Today’s Thoughts, Dec. 31, 2013: The Year Ahead

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Happy New Year – everyone.xmas pic

Or at least, here’s to hoping.

I am a pessimist by nature (because I’m all too familiar with human nature) but I am hoping that 2014 will witness more people becoming aware of the heretic – to authority – ideas of self-ownership and the non-aggression principle that flows from it. These notions, if they ever take hold of more than 10 percent of the population could change not just our country but the world – for the much better.

Whenever I get into a discussion with an authoritarian – whether of the left or the right – I always try to bring them face to face with the violence they espouse. We Libertarians (and anarchysts) are accused of many things; of being “immature” and “selfish” and “unrealistic.” But one thing we cannot be accused of is that we are violent.

No one can lay genocide at the feet of Libertarianism. There is no Libertarian Stalin or Hitler or Pol Pot or Kim Il Sung. No pogroms; no ethnic cleansing or Apartheid. No enslavement of whole populations. If not having anything to do with such things marks one as “immature” and “unrealistic,” then these are honorable titles.

Whatever difference of opinion human beings may have about how to live, if aggressive violence is eschewed, then the worst that can result is hurt feelings.  Live – and let live – has never resulted in mass graves.

If we each accept the idea that no one owns anyone except themselves, it follows that no one may exert control over anyone else, or over their lives – for to control something is to own something. Imagine a world free of people insisting they own other people’s lives by insisting they have the right to control other people’s lives. Other people’s finite, incalculably precious lives. Once taken, a moment can never be restored.

Some will gather themselves up in high dudgeon and paint vivid pictures of the “chaos” that would ensue. Yet the record of human history shows, depressingly, what the order of authority has accomplished. And of course, there is the straw man notion that absent collective coercion there would be no natural order. That peaceful, voluntary interaction could not achieve – without blood, without bayonets – what coercive violence has never achieved: a just society in which everyone is equally sovereign, in which no individual, no group has special rights. In which each person has the absolute right to be left in peace so long as he himself is peaceful.

These concepts are immensely appealing – and have the additional virtue of being intellectually consistent, a quality no form of authoritarian collectivism has ever had or ever can have.

Self-ownership and the NAP are Kryptonite to authoritarians of all persuasions. It is why authoritarians never debate us directly but instead attempt to smear us with non sequiturs as above. That we are “immature” and “selfish” and all the rest of it.

But, if we keep plugging away, I am convinced we’ll break through. There is no concept more powerful than the concept of self-ownership. Get anyone to think about it and their thinking will never be the same again. At some level, even if not entirely conscious, a kernel of doubt – of guilt – will begin to form about the rightness of asserting control over someone else’s life. Ideas are powerful. And Libertarian ideas are, in my firm belief, the most powerful ideas man’s mind has ever conceived.

That – plus greasy garage talk – is what EPautos is all about. I wanted to take this opportunity to thank all of you for helping us make a go of it and to wish you and yours great good things for the coming year.

Peace to you all.

And may others come to see the virtue in being peaceful.


  1. Here’s what I like to talk about when given the chance.
    The smallest state has about 1/2 the population of the original 13 States – and the average Congressional district is rapidly approaching 3/4 of a million, in the same range. There is no way 1 person can represent that many people (not sheeple).
    Most if not all states today can perform all the duties assigned to the “Federal” government by the Constitution – and that was a coup against the Articles of Confederation (see “Conspiracy in Philadelphia” by Gary North).
    The Federal government died at Appomattox in 1865. What we have now is a National government that was never ratified and is of no legal status. Nor is it needed.
    We are NOT at war, and have not been since Japan surrendered in 1945. Have not been in a ‘just’ war at least since 1814, maybe not ever.
    Not many folks ready to hear that.

    • Hi Phillip,

      You make a superb point in re:

      “The Federal government died at Appomattox in 1865. What we have now is a National government that was never ratified and is of no legal status.”


      This is a point that needs to be brought up constantly – until it’s as commonly understood as the fact that the sun sets in the west.

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  3. Thank you Eric! It is here I feel freest in my Heart and Mind.

    Free, in Heart and Mind – Larken Rose

    What Happened In Jail – Amanda Billyrock

    Final Merican Revolution – Kokesh & Molyneaux

  4. Good day all,

    Great piece Eric. I make every effort at every opportunity to point out the myth of authority to anyone I talk to. It seems more and more people are waking up and are becoming aware. Here in our county, there are numerous “public service” (puke) positions up for election and the ones seeking these “seats” are going door to door for signatures. I got to make two shake in their shoes and make them grovel which gave me some satisfaction. First, this woman is running for assessor so when she intro’d herself I replied “oh sweet, we get to choose who steals our money” totally caught her off guard. I told her about the law here in CA about how they tax you if you have a boat in your yard. She was not aware of that and was quite surprised. “I wont do that” she says. “I’ll be fair” blah blah blah. The next was a woman running for DA. I had her bottom lip quivering and her feet shuffling in utter shock when I explained to her what the “legal system” really is. Luckily this county is so tiny that the candidates are a little more part of the people than say Los Angeles county.
    Anyway, keep up the good work Eric. I will kick you some dough when I can. To all the readers, let’s make this a great year of sticking it to the statists.

    • Thanks, jjb!

      I’ve done the same here – and it’s a small but significant pick-me-up. To let them know you’re on to the con – and make them feel unclean for being a part of it.

      • Unfortunately this often persuades those cursed with conscience not to ascend the pyramid of power. Only the remorseless and narcissistic carry on undeterred.

        Thus government as we have it.

        • Not really a problem, Me2… ANYONE who ascends the pyramid of power – at any level of government – soon becomes as remorseless and narcissistic as the rest of the parasites, regardless of his or her motivations or morals to begin with. They either bow to the devil and kiss his ring, or they get out fast.

          There are no “right people” to elect.

  5. Happy new year, Eric, and thank you! I myself am an optimist by nature, and this is mainly because, though I don’t deny the definite propensity of people to be dicks, I believe that individual dickery is insufficient to account for the awfulness we currently face. This is *orchestrated* dickery, and a new conductor can reorchestrate things. I believe we have that chance.

    In conclusion to 2013 (and it’s still 2013 out here, for pity’s sake — what the hell, westness?) I present you with the following comic strip, which crystallises for me the absurdity of the mainstream anti-libertarian position:

    Good night, and good luck!

  6. Eric, you forgot “paranoid”. There is practically no discussion with statists that doesn’t involve the libertarian being called “paranoid”. It’s the ultimate in the projections of statists. They are paranoid about monsters under the bed and how we need the state to protect us from everyone and everything so when we point out the simple facts of history, the simple logic of things, or heaven forbid apply both to the present situation to predict the future they call us “paranoid”.

  7. I second Giuseppe’s comment; let’s hope 2014 is the year the sheeple finally wake up, though I’m not holding my breath. As long as the bread and circuses of NASCAR and football are around to anesthetize most of the fools and clovers.

    • Forget about hoping for people to wake up, it’s time to wake them up! When somene parrots the day’s top story from the central news service, make sure you have the real facts at hand to (nicely) correct them. Most people are ready for the message, it’s just not getting out.

  8. Hi Eric, et al,

    Felice capo d’anno a tutti. I gotta say, this website amounts to a breath of fresh air compared to the other self-labelled libertarian sites. I hope that this year brings you a veritable cornucopia of donations and readership. I think you deserve it and I intend to contribute as circumstances allow. 2014 will, in my estimation, be a transitional year……big changes and tyrants exposed. I’ll grab the paleo snacks and we can get settled in for the show……..

    • Thanks, Giuseppe!

      And: Ditto on the paleo – it is transformative. I’ve been thinking it might even be worth devoting a section to (diet/nutrition/exercise). It’s a big interest of mine – and if there’s enough interest out there, it might be worth pursuing.

      All who are reading this, please give me your thoughts.

      • I’m sort of “casually primal” — I’m pretty convinced of the correctness of it, but I don’t adhere to it the way I should. It’s impossible for me to do my job and stay 100% fully primal, but I also do a lot worse than I need to. :-/

        • Darien wrote, “It’s impossible for me to do my job and stay 100% fully primal”

          What does that mean? Are you a food tester?

          For me, sometimes I drink Coke to get through a job.
          Mang, how I hate my weakness.

          At least I get to drink sugar Coke, instead of corn syrup Coke. As if that’s any better?

          Is Sugar Toxic?

          But for sure, wheat is inflammatory.
          I’ll spare you the multiple links I’d like to post on that.

          Someday, someday I’ll be able to wear the Paleo/Primal t-shirt that says, “I don’t eat crap”.

          I’m getting aweful dog gone close, i tell ya. And no, it ain’t f-ing easy.

          Nothing worth having is easy tho.

          • It’s not so much the sugar in soda – it’s the way soda screws with your body’s PH level. Soda is bad news. Stay away from it, except as a very occasional treat.

          • I think a fair amount of my good health compared to my peers is that I don’t drink soda and I don’t drink it because I grew up not drinking it. It was a very occasional, maybe 2x a year tops treat. Made with real sugar back then too. By the time I was old enough to get it on my own I didn’t want it. It was then made with HFCS. Tasted horrible. A couple three years ago I went through a small spat where I bought some real sugar orange soda. I can get Mexican pop where I live and Trader Joes has their own brand. After having it again for a short while I was satisfied and haven’t had it since.

        • Maybe once a week I’ll have a (high quality) sandwich – steak w/sourdough bread or some such. That’s among my very few wheat indulgences these days. I’ll explain at length soon why it is that wheat – gluten – is bad news like HFC is bad news.

          • I have a sandwich or a couple of pieces of pizza once a week myself, which is pretty much my only regular big violation. Back in Massachusetts, there was a burger joint I absolutely loved — everything was made fresh, including the rolls, and they were the best burgers I’d ever had. So I used to make that my indulgence. 🙂

      • Eric – I’m more a Primal Blueprint guy myself, but it’s a similar concept. And even Sisson allows for an 80% minimum achievement rate (Darien’s sort of casual approach I would say). Since I cut out the wheat, HFCS and other trash foods from my diet, I’ve lost inches around the middle and feel fit as a fiddle! That’s quite a transformation considering I was in the ER last year with my blood pressure sky high. I took primal seriously and within a month, the same doctor that wanted to put me on BP meds looked at my records and said “This isn’t possible. But I can’t argue with the results.” It really is 80% diet and 20% exercise. At 54, I feel better than I did when I was 45 or even 25! I’d welcome you adding a health and fitness section. After all, the cheapest way to gain performance on a motorcycle is to cut 20 pounds…off the rider. 😉


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