Bloated Bullet-Headed AGW Gabblefest

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Here’s a video of two overfed AGWs who cannot distinguish their feelings from the law. They are affronted because a man is (as they see it) invading their territory – which one of them refers to as “private public property” – but too addled by HFC to grok the simplest of concepts and logical arguments (as made by the man taking the video).

They demand ID, despite no legal basis for doing so. They either lie – or dissemble – to coerce the man into providing it. He stands his ground, the AGWs kick the earth with their hooves.

Note also the “campaign ribbons” worn by these tubbies. Was it for winning the hot dog eating contest? Tilting the cholesterol meter?

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  1. Man, I’m no lightweight, but holy crap those are some real porkers aside from being tyrannical assholes! Best comment:

    “They arrested two suspects that day. One Big Mac and one large fry.”

  2. Ribbons for being a loyal Crispy Creme Customer.
    Hmmmm, diabetes type 2, cancer, stroke, heart disease…..yup enjoy yer retirements….if you live that long.


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