Reader Question: What’s an AGW?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply!

Andy asks: And how did I miss the coining of it? I’m going nuts trying to figure out what the initials mean, because I know it’ll be great!

My reply: “AGW” is short for Armed Government Worker, a much more honest and accurate term than police officer or law enforcement officer.  It conveys the essential truths of the thing: They are armed and work for the government. They serve and protect the interests of the government – and themselves.

The terms they use for themselves are contrived to alter the truth, to convey something that is not so. “Peace officer” being the most blatantly false, hence even they no longer use it much.

“Police” seems more benign, but they are not.  All Hut! Hut! Hutted! up in their BDUs and tactical vests, Glocked to the Nines – they look like the occupying army they are, right down to insignias of military rank. Their tactics are military, too. We are “civilians” – the equivalent in AGW-speak of “gook” or “sand nigger” in the actual military.

“Law enforcement” is closer – more brutally close to the mark (the “enforcer” part). But this term is problematic as well – because these so-called “LEOs” routinely do not enforce the law, upon each other. Nor do they obey it themselves. From not buckling up for safety (physics apparently doesn’t apply to AGWs) to the reckless handling of firearms, LEOs are free to break the law with impunity – because Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

They do, on the other hand, enforce their will – that is, make up laws on the spot and enforce them. Failure to Respect Authority being the most notable.

But such laws are not (yet) actual laws, even if the punishments for not obeying them (beatings, Taserings, worse) are very real.

Hence AGW.

It fits, like the right diameter sewage pipe.

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  1. One tablespoon of narcissism

    Two tablespoons of sadomasochism

    Third cup of dishonesty and deceit

    Half cup of totalitarianism

    One cup of bully

    Two cups of amorality

    One quart of cowardice

    And there….are the required traits of the perfect recruit for American copping.

    • Excellent recipe! Though I’d make it a gallon of cowardice since these pussies always “fear for their saaaaafety” when they gun down an unarmed person.


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