Thoughts on His and Hers

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There’s a reason why you almost never hear Talking Heads talk about sex – not the act; the bifurcation of normal mammals into male and female – while they talk endlessly about gender.

Which isn’t biological and thus is fungible.

A biological man can claim he feels he’s female and – shazam! – by dint of those feelings and his assertions regarding them his biological sex (male) becomes gender female  . . . because “she” insists.

Well, one could just as logically assert Lobsterhood on the same basis – and insist on appropriate accommodations, such as brine tanks in all “public” places – as well as other things not as amusing, such as a 60-year-old man who feels his gender is teenage girl and thus insist on his right to date teenage boys.

Or a teenage boy in high school who wants to get close to teenage girls – naked ones – by claiming that he is one and so must be admitted to their locker rooms and that they must “accept” his presence among them. Parents who object will be derided as “haters.”   

This is already happening and much worse will – since feelings are endlessly fungible. One can feel they are . . . anything at all.

Biology, on the other hand, isn’t fungible.

A medical examiner or anthropologist can discern very quickly and without contestation whether the body – or skeleton – before him is male or female. The differences in bone construction, density and so on are biological facts.

It is one – or the other.

It cannot be either. 

Excepting the abnormal – such as hermaphrodites and so on – sex isn’t debatable.

It just is.

The question becomes what to do about  those unhappy with what nature – their parents (their fathers, to put a finer point on it) bestowed upon them.

Obviously, such people have a right to be let alone, so long as their eccentricity isn’t harmful to others.

If a man wishes to wear a dress, put on lipstick – and take off various parts – that is certainly his right. Even if pathological.

To deny anyone the right to do whatever they wish to do with themselves is as evil as it gets because it amounts to claim of ownership over that person, which is the functional definition of master – and slave.

But the man who doesn’t want to be one hasn’t got the right to demand that others “accept” that he is now she because he says so.

Some will regard this as petty – even mean.

If so, it is petty – and mean – to refuse to play along with the lunatic who believes he is Ney, Marshall of France – because he says he is and dresses the part.

The earnestness of the lunacy doesn’t change he fact that it is lunacy.

He is not Ney, Marshall of France. And it isn’t funny if he actually believes that he is – as opposed to just dressing up. The man is mentally ill. Far worse, if he insists we believe he is not ill – and are compelled by the government to genuflect, accordingly.

In which case, the pathological becomes indistinguishable from the normal. There no longer is a normal . . . anything.

In which case, how do we distinguish that which is criminal?

What happens when a 60-year-old man tells the court that his 12-year-old boyfriend is appropriate because he’s not a actually 60-year-old man (despite the XY chromosome, the stubble, the Adam’s apple and birthdate circa 1955) but really a 12-year-old girl?

Because he feels – very strongly – that he is one?

If reality (biology as well as chronology) no longer decides, if  “identity” is to be a question of feelings, then this person is in fact the young girl he claims to be and has every right to play doctor with the young boy.

Just as grown men in dresses are already asserting their right to use women’s bathrooms.

And the new doctrine is that no one has any business judging, forbidding let alone punishing this.

Those who dispute that she is in fact he are guilty of  a form of Thoughtcrime is called “misgendering” – and are already subject not merely to civil punishment but – far worse – a kind of psychological torture of the sort administered by the character O’Brien to his victim Winston Smith in Orwell’s 1984. They must be forced to see the New Truth:

Smith is manacled to a table; an apparatus affixed to his head applies a kind of lobomotomic power that corrodes Smith’s capacity to perceive objective reality. O’Brien shows Smith his hand, with four fingers raised and asks him how many he sees. Smith replies four. O’Brien then says, “and if the Party says there are five fingers, how many do you see”?

Smith says four – attempting to preserve his sanity by refusing to deny objective reality. Instantly, the current is passed through his body; he arches his back against the restraints, feels agonizing pain.

And – for just a moment – he does see four fingers and believes he sees four.

“You see, at any rate, that it is possible” O’Brien explains.

This is where things are headed – if fungible feelings replace granite facts; if gender becomes a synonym for sex.

One feels the urge to either bay at the Moon – or head for the hills.



  1. A bit late to the party, but here’s a question:

    Can I identify as a 70-year old man and collect my social security payments now? (If I can identify as a woman, why can’t I simply identify as an older man and collect what I won’t get later?)

    • Hi Jim,

      You know, this is a capital idea (as Gomez used to say)!

      I, too, could use a break. I feel very old all of a sudden. Old enough to collect “my” Social Security… then I could maybe have the cash to play with my bikes and TA again…

  2. Just watched a video on YouTube today called ‘8th Place: A high school girls life after transgender students joined her sport’ and it was powerful. She has balls to come out like that, because she will be ferociously harassed by the social media idiots and her peers. Her coach is even on the ‘shut the hell up about it’ bandwagon, because the state of Connecticut demands that as his ‘official’ position as an employee of the state.

    The premise is two formerly mediocre men’s runners (who ran three years as men) decided senior year to become ‘women’. No hormone therapy, no ball chopping. Just guys wearing chick clothes with long hair who ‘identified’ as women. Needless to say they mop up in every category they compete in. The best women can hope for is 3rd-8th place.

    As ridiculous as this is, I see a lot of future female voters becoming red-pilled over things like this. The outright lunacy of the modern left has exposed itself as the emporer’s new clothes. Title IX has basically been destroyed. You have men in men’s sports and women’s sports are co-ed. The only thing that is going to work is everyone with a ‘factory equipped’ vagina will have to boycott it. They’ll just have to watch the two boys with long hair run. See how long that lasts.

    • Hi Jake,


      Such things also blow the lid off the idiocy of sameness – which postures as “equality.” Men and women are not the same; they are very different. They are each entitled to equal treatment before the law – but to say they are equal is fatuous.

      I’m a middle aged dude, past my prime. I’m still a superior athlete in terms of strength and endurance vs. almost any biological woman half my age. And by the same token, no matter how hard I try I will never be able to conceive a child.

      “Equality” my ass.

    • The theory that I have is that if a special class with benefits is created certain people will do whatever it takes to be in that special class to get the benefits. It does not matter how small or petty the benefits are. The only thing that seems to matter is the difficulty in getting into that special class. The lower the threshold the more people who will do it.

  3. As I mentioned in another article, LGBT’s are no longer satisfied with society accepting them for who they are (or rather, claim to be). Nope, they now demand everyone to join in on the “fun”; and most wouldn’t dare to object it lest the sane be frowned upon by others as being “hateful”. Hell, the loonies may even try to ban heterosexuality one day.

    • Hi Blue,

      Indeed. It’s not enough to leave them in peace – which is something probably 99 percent of the “straight” population would do without a bayonet shoved in their backside.

      These people expect to be accommodated – and praised. And more. We are required to deny objective reality – to pretend that a man in a dress who says he is a woman is a woman, rather than a man in a dress – or else.

      They are making a mistake – and it’s a very sad thing.

    • Nunz,

      You got JOKES! 😂🤣 💀 I’m trying to come up with another but the mental gymnastics just isn’t worth the trouble. Thanks for the chuckle!

        • Speaking of jokes- I usually don’t do ribald or raunchy stuff…..but I heard this joke when I was 13- and it’s remained one of my all-time favorites all these years:

          What do a virgin and a hemophiliac have in common?
          One prick, and it’s all over.

  4. It is my understanding that we’re supposed to accept paedophiles now as a “sexual orientation”. Apparently “research” shows that they can’t help it they they’re hard wired to be sexually attracted to children. Where does it end?!

      • Nowadays, a normal, sane person is considered “abnormal” or “insane”. But then that begs the question: “What is ‘normal’ or ‘sane’?”.

        • I know what’s normal and sane where I live. You can torch my gate into but not the lock. You can sneak down 1/2 mile to my house(look out, step in that and fall on your ass). But please don’t. I don’t see as well as I used to but CJ, my 80lb pit bull hears really well. In my old age I detest having to get dressed and get the backhoe and then dealing with the mess and disposing of the vehicle. If you’re going to do this anyway, please arrive in a Ext. cab GM, about a 93 model, long bed. I can switch the VIN tags so no worry for creating another truck. Thanks and we’ll be looking forward to the new(old)pickup.

          By the way, bring all the cash you’ve stolen from doing this previously……thanks.

  5. My real life interaction with transgender men (men who act like women in public). They are emotional and mental basket cases. These tranny men are ready to cry and whine at the first sign of having to do something they don’t like. This tranny guy comes into a manufacturing environment as a temp worker and is wearing a dress over his leggings. We have a dress code in this environment of no loose clothing. You can get caught in a machine and pulled in. Then we tell him “Hell NO” to using the women’s bathroom still not protected by law yet here in Minnesota. Hell NO to using his phone whenever the hell he wants. He walks out of the job by lunch. He said he had to call his “wife” during those unscheduled personal breaks he took. He probably tells everyone that he is oppressed and hated by everyone for being a tranny. He was just really an incompetent employee who wants everything to be his way despite voluntarily coming to work with our rules and policies in place. These people really want the world to follow their delusions. They are little dictators who can’t survive around the sane.

    • Hi Mooeing,


      Once upon a time, a guy who insisted he was Ney, Marshall of France would have been classified as mentally ill. Which he would be, if he really did believe himself to be Ney, Marshall of France. It’s relatively harmless, of course – so long as delusion is recognized as such.

      But when delusion trumps reality, then we have a society/culture that is losing its mind.

    • Most of the trans men out there wouldn’t last a month as a real woman. The first time their genitals bleed they’d demand to be reunited with their penis.

      • Yeah, guys… we’re an emotional wreck the week prior, then bleed for a week.. so half of every month since I was 11 years old, has been spent this way. I have about 15-20 more years of this shit to go. Trust me, ya NEVER get used to it. It is also pretty painful.. Imagine those really bad diarrhea cramps ya get when you eat at chipotle. That. Only it radiates into your lower back and hips, plus your tits hurt too. This is not an extreme case either. This is normal.

        • Sounds like you haven’t had your necessary doses of pot. I know women who would make their husband’s life hell if they didn’t grow them some good pot.

          Not my opinion since I don’t have a monthly problem except for cash and the hell of living with a woman who could fuck up a cannonball with a rubber mallet.

          Of course she’s well past that part of life. I always thought it was a good joke when guys would say a menstrual period is actually bleeding out brain cells. Now, it would seem that is true.

        • Don’t leave out those bread infections.

          Just one more reason to end women’s suffrage.

          Those poor gals have suffered enough already!

    • There’re retarded brats that demand others live for them. Probably raised by single women.
      The Deep State Terrorists(DST) seems to have selected Sackashitwea as their new Mafia Don figurehead.
      The retarded parasites are going to prevail just by shear numbers.

      • Hi Man,

        Perhaps. But perhaps not. I’m counting on perhaps not – foolish though that may be. My friend Fred Reed – the writer – urges me to get out while I still can.

        • Your friend Nunzio urges you to leave while you still can, too!

          Heck, I aiun’t got no retirement package- but I know if I have been able to live here on fumes for my whole life, I can certainly do it in a much cheaper, freer place- ‘specially out in the middle of nowhere…which is the whole point of going.

          As I’ve often said, just like with most people who leave NY or CA- they seek to recreate what they had there…and by so doing, end up with the same tyranny and BS that made them leave those places.

          So to with people want a copy of the US overseas- or with those who seek to finance a free life with the benefits of the collectivist system.

          Jusat like leaving NY or northern VA.- the biggest part of it is making up ones mind to do it; and really wanting to do it.

          NY just passed legislation to give illegals driver’s licenses, which will make it easy for them to vote (which is likely the reason for the legislation)…so the “perhaps” becomes even more likely……

          • Nunzio,

            The good news is that many of the county clerks in NY state are REFUSING to issue DLs to illegals, saying they’ll go to jail for it first.

            • I’ve heard that, MM. -I don’t know what they’re talking about- County clerks in NY don’t issue driver’s licenses; the state DMV does- and they have an office in every county- so I don’t know what that’s about…. And just like here in KY when a county clerk refused to issue marriage licenses to faggot and dyke couples…they just remove ’em, or force ’em to comply. There’s no rule of law in this country anymore.

              100 years ago, Andrew Cuomo and Bill Deblasio would have been charged with treason and likely executed- or at the very least removed from office and jailed, for what they are doing today.

  6. Eric:

    You nailed it. If I were to tell you, 10 years ago, that if a teenage dude takes a shower with other teenage girls at school, but this dude “identified” as a girl, so it is all OK, you’d have called me nuts.

    Now you have teenage girls understandably uncomfortable with taking a shower with a teenage dude who says he’s a girl, and it’s the girls who are the “haters.” Yes – the girls who don’t want to take showers with the boys are the haters. It is sickening. I’m not a father, but if I was, I’d likely have a very big problem with teenage boys taking a shower with my daughter because they:

    A: Have a mental illness and truly think they are a girl
    B: They are only saying they are a girl since they are pathetic losers who can’t get laid the real way and want to perv out on teenage girls

    Public schools are irredeemable at this point. Almost all colleges as well. There is no fixing them. The Internet will kill them, they just haven’t figured that out yet. The college tuition crises will fix itself since nobody even needs to go to college to learn as much or more than the people who do.

    You can learn anything you want, anytime you want, from the best teachers ON THE PLANET, for almost no money at all. How do you compete with that? As soon as businesses realize they don’t actually need these useless degrees, it’s gave over for the progressive brainwashing factories.

    The elementary and secondary school brainwashing service will still survive for a while since most parents prefer the “babysitter” aspect of it all.

    I work for a giant multinational Japanese company. I had to endure “transgender awareness training” that taught me if I do a double take if I see a dude with a 5 o clock shadow exiting the ladies room, it’s me who has the problem. This was mandatory.

    There was an optional “inherent bias” class that I skipped. I probably missed a lot about how much of a oppressive racist bastard I am just for being a white dude.

    This is why HR is the first department to be cut in a recession. Bring on the recession.

    You’re absolutely right. Child molestation will be the next sexual “choice.” If you object to old dudes “dating” 5 year old girls, then you’re the one with the problem.

    The whole world has gone nuts.

    • Thanks, Blake!

      I think the words of Arthur “Bomber” Harris are apt: Sow the wind reap the whirlwind. They have pushed this to the point of inciting a very ugly – and violent – backlash.

      Most people, I suspect, do not hate “minorities” nor care whether some dude wants to wear a dress. But they do hate being endlessly guilt-tripped for “oppressing” people they have never harmed and and mulcted endlessly to make amends for it. They resent being told they must not merely live in peace but be dominated by “minorities,” forced to worship their culture while apologizing for their own and participating in its erasement. They are obliged to praise every “lifestyle” – even to the extent of normalizing what is objectively pathological – and threatened with punishment if they object.

      It will not end well.

      • I got the revolution blues
        I see bloody fountains
        And ten million dune buggies coming down the mountains
        Well, we live in a trailer at the edge of town
        You never see us because we don’t come around
        We got twenty five rifles just to keep the population down
        But we need you now and that’s why
        I’m hanging around

    • Those high enough up the pyramid must understand that every special class that is created in society creates a desire for people to find a way to exploit the benefits of that special class. While I am guessing those high enough up understand it those lower seem not to.

      Even ‘handicapped’ parking is exploited by those with the smallest of issues. I remember when it was new and anyone not in wheelchair couldn’t get it. Now it seems like just about anyone can if try hard enough.

      In Chicago cops won’t write cops and their family members tickets so there are various little tells they leave in their cars not to get parking tickets and park where ever they feel like parking. But of course these things become known so people seek out finding everything from cop hat bands to ticket books to pretend they are in the club. That may be out of date since the parking meter lease. I haven’t kept up.

      So we now get to what I’ve heard is called out crazying clown world, because that’s the way to exploit the situation.

  7. Myles, something is going on. A few weeks back at Wally in one town, I was looking for a Wally ID and just asked something without looking. She/He looked back at me and told me what I wanted to know. Strange but very real for me, I wanted to ask but wouldn’t and so simply thought about it.

    Later I would find that almost same person at Best Buy. I was about to address her as “mister” but thoght better hearing it’s voice and noting a lack of muscle tone to the fact she was fat but then I had to wonder what genetic claim it made.

    Just today, I had to stop in a distant Wally for no more reason than it was on the interstate, right before I get off and haul ass home to where you know your people(sounds like a clan but it ain’t…..not by a long shot). Today I see a badge and needed directions, one of those huge things. She/He gave me verbal directions and although extremely short and fat(fat like same size from ground to head)she????? a very feminine voice and fairly much that look except for the black two day growth on her/his face. I almost waited to see if it would go to the bathroom but didn’t have time.

    I’m seriously concerned about this. It didn’t exist when I was younger, not young. But it’s as if you aren’t necessarily correct by saying “how are you ma’am?” and “how are you sir?”. That’s the way it is in Texas. I never get referred to by less than “boss” or “cap’n” or a generic “sir”. This is west Tx. Plain. I address anyone by what I think I should. Sir, Ma’am, etc. I never address anyone, no matter if I know them or not as “honey”. For some reason this isn’t kosher now. But there are those young females I think of as “honey” or even ones my age, depends on how well you know them. But I get it that I’d better keep my tongue as neutral as I possibly can. I don’t wish to offend anyone. It’s just the way I was raised.

    It’s not her nor there for me but I have to wonder about how this happens. I truly believe in this country where I live and it’s endocrine disrupters that come from RoundUp and certian other indocrin screwing shit they spray willy nilly. Now you’d think I don’t know shit about this but used to have a license to apply fairly much anything. It just might have been my criticism that got me into big troub. Ok, I do know “something” about it. I have applied al lot of it and go out of my way to recreate an astronaut suit and breathing apparatus when doing do. I no longer do it except to simply kill weeds so we don’t get snake bit at work or the house.

  8. I have always identified as a rich white man. Unfortunately, no one else goes along with my rightful identity. I mean they buy the white man part, but not the rich part, especially when I visit my bank to make a withdrawal. Who do I sue ?

  9. Hi Eric,

    It is common now to claim that “gender” is a social construct. However, “gender” is rarely defined. If “gender” is defined by a confluence of attitudes, appearance, dress and feelings, then it should be obvious that the conception of “gender” is influenced by biological reality and social norms. As such, it is neither entirely a biological fact nor a social construct, it is some combination of both. But, how someone feels, and the perceptions of others, do not change biology.

    Many children experience confusion about their “gender”. The vast majority of them eventually align their feelings about “gender” with their biological sex. Those who do not, remain in a state of conflict between their perception of themselves and the reality of themselves. I posit that such a state is a good working definition of a mental disorder. Activists claim that transgenderism is analogous to homosexuality, it is not. There is nothing inherent in the desire for physical intimacy with someone of the same sex that requires conflict with oneself. The same cannot be said about transgenderism. It is true that both can crate conflict between oneself and “society”, but only one creates a necessary conflict between “oneself” and ones’ body.

    The current trend to encourage this disorder among children is abuse, not compassion. Of course, children deserve compassion and love, but encouraging a delusion, especially when medical interventions are involved, is nether compassionate nor loving. Transgenders kill themselves at a rate only equaled by paranoid schizophrenics. This tendency is not lowered by “sex reassignment surgery”. This fact alone is compelling evidence that the underlying malady is rarely, if ever, cured by altering the physical to match the “feeling”. Activists insist that the high rate of suicide is due to the social opprobrium heaped upon the transgender community and that suicide rates will lessen dramatically upon social acceptance. However, this cannot explain why gays have never experienced suicide rates approaching that in the transgender community, even during the period when gays were as socially ostracized as anyone else.

    Encouraging a delusion is not compassionate, requiring that others participate in the delusion is tyrannical.


  10. Most of this got started thanks to the DSM V:

    “Notable changes in the DSM-5 include… the renaming of gender identity disorder to gender dysphoria, along with a revised treatment plan”

    In other words, there’s no “wrong” answer to what sex you think you are, just how you feel about it.

  11. If you haven’t seen the episode of South Park called Mr. Garrisons Fancy New Vagina you should give it a watch, they nailed this all the way back in 2005. Season 9 Episode 1

  12. I once shot a buck with no balls once. Might of been a mutant though because we regularly put corn out on a well pad it met its maker on.

    • Might *have* been a mutant, or maybe the testes never descended…or the poor deer was exposed to atrazine, which “makes the frogs gay”.

      • Black is black, I want my baby back. it’s grey it’s grey, since she went away oh no, what can I do? Cause I i i I I I’m feelin blue. Never forget the Stones.

        • Pretty sure that wasn’t the Rolling Stones.

          It was some one-hit wonder whose name I can’t recall at the moment.
          “What a drag it is getting old…”

          • You’re right. I knew that didn’t sound right. I recall thinking it was Gene Pitney but it was Los Bravos. I really couldn’t remember the Stones ever doing it.

            What a drag it is getting old is damned sure right. It probably means more to those guys now. You gotta wonder how many times they’ve had their blood replaced and the other fancy stuff they do in Europe to make you “immortal”. It’s not because of their “clean” living ha ha.


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