Even AGWs Couldn’t Abide This AGW

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Even among the worst, there is a code. Murderers and thieves don’t like rapists, for instance. And Jeffrey Wharton’s armed government working amigos didn’t like him, either.

Wharton reportedly beat his girlfriend half to death, a beating so egregious that when he arrived to “serve and protect” his fellow AGWs cut his uniform off his body.

As The Free Thought Project notes, AGWs are grossly over-represented among the ranks of those charged with domestic violence, but even these stats don’t portray the truth because AGWs often cover up for AGWs and the abuse goes unreported and unpunished.

But not in this case.  For once.

It’s a step in the right direction. Here’s hoping for more.


  1. He’s probably thinking “I should have killed the bitch and framed the guy who used to beat me up as a kid for her murder”

    • Yeah, can’t say i have seen anyone pulled over lately for a paying paper. The rumor around my area is that the local chiefs have told their rank and file to only do traffic stops if someone is really being stupid. Of course when it’s over, they are likely to double down to recover the lost revenue.


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