Today’s Thoughts . . . Sept. 11, 2013

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911 fraud pictureMore Americans are beginning to ask questions about the modern Reichstag Fire – you know, the High Holy Day (of Authoritarianism) called nahhnlevven:

This is good – but also, worrying.

Reason? If the man (the men) behind the curtain are about to be unmasked, they may just become desperate. And desperate men do crazy (by our standards) things. Is it really stretching the envelope of credulity to believe that the same people who have been forced to admit that TWA 800 was not an accident, who assert the authority to kill anyone they deem a “terrorist” (according to their definition), who nacht und nabel people into dungeons, to be held there (and tortured) for years .. might not try something a bit larger scale, if they felt it necessary to maintain their position?

I don’t.

I’m holding my breath, in fact. Because I believe we are perched on the razor’s edge. I think it is entirely possible that the evil psychopaths who control the levers of power will do something to preserve their power – by re-instilling the fear and mass hysteria that follows an event such as nahhnlevven. That fear and hysteria has dissipated considerably over the past several years. Nahhnlevven was 12 years ago – a long time to maintain the fever pitch necessary to ram through such things as “Homeland” Security and the “Patriot” Act.

Things may be coming to a head, folks.

Better buckle up.


    • Indeed, Gary.

      It’s another honest language issue.

      “We” aren’t going to attack Syria. The got-damned government – those who control official violence – will.

      It is imperative to always correct people/make this point whenever it’s necessary to do so.

  1. The PTB must be really pissed that they can’t get their war going in Syria, but they’ll keep trying. I think you’re spot on Eric, they’ll cook up another false flag to whip up the Amoricons and then shut down the internet so only their approved propaganda goes out. Also need to make sure boobus amoriconus can still watch football and Amoricon Idol….what trash! I want to throw up every time the promo for “Big Brother” comes on; those narcissists actually like being watched 24/7, bet not one of them ever read 1984 or even knows who George Orwell was. Hope they enjoy the cameras around the FEMA camps they’ll eventually end up at.

    • Without a doubt they will Mike. Who else but a drug crazed bunch of kids with guns would push some internal civilian deaths to the point of this:

      Russia’s Moskva missile cruiser, dubbed a “carrier-killer” by NATO, has passed through the Straits of Gibraltar and is now heading toward the eastern Mediterranean to assume command of the Russian naval force there.

    • Amen, Mike.

      I wonder whether it has occurred to many people that a deliberately intended purpose of that show, Big Brother, was (is) to acclimate/normalize/”mainstream” surveillance? To subtly condition a mass audience that it’s cool to be watched? To use the infantile narcissism of the average Amoricon to over-ride those old-fashioned notions of privacy (and self-respect)?

      • I’ll be a positive contrarian and suppose that Brezensky is giving an idol threat when he said its easier to kill a million people then to control them. The thing is that what we go going for us is their ego and history, and what we got going against us is their ego and history. The fact that they have for so many years controlled the mass consent, means that they will try this route over mass death to the peons. They still have vivid memories when everyone ate out of their lunch bucket, they want it back and feel its attainable based on the past. There lies the issue of the internet, its vulnerable to their greedy F’in fingers. All they need is a license to use it, because of the threat of terrorism and there end the indendent and hence honest news. The internet MUST be contained for their own control and safety. They may not kill us in masses on a mass scale, but create as you stated another terrorist false flag to justify the central power to censor once again. Answer: Stay out of the cities unless you want to take a chance that yours is the one they choose to be sacraficed.

  2. Ohhhhh the pain the Ministery of Truth (N.P.R.) is feeling today. Reporting on Colorado voters, for the first time in history, kicking the hell out of 2 the anti-gun politician Senate lords, put it this way:

    “Senate President John Morse and Sen. Angela Giron both lost their jobs in an election seen as a national measure of popular support for gun legislation.

    I love the “LOST: part, like my car keys are LOST. And the “SEEN AS A MEASURE OF POPULAR SUPPORT FOR GUN LEGISLATION”. I can’t even twist taffy that hard.

    • “I can’t even twist taffy that hard.”

      No shit. If one of those NPR writers twisted his dick that hard, it would break off in his hand.


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