Florida Heroes Bash Woman’s Face to Mush

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Watch these two fat porker thugs bash in the face of a woman half their size:

The Tallahassee Democrat obtained footage of 44-year-old Christina West’s arrest, some of which can be seen above.

State Attorney Willie Meggs called the footage “very disturbing.”

“I am extremely upset,” Meggs told the Democrat. “This is a very disturbing situation to me, and I’m dealing with it.”

Meggs also told WCTV that the video was “one of the most disturbing videos” he’s ever seen.

A spokesperson for the Tallahassee Police Department did not immediately respond to a request for comment from The Huffington Post. The Democrat reports that there is an internal investigation underway.

WTSP reports that West, who was arrested on DUI and battery on a law-enforcement officer charges, was treated for “a broken orbital bone, along with a swollen eye, bloody nose and cuts to her arms and legs,” that came as a result of the arrest.

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  1. Somebody should make a registry that documents all the police officers that do this. Kind of like the sex offender registry. That way this shit follows the officer around for the rest of their life.

  2. Pensacola, Florida Heroes shoot 60 year old man 15 times they mistook for a car thief in his own driveway


    Civil Rights Leader Meet Regarding Roy Middleton

    Escambia County Sheriff David Morgan sided with his deputies, saying that the use of force and firing of 15 shots at Middleton was appropriate because he had failed to immediately comply with their orders.

  3. 44 most wanteds in Scottsbluff County NE. Population of this county: 37,044. If you extrapolate to the entire USA population, there are 8,530 x 44 = 375,320 most wanteds in America.


    About 2.9% of adults in the U.S. (or 1 in every 34
    adults) were under some form of correctional
    supervision at year-end 2011, (Probation, Prison, Parole, Jail)
    That means 6,899,100 of 237,900,000 adult Americans are on probation, in prison, on parole, or in jail.


    During 2010, the number of persons under supervision of adult correctional authorities was 7.1 million at year end.
    About 7 in 10 persons under the supervision of adult correctional systems were supervised in the community (4,887,900) on probation or parole at year end 2010, while about 3 in 10 were incarcerated (2,266,800) in local jails or in the custody of state or federal prisons.
    – – – – –

    About 14 million people were in the Gulag labor camps from 1929 to 1953. A further 6-7 million were deported and exiled to remote areas of the USSR, and 4-5 million passed through labor colonies. The total population of the camps varied from 510,307 in 1934 to 1,727,970 in 1953.


    The convicts in such camps were actively involved in all kinds of labor with one of them being logging. The working territory of logging presented by itself a square and was surrounded by forest clearing. Thus, all attempts to exit or escape from it were well observed from the four towers set at each of its corners.

    When investigating the shooting of these “escaping” prisoners, the position of the dead body was usually the only factor considered. That the body would lie with its feet to the camp and its head away from it was considered sufficient evidence of an escape attempt. As a result, it was common practice for the guards to simply adjust the position of the body after killing a “runner” to ensure that the killing would be declared justified.

  4. ““I am extremely upset,” Meggs told the Democrat. “This is a very disturbing situation to me, and I’m dealing with it.””

    Notice how the prosecutor makes it all about HIS feelings. Yo’, Willie. This ain’t about you and your fat ass. You know full well that you won’t prosecute these cops. Quit your fucking whining.

    • Yup.

      People (more people) need to ask: Why is assault under color of law permissible? Or more tolerated than it would be if committed by an ordinary citizen? If anything, cops ought to be held to a much higher standard of conduct as regards the use of physical violence – as in, only allowable when it’s clear there was no alternative and their physical safety was clearly in peril.

      Such was obviously not the case here.

    • It’s chilling. That judge speaking as one of the noblemen. It’s as if one of his knights has disgraced his good name, and sullied the good Kings peace in his noble realm.

      This dog killing by a pig is graphically captured


      It occurs in Lyman Nebraska, population 432. Lyman is part of Scottsbluff statistical area, population 15,039. Middle of nowhere Nebraska panhandle near the border of Wyoming. It’s frightening how powerless we are. And how sociopathic they are. Even is such a small town.


      Here is a statement of the wife of one of Lyman’s Swinest. I shudder to think what kind of rotten maggot-infested womb drippings oozed forth from this Borg Queen as she was writing this:

      I have little patience for people who lie and purposely and maliciously cause emotional distress for others. I have chosen to share what has been going on in my life for the last month with the hope that you will join me in supporting law enforcement officers.

      My name is Beth Still and I am the wife of Kris Still, a Scotts Bluff County deputy sheriff. I have been married to Kris for nearly 19 years and during this time I have gotten to know quite a few of the deputies and their families. One of the deputies that I have gotten to know well is Ray Huffman. He and my husband work very closely together at the department and during the last 13 years we have come to think of Ray as family.

      On September 22, Ray was working a part-time job as a patrol officer in Lyman, Nebraska. He came across a Rottweiler that had managed to escape from his kennel. There are two articles as well as a statement from the attorney who represents the Village of Lyman linked on the right side of this blog so I will not go into too much detail here. In a nutshell, Ray tried to get the dog to go back to his kennel. The dog lunged at him so he used pepper spray to subdue him. When the dog lunged at him again he shot the dog with his duty pistol. The shooting, while sad, was completely justified. Ray is kind, calm, and controlled. He is not the vicious monster that he has been made out to be.

      Raul Ayala was the owner of the dog. Within hours of this incident, a Facebook group was set up to give people a place to lend support to the family. While there are some people on the site who have genuinely supported the family, there are many others who have used the site to promote their own agenda and personally attack Ray, other law enforcement officers and government officials. Most recently, a couple of people have harassed and attacked me on this Facebook group. They frequently accuse me of commenting on various sites using a variety of aliases.

      This group of people continuously demand “justice” and make bold statements about having the right to speak their minds yet they are quick to bully and attack everyone that does not agree with them. The Newton family has been very outspoken on the Facebook group. It is evident that Tyler Newton is the driving force behind the group. Tyler and others have accused both Ray and another law enforcement officer of being “murderers.” They have gone after Ray with a vengeance, not because they care so much about the dog, but because they are hell-bent on getting revenge. They believe Ray murdered one of their family members back in 1997. The summary of the case is linked to the right of this post. Ray was never charged with anything and the case was dismissed from civil court twice. Ray was also never demoted to a desk job like they claim.

      (There is a link to the video of the dog getting shot in the next paragraph. It is footage from surveillance cameras that was re-recorded on a cell phone. It contains language that is offensive.)

      The “evidence” against Ray, when taken out of context, is quite damning at first glance. The owners of the dog released a video clip taken by one of eight (yes, eight) surveillance cameras at their home that they claim shows Ray shooting the dog multiple times as it was running away from him. However, if you watch the video very closely you will see that by the time the dog appears in the clip he has already been shot. Once Ray and the dog come into view Ray only fires one more shot. The owner of the dog provided the Star-Herald a copy of the necropsy which stated, “Wounds were in the upper left front leg, right pectoral area, two wounds were in the thorax and one wound, caused by a “bullet trail” was present on the right cheek.” This report is consistent with Ray’s version of the incident. The family and their “spokesperson” claim that video taken from a different angle proves that Ray murdered their dog. I think the video, if any other footage exists at all, will show an aggressive dog lunging at Ray and how he had to use deadly force to protect himself.

      A few closing thoughts……
      There is no “dog catcher” in Lyman. As is the case in many small towns, the police officers are responsible for animal control.
      Ray turned in the report of this incident prior to the end of his shift on September 22. The police are not required to turn over ANY report with the exception of accident reports. A representative from Ayala’s legal team will have to make that request.
      So many people have accused Ray of getting rid of “crime scene evidence” because he hosed the blood off the patio. What evidence could possibly have been gained from the blood? He never tried to hide what happened. He was trying to save the family the pain of having to see the blood. The body of the dog was placed in the yard just feet away from where he died.
      Police officers must make decisions in the blink of an eye. It is very easy to criticize them and say what they should have done differently when you are sitting in the comfort of your living room.
      Look at the facts before making a judgement call. Ayala was given one week after filing a complaint with the Village of Lyman to provide evidence that Ray committed a crime. Nothing was provided so there was no investigation because there was nothing to investigate. You can’t cry foul and say there is a cover-up if YOU are the one withholding evidence that you claim proves Ray murdered your dog in cold blood!

      This blog is our place where we can support Ray and other law enforcement officers. Please feel free to leave positive comments for these wonderful people who put their lives on the line each day to protect and serve us. I have the blog set to accept anonymous comments so you can protect your identity if you need to do so. All you need to do to leave a comment is click the button below that says comments. Select “Anonoymous” from the dropdown menu.

      THANK YOU to each one of you who works so hard to make western Nebraska a safe place to live.

  5. Pig squeals regarding this video on policeone:

    Nothing to see here really, whore did not comply after several chances, then she spun around and resisted, they took her to the ground, and cuffed and stuffed her….good arrest, minimum forced used.

    You’ll be the typical coward that smiles in our faces and acts respectful while we’re dealing with your problem, but the second we’re gone, you’ll jump on these threads and spew your vitriol. What you apparently don’t realize is that we all know what hypocritical cowards most of you are. We expect it. Fear and jealousy is nothing new with you people.

    Karma is going to deal you a hard one day cop hater, and when it happens, it will be a cop staring down your blood and broken body, trying to help you. Even though he/she has no clue you are a poor excuse for a human being.
    – – – – – –

    – Nacht und nebel is in full effect now. What is significant in life is only the goals and decrees of the American state. Night & fog decrees written and unwritten are all to be ruthlessly enforced. There is only immediate total compliance, or being violently smashed to the ground.

    Pigs and Sheeple alike have totally disconnected from reality. They are holy warriors of the sacred state. They’re intellectual twins of fevered Islamists who sanction every increased brutalization protocol with Allahu Akbar and no human reasoning whatsoever.

    Nacht Und Nebel

    Night and Fog Decree Translations

    • Morning, Tor!

      The most revealing comment the porker made was:

      “…You’ll be the typical coward that smiles in our faces and acts respectful while we’re dealing with your problem”

      Italics added.

      Ah, but is it really “cowardly” to “smile in our faces and act respectfully” when one cannot do otherwise without inviting a brutal – and legal – response against which one cannot legally defend against?

      Somehow, I expect that the smiles and respectful treatment will vanish the moment the gun – and legal sanction to murder us – does.

      • One terrifying turd they are already starting to taste in their feeding troughs? The slop is thin, nothing but pink slime and soyburger.

        No more fancy Pig Pensions and Cadillac Hog health care. They’re seeing their promised caviar benefits disappear under municipal bankruptcies and will end up eating surplus cheese sandwich – social medicine and social security just like all the rest of us animal farmers.

  6. Ah, just put them on two days paid administrative leave and call us in the morning. pssh..

    They pulled this woman back out of the car with the sole intent of fucking her ass up. Another perfect example of a day in the life for pussy ass cops.

    • This video reveals the sadism that’s rampant among cops.

      Each of those guys appeared to be 220-plus pounders. That woman was maybe 150 (and in her 40s).

      What was done was totally, obviously gratuitous. She was clearly not armed. Clearly not capable of physically “resisting” in any meaningful way – i.e., she had zero chance of over-powering or even harming either cop. She was not a feral ghetto thug; just a boozed up suburban chick. No threat at all.

      And, she was in the frackin’ car. They forced her to get out just so they could administer some physical punishment.


      • Dear Eric,

        I left a comment at the YT vid.

        Bevin Chu 1 second ago

        Official Fairy Tale: Hard working peace officers are forced to subdue an uncooperative DUI suspect who posed a danger to herself and to others.

        The Ugly Truth: Sociopaths who sought “careers in law enforcement” knowing it would sanction their sadistic behavior nearly murder an unarmed soccer mom half their size.

        The saddest thing about it?

        Most ‘Muricans perpetuate this victimization, minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day, year by year, by believing in the Myth of Authority.

        They falsely believe that through some mysterious, unexplained, magical process, total strangers they don’t know from Adam, have the right to do this sort of thing to them, but they have no right to resist, merely because they were dressed in costumes, wore badges, and called themselves “The Police.”

        It’s flat out undeniable. We would be safer without ANY cops. This is not even a question anymore.

        Historians have shown that the “Wild West” was not nearly as wild as depicted. But even if it were, wouldn’t any of us prefer it to what happened to that poor woman? Wouldn’t we prefer a lawless society that would at least not prosecute us for fighting back?

        • “Through some mysterious, unexplained, magical process, total strangers they don’t know from Adam, have the right to do this sort of thing to them, but they have no right to resist, merely because they were dressed in costumes, wore badges, and called themselves “The Police.”

          That is the root of the evil. Costumization. Over in East Asia, it seems to me, your face, skin, and languages are your costumes. Thousands of years collectivist subjugations have purged all but the most insignificant outliers and dissenters. Each Han Chinese is hard-wired to demand Han Chinese-dness from his fellow Hans, regardless of the state and social system.

          For the last one hundred years, they’ve been hard at it, making a standard American. No matter how violent, wasteful, idiotic the American is, they send him on down the conveyor belt. All they care about is raising a mass produced, non-deviational, Model A American. One they can bark orders in one Language, from one TV, one Radio, one Magazine, one Newspaper, one Pulpit, one Store, one Boss, one Wife, one Kid, one Parent, one City, one State, one Country, one Alliance. There is one History, one Future, one Government, one Morality, one Neighborhood, one Team, one Standard, and one Reality.

          Recent utopian attempts to equalize wealth or power haven’t helped, old costumes merely exchanged for new costumes. America is free of Kings and Dukes. Americans kneel before no House of Tudor, Lancaster, or York. Americans pledge no fealty to any military commander, or corporate leader. Less than 1% of all property is private property. Everything here is public property, but they are careful to never shatter the illusion that public property can be taken away and horded at anytime. Americans are clueless to how nakedly poor they really are, and how easy it is for any foreigner with even a modest amount of real property to utterly dominate the landless, propertyless, shiny trinket hordeing American peasants.

          Americans rich bourgeoise and poor boughetto alike are servants of the Police State Proletariat. They can not live without access to the vast sustaining wealth and infrastructure that is controlled by the Proletariat. Americans must genuflect before a dictatorship of the Proletariat, by the Proletariat, for the Proletariat. Those in explicit and implicit authority all know and sustain each other, they assume their elaborate LARP roles, and blythely ignore the immorality of destructiveness of it all. They know that they control such vast wealth and unending streams of state spending, that they can behave as Gods before the dirty, powerless, mere mortal mundanes.

          Our fathers don’t need dad costumes, our mothers don’t wear mom badges. We know our friends and enemies on sight. You should never respect or acknowledge any kind of costume.

          My auto mechanic has proven he knows my car. His corporate auto-dealer name-tagged jumpsuit has nothing to do with what makes him valuable to me. If I have to switch to a different mechanic, he is at square one, no matter what costume he is wearing.

          – tolerate no tricks. dispense no treats. Halloween is for 5 year olds.

          • Dear eric,

            “She was not a feral ghetto thug; just a boozed up suburban chick.”

            Exactly right.

            There’s a Chinese expression for this behavior.


            qī shàn pà è
            “bully the weak, fear the evil”

            Funny how these “hero cops” cower outside during school shootings, and only “get tough” with defenseless Mere Mundanes.

        • In a “Wild West” world the problem children causing any real problems to others, especially women, would be short lived and self extinguishing. Taxpayer money would not be required.

    • “They pulled this woman back out of the car with the sole intent of fucking her ass up. ”

      True, that. If the woman has any men in her family, those assholes should be shaking in their jackboots.

      • I was talking to Eric about this video on the way into work this morning. This stuff really bothers me a lot. Premeditated malicious wounding is what it is.

    • “They pulled this woman back out of the car with the sole intent of fucking her ass up. ”
      Or to exchange handcuffs and put her in the vehicle that would transport her. Still way too much force. Verbalization and noncompliance are no justification for what we saw. This also demonstrates the (sometimes folly) of pain compliance techniques. many people just focus on the pain and are unable to comprehend the compliance part, and then the moron cop just twists harder. They remain stuck in a loop of pain infliction and inaction.

  7. Pigs feel compelled to abuse a smaller woman “just because”? When oh when are we finally going to see people do to these fuckers the same thing they’ve done to us on a daily basis.? When can we finally call being a cop a disgraceful career choice?

    • Hi MoT,

      The first is already happening (i.e., “When can we finally call being a cop a disgraceful career choice?”)

      I find that, when I make anti-cop comments these days, most of the people listening nod and agree. Including some older people I know. And all of the people I’m referring to are like me – middle-class types, never “in trouble” with “the law.” The type who used to support legitimate peace-keeping (and still would, if such a thing existed) but who have come to dread and despise much of what modern “law enforcement” has come to represent.

      Th second will follow soon enough, I suspect.

  8. Prosecute the street cops for assault under “color of law”, which makes them personally liable, and fire the police chief for malfeasance in office.


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