Today’s Thoughts . . . Oct. 15, 2013

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Where are the “Justice for Miriam” marchers? The boycott of Washington, DC? The threat of an investigation by the Attorney General?Capitol Lockdown

Instead, there is silence.

No, worse.

There is applause.

For the murderers.

Miriam Carey – the 34-year-old Connecticut mother gunned to death, Sonny Corleone-style, by a phalanx of DC cops – is already fast-fading from our TeleScreens. She was buried this week – along with any outrage from the Usual Suspects, whose outrage is never directed against the system that systematically brutalizes not just black people but all people routinely, egregiously – and most importantly, with legal impunity.

The thug cops who murdered an unarmed woman simply trying to get away from them will suffer no consequences. They have not even been put on “administrative leave” – the euphemism for paid vacation – until the controversy dies down.

Because there is no controversy.

In fact, they will likely be awarded promotions and medals for their “service” and “heroism.”

Outside of a few redoubts of sanity, most of the public apparently believes Carey got what she deserved. Just like the immolated Branch Davidians at Waco. (At the time, I was an editorial writer at The Washington Times and one of my colleagues there quipped – as we watched the events unfold on live TV – that it was an action worthy of Jurgen Stroop, the SS General who burned the Warsaw Getto down).

She disobeyed authority. These days, that is sufficient to warrant summary execution. It is the full-blossom expression of the law-and-order-ism that was planted back during the Reagan Years, when tearful Ollie North became the first government thug to insist on being praised for being a thug. It’s been a downhill slide ever since. Skepticism of authority, distrust of government – they’re now regarded as suspicious, disloyal. You are either with us, or against us. Just obey rightful authority. They are here to keep us safe.

Except when they’re beating us to death – or shooting us to death.

The kicker is the modern American badge-sucker doesn’t  think it could happen to him. They never do. Which is precisely why it inevitably ends up happening not just to them but to everyone.

There was a time when a cop couldn’t (legally) open up on you if you were merely running away, as Carey attempted to do. And certainly, once cornered, an unarmed suspect wasn’t subject to being used as target practice, as Carey was.

What has happened?

America has become, not the land of the free and the home of the brave, but the land of the fearful – and the home of the cowardly. A strange mixture of craven and brutal – which of course is a consistent character trait of authoritarian societies throughout time. Brutalized people come to enjoy brutality – when it is dispensed against others. Ideally The Other (in psychological terms). The Jew. “Towelheads.”

And of course, Niggers.

It never occurs to these dupes that we’re all niggers now.

The least little thing set off a grotesquely disproportionate response – from arguing with a cop over a traffic ticket to attempting to get away from cops manning “checkpoints.”Immediate submission is not just expected, it is demanded.

And failure to submit invites a lethal response.

That’s awful, but far worse is the North Korea-style public approbation of these excesses. The appalling Steny Hoyer, House Minority Whip from Maryland, got the assembled Congress to give a standing ovation to the “heroes” who shot Miriam Carey full of holes. “Mr. Speaker,” this odious toad intones, “too often we take the folks who are prepared to put their own lives and safety at risk to from harms’ way (sic) not only those who work on in the capitol but those who visit their capitol …and so I know that round of applause was heartfelt and deeply meant.”

The even more odious Eric Cantor – a neo-con Republican with a permanently turgid war boner – added his amen, stating “we really appreciate” the public execution of Carey.

How long will it before any failure to toe the line, any expression of disagreement, will likewise be categorized as “terrorism”? This country is feeding on itself like a rabid raccoon chewing off its own tail.

Some have observed – rightly – that what happened to Miriam Carey is very much like what happened (and continues to happen) to unfortunates in Iraq and Afghanistan, where failing to stop for a “checkpoint” or otherwise failing to heed authority is taken as proof positive that one is a “terrorist” – and we all know what happens to them.

One can almost hear the sound of boots marching on the pavement, the echoes through time of sieg-heiling masses.

It won’t be the same here, of course.

But it won’t be very different, either.

Throw it in the Woods?

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  1. No wonder the gun grabbers are getting so loud. Now they have the cops doing the panic dance too.

    150-200 cops arrive after the single handgun shooting-suicide at a middle school. The sky must have been falling in Sparks, NV.

    SPARKS, Nev. — A student at a Nevada middle school opened fire with a semi-automatic handgun on campus just before the starting bell Monday, wounding two 12-year-old boys and killing a math teacher who was trying to protect children from their classmate.

    The unidentified shooter killed himself with the gun after a rampage that occurred in front of 20 to 30 horrified students who had just returned to school from a weeklong fall break. Authorities did not provide a motive for the shooting, and it’s unknown where the student got the gun.

    The violence erupted nearly a year after a gunman shocked the nation by opening fire in Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., leaving 26 dead. The Dec. 14 shooting ignited debate over how best to protect the nation’s schools and whether armed teachers should be part of that equation.

    Police said 150 to 200 officers responded to the shooting, including some from as far as 60 miles away. Students from the middle school and neighboring elementary school were evacuated to the nearby high school, and classes were canceled. The middle school will remain closed for the week.

    “As you can imagine, the best description is chaos,” Robinson said. “It’s too early to say whether he was targeting people or going on an indiscriminate shooting spree.”

    At the evacuation center, parents comforted their children.

    “We came flying down here to get our kids,” said Mike Fiorica, whose nephew attends the school. “You can imagine how parents are feeling. You don’t know if your kid’s OK.”

    The shooting happened on the school’s campus and ended outside the school building, according to police.

    • Government schools, of course, are very much like government prisons. The inmates are at the mercy of authority – and the thugs within. The only ones legally allowed to have guns are the state’s costumed goons – who are poltroons, for the most part.

      Want to “keep you kid safe”?

      Keep him out of government schools!

      At home, they are under your protection. Or, at the home of someone you personally know and over whom you have authority. Don’t like their security protocols? (Or the way – and what – they teach?) Call ’em on it – and take your kid out of there. Simple.

      The problem – as so often – is, simply, government. Unaccountable, arbitrary force. One-size-fits-all. Take it – or else.

      • @Eric “Keep him out of government schools! ”

        More than 1 reason for that true statement.

        One kid with a gun shuts down a city or two. I can’t believe the hysterical over the top panic, code-3 wailing, and shut-downs over something that humans have been doing to each other for a very long time and cannot ever be stopped. And this from a country that won WWII not 70 years ago.

    • I, too, was surprised by the number of cops who responded to this tragedy.

      Must have been a slow day everywhere else in that 60-mile radius for 150-200 cops to show up.

      I tried to find out the number of students attending that middle school to try to see if there was one cop there for every 10 students or what the ratio might have been.

      Anyway, the disheartening thing is that they are talking of making the parents of the shooter responsible. The parents are already going through so much with the loss of their child, plus the stigma of their son having killed other children and a much loved teacher. I say the parents have suffered enough already.

  2. Today’s Channelings . . . Oct. 18, 2013

    Darkness is on the Retreat – Asana Mahatari

    I am untroubled by the demons of Skokie Illinois. The Jews Catholics Protestants and other Denominations of Demon Worshippers. Submissive scumbags walking and whizzing about on their asphalt altars of sacrifice in their suicide machines.

    Builders of concrete bunkers with concrete beds they call jails. Can such evildoers ever be redeemed? Soul-less face-smashing monsters untroubled by having their women locked inside such inhuman degrading structures.

    Recently they smashed Cassandra Feuerstein’s skull in one of their incarceration concentration camps.

    Four Skokie cops then stripped her and left her naked in her cell with her head still split open. Not even giving her the usual paper covering. Heroes of the people, animals attempting to humiliate & embarrass a harmless woman into silence. Animals who will murder her and murder millions more whenever they are given the order.

    Nothing anyone says will remove the smug Chicago smirk they all wear because they are so sure they are the biggest and best of the Midwest Cowtowns. Who knows why these Alpha Cowtowners are so pleased with themselves? There’s millions of them arrayed in row after row, but what is their accomplishment, other than slapping each other on the knees while braying and mooing about their immense superiority over all the other less-sophisticated Cowtowns.

    Darkness Is On The Retreat

    The U.S. Queer Club – Lisa J. G. / Georgi Stankov

    Add this thread to your recent investigations of Obama, take a deep long look at the hidden history of Homosexual/Bisexual people in power.

    I know Janet Napolitano is a lesbian for a fact. She is closeted publicly, but not to people in her daily life. There are many rumorsabout how she extracted sexual favors from female underlings on the job, something she would literally kill to keep her father from seeing/ hearing.

    She had steady lovers while in AZ, all women who worked with her, but she really cut loose once she went to DC. She began the common DC practice of having many sexual encounters with people in lesser positions – because she is at the DC level of power.

    The set of people around her, both lobbying for her and puppeteering her at the same time, include Hillary Clinton. Hilary is a well known serial lesbian, whose lovers are mainly from the pool of close administrative assistants she has had over the years-starting in her Arkansas days.

    Napolitano sold her Soul to the Fascists; she brought privatization of State Prisons in AZ. These private prison companies were behind the controversial laws passed in AZ on immigration and illegal police stops, searches, detention based on race.

    Illegal immigrant Latinos are the supposed target, but it has opened the door for all State-level and local Law Enforcers to stop, interrogate, and detain “brown people” for any reason, it is abused on all people in practice.

    The private prisons, now the only kind of prison in AZ, are where these unfortunate victims are held. The State receives money from the Fed Govt ($50/day/prisoner), which is funnelled through to their machine along with additional AZ Taxpayers’ money, to pay the contracts of the private companies that run the prisons.

    Janet Napolitano wrecked AZ on her way to DC. Her lesbian activity was what they used to control her – the Fascists – in order that she would compromise AZ and the US Constitution to do it.

    They threatened to out her to her father – a fate much worse to her than loosing her “job”. Then, when in DC, she was instrumental in setting up the Department of Homeland Security – which is nothing more than the shadow government, waiting in the wings for the President to declare martial law, which is when the Queer Club will come to power over the whole Earth.

    This Queer Club has deep deep roots, going back to Eleanor Roosevelt and J. Edgar Hoover, the initial Head of the FBI.

    Their is a long history of homosexual initiation and hazing rituals within our Military Colleges. Most heavily engaged are the Naval and Airforce Academies – and the Career-Officers that these produce.

    These activities are a way of “black-mailing” and taking hostage the careers and allegiances of the participants. Most of the highest ranking officers from all of our military branches are practicing homosexuals/ bisexuals, some are married as a cover, but many are “single”.

    These hazing rituals all involve humiliation, bondage/ SM, and an orgy-like atmosphere with copious amounts of alcohol and other intoxicants. This conditions and desensitizes them to the really dark kinds of sexual activity such as bondage/ SM, border-line pedophilia in that they seek “younger looking” victims, and “anal virgins” as a premium.

    “Operation Tailhook“ was the first one of these hazing parties that became public knowledge via the media attention it got. They trotted out a female victim of rape as a distraction to disguise that it was primarily a “Queer Club” initiation ritual for males. “Tailhook” is Navy slang for “male to male anal sex orgy.”

    The men who will be in charge under martial law now – and the ones who are instrumental in all of our “wars” in the 20th and 21st century. These men all have a deviant sexuality that is wired to enjoy obscene forms of inhuman power, and to feel pleasure about the murder and suffering of millions of people.

    There was a very brave military wife who came forward a few years ago. She exposed some of the highest ranking men in the Marine Corp and she was completely persecuted for it – it ruined her bourgeois life. Her name is Kay Griggs and there are at least 2 videos on the web of her being interviewed in depth about the “Queer Club”.

    The “Queer Club” is very powerful in the US; The most powerful people in the world are in this “Club”.

    This goes far back in time in America. This club is how the dark cabal gains control over people who seek power in American Politics and the Military. Sex and Money go hand in hand with gaining and exercising Political Power.

    US Queer Club 2

    Kay Griggs

    Kay Griggs, wife of colonel George Griggs, retired USMC Commandant, found her husband’s diary, which contains details of homosexual blackmail in the top ranks of the US Marine Corps and names leading politicians and military leaders.

    Kay Griggs’s information about the US government also comes from observations and people she met. She exposes initiation rituals, the raping of young men and blackmail and murders to keep people quiet.

    Much of this, according to Griggs, is related to secret society activity and she names figures like Henry Kissinger and a string of other top government individuals.

  3. Today’s Tunes . . . Oct. 17, 2013

    “It is a big idea – a new world order, where diverse nations are drawn together in a common cause to achieve the universal aspirations of mankind: peace and security, freedom, and the rule of law. Such is a world worthy of our struggle, and worthy of our children’s future.

    George H. W. Bush – American CIA Director / President.

    Genki Sudo – Imperialism – World Order

    If it is possible, I want to continue to build a lasting basis for U.S.-Soviet cooperation-for a more peaceful future for all mankind. The triumph of democratic ideas in Eastern Europe and Latin America and the continuing struggle for freedom elsewhere all around the world all confirm the wisdom of our nation’s founders. Tonight, we work to achieve another victory, a victory over tyranny and savage aggression.”

    George H. W. Bush – American CIA Director / President.

    Genki Sudo – Welcome To Tokyo – World Order

    Genki Sudo – Permanent Revolution – World Order

    • I have to admit, reading that makes me extremely happy. Georgi Stankov is killing it IMHO.

      Georgi Stankov – Bridge Between The Worlds? Say No!

      I am at the checkout in a supermarket. In front of me and behind me a long queue of people who want to pay their purchases. It is Friday, rash hour, a time when many people make their errands.

      Behind me, I perceive, without turning around, a huffing and foul-smelling man, who, because of the imposition of having to wait, nervously hops from one foot to the other, until he finally struggles up against me – and asks me in a nicely-pushing manner whether I would let him pass by and check first his two products at the cashpoint.

      I reject this as I perceive how this person pretends only to get an advantage for himself and tell him without looking at him succinctly “No, please wait”

      He now boils over inside. This shows that his original humble and submissive way of asking in order to get what he wants, is quickly replaced by hatred and aggression. When he goes out at the door, he looks back at me and throws at me in his native language an unfriendliness, and a curse.

      I am Asana Mahatari. When the dark behaves in a devote and lovingly servile manner, when it flatters, it always intends something with it. If it gets what it wants, then it is satisfied for a while, when it is denied, then it loses the false countenance and shows its ugly phizog of malignancy. This is what happened in the store.

      What do I mean by this? By any means available the dark forces now want to surreptitiously acquire the right to stay in this world. For this purpose they woo the souls of men at all levels and with all methods.

      When this does not bear fruit, which often it does not they quickly discover, they then proceed to all manner of evil deeds, that will finally throw them into the abyss.

      This encounter shows yet another important detail that plays directly into the events of these last days, namely, that the people begin to say “No”.

      Those who are aware will escape the final disaster by escaping the dark ones, who are looking for appropriate “human material” for their various 4th dimensional levels of the New World Order.

      Learning steps can be obtained at many levels and the 4D levels are also different in nature, and hence these dark ones who will now trigger the last epic battle, will arrive almost alone at a world that will not contain any more humans with souls.

      Acquire now the ability to say “No”. This is of immense importance in this time. Because the temptations are many and only your “No” protects you from the fall from grace, a fall which entails staying behind with the dark ones in a covenant of eternal darkness.

        • Say no to the age of castration and Nancy Davis. Say yes to a return to the era of yes. The age of intact masculinity as portrayed by Alla Nazimova.

          Anne Frances Robbins was born on July 6, 1921, at Manhattan’s Sloane Hospital for Women in New York, the only child of car salesman Kenneth Seymour Robbins and his actress wife, Edith Luckett.

          Her godmother was silent-film-star Alla Nazimova. Her parents divorced soon after her birth, they had already been separated for some time. As her mother traveled the country to pursue acting jobs, Nancy was raised in Bethesda, Maryland, Nancy describes longing for her mother during those years: “My favorite times were when Mother had a job in New York, and Aunt Virgie would take me by train to stay with her.”

          In 1929, her mother married Loyal Davis, a prominent, neurosurgeon who moved the family to Chicago. Nancy wrote that he was “a man of great integrity who exemplified old-fashioned values”. He formally adopted her in 1935, her name was legally changed to Nancy Davis.

          Salome – a loose retelling of the biblical story of King Herod and his execution of John the Baptist after Salome’s dance and request for his head.

          Alla Nazimova – Salome – 1923

          A courtesan and an idealistic young man fall in love, only for her to give up the relationship at his status-conscious father’s request.

          Camille – Alla Nazimova – 1921 – Joy Division Score

        • Bevin, please read the article at the link above, and explore the guy’s writings on the site a little. It’s well worth the time.

          • Dear Ed,

            He sounds interesting.

            Re: learning to say no

            I was merely contrasting the two. As I said, very different implications.

            The guy’s admonition to learn to say no is essentially an admonition not to be a conformist sheeple.

            Nancy Reagan’s admonition to learn to say no was the opposite.

            The irony, the humor, is that the admonition itself is sound advice, if one understands it correctly.

          • Bevin, it goes beyond not being a conformist. This is a spiritual principle like the one contained in the Mises armband’s inscription. I can’t remember the Latin, but the translation is , approximately, “don’t give way to evil, but proceed ever more boldy against it”.

            The fact that you said “NO!” is the only saving of your soul that you need. Anyway, the guy’s interesting to me.

          • Ed, I’ve read this repeatedly. Very important things claimed here can’t be proved. OTOH, a large portion of this is evident to see and the rest is either police or court fact. It makes my head spin and pisses me off….if nothing but the factual part. The rest makes me even more suspicious and right now, weary. We need a shit and giggles time at least once a week or maybe just a bit every day when everybody should just give their best shot at humor and let this lay by for a while. It will be there every day to consider seriously no matter how many grins we might get in a day, week, month, etc.

          • Dear Ed, Tor,

            Stankov appears to be advocating a number of things that I believe also.

            He suggests that scientific reality is not limited to what is conventionally defined as “scientific.” I wholeheartedly agree.

            There is no such thing as “supernatural” of course. Everything that exists is part of the natural universe. Therefore if a phenomenon actually exists, it is by definition “scientific.” ESP may be the result of energy transmission for example.

            Nathaniel Branden has talked about this since he broke from Rand. The definition of science needs to be widened.

            The TV series “Fringe” tackled a number of these issues.

            Chinese civilization has made many scientific discoveries that tend to be dismissed as “unscientific” by Westerners, in part because of the allegedly “unscientific explanations” offered for how they work.

            For example, acupuncture works. As Stankov says, the proof of the pudding is in the eating. Daoist theories of “qi” (“chi”) are valid. But they are dismissed out of hand by orthodox Western medical practitioners because the theoretical justifications strike them as “ooga booga.”

          • 8, you’re exactly right about the comic relief. I love to throw a few scatalogical references into whatever discussion is going on. It usually doesn’t piss anyone off here, but on other sites they sometimes refute my ass intensively, as Pizzo said. I’m still laughing about that one. Thanks, Mike P, in case you read this.;-)

          • Bevin, I agree completely about science. The boundaries should be expanded to include all of nature. The science of acupuncture is a good example, as you pointed out, of a valid natural science of centuries long standing is being viewed as unscientific. Acupuncture has promoted healing in my case where other areas of medical science didn’t even provide relief of symptoms.

          • Dear Ed,

            Most people are still mired in a Newtonian Universe.

            It’s understandable of course. At the everyday level, most of what we experience is explained adequately by Newtonian Mechanics, the “billiard balls” model.

            But the fact is at the edges of modern science, it is simply inadequate.

      • ” By any means available the dark forces now want to surreptitiously acquire the right to stay in this world. For this purpose they woo the souls of men at all levels and with all methods. ”

        Yes, indeed, he nails a very basic truth there. There are demons, I’m sure of it, and they have been deprived of physical form, so they want to inhabit a living being in order to stay in this “world” ( which can mean this plane, this dimension, etc.).

        That’s exactly what I meant about his writing. Though he uses insane sounding, tabloidesque declarative sentences in the article about Miriam Carey that I linked to, the basic premise he reveals is far more sound than anything I’ve been seeing on the blogosphere about the Carey murder.

        “only your “No” protects you from the fall from grace, a fall which entails staying behind with the dark ones in a covenant of eternal darkness.”

        Hell yeah. We need billboards proclaiming that on the interstate highways.

  4. I read a blog last week where the author said that it seems to him that the child was what it was all about. The woman flees, away from the white house, with SS and USCP chasing her and shooting at her along the way.

    It’s obvious now that they intended to kill her all along. She would have been shot and killed if she hadn’t fled. They wanted the baby. They wanted her dead.

    The fact that not a single poverty pimp has jumped up in righteous fucking indignation puts the Obama imprimanteur on this killing. For whatever reason, black Merkins, almost as a solid mass are ignoring this killing or are speaking up in defense of the killers.

    This whole thing is just eerie. A black woman, unarmed, apparently innocent of any wrongdoing, is chased down and murdered by white federal cops and 99.99% of black people either yawn or denounce her as someone who deserves to die. no other reason except black solidarity to protect their historic first prez comer to mind.

    On top of it all, the woman’s toddler is grabbed up by feds and kept out of sight, with immediate family being kept from taking custody of her. If anyone here has any thoughts on this I’d like to hear them.

  5. Here in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, we routinely see the Pittsburgh SWAT team barge into the wrong house – over and over!!! Happens at least twice a year. The city never apologizes, the Police never apologize, and the terrified homeowner receives a shitty check for $3500 from the city so that she can get her front door fixed. What a fucking joke. Gee, I wonder what would happen to me if I kicked in the door of what I thought was the jagoff that robbed my house, and realized – oops! wrong place. Here’s a pitance check………………

    • …if I kicked in the door of what I thought was the jagoff that was peacefully smoking a joint, and realized – oops! wrong place.*


  6. Guissepe – the point you miss about Hitler is he’s the norm, not an exception. No less popularly legitimate than de Gaulle, Churchill, Stalin, or Roosevelt.

    To say he “simply strongarmed” von Hindenburg is hilarious. Was not Al Gore also strongarmed in Florida? If you remove simple strongarming from democracy, you have nothing left.

    The inflators of currencies were the true strongarmers. The victorious central bank cartels were the true murders of millions of Europeans.

    I agree that the office of president was diminished and then dissolved. It happened with the full consent of the top vote getters. The peoples wishes were preserved. This kind of wheeling and dealing happens all the time in democracy.

    Hitler is the poster child of democratic failure, not some militant aberration. His war behavior was no less doctrinal than deGaulle, Churchill, Stalin, or Roosevelt.

    The election results you list I’ve seen as well. Strip away the theatrical makeup of the coordinated propagandas of victorious nations.

    Hitler got 18% of presidency vote. Then 30% of presidency vote, #2 only to von Hindenburg.

    #1 Hindenburg and #3 and #4 all approved Hitler as Chancellor giving him what they thought would be a strengthening second seat of power. He got the upper hand on him.

    My numbers come from Wikipedia where anyone in the world, even you, is free to correct, if you have a source showing the more accurate numbers.

    If you look closely, you will see we are in agreement of the facts. You’re trying to portray them in a specific light, because you have been sold an explanatory narrative, is what I think is happening.

    Right now Ted Cruz and a few dozen Republicans are tails wagging the biggest dog in the world. Ted is backed by Israel and London Bankers. Obama is backed by China, Opec, and the military industrial complex. Problem for Obama, is Cruz will happily carry all of their water.

    To insinuate this has anything to do with the will of Americans is preposterous. It’s not out of the realm of possibility that millions of prisoners might be left to starve after a few months of this “crisis.” Who would be able to stop it from happening?

    Consider that in America, Federal Reserve Chairman has far more power than any President. This central bank and its sovereign sprang into being from thin air in 1913. Because that is the shithole nightmare that democracy really is when practiced in reality.

    America has always had the culture of 1984. Voting has never mattered. Like a card trick, those with the most power stack the deck and change the rules of the games before elections are ever held.

    Read your Aristotle. Monarchy, Aristocracy, and Constitutional Republic are your gold, silver, and bronze medal governments. Everything else is a devolved clusterf**k descent into mob violence and mass murder.

    Who is the more succinct illustrative case of democratic failure? I have no dogs in the fight, I’m happy to adopt your presentation if it is better than mine.

    • Dear Tor,


      Hitler and Mussolini did nothing that Roosevelt and Churchill didn’t do as well.

      They were merely less flagrant in their execution. They merely observed certain social niceties. They merely had better table manners.

      No clear line divides them qualitatively from one another. They are on the same continuum, the same spectrum. Hitler and Mussolini were merely positioned further down the scale.

      Professor Raico described the effect of Churchillian statesmanship: “The campaign of murder from the air leveled Germany. A thousand-year-old urban culture was annihilated, as great cities, famed in the annals of science and art, were reduced to heaps of smoldering ruins. . . .” No wonder that, learning of this, a civilized European man like Joseph Schumpeter, at Harvard, was driven to telling “anyone who would listen” “that Churchill and Roosevelt were destroying more than Genghis Khan.”

      • Raico’s Blockade & Starvation of Germany is also a good read.

        Britain controls a worldwide empire with unlimited resources. Currently numbering 2.2 billion people. Germany and the other Central Powers are even today strictly local, and therefore easily bullied.

        Imagine Japan’s immense 7-11 Corporation going to war against a few Mom & Pop local convenience stores unless they sign their “Corner Store Treaty”.

        Lord Devlin called it “the starvation policy” directed against the civilians of the Central Powers, particularly Germany, the plan that aimed, as Winston Churchill, First Lord of the Admiralty in 1914 and one of the framers of the scheme, admitted, to “starve the whole population — men, women, and children, old and young, wounded and sound — into submission.”

        Hidden History: The Starvation of Around One Million Germans by Allied Naval Blockade Following WWI

    • Excellently said, Tor.

      Especially your observation about “strong-arming” in a democracy.

      The poisonous fallacy at the heart of popular approbation of democracy is that it somehow represents the will of “the people” and therefore anything done in the name of “the people” is – ipso facto – good and right.

      But of course, there is no “people” – other than as an abstraction. Only individual persons. To arrogate unto oneself the mantle of leader of the “the people” is to deny that individuals exist at all. It is, in its most distilled form, to claim as Hess did that:

      Die Partei ist Hitler! Hitler aber ist Deutschland wie Deutschland Hitler ist!

      Mussolini put it as follows:

      All within the state, nothing outside the state, nothing against the state.

      Same thing, really.

      Only the collective counts – and its will is embodied in and expressed by the leader of the collective.

      • And the version illiterate Americans can understand You’re either with us or against us. I almost clocked a guy who repeated that to me. He did continue with it and I turned my back on him forever. Stupid is as stupid does.

        • That ‘with us or against us’ shit pissed me off too. An asshole at the flea market said that to me years ago, when W first said it on TV. I said, “Fuck you. You ain’t one of us.” He turned almost purple, but he did shut the fuck up.

          • The shit that really got me was when he said You’re with us or with the terrorists if you recall that mantra too. Same thing but even worse and more insulting. I’d had my fill back in the days of Love it or Leave it.

          • I’d love to have had the opportunity to tell W the same thing I told the asshole. Hey, y’all Texans could have said the same thing to W:
            “Fuck you. You ain’t one of us”

            I have actually heard Texans refer to W as a Texan. Shit. How does a yankee get born in Connecticutt to two Yankee parents, spend most of his life in Massachussetts and Maine, and manage to fool people into thinking he’s a Texan?

            He doesn’t even sound like Texan to me. He sounds like a fuckin yankee who’s trying to talk like a Texan. I’m not blaming W on y’all Texans, but it seems y’all could have beat the piss out of him a few more times than y’all did. 😉

            Maybe he never could have gotten to be governor if he’d had his ass whipped in Texas a few times. ahaha

          • Ed, I got sick of pointing out he wasn’t a Texan, had that illiterate school boy way of trying to speak Texan. it all fell in on him at the debate but there were so many people who could forgive him anything because he wasn’t a “liberal”. I’ve sat there on that stool in the Holiday Inn Lounge in Odessa where an old boy coldcocked his stupid ass and had a good laugh just like everyone else did. It’s tough to stomp ass when the SS is around all the time. He probably has more enemies in Odessa and Midland than anywhere in the state cause he hung out there. Tell us a joke shrub, a good old Texas joke…..besides My daddy will have your ass. At least that dick sucker cheerleader from Aggie-land was actually raised in Texas although he swallowed the wrong something….and you’d think they’d be plenty sick of him by now. Now you have my gut acting up dammit.

          • I knbow it, 8. The time to beat the piss out of W would have been in his high school days, but of course he was in private school in New England. Once he had SS guarding him it was too late.

            I swear, it seems to me that at least 90% of people are just as dumb as a bag of oysters. looking at the roster of presidents pretty much proves that either:
            A. Presidents are just appointed and the voting is a fraud….
            B. The average Merkin is a dimwitted asshole who shouldn’t be allowed to cross the street alone.

      • Saying Hitler’s rise to German Chancellorship wasn’t democratic would be the same as saying GW Bush’s rise to the presidency wasn’t democratic.

        It’s against the rules that Bushes migrated from Maine to Texas and Florida and became Governors, you used to have to be from a state to run it. Yet they did so anyway.

        It’s against the rules that Al Gore won the popular vote and lost Florida in some bogus made up Florida recount process, yet it happened anyway.

        It’s against the rules that Bush’s ancestors were handed confiscated German wealth as part of a worldwide money laundering scheme. Yet it happened anyway.

        The ballot box offers no protection for anyone. It is used to get input into who to plunder and how to divide the spoils to the takers by force. It offers nothing else.

        In the 1800s there were endless Yankee Hitlers who used military force against southern plantation owners. We’re broke said the feds. The people demand you give us tariffs. Blockades and military force used against civilians was common.

        Adolf-Abraham Lincoln’s generals perfected the methods later to be used by Hitler’s military.

        It not a case of “being on guard” against the rise of Hitler’s. The trick is to recognize the Hitlers of the past present and future, and not to be persuaded they are anything else but Hitlers despite the popular consensus.

        American Civil War

        During the American Civil War, U.S. Army General Philip Sheridan’s stripping of the Shenandoah Valley, beginning on September 21, 1864 and continuing for two weeks, was considered “total war”. Its purpose was to eliminate food and supplies vital to the South’s military operations, as well as to strike a blow at Southern civilian morale.

        Sheridan took the opportunity when he realized opposing forces had become too weak to resist his army.

        Union Army General William Tecumseh Sherman’s ‘March to the Sea’ in November and December 1864 destroyed the resources required for the South to make war.

        General Ulysses S. Grant and President Abraham Lincoln initially opposed the plan until Sherman convinced them of its necessity. It was the first instance of a major industrialized power engaging in an explicit strategy of total war, and would foreshadow the strategies utilized in conflicts of the 20th century.

      • It’s also illuminating that the application of propaganda starting at a young age provides support of this kind of tyranny. Your Hess and Mussolini quotes remind me of one from Franz de Hovre in 1917.

        “The prime fundamental of German education is that it is based on a national principle…. A fundamental feature of German education: education to the State, education for the State, education by the State. The Volksschule is a direct result of a national principle aimed at national unity. The State is the supreme end in view.”

        This was the Prussian model of public education that was adopted in the U.S. first in Massachusetts in 1850 and later nationwide. As an aside, when adopted, e.g. pre-public ed, Massachusetts had a 98% literacy rate… it is 91% and falling.

        It’s a wonder to me that even 1% come out of that process on the other end with even a scintilla of critical thinking abilities. Home schooling may be one answer, though it often tends to perpetuate anti-liberty religious dogma.

    • Hi Tor,

      Actually I did not miss that point. All government, which is based on the concept that some group of people have a legal monopoly on the use of force or coercion, amounts to state-based slavery. Democracy is no better, no more noble and no more “right” than any other *cracy.

      However, that said, Germans post-WWII were treated as pariahs just as they were after WWI, largely based on the concept that Hitler had almost universal support among the populace.

      I totally agree with you that the “Allies” in WWII were no more noble than the “Axis”. FDR was certainly among the most evil presidents in U.S. history (along with Lincoln, Wilson and others). Churchill was an abomination. But my point is, abominations are the type of people who are attracted to that kind of power and none of them will let ethics or a little genocide get in their way. BTW, I was unable to reply to Rothbardian before but I used the Wiki page on the German elections of 1932,_1932 as my source. It in turn references “Nohlen, D & Stöver, P (2010) Elections in Europe: A data handbook, p762 ISBN 978-3-8329-5609-7”.

      And, yes, I know that the U.S. was fatally flawed from the getgo. The Whiskey Rebellion, Shay’s Rebellion and the War Between the States demonstrated that. What we are witnessing right now is the endgame, before all pretense is swept away and before the next round of madness ensues.

      • GC, when you have time I’d be interested to know your version of “endgame” and “next round of madness”. I’d consider that to likely be of great import to myself and many others. Maybe I won’t be around, maybe I will. Thanks.

        • I thought I had some handle on this a while back. I even wrote it in a rant called Chaos of Empire that’s posted somewhere in the bowels of one of my websites. What I’d observe is this. The U.S. empire has almost totally pissed away the resources available. Now the stage is, as with any empire in history, that the few people who have any resources left are finding them either confiscated or their value being undermined at a rapid clip. The currency devaluation inherent in longterm Keynsian/voodoo economics is finally starting to impinge on the neurons of the most addle-pated “citizen”. But, the people in power, with all this awareness coming to pass, are taking off the velvet gloves to expose the iron fist. I think that this will lead to a tipping point where martial law is declared and this will take a lot of people by surprise. We are currently in the soviet era here. But just as the USSR collapsed pretty much overnight, the same thing may happen in the USSA. To my way of thinking, that’s actually a positive step. It could clear away the cruft that prevents any real successful business from growing here, where quality goods used to be manufactured before the advent of the unholy alliance between big, inefficient business interests and the feral government. This is what I would consider the endgame. It’s a good thing IMO. People are actually pretty ingenious and hard-working when allowed to flourish in a free society. The next round of madness is whatever people decide to support next. Hopefully, it will be local and non-coercive. Let’s face it….coercion really is the most ineffective and costly way to a given goal…..

          • Thanks. Got a timeline for any of this? Do you think it could be a matter of secession state by state? A federal collapse with stronger state players becoming more powerful or simply the population of many places breaking into groups of power. I say this because I don’t believe a great many people who think they have power “allowing” the average person to simply go their own way. Then there is the city thing where huge amounts of people are likely to die and of course, tear off for less lethal places and maybe in groups. There are so many ramifications of an endgame I do lose sleep over it. 8 hours of thinking about this generally leaves me not a great deal closer to a conclusion although it may be building on me faster than I realize. I’m just wondering how much of what it will require to survive. I suspect my age will be the weak denominator and all the food and ammo in the world won’t help when the man comes calling, whatever suit he wears. That tribesize bottle of Wild Turkey and a .45 is just a sip away… to speak.

      • The German thing came and looks to be mostly resolved. Hitler mainly united Germanic speaking peoples, unlike America’s world nanny intrusions. The real problem now looks to be Americans.

        Truth is, if the world should start killing Americans wherever they be found, I would hardly blame them.
        The damning thing about Americans, why the world should consider turning its back on the unitedState is this:

        To what degree do Americans have any idea what any other people or country want from them. In many respects Americans have given up on being value producers.

        Other nations spend vast resources getting to know consumers of the world. Maybe I am out of the loop, but I don’t see the evidence of the US doing so.

        To what degree does the US live by the political means. That is what I’d like to find out.

        None of us have any idea what Italian or Chinese individuals want to buy from us.

        Can I assume since your name is the Italian form of the Hebrew name Joseph, you know something about Italy?

        Italy as a developed country owns the 5th largest net conglomeration of wealth – it owns the 4.92% of the net wealth of the world – while comprising 0.86% of the world’s population.

        I’d like to see Americans in Italy working with their hands, and keeping their mouths shut. I doubt they have much to add that the Italians haven’t already considered.

        What about helping Italy get Tunisia back into a liveable state? After doing that, a bridge across the Mediterranean from Tunisia to Italy? Bring the Eurail to Africa maybe?

        If the unitedState should be toppled, and we return to a nation of builders and entrepreneurs, that would be a good day for the world indeed.

        • “If the unitedState should be toppled, and we return to a nation of builders and entrepreneurs, that would be a good day for the world indeed.”
          Yep Tor, I was trying to get around to that same scenario. I’m just wondering how many will be left to assume that role. I say this because I see tens of millions of people who probably won’t try to make anything, just take everything they can get. Maybe I underestimate the people in the cities of this country but I’m afraid not. Of course many of these people that live in areas where that might be the norm are plenty capable and no doubt would want to build and be entrepreneurs. It won’t be done with an iron fist of regulations and laws hanging over everyone though. And there will be powers waiting on the periphery to take what they want and that doesn’t bode well. Southern people aren’t too hot on being told what to do. I’d much rather go out like one of the Wild Bunch rather than kowtowing to ANYBODY. Coercion, damn, a Texan hates that word.

        • As Lady Astor remarked, Hitler was born at Versailles. What the means is that due to the reparations foisted off on the Germans after WW1 by the English and French predominantly, German people were ripe for the propaganda of Hitler, et al. Hitler’s aspirations were greater than uniting Germanic peoples. His biggest mistake was to fight a two front war….it was the Russians that really broke the back of the third reich. Both WWs were old school european affairs that should have been ignored by the rest of the world…..Wilson entering the U.S. into WW1 was the tipping point of the U.S. from a nation into an empire though Lincoln and even Jefferson set precedents.

          BTW, as an aside, Tor I think that you are another fan of puns and plays on words and I really enjoy that…..

          Actually, I am of Italian descent, and Irish and other…..but to directly answer your question about what Italians want to buy from the U.S., consumer goods from Apple are big there, as well as the ubiquitous McDonalds. Levis jeans, Carharrt clothing….lots of other stuff before it became made in China crap. As to the Chinese, they like to copy a lot of American designs…especially in manufacturing and machinery. Most of the time the copies are garbage…..but cheap and that’s the insidious nature of how the manufacturing base here was destroyed. I tell my friends that I may have to pay five times a cheap Chinese socket for a Snap-on but I’ll never have to replace it. But that cheap is everything mentality has been bred into us for a couple of generations now so it’s a lot to overcome. (For example, I will be paying ~$500 in Obamabucks for a tuned 6″ low speed Baldor bench grinder as opposed to $80 for some cheap piece of garbage from China).

          As to Americans working with their hands in Italy….I’d love to do that but it’s damn hard for native born Italians to get a good job now. They too love that cheap garbage from China, to their own industries downfall. At least they still make Ducatis, Moto Guzzis and really fine carbide cutting devices…..

          WRT Italians or any other Europeans in Africa…..that would be more of the same old empire shit……at least the Italians have no such delusions. Did you know that the EU was opposed by an average of about 70% of the population but the Euro politicos did it anyway? Europe is further down the road than even the U.S. but at least they are backing off of further military engagement, which will be the U.S. downfall. OK, time to go do something somewhat productive…

          • Dear GS,

            It’s important to keep something in mind here.

            Under capitalism and the free market, “the customer is king.” The customer, not the manufacturer. The customer decides what he will buy, and consequently what the manufacturers will make and sell.

            The Mainland Chinese manufacturers are simply making what customers choose to buy. This is true whether the product is iPhones or Harbor Freight tools. It is simple supply and demand. They are suppliers meeting a demand.

            If customers in the West, including the US, didn’t want those products, the Mainland Chinese manufacturers wouldn’t be able to sell them. The products would remain on store shelves, unsold. Their unsold inventory would pile up, and they would stop making them.

        • “None of us have any idea what Italian or Chinese individuals want to buy from us.”

          The Chinese want to buy American pussy. Italians want to buy Nike Air Jordans, but they get them from the Chinese.

          I’m confident that I just proved your point. I’m as clueless as the next man. 😉

          • I’m clueless too about people far away. I do meet people from all over the world that visit Vegas. Often they’re programmed to act “touristy” and to want things tourists are told they want.

            Over-priced hotel rooms, drinks, meals, cookie-cutter PG-13 entertainment. Confiscatory electronic gaming machines that gobble $100 bills at breakneck speed.

            A man at the basic level farms, fishes, builds, for himself and family.

            At an advanced level, when he produces a surplus, he produces things others will buy from him.

            That’s the way men should deal with other men. Producing for them, trading with them, buying from them.

            To deal with other men through group force, through weaponry, or through the threat of plunder, or through the threat of law, is unmanly.

            This vehicle sells for 46 thousand Euros I hear.
            Skip to 3:20 for the interesting part

          • I can’t say much about what the Chinese want, though I’ve worked closely with individual Chinese in the past. I have had the good fortune to spend a lot of time in Italy and to have lived in Sweden for six months. That gives me some perspective, having learned enough of both languages to communicate.

            As I said before, Italians do buy U.S. products but it seems to me that they buy brands like Levis, Nike etc. The actual production is rarely done in the U.S. but off-shored. This cannot continue. There’s no logical reason why this state of affairs exist. Americans cannot compete in the world market because it’s essentially illegal to do so. There are so many inane regulations, coupled with political ties between big business/unions and government that effective and efficient use of resources is impossible. Couple that state of affairs with the fact that the feral government is pissing away real resources with military involvement around the world and you can see a pattern of economic failure that’s typical of every empire in the history of humanity.
            I’d observe that in this environment, a small business is almost universally doomed to failure, especially a small manufacturing business. Regulations are designed to make the barrier to entry so high that even with a great idea and business plan, small manufacturing concerns are screwed from the getgo.
            As to what can anybody do to prepare for the fall….I don’t know. If you’re as old as I am, you’re probably screwed anyway. Buying food, ammo, guns, medical supplies etc. may make sense. (ammo if you can get it, even if it acts as a barter item sometime down the road). There are tons of survivalist blogs about these subjects. The question I ask myself is, “Do I really want to survive in such a world?”.

      • That would be ideal. I wouldn’t be surprised, however, if The State, as it abuses more and more of its power, starts “liquidating” the children of such victims as Mariam Carey lest said children, upon growing up, decide to “take revenge” (think of the opening scenes of Godfather II where little Vito Andolini [who grew up to become Don Vito Corleone] is targeted by the Mafia boss of his Sicilian village who killed Vito’s father, fearing that little Vito would grow up to “seek revenge.”)

      • Ed, a great deal of things we discuss we have a fairly good understanding of, things that come as no real surprise or even if they do, aren’t something you can’t sleep over but this thing gets to me in many ways. Maybe I should just take some SSRI’s until they get me right and bring back my crack shot so I won’t have a doubt as to what needs to be done. Huh? Somebody say something? Seriously though, the govt. getting this kid after murdering it’s mother is simply depressing….and maddening. YOu have to wonder if the attorney hadn’t had the outstanding judgement, what they would have done to him. I do know a bit about judicial payback.

        • Something weird is happening for real. I think Fred Reed is onto something when he says “they’re putting something in the drugs”.

          Meanwhile, Obomber wishes we would hush and quit giving him inner fearants.

          • Funny hwo I’ve been saying the same, only talking nanites and intra-cell computers for hormone “adjustments”(IE, neurotransmitter inhibitors – like SSRIs, only controlled from INSIDE the cell).

            Probably multiple vectors, too. Contaminate food (meats with one component; breads & processed foods with another); contaminate water (a catalyst, maybe? Or another component?); Maybe put the final component in the Flu Vaccines?

            So, if you’re not ON the drugs – they’ll induce similar effects through corrupting food and drink, and social “education”, etc.
            And they’ll push you on to the drugs sooner or later.

            (Note: they won’t remove the contaminants; who cares about THOSE? They don’t even exist, remember? Which then would lead to OD and mega-dosing. Anyone who has done some programming has probably seen what happens if you mis-classify a variable. Things blow up, with no warning – and it’s difficult or impossible to reproduce. Almost like some of these mass-murder attacks…)

            We are hanging by a thread – not because of intent, necessarily (I could be spouting paranoid nonsense) – but because IF the technology exists, SOMEONE will use it. Bush didn’t look at indefinite detention as something he could get away with – Obama did. But Bush’s “advances” came from Reagan and Clinton, and possibly Carter’s era, too. And possibly from McCarthyism before that. And so on.
            So Boston served as a dry-run for martial law, to test public acceptance of evicting people from their homes without warrant or suspicion. The first WTC bombing gave everyone a scare, and gave time to produce work-arounds and alternate mass-hypnosis (TV propaganda broadcasting) to make sure the “official narrative” will always be sent to “everyone”. Only once that whole infrstructure was in place, did the WTC come down – and we STILL have near-instant information and round-the-clock coverage of every “fact” the MSM could “find.” It’s like watching the evening news in “V for Vendetta” – “She’s lying.” “How can you tell?” “When she does a story she knows is fake, she blinks a lot.”

            Mass Hypnosis, in effect.

            “Puting something in the drugs”? Or just getting us ALL hooked using the same distribution method they’ll claim “the terrorists” would?

            I could go on, but it’s pointless: The problem is real, and they are locking down everything they can – from our airwaves to our food and water to our ability to travel to our minds.
            “The Matrix” IS the ultimate means of controlling people – using machines as CARETAKERS, but turning US into batteries none the less. Maybe (WRT the Matrix) there WAS no machine war – maybe just people who wanted control? And going from VR (now) to “surrogates” (near future) to Matrix VR world (call it 100 years for full, immerisve VR – if that long) – People who control the system are inserted into their protective cocoons, use mechanical surrogate bodies to interact with others – until such time as the “Safety” and “Clover [control of others]” sets up everyone to join in the VR world. Infinite stasis, infinite power for those who are at the top of the pyramid, people are stratified from birth to death – and never even know it. Never question their state in life. Nanites and chemistry ensure compliance (negating the rebellion of the Matrix stories).

            Not nearly impossible enough.
            And likely will be induced with government “help”, like using flu vaccine to CAUSE a pandemic. (if anybody ever finds out, the soundbyte from Schering-Plough would be, “Oops! [Shit, you caught us, didn’t plan on that.]”)
            Pandemic does its thing, tons of people die, the “elite” (who either are, or THINK they are, immune via real innoculatios) take over and re-write the history so the evil Tea Party (or whomever) gets the blame… And everyone is safe in their isolation pods, just waiting to be plugged into the matrix…. And go to sleep until the sun consumes the earth (unless someone’s REALLY smart and makes the stalks launch into “colony” ships? Doubt it. Idiocracy.)

            Yeah, some (most?) sounds like the ravings of a deluded mind, but – in a long-term view – this is virtually unavoidable.
            Like using a rock to kill someone, it’s GOING to happen. People are people. Good, bad, right, wrong, intelligent or dumb as a stump, they have wants and needs and will do what it takes to achieve them.

          • Jean, check your spam, sent you something from this website. Funny you should mention nanites since I just had a conversation with a friend I thought would at least know about nano-technology. It’s really old stuff, been around 20 years in practical applications but you’d never know it. Everything I said went right over his head. And mainly I was speaking of stuff you see every day for sale, things millions of people buy and use such as all the nano stuff in sports. BP, Cabela’s GM all have all types of nano clothing, microbial killing, stealth enabling, toughness enabling, water imperviousness and water wicking. I think the outer wear that changes from silent and soft to hard when something sharp touches it is just too slick. Even the A—– oil filters I use are nano technology and can hold up to 10 times the contaminants with full flow capabilities other filters can. I’d have the stuff in my blood if I could afford it since there really is some trick stuff for your body, just expensive. More on that when we speak.

  7. I know you’re talking about “the media” but this event (along with the fake closures) is having an effect. Even my “Big R” Republican mother is starting to see that it’s not just because Obama is in power. Even she sees things are getting out of hand.

  8. The power drunk pshchopathic politicians only fear the people, so they bow down to their armed protectors and treat them very well, even though they secretly hate having the drooling slobs around. If history is any gauge this will go on for a time as the official shooters get more arrogant, killing more “suspects” in their feared-up power trip. Then the push back will suddenly appear in the form of police car bombings and ambushes. The only fix is to throw out the current national managers, and replace them with those in agreement with the founding Fathers. It ain’t looking good for regular folks or the cops.

    • Nicely put! It got me thinking “man cops are fucking stupid.” Then I thought a bit more and realized these cops I consider stupid are the real evil fucks “we” all hate. Then I thought a bit more and realized if they weren’t cops they’d be criminals themselves. So in fact these stupid evil fucking cops have achieved their highest possible level in the system as far their minds are concerned. Therefore it ain’t looking good for “us.” The cops are happy either way.

      • Ya, every cop I know, whom I knew before they became a cop, would be considered criminals, back then. They are sitting fancy and fat right now, for sure. Hypocritical sell-outs.

        The Moon is Down, and here’s some ‘push back” I saw at the LRC Blog:

        … And the beat goes on.

        • And when I say that – about cops I knew being considered criminals before they were cops – it’s on the same vein as, just about every town in flyover land has a town square, what’s true in one, is often true in all of them.

          That’s been my experience, anyway.

          The fish heads are rotten.

      • @Dom – It is Crips V Bloods, with the connected / educated psychopaths running both for their own benefit. The rest are blind sheep or EPA visitors (except clover 🙂 ).

        The cops ( Stasi ) are a gang family, who the regular citizens love to have around for protection from single street thugs. The bad guys are a gang family, (like Don Corleone and Al Capone) who the regular citizens loved to have around for protection from single street thugs.

        Before this over the cops will have as much fear as the citizens.

        The psychopaths will then get on the Lear Jet and leave town with the loot. That is the history most people never seem to learn.

        • “The psychopaths will then get on the Lear Jet and leave town with the loot. ”

          The Land of the Blind

          “The revolutionary government is quickly overthrown. Junior’s in-laws and nephew are revealed to have escaped during Thorne’s revolution and, having lived in exile, have returned to re-establish the old government (with an outside country’s assistance).” …

          • @Roth – Isn’t that at the heart of the divide and conquer game plan? But people just accept and believe what they are told, and run with it.

            Orwell wrote in “1984”: The Ministry of Truth deleted and modified all the books and newspaper articles to change and delete historical people and events. All to benefit the “party” that was in control. Winston Smith believed the prols would eventually rise up and takeover from Big Brother and the “party”. O’Brien laughed at him and said it will never happen because the prols will never catch on to how power really works. So friggin’ true.

      • dom, it got me thinking at a young age. I knew these people(not much comparison to those now either……although), knew the looks they gave me, the shitty little stories they’d tell, knew their most abused wives, almost always over-worked, knew their kids and what sort they were, heard the stories from same kids, not many you’d want to repeat. I made my pronouncement one day as a late “tween” that if cops weren’t wearing badges they’d be in jail. Sorta threw my parents for a loop, at least my mother although dad never had any illusions, knew them even better than me. Fast forward 40 something years my sister and I trying to sell my parents’ house so the local, just retired, state trooper and wife came by. His wife was always nice to me, he always hated me, feeling was mutual. Their whole time of living in that town with my mom and dad, they had been giving everything my parents could think of to give them including keeping their kids clothed, etc. Standing outside after looking at the house the trooper said as if he was truly miffed “I guess that’s the first time I have ever been in that house”. He looks sorta sideways at me and I turn to him, my sister is grabbing my arm cause I’m still ready to stomp his ass. I turned back to my sister and walked away dragging her this time. I said He’s wrong. I’ll never forget when he came to the house one day and I walked in to find him and dad standing in the living room discussing something and I felt so betrayed for him to see inside my home. Oh, I’d still like to get my hands on him. Scumbag screwed over countless people I know not including myself(he could never do what he would liked to have done to me and we both knew it). Price just went up.

        • Eightsouthman, reading that story of yours made me feel ill.

          ‘Bout the same way I felt while watching a film about kings in knightly England taking the virgin brides of the men on their land.

      • Someone I know used to tell me that in an evil world it takes evil people to run it. Which to me is just fucking absurd. Based on that sort of intellectual pretzel logic you have increasingly evil people at the top pushing ever increasingly evil diktats down innocent peoples throats and telling them to “deal with it”. Fuck that!

        • This was, basically, Hamilton’s view.

          The “people” are corrupt and evil; they require a strong hand (that is, corrupt and evil) to keep them under control.

          For their own good, of course.

      • Dear Dom,

        ” Then I thought a bit more and realized if they weren’t cops they’d be criminals themselves. ”

        “Payback” is a remake of “Point Blank,” starring Lee Marvin. It has a great comment on just that.

        Porter, played by Mel Gibson, before he wigged out, is a hardened criminal. He’s a “good bad guy,” as opposed to the “bad bad guys” in a morally grey universe.

        Porter: [voiceover] Crooked cops. Do they come in any other way? If I’d been just a little dumber, I could have joined the force myself.

        Payback Trailer

  9. A Hitler speech with accurate subtitles

    Hitler was a popular democratically elected leader. If his nightmare of an administration hasn’t convinced you democracy is evil, nothing else will either,

    It is much better to live under disorganized incompetence that to try to enjoy life in an effective well-run democracy.

    • DemoCracy is de facto mob rule, it’s defined by its name. Tyranny of the majority.

      Tyranny of the Minority is no better (Prohibition I & II –> The war on Some drugs) But Tyranny of the majority provides insulation of the individual in the “demos”. thus, political actions are mob violence.

      Something to keep in mind – the EGO and HUBRIS we deal with from others – all of whom seem to wish to make up for their lack of ability to control themselves by controlling everyone else.

      Part of the reason I’m willing to give up trying to control myself – keeping my “baser instincts” under lock and key allows others (who are less capable, less intelligent, more violent –> more animalistic, essentially) to thrive and profit.

      Homie don’t play that shit no more. (In Living Color reference, I was unfortunate enough to see Early Wayans Brothers – though Homie was OK, even if the show was stupid.)

      They want to indulge their baser instincts – let’s see how they like me after I kill a few. (Not that I’ll usually be around that type, but hey – trouble comes looking for you. Pack .410s and figure out how to machine the Governor design into a semi-auto. Fully a one-off should make for a nice semi- or full-auto “collector’s piece”. Until I get such permits – dumb for me to NOT have them, being white and male, and not “out” on the oddities – I’ll stick with a stiletto or such, and aim for the liver, kidneys, heart, and brain. I figure if I can dispatch two or more, WE as a society are better off – cost accepted. )

      • He’ll “stick” with a stiletto. I’ve been thinking for a year now about making an Arkansas Toothpick, sized like most of the Confederate Officers had even though there was no issue knife. One company seemed to have made a great many though, a very large knife. I have a Stihl chainsaw bar that would be just about right for it but only have a cut-off tool(pneumatic, hand-held) to make the raw shape, not wanting to use anything that would anneal the metal. Now’s when I wish I had bought a wet cut-off saw.

      • DemoCracy is de facto mob rule, it’s defined by its name. Tyranny of the majority.

        A maddeningly simple concept to explain, illustrate, and understand, yet the MEGO reaction of the brainwashed masses simply won’t digest it.

        We’re screwed, royally.

    • Actually the idea that Hitler was a popularly elected leader is a myth. He never received a majority of the vote and simply strongarmed von Hindenburg into appointing him chancellor. There are succinct arguments against democracy, but using Hitler as an example dilutes the argument…..

      • GC I think Hitler(just backing you up)got a bit over 30% of the vote and a significant amount of that was through intimidation with murder being high on the list as a tool.

      • Yet the majority still held onto the superstitious belief that he had the legitimate authority and right to rule them, and were obligated to obey him. Kind of like people continue to believe to this day, no matter what plantation the live on.

        • Dear lb,


          The actual percentages are not really the key issue.

          It is the ritual itself that cements the Myth of Authority. It “confers legitimacy” in the minds of the sheeple.

          • Hitler’s election wins were slightly more democratic than Barack Obama’s.
            He won with 20.9% and then 26.2% of the population voting for him.

            Obama won with 21.9% and then 19.5% of the population voting for him.
            – – – – – – –

            Barack Obama was elected president in 2008. He received 66.88 million popular votes. The population of the US was 305 million at mid-2008.

            That means he received votes from 21.9% of the population.

            In 2012 he received 61.17 million popular votes. The population of the US was 314 million at mid-2012.

            That means he received votes from 19.5% of the population.
            – – – – – – –

            German federal election, July 1932
            Germany population 65,720,0000
            Popular vote:
            Adolf Hitler NSDAP 13,745,680(20.9%)
            Otto Wels SPD 7,251,690
            Ernst Thälmann KPD 5,282,636
            Ludwig Kaas Centre 4,589,430
            Alfred Hugenberg DNVP 2,178,024 Heinrich Held BVP 1,192,684

            – – – – – – –
            German federal election, March 1933
            Germany population 66,031,600
            Popular vote:
            Hitler NSDAP 17,277,180, (26.2%)
            Otto Wels SPD 7,516,243,
            Ernst Thälmann KPD 4,848,058.
            Ludwig Kaas Centre 4,424,905,
            Alfred Hugenberg DNVP 3,136,760,
            Heinrich Held BVP 1,073,552
            – – – – – – – – –

            Hitler won further elections after these. Democratic apologists use the no true Scotsman fallacy for these. i.e. they weren’t true democratic elections.

            I disagree. Deal making and exception finding are the rule in democracies, not the exception.

            Democracy supporters sound just like communist supporters. Communists who always say “true communism has never been tried.”

            – Lipsticking the pig of mob rule and claiming a mob with high “representational” ideals is somehow better than the average mob is ridiculous, IMHO.

      • Dear GC,

        Hitler was never elected by an absolute majority. But he did rise to power through “the democratic process.”

        Democracy does not always require an absolute majority (50+%) of the ballots cast.

        For example, in the 2000 ROC Presidential Election, outgoing president Lee Teng-hui of the KMT deliberately helped the opposition DPP candidate Chen Shui-bian win by splitting the Blue Camp vote among two candidates. Without provisions for run-off elections, Lee got his way. Chen won. Lee was able to get a candidate who supported Taiwan independence into office by betraying his own party.

        Not all democracies require an absolute majority. A plurality is still “democratic.” It still constitutes a “popular election.” It is still defined as “free and fair” according to the Orwellian logic of democracy.

        Bottom line? Germany’s democracy did enable Hitler to use the democratic process to rise to power.

        Receiving 51% of the vote is not central to the argument.

        • Hitler was always far and away the pluralistic vote victor.
          1932 federal election
          Adolf Hitler NSDAP 13,745,680(20.9%)
          Otto Wels SPD 7,251,690

          Hitler’s nearest competitor had only 52.7% of the number of votes he did.

          He is considered to have taken power over Germany on 1.30.1933 by being appointed. He was so appointed by the other parties with the most votes. Hardly an undemocratic situation.

          2 months after having been appointed to lead Germany, Hitler’s nearest rival who achieved only 43.5% as many votes as he did.
          Hitler NSDAP 17,277,180, (26.2%)
          Otto Wels SPD 7,516,243

          Outside parties want to take the veneer of legitimacy from Hitler, but it just doesn’t stand up to scrutiny.

          For his first two elections at least, he was just as legitimate as all the rest of the democratically elected leaders.

          Democracies are also known to behave differently during wartime. I’m unsure how his 1934-1945 reign was all that different from other wartime democracies throughout history.
          – – – – – – –

          Hitler’s Nazi party captured 18% of the popular vote in the 1930 elections.

          In 1932, Hitler ran for President and won 30% of the vote, forcing the eventual victor, Paul von Hindenburg, into a runoff election. A political deal was made to make Hitler chancellor in exchange for his political support. He was appointed to that office in January 1933.

          Upon the death of Hindenburg in August 1934, Hitler was the consensus successor. With an improving economy, Hitler claimed credit and consolidated his position, having succeeded in eliminating challenges from other political parties and government institutions. The German industrial machine was built up. By 1937, he was comfortable enough to put his master plan, as outlined in Mein Kampf, into effect.

          Calling his top military aides together at the “Fuhrer Conference” in November 1937, he outlined his plans for world domination. Those who objected to the plan were dismissed.
          – – – – – – –

          Bush/Obama are no different than Hitler, they have no legitimacy to be World Fuhrers in the eyes of the world, but rather use strong arm tactics to give the illusion to the weak minded who are gullible enough to believe their lies.

          Paul von Hindenburg

          Rise of Hitler

          • Tor,

            I’m not sure where you are getting your stats, but they are incorrect. Here’s the two-stage results from the 1932 presidential elections in Germany. Under the Weimar constitution, if no candidate received an absolute majority in the first round of voting, a second round was held. In the second round of voting, only a plurality was required for election. In the first round, von Hindenberg received 18,651,497 out of 37,603,317 votes cast or 49.6%. Hitler received 11,339,446 votes or 30.1% of the votes. Since von Hindenberg received barely less than a majority, a second round of voting was held. This time, von Hindenberg received 19,359,983 of 36,490,761 votes cast or 53.0% as opposed to Hitler’s 13,418,547 or 36.8%. This was the last election for president of the Weimar Republic. Hitler himself never received over 36.8% of the votes cast but through intimidation, forced his way into power. I am a bit pedantic on this point because the assertion one hears from many revisionist “historians” is that Hitler’s actions had overwhelming support from the German people. That was simply not demonstrable from the voting patterns. The 1933 Reichstag elections in which took place after the Reichstag fire and amid a huge wave of violence perpetrated by the NAZI party. This was when Hitler gained power, but it had nothing to do with un-coerced support of the populace.

            Every subsequent election offered the only a choice of NAZIs without secret ballots.

            Now, why is this relevant? I’d say that every evil act committed by the NAZI party has an analogue in U.S. federal government action and, quite frankly, this is no recent thing. The Reichstag fire can be matched by our Lusitania, Maine, Fort Sumpter, Pearl Harbor, Gulf of Tonkin and 9/11 and WMDs. The USSA Department of Homeland Security is the equivalent to the NAZI Reichssicherheitshauptamt, more commonly known as the SS and/or Gestapo. Under Heinrich Himmler said organization served as a model for the SS of the USSA. But I’d contend that the average German had no more love for the NAZI government than the average American has love for the feral government here. The reality is/was that the PTB have the big guns and all the power and most peoples’ wills to survive trump any principles they may have.

            As Frank Zappa once wrote:

            It can’t happen here,
            I’m telling you my dear,
            That it can’t happen here….(cause I’ve been checking it out baby…)

          • Giuseppe Crowe, i like a lot of what you wrote, er, I mean, it seemed accurate. But as you question Tor, where did you get your stats from? If you don’t mind my asking.
            You never did say, maybe it’s just an,… oh, what do they call it when you forget to cite your sources?

          • I spoke with my wife about this since I just read a biography of Hitler and she’s reading it now. I concur with GC. Don’t forget the NSDAP was almost entirely military or ex and had used their bully pulpit status to gun down thousands of their rivals over mainly the last year but even well before that. Massacres did occur at polling places and riots took place on voting days so that many people who opposed Hitler never made it to the polls for one reason or the other. Gee, think about huge amounts of supporter for the Reps and Dems meeting in the streets and gunning each other down. Now those would be the good old days. Remember when they decimated each others ranks and then the non-voters and libertarians and others caught them both in a big cross-fire and took it on to DC where they “purged” the capitol?

          • @8 – Have you ever read “Mine Camph”? You and I would agree with a lot of what it said. The power of words and psychology in the hands of a psychopath is amazing.

          • Eightsouthman, as I read what you wrote, I thought about that woman, what’s her name, Kitty Whirchhouseman or something, how she has videos on YouTube saying how she lived through Austria at that time and described how Hitler was welcomed with open arms by the population there.

            Maybe that’s in later stages only? I don’t recall.
            It’s hard to say that wasn’t the case with the population of Germany,… you guys are just talking about votes – not the population in general – seems to me, only the people who were there at the time would know, but even then, only in their locality. Maybe?

            Her bottom line I do recall, “Don’t ever give up your guns.”

          • Ah, I forgot to add, she said, The Austrian people elected Hitler by 98% of the ballot box.

            Is she wrong?

            Is that how empires grow under democracy?

            I wonder if there were other countries that did that too?

            Ah, crap, I’m about to fill up the ‘What’s Happening’ box.
            I need to work on that ‘Read Only’ bit.

          • Dear Everyone,

            I would reiterate, the key is not percentages.

            It is the ersatz “legitimacy” that the “democratic process” purportedly confers upon power seekers.

            Even if a “free and fair election” was unanimous, it would still not legitimize imposing the results on those who did not participate in the vote.

            That is the real issue.

            Quibbling over the numbers is of tertiary importance at best.

          • Bevin wrote, “the ersatz “legitimacy” that the “democratic process” purportedly confers upon power seekers.”

            Gotchya. …All along, even.

            Or as Momma Liberty might say, by what right do they have the authority?

          • Gary, you must remember Mein Kampf was written over a number of years. It’s disjointed bs that slowly got better at using key phrases and avoiding going over the deep in toward the Jews to a point. To get elected Hitler had to mitigate his Jew stand to some degree. The people who liked Hitler were clueless twits, esp, the women who saw him as a starving cur and wanted to feed him although sex was not something he could come to terms with. Hitler constantly filtered and revised his words in speeches for the greatest desired effect and trying to read his speeches, it becomes clear they meant exactly nothing…but, he used so many key words that people filled in the blanks for themselves, made them mean what they wanted to hear. This was what Hitler learned to do over many years. He could talk for hours and never say anything concrete except coming across as a bad Jew hater….even though he had Jews work for him and was himself half Jewish. Hitler got by by the charity of others his entire life. Many would listen to him speak, see the crowd’s reaction and shake their heads. It was all bs, disjointed blather but laced everywhere with words and phrases various groups wanted to hear so they could turn it into what they desired to hear in their own minds. US politicians are some of the best at doing this now, hire highly paid writers so they can spout euphemisms and anything else they thing will hit a chord their perceived constituency wants to heart. Read any presidential speech going back to any time, esp. after WW11 and you’ll see something that’s been finely crafted for consumption but means not one damned thing. Oh, it means something different for all those who want it to but in and of itself, veritably nada. Hi Yall, How ya doin? Well, like the sign says Mission Accomplished!!! Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah ad nauseum…See how big my balls are? I whupped their asses all by myself. Yeah yeah yeah………But I culdnt a dun it without yall. Yeah Yeah Yeah……so in conclusion, this country is tired of war, tired of being divided, tired of high taxes and a bloated military and I vow to bring it back to the basic of what the people want….so all of you join hands, black, white, Hispanic, Indian, Muslim and remember We’re all in this together Yeah Yeah Yeah Let’s hear it for the Rainbow Coalition …..Yeah Yeah Yeah Hard to tell one from the other eh?

            • Well-said, Eight.

              As I see it, the chief and only meaningful difference between Der Fuhrer and our “leaders” is that Hitler – being German – deployed the belligerent harangues popular among Germans. Americans like their authoritarianism soft-pedaled by men with quiet voices and who speak in sunny phrases – about “hope” and “change,” for instance.

          • It has been argued that Mein Kampf was in fact the work of someone else and Hitler simply was simply attached to this screed in order to promote its philosophy. Much like Obama’s “Hope” bullshit.

          • Dear RAH,

            It took me years to come to that seemingly obvious realization.

            Funny how transparently obvious the Myth of Authority becomes AFTER one has had the “Aha!” experience.

            All the horse manure about “social contract” and “political mandate,” all to cover up the obvious fact that people you don’t known from Adam are unilaterally taking upon themselves to order you around (“laws”) and demand money (“taxes”). Pay up or suffer the consequences, including kidnapping and murder.

          • The ‘Ah-ha!” moment.
            I remember first learning about that concept in the 1980’s.

            After that, I never voted, except in the Primaries for Ron Paul, just to see, ‘what if’ … What an experience that was. I’m glad I did it.
            Now I know. For certain.

            I would insert a link to the song here, ‘The World is a Vampire’, which may increase sales of the album, however: “This video contains content from BMG_Rights_Management and EMI, one or more of whom have blocked it on copyright grounds.”

            So, I guess we”ll all stop listening to their shit and they can go fuck themselves, eh?
            Into the dustbin of history they rush. Obsolete, they love.

            Something tells me that’s just what the politicians and lawyers are doing, too.?
            Time will tell.

          • Dear MoT,

            “It has been argued that Mein Kampf was in fact the work of someone else and Hitler simply was simply attached to this screed in order to promote its philosophy.”

            God knows whether this is true or not.

            Not that it matters. Who really cares whether the vicious ideas within were “original” or “plagiarized?” It’s enough that they represented his beliefs.

            Reminds me of that old joke about how “The Republic was not actually written by Plato, but by another Greek with the same name.”


          • eric, Garysco, Hitler believed his monologues to a great degree when he first started. He eventually saw that what he said wasn’t as important as what leaving everybody feeling that he’d said what they believe. He would change his speeches even as he spoke so the next speech would be more productive. In his last years as an aspiring office holder he constantly changed his speeches and even adapted them to specific audiences. I wouldn’t insult him by comparing him to a US senator. How many write their speeches? They are first and foremost, a look followed by carefully crafted word bites interspersed with speeches written by professional. I’ll rip off half a quote from Shakespeare, “it is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.”

          • Goddam, y’all. This is the longest nest of posts I ever saw. Scroll up and see how many posts were nested under the last reply button.

          • Ed, whaddya mean? Last week there was one I scrolled on for an hour and finally gave up. Keep messin with me and I’ll just post willy nilly and answer to commenters you haven’t heard from in a year.

    • I read somewhere, and correct me if I’m wrong, that if it hadn’t been for the “majority” of women voting for Hitler that he’d likely not have come into power so quickly. Something feminists I dare say would be loathe to admit: A sociopathic madman was placed in power because of the lies women swallowed in advancing a socialistic “safe” democratic society. Hmmmmm….. Sounds oddly familiar today.

      • This doesn’t surprise me. I always was dumbstruck, in reading diary excerpts from, and listening to interviews with German women who came of age during the Nazi era, how mesmerized so many of them were by Hitler. So many of them admitted to being “spellbound” or “enraptured” by his words and the passion with which he delivered them, if not his looks. Seriously?

        Further proof that while voting is an evil and dangerous thing in ANYONE’s hands, it’s much more so in women’s hands than in men’s.

      • mot……

        not so fast & scapegoat-simple. it takes a village (otherwise known as a herd, a gang, a tribe, or a peck – as in what the peters piper pick-pick-pick during the equatorial growing season…) of goats.

        the “cold mountain” goat lady:

        after the versailles crush (treaty), ordinary people in germany (which had prior been right up there at the top of the world heap) went thru an extended conditioning-wringer. years of privation up to & including starvation. when very hard times come (or are brought), & especially when that experience is such a stark contrast to what has been normal, strongman sociopaths ascend all the easier.

        it wasn’t a female thing…anymore than it was a jew thing. (i’m waiting for the local rabies strains to mutate: jewish women {gotta’ be the worst, right?}) will suggest, for the second time, mencken’s “in defense of women”. he opines, & I agree, that women are typically the smarter, & I’d add the stronger {don’t mean ability to hoist a dumbbell}, sex. “look what you made me do” males do not weaken that impression.

        nuwanda de-homo-eroticizes the dead poets hole in the ground (among other scenes):

        pyrrhic victory you’ve heard of. what about pyrrhic peace? (candy-for-everyone-keynes called versailles a “carthaginian peace”.) co-snatching lilliputian defeat from the gulliverian jaws of victory because… it’s just good business. peace is not as profitable, say the transnational bankers (not saying females couldn’t, or even don’t, fill any of these slots, but how many do, & more importantly, have, down the long dismal centuries?)…no peace for the codependent lilliputians, of both sexes, “in love” with gulliver. those two are a match made in heaven/fiction, & reality.

        the “allies” came oh-so close to getting their asses history book-officially handed to them in their sequel. and by “allies” i mean the average ordinary people on that particular “side”, versus opposite numbers on the other “side”, too many of whom, all sides, contentedly gobble goat served them by transnational “elite” ventriloquists.

        i have empathy, sympathy for enmeshed codependents in small, family-scale, domestic dioramas. the problem is that those terrariums are not tight, & they leak out all over the place.

        which has gotta’ make one appreciative of rugs more than wall-to-wall carpeting. roll ‘em up, roll away, unroll ‘em…always keeping an eye on the ebbing & flowing hydrocephalics, busily ramping up for the next “roll ’em if you got ’em cuz it’s once more into the breach for us” episode.

        when those heads start leakin’ & overflowin’ too much, the inundation does wreck the carpets (then comes carpet bombing, often enough). not to mention blowing the neighborhood gene pool ph & sanitizer numbers all to hell.

        it’s swamp reclamation in reverse, & creatures from the black lagoon time, then.

        some steppenwolves….

        get busy steppin’, or get busy fetchin’…lol ☻

  10. Eric, I’ve been bringing this issue up as often as possible lately. Where is Al Sharpton or the “reverend” Jesse Jackson stirring up public outcry over this summary execution of an unarmed and defenseless American woman by the Capitol’s heavily armed, and most likely “racist”, members of their “neighborhood watch”? Where’s B.O. claiming that if he’d had a sister she would have looked like Miriam? Oh, I forgot, Miriam was driving a reasonably nice car, she had a baby she was caring for and was a licensed dental hygienist. She was not a non-productive thug, ostensibly trolling a crime ridden neighborhood late at night for potential burglary targets. Since she had been employed in the past, she was in fact a “tax payer” and had at least done something productive in her life. All indications are that Treyvon was mostly destructive in his short life, so those who venerated him told us plainly who they really are.

    I read that Miriam was concerned that B.O. was spying on her. Hmmm. Seems like Edward Snowden put that tinfoil hat conspiracy theory to rest. B.O. or rather “his” legion of functionaries is in fact spying on all of us. Our Creator endowed rights are violated constantly with impunity by “our” government. And for congress to stand and applaud the death of a harmless American woman at the hands of their version of the Praetorian Guard is morally reprehensible. Miriam Carey peeled off the government mask by sacrificing herself on the altar of the state for all of us to see what lies behind it. Everyone should take note of the state’s fangs and the blood dribbling down their chin now. The “terrorists” we really need protection from are those who claim to protect us from their seats of power in Washington D.C.*, not single mothers from Connecticut. Thank you for your sacrifice Miriam. My heart goes out to you and to your daughter who will never know her mom, as well as to the rest of your family. May we never forget you and may those who executed you, and any who applauded your death, receive their just deserts.

    *D.C. = Death Camp

  11. At friend’s coin shop that Friday, only one other customer besides me was there. He’s a black “Baptist reverend without a church” who claims he’s a bishop. He was supportive of the white feds who murdered the woman and stated that “you’d better stop for a checkpoint or you’ll be shot”.

    Reading several articles about this murder, the comments sections had lots of black people supporting the killers. I wonder if there’s a network among black folks that hands out the approved stance on everything. Apparently, it’s OK for the SS to kill an unarmed black woman because they work for a black president.

    On the other hand, for an ese to kill a young black man in self defense is deserving of the death penalty without a trial. Figure that one out if you can. White SS and USCP officers can kill an umarmed black woman with a baby in the car with her, but in any other case a white person killing a black person is automatically guilty of murder.

    OK, so black people have decided that the woman deserved to die. She’s black, so no white person or asian or anyone of any other race has any say about this. y’all with me so far?

    A few years ago, this same “reverend” I mentioned was calling for the heads of the lacrosse players at Duke who were accused of raping a woman. He claimed they needed no trial because they were rich and white and therefore undoubtedly guilty.

    OK, I get it.

    • Ed, it’s really very simple: black people are taking this position in huge numbers (i.e., supporting the worst predatory excesses of TPTB) because one of their own [sic] holds the reins of power*. If the puppet masters of this tragedy had been lily white, if the current Sock Puppet-in-Chief had been lily white, then you had better believe that there would be a “Million Negro March” on Washington, D.C. underway as we now speak. And it wouldn’t be a “peaceful gathering” in the MLK mold either. But because The Messiah has come, such excesses are not only excusable, but the Word of God in Living Flesh Made Whole.

      Simply stated: an entire demographic group that has been brainwashed over a five-decade period into thinking that it is completely without power of any kind is reveling vicariously in the exploits of “one of their own” (NOT) – a guy who, rather obviously, not only cares not one wit about them, but who is as contemptuous of them as any white bigot from the worst of the Jim Crow past would have been.

      (*My wife exemplifies this disconnect. Everything that the current SPIC is now doing are things that she would without a second’s hesitation find deplorable and inexcusable when exercised by any one else of any other demographic group in power. But since it’s Da First Black Presodent who is doing it, it’s “not his fault” or “he’s only dealing with the hand he’s been dealt,” etc., ad nauseum.)

      • Dear Lib,

        It’s exactly the same here on Taiwan.

        So-called “Green Camp” supporters (supporters of Taiwan independence) excuse anything “one of their own” does.

        Former president Chen Shui-bian embezzled hundreds of millions of dollars from the ROC national treasury. Yet Deep Green Taiwan independence zealots insist he was “politically persecuted” and demand his release from prison. Even though it was their tax money he embezzled.

        When caught red handed, he claimed the embezzled funds were part of a “secret Taiwan independence slush fund” to fiance the cause. Green Camp sheeple actually bought it.

        Identity politics makes people do crazy things. East or west, it’s the same.

        • Bevin, don’t the Green Camp people actually get taken by their leaders who support the illegalities of those they don’t want to displease since, given half a chance, they too might get the chance to rip off some serious funds and what fun would it be if the PTB came after them? Back when the earth was still cooling and there was this exceptional group of people who called themselves “investigative journalists” and the more powerful people whose job it was to see the playing field was semi-level who actually used their positions to go after those they weren’t terrified of, you might see actual thieves be prosecuted. I suspect it has been this way everywhere at some time. Looking worldwide though, it would seem the elites have fairly much taken over. Look at that evil bunch in Venezuela now following Chavez who make him look like an altar boy, cursing, shaking their fist and making threats against anyone who might shine a light on their racket. Maduro is constantly threatening the US, even kicking out all the personnel left there since there is no ambassador but never specifically naming any charges, simply saying the US(along with his countrymen) is trying to topple his regime. I wouldn’t be surprised he’s right but everything he’s done says his only desire is to take the country for every dime it has. He wants “power by decree” from the legislature so he can fight all those nasty people, those dirty foreign people, even though the people he’s hurting are his own. It doesn’t appear this is going to end well since he’s totally incompetent and has the entire country grumbling(screaming) under its breath to remove him.

          • Dear 8SM,

            A tiny number of “political elites” are thinking in such terms. They want in on the loot.

            But the mere mundanes are never going to see a penny. They are simply naive and foolish beyond belief. They are typical followers who are being led around by the nose by cynical demagogues.

            We have them here in the USSA as well, in both the Red States and Blue States.

          • Bevin, the problem as I see it, in all these situations are countless people drop out of a party, a really good thing, a dwindling support base….only to have this continuous flow of people who haven’t seen the light and are ready to take up the cause, blindfolded, deaf and being led by the beneficent “older” crowd who just know things would go to hell without their dear party. As long as you can distract those on each side with the mantra, “just look at those people over there, the bad side”, you got it made. And the elites smile, make ridiculous statements of all sorts, then the sheeple just eat it all up, yum yum, gimme more please. USA USA or the equivalent. So, I have this petition here, wanta sign up for some “free” stuff?

          • Dear 8SM,


            A local Taiwan region labor movement leader name Cheng Chun-chi put it nicely.

            He said people are deluded. The real division is not horizontal, i.e., Blue vs. Green, Right vs. Left.

            The real division is vertical, i.e., ruling elite vs. ruled masses, tax parasites vs. tax payers.

            Truer words were never spoken. This is nothing new for libertarians in the West. But it was unusually astute coming from a local political activist, most of whom are blind to this, the way supporters of the two wings of the Demopublican One Party are.

      • “reveling vicariously in the exploits of “one of their own” (NOT)”

        Lib, ain’t it the truth? The bad part about it is that Vanilla Ice is blacker than Obomber. Obomber can’t sound like a black man to save his life. The average whigger sucking up to his black classmates has a better handle on blackness than Obomber.

        My wife exemplifies the same disconnect as yours. My wife is black, and doesn’t admit that she voted for Obomber, but she totes his water can quite willingly.

        As little Big Man said, “Sometimes this world is just too ridiklus a place to live in.”

        • Hi Ed,

          One of the tragedies of our times is the way blacks have for at least a generation now been deliberately steeped in racial identity politics, to have a sense of themselves not as individuals primarily but as a racial group. It is the exact same crap that led so many Germans to follow Der Fuhrer that has led to so many blacks following Obama. Neither Der Fuhrer nor Obama, of course, give a tinker’s damn about their racial kameraden.

          What they care about is, simply, power.

          • That’s true of the political leaders, surely. They must not realize that their lust for power won’t bring them into power. Humans never really have power anyway, only the illusion of power.

            On the subject of the leaders’ worshippers, I’ve always wondered why blacks in general seem fixated on power and authority. They love regal names, and the trappings of royalty, many of them adding royal titles to their names, Queen Latifah, etc.. They wear big, gaudy pendants depicting crowns, and so many radio stations are named “Power98” and suchlike.

            Olde English malt liquor’s slogan was once “Olde English, it’s the power”. Their racial identity is so thoroughly fucked up by fantasy that it’s comical to anyone but those who identify with it.

            • Hi Ed,

              I think it’s important to avoid generalizing. I agree, the stereotypes you mention contain a lot of truth (unfortunately). But I doubt, as an example, that Neal deGrasse Tyson fits the profile. The tragedy of black America is that it has been systematically infantilized and degraded by a generation of the most vicious (because subtle) racism there is – the implied assumption that they are helpless, idiot children who of whom little can be expected and who must be placated with imbecile amusements and kept in line with brutality. I am old enough to remember when the average black person was not an Ebonics speaker; when most blacks did value education, achievement, manners, civility. They have been rendered – to a great extent – almost-animals by egging them on to feel aggrieved and entitled. It’s despicable – and we are paying the price almost as heavily as they are.

          • Ed, sure ’nuff. Don’t know how many times I’ve seen a gold crown on a necklace…..aka…”Prince” of Bel Air. I much prefer a local known simply as “Snake”. I don’t think anyone had to be told anything when they walked through the door to Snake’s. No illusion of grandeur, entitlement or exception.

          • Eric, I have to point out that when discussing an ethnicity which has historically resisted any inclusion into the society at large here, generalization is nearly impossible to avoid.

            There is a very small minority who can be excluded from the generalities I mentioned, but it is such a tiny minority as to be almost nonexistent. Generalities apply to every ethnic group. The fact that there are exceptions does nothing to impeach the validity of generalized observation.

            One Neal Tyson doesn’t negate the obvious existence of tens of millions of Tae Kwans or Shofrondas who think their EBT cards are a basic human right reserved only for people of their own ethnic group, and who think of themseves as royalty while wearing their tawdry, fake bling-bling crown pendants. It’s a wilful self deception, not something forced on them.

            On the other hand, one Murray Rothbard doesn’t negate the existence of tens of millions of Jim Bobs or Essie Lous who view their EBT cards the same way their black counterparts do.

            Exceptional human beings are exceptional because they differ from the generalized failings of most humans. I have to disagree as well that the paternalism directed at black people is only a generation old. That same paternalism has been used as an instrument of collectivists ever since the tragic era. the Union League gave Way to the NAACP, which had no black officers until relatively recently.

            I’d also say that to describe able bodied people of any race who are willingly dependent on the “welfare system” as victims is also a form of paternalism. Unless such people are so mentally inferior (and I doubt they are) that they can’t see how they are being used, any of them has the capability of deciding to stand on their own feet and reject the false matrix of the ones who find them so valuable to their collectivist schemes.

            I think it’s human nature to want to continue a life of leisure without responsibility if it’s offered. An exceptional person couldn’t stand it, but then unexceptional people, who fit the generalities which apply to them, certainly can and would prefer such slavery.

          • Dear eric,

            Very very well said.

            This is the perspective libertarians should have on the phenomenon of patronizing “race norming” for black Americans.

            It is the view that black libertarians such as Walter Williams, Gary Gibson, William Grigg and others take.

            it is the correct one.

            The real enemy is not “them.” That is a red herring created by statists to divert our attention from the real enemy.

            The real enemy is “The Government.” It is the common enemy of all sovereign individuals.

  12. Dear Eric,

    One question.

    Where are Barry Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and the gang who piled on George Zimmerman?

    The silence is deafening.

  13. Wendy McElroy had something interesting to say about this development.

    She’s not my favorite libertarian celeb. But she sometimes makes some good points.

    (It has nothing to do with gender. She criticized a piece of mine that denounced Taiwan independence, and showed her lack of understanding of China.)

    The Alarming Lack of Pretense in Politics


    One of the most alarming trends in American politics is the lack of pretense being displayed by authority. Like a ravening beast that loses its fear of humans, government becomes more dangerous when it loses the need to pose as a public servant who performs legitimate tasks. In short, government becomes more dangerous when it doesn’t care what you think of it. The sentence-long version of the argument for pretense is this: the need to pretend is a restraint upon authority.

    • i couldn’t disagree more. pretense is tactical, technique, a ploy. not a “restraint”. the easy way will be taken for as long as it works &/or is necessary. whats under that facade is what matters. and whats under that facade has always been there – and always will be.

      its good cop, bad cop. in that order…..

      • When you’re mentioning the façade then it clearly is a case of “Bad cop with a good façade”. And that’s pretty much all there is. When the mask comes off, as it does more and more every day, then the true character is revealed for what it always was.

  14. The interesting thing about this event is that it demonstrates how MSM attempts to manipulate presentation of reality. In the eyes of the minions of the PTB, Miriam Carey initiated the most unacceptable act of trying to opt out of a particular atrocity and was thus was deserving of public and gratuitous murdered on the big screen. We now have a culture that was predicted in the Orwell novel, 1984, complete with the two-minute hate. This situation cannot be reformed. Voting is a meaningless, and philosophically abhorrent, joke. The sad reality is that most people in the USSA have become unthinking drones that have been brainwashed to react in certain ways, mostly through the use of “public education”. In any case, it appears that the tipping point has been reached and the great unwashed will not really get it even as the marching orders arrive for us all…..why, this can’t be happening to me, I’m a good tax-paying, government-worshiping serf……but, but, but…..

  15. Excellent, Eric. The overreaction of the cops was hardly surprising, especially given that this happened in the Holy City for all the tax-suckers. But the reactions of Congress that you mentioned were so over-the-top as to defy comparison. If the people who shot an unarmed mother with a baby in the back seat are ‘heroes,’ then we might as well start handing out Purple Hearts to abortionists and thugs who rape and murder old ladies. Any cop involved in this disgrace should be ashamed to show his or her face ever again. Instead, our ‘leaders’ are calling them up before the cameras for tributes.

    God help us.


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