Latest Radio: Bryan Hyde Show 08/15/2023

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Here’s the audio of this week’s talk with my friend Bryan Hyde, host of the Bryan Hyde Show in Utah! We talked about the latest serial indictment of the Orange Man vis-a-vis the serial grift and treason of the Thing that shambles around the house that’s white:

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  1. The CO2 warming effect is almost all in the first 20ppm because CO2 warming goes down as an inverse logarithmic saturation effect:

    Ice age CO2 normally varies 180 ppm in the ice age, and 280 ppm in the interglacial, that is far enough out on the curve that the effects of the sun and orbital cycles outweigh any CO2 forcing.

    Less than 100 people on the planet understand the Pleistocene megafauna wipeout was caused by low CO2, CO2 dipped all the way down to 140 ppm, plants died, then animals died. That is a little known secret almost not a soul knows.

    Match up low CO2 in chart above, with dead animal timeline below:

    (Be sure to check reverse horizontal time scale as geologist often present charts with now to the far left)

    During the ice age, farming is not possible when CO2 goes below 240 ppm

    The industrial age started with CO2 at 280 ppm, at bare recovery levels.

    Plant growth rate has doubled in the last 50 years from rising CO2, and will double again in this century, look up plant growth rate vs. CO2 concentration.

    Plants stop growing at 200 – 220 ppm

    Animals die off with CO2 below 180 ppm.

    During the last ice age, everything was cold and dead, and dust storms raged, see purple line for EPIC dust data. Ice ages are deadly events for life forms.

    So, anyone who understands the geologic history of CO2, as presented in my most excellent charts for the layman, CO2 is still near it’s all time lows. Plants are growing faster as CO2 goes up because most of earth’s history CO2 was much higher, above 1,000 ppm (which is twice as high as now, 415 ppm).

    Most of earth’s history CO2 was above 3,000 ppm and life thrived. Humans came on the scene during CO2 starvation.

    We didn’t even start farming until the ice melted and CO2 has recovered for us to farm at 240 ppm.


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