Latest Radio: Bryan Hyde Show 03/01/2023

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Here’s the audio of my weekly talk with Bryan Hyde, host of the Bryan Hyde Show! We talked about the importance of Keeeeeeeeeeeeev, the dishonest coverage of EeeeeeeeVeeees and other such heresies:

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  1. Hey Eric,

    I’m not impressed with Adams’ mea culpa, because it is not an honest apology. It is a self serving belated recognition of the obvious (if looking), coupled with condescension to all of us who did get it right. “It was just a coin flip”. “We” only got it right because of luck and a contrarian attitude. Sorry, but Fuck him. He is just another purveyor of the actual “Big Lie”. “Nobody could have known, information wasn’t available, we had good intentions and did our best, etc…” Information was available, “we” didn’t stumble onto it by luck. We did research, we read highly qualified and credible scientists, we noticed that these people were slandered and cancelled. We watched as Fauci, Collins, Birx, Tedros, etc… lied, repeatedly and provably. We saw the court stenographers parrot these lies and gleefully participate in the smearing of far more credible, accomplished and decent scientists than the hacks who dominated corporate media. No, it wasn’t a “coin flip”.

    I feel sympathy for those who were terrified and duped, but none for the architects of this tyranny. Many of the victims actively participated in egregious behavior; they called us granny killers, ignorant, selfish, anti-science, etc… Self serving “apologies”, calls for amnesty and the whitewashing of history are not good enough because, if we accept this, nothing will have been learned, and they will do it again.

    I recently received a beautiful and heartfelt apology from my mother in law, a former member of the Covidian cult. This is how you do it, have the humility and decency to admit you were wrong. In return, we will embrace you and accept the apology, with love and forgiveness.

    “Dear Jeremy,

    I have been thinking about you every day and actually doing the Ho ‘o pono pono Prayer…”I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you.” because I really mean how sorry I am that I was so angry with you over your stand on the covid vaccines….your politics… but mostly over the vaccine. This issue has pulled families and the country apart and I feel that is exactly what it was intended to do.

    I am grateful that you managed to accept and forgive me and that we – you and Sarah and me – stayed together as a family. But it still fills me with shame that I was so sure of my own point of view and opinions – that I was unwilling to listen to another side of the story.

    The “other side” is gaining momentum but it is too late for so many people and that makes me feel sad and responsible.

    Anyway – dear Jeremy. I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you.


    This brought me to tears when I read it.

    I replied,

    “Dear Rhea,

    Thank you so much. I teared up reading your email, your apology means the world to me. You are correct, the issue has pulled families apart, destroyed friendships and divided the country and, as difficult as it is to accept, it was intentional. Not from the people who were harmed by the non-stop propaganda campaign of fear and division forced upon the world, but by those who pushed it. I think that many on “your side” (at least initially) would be surprised that most on “our side” want to embrace, love and forgive those who were harmed by this narrative, and considered us the enemy. But, we do need people to understand that what happened was wrong, and acknowledge it. Thank you for acknowledging this.

    I admire you greatly, and always have. Yes, some things you said were hurtful. But I always believed that you would come to understand that I, and others like me, were not acting out of selfishness or irrational truculence.

    Thank you dear Rhea, I love you”.


    Anyway, I hope people find this inspiring, I certainly did.


  2. Your host says he doesn’t see good guys on either side. That reflects a profound lack of knowledge of why this war is being fought, why it was started, who is actually behind this war and why the Khazar mob is so damn desperate to keep Ukraine. Here are some key points (and BTW I am a neutral researcher, not taking sides):

    1. Jewess Victoria Nuland was the central figure who worked under Hillary Clinton and Obama who instigated the overthrow of the democratically elected government of Ukraine in 2014, which led eventually gay demon Jew Zelensky rise to power as the puppet dictator, who was supported by the Jewish Ukrainian oligarch Igor Kolomoisky.

    (Note: the Jewish oligarchs were carpet bagging Ukraine after the Soviet Union collapse, in other words Ukraine was being raped by Jews with help of the US Democratic leadership, see Hunter Biden, Chris Heinz, Mitt Romney son, Paul Pelosi, and Bursima holdings)

    2. The United States had long supported to destroy Russia via Ukraine in a proxy war, and war arming Ukraine to the teeth, and had 30 biolabs in Ukraine aimed at a huge biological war at Russia. This was the primary strategy the Rand came up with to destroy Russia.

    The United States had long sought to collapse and balkanize Russia and take it’s resources (see article and map):

    See Minsk agreements. Zelensky Admits He Never Intended to Implement Minsk Agreements. German chancellor Angela Merkel said Minsk agreement was a ploy to stall for time as Ukraine built up forces.

    3. Top United States officials had their hand in the Ukraine cookie jar, the Biden family, Heinz, Pelosi were personally being compensated by a money laundering operation, and part of this was exposed by the Jewish Sam Bankman Fried fund collapse.

    4. China, which backs up to eastern Russia has taken Russian’s side in the war for two main reasons, first China has invested billions in the Belt and Road Initiative, which it’s northern routes go through both Moscow and Tehran. And since the USA wants to both destroy Russia then China, it is in China’s national interest to support Russia so that it doesn’t lose and get balkanized. The west covets the vast mineral resources of Russia.

    5. The United States committed and act of war against Russia with the destruction of Nordstream gas pipeline that goes into Germany. This illegal and reckless act could lead to one of the most spectacular backfires of all time – the break up of NATO and the dissolution of the EU. (Germany is the backbone of the EU and blowing Nordstream was sabotage to the German manufacturing based on cheap Russian gas.)

    NORD STREAM: Seymour Hersh Discusses Explosive Report With Gerald Celente

    The bottom line is that the United States has been the aggressor during the entire timeline of the Ukraine tragedy, almost all the men of Ukraine have been sacrificed for International Jewry and their money operations. Over 250,000 lives killed by Jews and there political influence.

    So far, $190 BILLION has been stolen from the Amerikan taxpayers to fund this criminal operation in Ukraine. (Unelected Biden and Zelensky are the bad guys, actually they are Satanically evil) and Putin and Russia have every right to defend themselves from western Jewish ZOG aggression.

    (The Demoncraps said they did not have the monies for Trump’s border wall, but now have blown so much money that every state could of gotten 4 BILLION, that is enough for Arizona to build a 10 meter high wall adorned with gold paint.)


    Every red line is being intentionally crossed, the west can not quit Ukraine, ask yourself why. Why is Biden risking nuclear armaggedon over Ukraine?

    Jews have a thing for Ukraine, what is it that make Ukraine so valuable to them?

    1. Child trafficking

    2. Organ harvesting

    3. Money laundering (see Burismagate)

    4. Greater Israel (Khazar homeland)

    5. Sex trafficking to Israel

    6. Controlling gas line from Russia to Europe. Just like Iraq and Syria, the energy resource is coveted by Jews. They don’t want to just tax the transport of natural gas through Ukraine, they want to literally take control of the resource and build a Khazar empire (like what Saudi Arabia has).

    Thus it is very obvious to any Jew wise researcher, the Jews who control the west want to destroy Russia and take their resources. They don’t want just a cut, they want it all. Now that China has entered the war on Russia’s side, that has a zero probability. China has immense manufacturing capability to build any armament in infinite quantities, and if necessary even send in armed forces including North Korea’s huge army.


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