Buzzcut Bullet-Headed “Hero” Gets a Lesson in Law

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It is startling how few “law enforcers” even know “the law” they are given authority over us to enforce.

In this video, a man legally filming on a public sidewalk – something the Supreme Court has affirmed is absolutely permissible and protected under the First Amendment – is accosted by a clearly low-wattage, buzzcut martinet who threatens him and demands ID. The man calmly and politely points out that he is filming legally and asks the martinet what crime he suspects him of committing.

It is “the law” that a person merely out in public is not required to produce ID unless there is articulable reason to suspect he has committed or is about to commit a crime. That is to say, a bullet-headed goon can’t (legally) just accost people and demand they ID themselves because he doesn’t like their looks or is personally affronted in some way.

The low-watt “hero” can’t process this and instead begins to fulminate about the man filming “his” facility, as if the public building were his personal property. And ignores the man’s point/question regarding which law has been violated.

Luckily for the man filming, the hut-hut-hutting low-rent Full Metal Jacket drill sergeant wannabee is schooled by an actual sergeant, a “hero” who at least knows the law:

However, there are no consequences – beyond a talking to – for this costumed thug. Once again, the double standard. If any Mere Ordinary accosted someone while armed, a clear threat, and began demanding they produce ID with the implied “or else”… they’d have been arrested.

Why do we tolerate “hero” law enforcers who abuse the law?

Why aren’t “hero” law enforcers held accountable when they abuse the law?

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