Reader Question: Military EVs?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply!

Alex asks: You being a font of sanity on this I wondered what the militaries of the world are doing as far as moving to EVs? Remembering what it was like eons ago (1962) to drive from Beirut to Athens and back across central and coastal Turkey (we had official passports!) in our wonderful old Volvo PV-544, I wonder how militaries will approach issues of durability and field We had two failures in the wild – losing our gas pedal linkage (solution: a coat-hanger),  and a voltage regulator (solution: a point file) where it was clear that leaving the car overnight – almost anywhere – would have resulted in its being stripped and probably burned. These kinds of fixes appear ~impossible thanks to the superfluous elaborations of modern cars. So I am still marked – permanently – by the issues of “mission critical”. ( My father at the time was a USAF flight surgeon, and I retired here in Bangkok after ~12 years as an information systems security officer – always involved in disaster planning exercises.) I would be interested in your thoughts!

My reply: Of course, the militaries of the world aren’t moving to EVs. For the same reason the elites are buying beachfront estates just a few feet above sea level, “climate change” notwithstanding.

They know it’s a con.

The idea is for us to believe it’s not – in order to get us to accept austerity and more control. If “climate change” were the imminent existential crisis portrayed by the elites, who tell us that within 10-30 years the Earth will suffer cataclysmic warming which will raise sea levels by 100 feet or more, do you think they’d be buying $14.5 million estates  on Martha’s Vineyard (an island) as the Obamas just did? Why are energy-hog Teslas being subsidized? These use easily twice and probably three times as much energy as is necessary for a basic transportation appliance.

How can anyone be allowed to indulge in “Ludicrous Speed” if the end is literally nigh?

The deal is this: Despite their best efforts to extirpate IC cars via regulatory fatwas pertaining to legitimate emissions, IC cars have thrived. Despite their best efforts to trick the population into believing in “peak oil” and energy scarcity, oil has proved to be far more abundant than almost anyone could have imagined as recently as the early 2000s.

Therefore: A catch-all “crisis” had to be ginned up as the successor crisis to all the prior failed crisis. That crisis is “climate change.”

And the maniacs may just pull it off this time.

Because the fools out there are too fog-brained to see that (per above) the elites are not expressing their “concern” in the manner they insist we accept it.

. . .

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  1. Interesting thing about climate change. They cannot seem to tell us what the climate is supposed to be, what it is changing from, and what it is changing to. If it is true that the climate is getting warmer and wetter, is that unprecedented or bad? When did life on earth thrive- during the Jurassic or the ice ages?

  2. How and why do climate change & Obama supporters justify his purchase of a mansion? I’ve gotten into it with these people on Twitter, and the mental gymnastics are amazing! How do they do it? How can they not accept the obvious?


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