out of a boot if it had instructions printed on the heel.

    • Hi Jason,

      That Clover is also persistent to the point of obsession. He has sent 100-plus of these things, which have all been routed directly into the trash/never saw the light of day… yet he continues to send ’em in! And he says I’m the one “on the spectrum!”

  5. What did I actually just read? That was like mixing cheap vodka with paint stripper and pouring the result directly on my brain.

  6. It does look like you’re living rent free in that space between this varmint’s ears. I really don’t understand the mindset of the troublemaker- coming to a place like this to spew their PC hate- and it all is just hate- straight from their diseased reptilian brainstems out their lips.

    It’s truly a tragedy for western civilization that dueling is no longer legal- in the end it is the only check on the troublemakers of the world be they law enforcers or garden variety sociopaths like this.

      • Sorry, breezed through a couple paragraphs, couldn’t finish. Have no idea what the hell he’s talking about. Wouldn’t even know where to begin refuting what he says, better off talking to my cat.


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