Reader Question: Who – or What – is an “AGW”

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply!

Doug asks: Can you please use simple words and short sentences to explain what AGW means. I have only been on the Internet since 1994 and have never seen AGW outside of anthropomorphic global warming and am clearly too stupid to be able to look it up.

It must be nice to be so smart as to just know what a term like this means. Or do you have to be part of an in group? Do I need to pay a fee to join this in group, or perhaps sacrifice a goat? If so, is it a special kind of goat? And, for what it’s worth, I personally knew Dave Nolan, was an active tax resistor (the IRS had pegged me as a member of a terrorist organization), and have probably been involved in anti state activities since before you were born.

My reply: No need to get angry!

“AGW” is short for Armed Government Worker – i.e., those who style themselves “law enforcement.”

I coined – and prefer – AGW (more here) because it conveys the dreary facts: They are armed and they work for the government. They are exactly what Hannah Arendt meant when she wrote about the banality of evil. Nihilistic order-takers and order-givers who demand obedience and respect.

AGW denies them the status – and respect – they crave.

Most people who visit here regularly know the term’s etymology. Now you do, too!

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  1. Some of the questions you are getting lately seem pretty lame. As in asked by a “troll”. The what’s an “AGW” I think I have seen several of those questions. Spend 2 minutes looking at your articles and the question is answered. Nobody that can read is that much of a “DOLT”.

    Keep up the fight. We all need to do our share to educate the people.

    • Hi Leo,

      I try to give people – especially new people – an opportunity to grok. I understand that Libertarian ideas are new to most and my own vernacular might by mysterious at first. So I explain when asked. But my right finger always hovers over the “Clover” button!

      Thanks for the kind words!

    • In his defense I did a DDG search with the “anything will fly” setting and didn’t find your definition. I prefer to call them what they are, armed govt. predators. You might too if you’d been raided because of a rumor…..told by a woman facing 5 felony charges of taking children across state lines illegally and kidnapping.


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