Live From Corona Country, Part 11

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Here’s the latest “on the street” report from Corona Country, my part of it, at any rate. Lots of people out and about – though not many small, independent businesses open for it. Which brings up an interesting thing about the effects of Corona Fever – not the virus, the death-dealing effect of the government “lockdown” imposed on the  basis of hysteria about the virus.

Business seems to be going on as usual… if you’re a big business. A corporate chain of some kind, like a fast-food joint or big box retailer or chain-brand supermarket. They’re all open. No Hut! Hut! Hut! for them.

Why not? How are they more “essential” than small, mom-and-pop stores and local restaurants, etc?

What they are, of course, is part of the control grid that’s now enveloping all of us and most especially those of us who don’t work for some big corporation and who are thus free to run our lives to a degree that no one who works for a corporation is. Which is why, of course, these businesses – the small ones – are being systematically starved to death using the pretext of saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaafety.

The truly sickening thing is that much of this is being done with the cooperation of these small businesses, which have bought into the narrative like a gut-hooked trout. We can’t be too saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaafe, I have heard some of the owners of these businesses say. Not noticing their business being bled away to the big box stores and chain retailers, who are very much less “concerned” with your saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaafety – but very much interested in force-capturing your business.

When they are the only game in town, they will have done exactly that.

It makes me want a Corona. A whole case of them.

. . .

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  1. In Bend, OR — hardware store making employees tell customers to stand behind the line (big stickers on the floor showing where to stand) — who made all those stickers on short notice? Boy, there’s sure alot of coordination when govco wants something done! Clerk told me if the store doesn’t comply, then they’ll have to close the store. So they’re govco’s b–ch just like everyone else. Some other guy in line said his wife works at the ER and they’re overrun with cases … which I know was a lie… and he talked like he had a SCRIPT it was so perfectly overhyped… so he’s probably a disinfo agent walking around in public frauding the public (he will get severely bad karma for that BTW lol — he’s a total dumbass), or his wife (if he even has a wife) is a big fat liar who lies to him or they’re both total liars of the 1st order. They better hope they live forever in this world because after their tirade of crimes is over they’ll never be allowed anywhere half as nice as planet Earth for a long time.

    I went to 2 grocery stores — they have plexiglass installed and signs all over the place — stay 6 feet away from other people. AS IF that’s going to stop the “killer cooties” from infecting anyone lol. One store hired private security to tell people to wait for someone to exit before you can go in the store… limiting the total number of people in the store. IDK if they wanted to do all this, or they were ORDERED by govco, or they just don’t want hysterical cattle to complain. Most/all employees in the stores didn’t seem to be worried about anything, but are ORDERED by the store management/corporate to wear gloves. So, seems to me like ~most everyone thinks it’s a hoax, but they’re all ordered to LOOK like it’s a real threat.

    • I noticed the corporate grocery chain had plexi sneeze guards installed recently. They look professional. How did they get them on such short order? Ive worked in manufacturing. Large orders of even simple products take a long time.
      Another fun fact. I have a friend who works for a large grocery vendor that stocks items in lots of different grocers throughout the us. He was provided with paperwork explaining how he’s an essential employee weeks ago to be allowed to travel during lockdown. This paperwork was provided prior to any statewide lockdowns. This large grocery distributor knew and had paperwork prepared piror to any lockdown. This is all preplanned. Do not let these fuckers get away with this. I just read a news report about arsonists targeting 5g cell towers. How long before its town halls and state houses? You cant shut down our lives. People haven’t been buying guns and ammo for fun. If you work for BigGovCorpCo you better rethink your priorities. You stopped the hampster wheel and gave the normies a lot of time to think and a lot less to lose.

      • Hi Anonymous,

        Thank you for posting this info about the pre-planning. The dissemination of such information is crucial. I agree that this whole thing is contrived. It is the use of a real but grossly exaggerated thing to get the public to accept outrageous and intolerable things.

        Our best option right now is to publicly question and mock Corona Fever and to stand up to the virtue-signaling Morozovs who are prepared to enslave themselves as well as ourselves.

      • Speaking of BigGovCo, some of its pampered employees are upset:

        New York City education administrators made official on Friday the news more than 75,000 of the city’s teachers were dreading amid the pandemic: Spring break is officially canceled.

        “With this step, Mayor de Blasio shows that he does not recognize just how hard you have been working during these stressful and anxiety-filled times,” United Federation of Teachers president Michael Mulgrew wrote in a scathing email to his members after officials made the announcement.

        “We recognize this may feel like a disappointment to many students and schools as we have all been working tirelessly in our transition to remote learning and very reasonably want a break,” Mr. Carranza wrote in an email to teachers. — NYT

        So the UFT’s rank-and-file not only still have their “iron rice bowl” paychecks, but also they now work from the comfort and safety of their own homes.

        However, the crushing stress of “transitioning to remote learning” has made them livid — LIVID — that Spring Break is canceled. SCATHING emails are being issued in protest of their horrid mistreatment.

        Blistered fingertips from their heavy load of keyboard work soon could incapacitate many of these hard-working heroes. Oh the humanity!


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