Today’s Thoughts . . . Oct. 5, 2013

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Something interesting posted on Prison Planet today.badge licker picture

In Coolidge, Arizona, some parents complained when a uniformed, armed cop dropped off his kid at school.

From the article:

“In yet another sterling example of how the establishment has successfully brainwashed Americans into fearing firearms, a Coolidge, Ariz., police officer was asked not to wear his uniform when dropping off his daughter at school due to parents’ concerns over his gun.

Officer Scott Urkov was dropping his daughter off at the Entz Elementary School in Mesa when a student apparently saw his gun. The child later told his parents he had seen “a man at school with a gun,” prompting the parents to phone the school.”

(See article here).

The Prison Planet article criticizes the anti-gun animus this incident represented. But it then swerves off the road and into the authoritarian ditch with the following:

“Now parents are siding with the officer and asking whose idea it was to prevent an officer of the law from wearing the uniform meant to symbolize that he serves and protects the public.”

Italics added.

And then, this:

““Well I was a little surprised… I think that it’s his right to wear that in public,” one parent said, oblivious to Arizona’s open-carry laws. “Even if my kids saw that, I think they’d feel more protected to see a man in uniform at their school.””

Italics added, again.

In other words, people should be ok with armed government goons showing up at schools – and anywhere else. They can be trusted.

It’s only armed citizens that ought to worry people.

I was pretty dismayed to find a Prison Planet writer taking this stance – even if unconsciously. He may not even have realized his implicit deference to authority – by dint of it being authority.

After all, what else differentiated this cop from the other moms and dads dropping off their kids at school? Why should anyone be concerned about them being armed – if we ought not to be worried about a costumed man being armed?cop sucker 2

Because the costume signifies authority – and authority enjoys extra rights, superior to those of citizens.

We should feel safe when we see an armed, costumed agent of the state. He will protect us. But we – that is, us mundanes – cannot be trusted to protect ourselves. Mundanes with guns = danger. Note carefully: Merely to possess them. That is enough to warrant “concern.” And, of course, action.

That this odious notion has to be pointed out to a Prison Planet writer reveals just how mentally imprisoned most people are.

Mundane children are tossed out of school because they made a piece of Lego that looks like a gun. Or because they played with a toy gun at home. And any adult Mundane who carried a real gun – even if legally (AZ is open carry) can expect a streetside beatdown (or worse) by costumed and heavily armed goons.

Who will be lauded as “Heroes” by the very people they’re there to enslave.

Throw it in the Woods?


  1. This story sounds a lot like another from early this year: cops at a Denny’s restaurant in Belleville, Illinois, were asked to leave because they were openly carrying their guns as they normally would. (They were in plainclothes but clearly displayed badges.) Link:

    The restaurant quickly backed down after the police chief barred his “heroes” from going to that Denny’s and the story went viral.

    Now, food for thought: what’s to stop someone dressed as a cop from being the next school or mall or theater mass shooter? What will the “heroes” do then?

    • In Virginia, ex-cops (and former Commonwealth Attorneys) can legally concealed-carry in establishments where alcohol is served. A mundane with a CHP cannot – even if he is not drinking.

      A cop can unholster his gun – and point it at you – and suffer no legal repercussions whatsoever.

      A mundane risks being charged with “brandishing” for merely showing that he has a gun on him. If he unholsters it and points it at someone, it is a felony bust.

      A cop can shoot you with little if any justifiable cause – and very likely, will not be criminally prosecuted or even lose his job over it.

      If a Mundane shoots someone – even with abundant justification (see George Zimmerman) – he will almost certainly face lengthy criminal and civil prosecution and the strong likelihood of a prison sentence as well as financial ruin.

      • “In Virginia, ex-cops (and former Commonwealth Attorneys) can legally concealed-carry in establishments where alcohol is served. ”

        I guess they lobbied for this law because their jobs allow them to abuse people, and those people may nurse grudges. What do you think of a law that would prohibit former CAs from owning firearms or hiring bodyguards? A law like that might make that gang of assholes a little more careful about malicious and frivolous prosecutions.

        Even the absence of any law giving them exemptions from prohibitions on the RKBA of other citizens would help rein their asses in a little. Of course, a law that prohibited any former CA from holding any elected office whatsoever for life would probably thin the herd of fourth rate lawyers wanting to be prosecutors.

        In Virginia, the career path is up through the ranks as a CA, then state AG, then governor, then senator. The absolutye worst politicians are the former prosecutors who get elected on their “tough on crime” creds.

    • Dear ek,

      Now, food for thought: what’s to stop someone dressed as a cop from being the next school or mall or theater mass shooter? What will the “heroes” do then?


      In fact, I’ll raise you one.

      Given the increasingly common behavior of cops, what’s the difference between “a mass shooter dressed as a cop” and a “real cop?”

      • Bevin, such a mass shooting would never be reported by the mainstream media. It would ruin decades of conditioning. Can’t have a HEEERO depicted as a murderer, y’know. Think of the effect on the CHIIIIIILDREN.

        • No, no no, Ed – it WILL be reported – But MiniTruth will ensure that he was only PRETENDING to be a Cop.

          All the rest will be “Down the memory hole.”

          I was reading Wikipedia on 1984 yesterday, when I went looking for a name (Winston Smith).
          Goddamnit, we’re THERE.

          And people like my parents? They VOTED IT IN.
          Maybe I’m better off without much contact from them. 😛
          Statism is a disease, just not sure if it’s contagious – but memes develp the same way as virii.

  2. Today’s Thoughts . . . Oct. 7, 2013

    So… You’re Thinking of Giving Your Cat a Massage?

    Captain Kirk… is a… whiny…clover… costumed bitch!

    Mundanes get justice and revenge. District Justice Kelly S. Ballentine of Lancaster PA was removed from the bench for fixing her own parking ticket due to private citizen research.

  3. Today’s Thoughts . . . Oct. 6, 2013

    Larken Rose- “For anybody who doesn’t know, I’m not a Christian. But I very much agree with just about everything Jesus said. In fact, I can’t think of anything offhand I don’t agree with”

    Anarcho-Christianity – Larken Rose and Dann McCreary

    Many unjust government actions have been supported by self-professed Christians, such as Prohibition and the War on Drugs. These unjust laws are completely unjustifiable from a Biblical perspective.

    They are anti-Christian in every sense of the word. All government actions such as taxes are completely anti-Christian. Jesus was nothing if not a perfectly consistent libertarian – at least as it concerned His political ethic.

    From this Christians can get a clear picture as to what their objectives should be instead of “giving heed to deceiving spirits and doctrines of demons” as Paul put it (1 Tim. 4:1). False Christians should wake up to the tricks Satan has used throughout history to get people to support his empowerment.

    Those who believe need to renounce the use of force and walk in the clear light of liberty as Jesus commanded during his ministry. Jesus declared everyone to be a sovereign over his own domain, no aggression is justified unless they should violate another’s right of sovereignty over his domain.

    Jesus is an Anarchist (free-market/libertarian anarchist/anarcho-capitalist)

    • Coolest post ever, Tor.

      Anarcho-Christianity, – I like it.

      It’s a heck of a lot better than the uber-jerks who rule us now. I surmise, even the atheists would agree: They have a choice under one, under another, there is no choice.

      The problem is, the zombies of the free shtuff army. …I pity them.

      Bring it!

    • Exactly, so!

      My understanding of Jesus’ teaching is that, among other things, he advocated direct action. That is, if you wish to help the poor – then help the poor. Yourself. By your example, using your resources – voluntarily given in a genuine (because not coerced) act of human kindness.

      Meanwhile, so many Christians – at least the ones I know personally – obsess about gays. It’s their main hobby horse. That and being an uber-patriot who loves “freedom” – the freedom to do as you’re told, gladly.

      I’m not a Christian myself (never could parse a doctrine that asserts monotheism yet clearly has a pantheon of gods, plural) but I have read the Bible.

      Never found anything in there about “family values.” Not much about gays, either.

      • Eric,
        I don’t want to get into the Theology, simple answer is, Christians only see one “God” entity.
        That God can be “expressed” three ways (IE, the Trinity).
        God the Father: Old Testament, Lead by Force, Stern and Wrathful face of God.
        God the Son: New Testament, Lead by Service, Forgiving face of God.
        God the Holy Spirit: Acts of the Apostles, mostly, of the New Testament; Fortifying / strengthening face of God.

        Not three gods, but three different modes of expression.
        Like a verb: I Am. (Present) I was. (Past) I will. (Future)

        That’s the common “Many Gods” comment. St. Patrick’s response was to take a Shamrock, and illustrate the trinity to the Irish (Celts) that way: Three leaves, a single stem; a single plant.

        Now, a less-common version of the “many gods” is the saints. Saints are humans, not gods, not even demi-gods like Hercules. Conceptually, they’ve been bastardized, but that’s a HUMAN thing. 😉

        Sorry for the theology lesson, but – it serves as a good intro to something I wanted to mention; as you stated, “Meanwhile, so many Christians – at least the ones I know personally – obsess about gays. It’s their main hobby horse. That and being an uber-patriot who loves “freedom” – the freedom to do as you’re told, gladly.

        Yeah – a fair amount of that was what I say in my parents.
        Not so much gays – though that’s definitely in there.
        More – the charity aspect. As in human charity, actually.

        For Catholics, let alone Christians (IE, Catholics hew more to the doctrines or dogmas, whereas most other Christian sects have relaxed the rules), should there be more of the, “Living the Gospel”? More of the DIRECT ACTION? Getting your hands dirty? Not giving money to the charity so the CHARITY can “help the poor” (homeless / addicts / lesbian vampire nuns) 😉

        The giving is good – but by removing yourself from those you would help – insulating yourself- are you not the exact same as those Pharisees and Sadducees from Christ’s time? Or, like the Limousine Liberal, who lives behind gates and security guards in an all-white community, but decrees WE must live in a “DIVERSE”, “VIBRANT” community… With people who would like to steal from/rape/murder those who are FORCED to endure the predations without even recourse of arms?
        I know I’m not better at times; OTOH, I also know what it is to be judged by your parents and ALWAYS be found wanting – even at 38, now. To have anything but “proper” interest in the opposite sex means damnation. Calling a spade a spade, too, is verbotten. (So if she’s a whore – literally, a street-walking prostitute – you need to treat her like Virgin Mary herself. So – I was in the shit when I moved out, and had the girlfriend sleep over. My [adopted] sister? Never home, I know she’s slept with her boyfriends – she lived with us for a time – SHE is JUST FINE. )

        Maybe that sort of shit is why I’m so black-or-white about things. If it’s Evil – harms others – it must be punished. By me if necessary.
        But if it’s good, it must be protected – AGAIN, By Me. Evil will seek to corrupt the innocent. (I would know…)

        If it doesn’t hurt others – what’s the big deal? God The Father (even with the amelioration of Christ, as Forgiver) has damned us all. It’s a set of laws which you cannot follow, without breaking another law.
        Irish are especially damned, given love for drink, women, song, and fighting…
        We’re counting on God having a sense of humor – but if we go to hell, well – we’ll be too busy shaking hands with old friends to notice. 😉

        Laws are absolute. They exist for a reason, and apply to all – or they’re a farce. I hated the times as a child when the parents could do what they wanted – but I wasn’t allowed to do the same. Dad (and mom) can pick and choose which doctrines to follow; I have no such latitude.

        Either the doctrine is forgiveness and love of one’s fellow human – or the doctrine – by being Specific – promotes the very OPPOSITE, dividing humans into tribes and inciting war.

        Maybe I’m just ahead of the curve?

        BTW – “Family Values” in the Bible, especially the OT, involved a lot of sacrifice of children, slavery (and thus rape), families breaking apart and never seeing each other again… Makes one wonder WTF these people are actually promoting. Since there’s no PROFIT (Prophet? ) in getting it right – but LOTS to gain in the misery?

  4. LOL, like anyone should expect a zombie to be able to tell the difference between an aggressor with a gun, and a non-aggressor with a gun…

  5. Maybe we’re interpreting this incorrectly. Perhaps the parents who complained were actually objecting to having one of Leviathan’s armed thugs present at the school?

    OK, OK, that’s wishful thinking on my part, but hey.. 😉

  6. Amazing how the mind controllers have successfully divided, confused and conquered the the population. Now we get to battle over one arm of the state vs the arm of the state. The Prison Planet author should keep this in mind: it is all one state with one agenda.

    Alexandra Kollontai 1920
    Communism and the Family

    “Just as housework withers away, so the obligations of parents to their children wither away gradually until finally society assumes the full responsibility.

    Communist society considers the social education of the rising generation to be one of the fundamental aspects of the new life. The old family, narrow and petty, where the parents quarrel and are only interested in their own offspring, is not capable of educating the “new person”. The playgrounds, gardens, homes and other amenities where the child will spend the greater part of the day under the supervision of qualified educators will, on the other hand, offer an environment in which the child can grow up a conscious communist who recognises the need for solidarity, comradeship, mutual help and loyalty to the collective.

    Under capitalism children were frequently, too frequently, a heavy and unbearable burden on the proletarian family. Communist society will come to the aid of the parents. In Soviet Russia the Commissariats of Public Education and of Social Welfare are already doing much to assist the family. We already have homes for very small babies, creches, kindergartens, children’s colonies and homes, hospitals and health resorts for sick children. restaurants, free lunches at school and free distribution of text books, warm clothing and shoes to schoolchildren. All this goes to show that the responsibility for the child is passing from the family to the collective.”
    in Komunistka, No. 2, 1920, and in English in The Worker, 1920;
    Source: Selected Writings of Alexandra Kollontai, Allison & Busby, 1977;

  7. Funny how the govt. “shutdown” still has all the parasitic alphabet agencies: TSA, DEA, FBI, DHS, ATF, etc. ad infinitum up and running, making our daily existence as miserable as they can. Often wondered how many of these “public servants” would do their job for free; probably a few of the psychopaths would be happy to but most would need a way to pay their bills like the rest of us mundanes.
    Not so funny is how they’ve brainwashed the Clovers to be afraid of guns unless in the possession of a costumed thug and the ridiculous “zero tolerance” policies for any student with a toy gun, or even pointing your finger and saying bang. When I was a kid we played cowboys and Indians with cap guns (do they still exist?), some of which were pretty real looking and could be loud. I can just imagine Clovers shitting themselves if they ever saw that today; would probably hide under their beds and call 911 for a full SWAT team assault. Yes, the PTB have succeeded in brainwashing most of the Amerikan sheeple; I thank God for sites such as this and Lew Rockwell where I can see that not everyone has been turned into a zombie, helps keep me sane.

  8. Everyone has their favorite part of government. Some people believe cops will protect them from the “baddies.” Others think the only way to do basic science is through government grants and projects (, while still others are upset that they can’t visit the national parks, even though most of us never think about them until the media reminds us they are shut down.
    By showing that the police are also humans who reproduce and are “responsible fathers” who drive their kids to school (in a squad car? On work time?), people will be even more accepting of a cop who’s “just doing his job” when you get pulled over for a chicken-shit moving violation.

    I know this is a stretch to get on topic, but my point is that the government managed to make itself all things to all people, and at the same time is nearly universally hated by all people. It’s an amazing feat when you think about it, really only surpassed by cable and cell phone companies.

    Perhaps this is the measure of success of a monopoly.

    • Eric,

      you are absolutely correct how gov is ingrained in the psyche of the average boobus americanus. Completely marinated with fox news and cnn. The brilliance is the subtleness (word?). Ya think that this happened naturally or that tptb orchestrated this? Cant stomach the msm spewing all this drivel on how babies are starving, cancer patients cant get “treatment”, “hard working public servants” cant pay their bills, food is not safe, airplanes will fall out the sky, blah blah blah.
      I read an article on the cop thing and it said that the principle apologized and invited piggy to do a speaking at a special assembly at the school. Of course after the pledge of alliegance. Now that is indoctrination. First word I get of a cop doing a worship authority presentation at my 1st grade son’s school that will be a home day for sure.
      For a good chuckle and some great description go to and look up the word “government”. Some treasures in there.

    • “Everyone has their favorite part of government.”

      or, at least, most of us have our favorite parts of government that we love to hate.

      good points.

  9. From the article:

    “Officer Urkov vented his frustration on Facebook, saying “Nothing like your kids school calling and asking if I could not come to pick up my daughter in uniform cause parents were concerned when their kids came home telling them there was a man at school with a gun. Are you freaking kidding me?””

    Ahaha…. The porktard stammers, “but, but, but, I’M A HEEEEEEROOOOO!”

    The article would have been great if it had been about a donut muncher being tackled and disarmed by several “school resource officers” for coming to school armed.

    I agree, the author was off to a tire-burning start, then drove right into a ditch. It’s really kind of typical of Prison Planet articles, though.

    • Infowars and PP start out as the best news sites in the world, but don’t finish as strongly and completely as they could. I have a lot of small brain lesions from reading the Drudge Report, but only Jones Report brings the massive cranial hemorraging I come to depend on from Jones’ MK NAOMI Monarch Handler Home Page.

  10. In the Henry Ford article someone posted earlier, the Lew Rockwell author Karen De Coster also seems to be on the wrong side and against Ford’s ignorant “anti war bias.”

    “This Ford “quote moment” came about in May of 1916, when a Chicago Tribune reporter was questioning Ford about his posture against the buildup of the American military, and the reporter reminded Ford of the greatness of the British Empire’s military as it stopped Napoleon’s Army from crossing the English Channel.

    Ford replied: “The only history that is worth a tinker’s damn is the history we make today. History is more or less bunk. Wars do not end wars any more than an extraordinarily large conflagration does away with the fire hazard.”

    That seems like some of the smartest wordsmithing I’ve ever come across.

    Ford was the cruelest and most effective tyrant of all time. No one else has better cut American individuals down to Lilliputian size. If he saw 2 men working together and doing something they could be proud of, he put his minions right to work to make it something 4 morons could do faster and with little or no thinking or mechanical skill whatsoever.

    Damn he was good at being evil and always widening the gap between the few have-brains-and-skills and the many havenot-brains-and-skills.

    • Tor, It is not evil to find a way to make something so people can afford to buy it.

      The so-called elite ended up hating Henry Ford for making things affordable for regular people. They very much like it when things are scarce and very expensive because they take a lot of specialized labor, skill, and knowledge to correct.

      What moves us forward is to find ways to make things without the skills of craftsmen. Without the great cost. This has brought the standard of living of people up dramatically. Nothing else has put a dent into poverty the way making things better and cheaper year over year has done. Nothing. It could have erased poverty if government and its owners didn’t stop it.

      • I agree BrentP. The world enjoys its highest standard of living yet, the best thing is to uphold that as the highest value under the circumstance. We are close to the lone rangers of reason who get that here at

        The Henry Ford archetypes have delivered billions from the evils of poverty. Their methods have been perfected by East Asia. They are the rulers of the Americas. They are the dominant value system of the world. They are our true founders as of late.

        But there is no free lunch, so we should work to mitigate the downsides of Fordism. Follow the money of the Ford descendants, Rockefellers, and Blankenfeins that muscle in and crowd out the founding industrial magnates with cheaper labor mass produced copies that don’t function as advertised.

        Ford’s Eugenic ideas should be considered, his truths absorbed, his errors rejected. But we must call out and threaten to stop the motor of the world when wee see them detrimentally imposing population controls stealthily by force in the name of a war on poverty.

        Libertarians must stand armed and vigilant and call the Spades spades, not African American playing cards of color. Ford was one of the first to hire a lot of American Negroes, because he knew they were the greatest physical workhorses at a cheap price in the world. He greatly contributed to their becoming functionally literate and sufficiently socialized to adapt to mainstream American Culture. The black middle class is America’s proudest Gandhi moment, don’t lose that light in the glare of hip-hop hoodlum gold grill distractionism.

        A planet full of comfortable people free of poverty who know only a sliver of a production method and buy everything else from Walmart is a vast improvement. But we remain unsatisfied. Because we are the CIOs of capitalism. The chief intellectual officers, we recognize the hidden problems.

        We are concerned about the situational fragility. If no individuals know the techniques of mass production, nor posses the capital, nor can produce its machinery. Then we are potentially de facto slaves of our own prosperity. Featherless chickens clinging to the gears and axles of Henry Ford Stalin’s Chicken Plucking Factory Cartel.

        • Henry Ford eventually rejected notions other wealthy industrialists introduced him too. That’s the part of the tale that usually doesn’t get told. He really went against the grain of that crowd in the end.

          As to slaves of our prosperity, the problem is that we still have government. Cheaper-faster-better would be the game without the state’s interferences. We have the state’s interferences because it was there to be used by those on top who didn’t want to do the hard work of faster-cheaper-better.

      • Hi Brent,


        In addition to cars, another case in point is firearms. Today, almost anyone can own an extremely accurate, high-quality piece. One can go and buy a $20,000 hand-engraved artisan shotgun for the decorative factor, the prestige – but it doesn’t shoot any better than any of several excellent $600 shotguns.

        The same processes that Ford used to make the T both excellent – and affordable – have been applied to numerous products all-too-many of us take for granted.

        Before the T, cars were for the rich only.

        Just as at one point (not so long ago) if you wanted a really high-quality, accurate firearm, you used to have to pay through the nose for it.

        But not anymore.


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