CA and the Free EV

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If you can’t afford an EV – and you live in CA, one of several states that have all-but-banned anything that’s not an EV – don’t worry!

CA will buy you an EV.

To the tune of $27,000.

It’s enough, just about to buy a brand-new Nissan Leaf or Chevy Bolt, the only two EVs currently available that cost less than about $35,000 to start.

Of course, it’s not actually CA that’s buying these EVs. It is the people who pay taxes in CA (and elsewhere) who fund the programs, including the state and federal tax kickbacks that aren’t kicked back to people who don’t “buy” an EV. They are the ones who pay for the shortfall in tax revenue used to pay for other people’s EVs, so that those other people can “afford” what they aren’t paying for.

Think of it as Obamaphone on wheels.

But also think of it is a scam – like the EV, itself. As well as a confession.

It is a scam, but not in the usual sense, though it is also that.

People who cannot afford EVs are led to believe the state – or the feds, or some combination of the two – will in fact buy them an EV, or the greater portion of one. But in fact, they first have to earn enough taxable income to get the kickbacks – and most don’t. The federal and state kickbacks only kick in – or back – if one has paid enough in. If not, there’s nothing. And the ones who do get something are still not getting anything. These suckers are paying themselves, with money taken first and then (partially) given back.

That’s the kind of “assistance” one gets from government.

As far as the confession part, that part ought to be obvious. EVs still cost so much that even those who do earn a lot of money – the kickbacks are available to people earning up to $150,000 or about twice the average two-earner income in this country – “qualify” for kickbacks on new EVs.

Put another way, even the rich have to be bribed – with their own money – to get them to buy EVs.

What does this say about EVs?

It is not necessary to bribe people who earn $150,000 annually with some of their own money to get them to buy Tahoes. One of those can easily cost twice as much as an EV such as the Leaf or Bolt. And yet, Tahoes sell. Or rather, each on is purchased – without any “assistance” from the government.

Why do EVs continue to need such “assistance”?

It is almost 16 years since the first modern EV – Tesla’s roadster – became available. And almost 16 years after that EVs still cannot stand on their merits, clear evidence that these are lacking. If it were not so, EV would no longer require “assistance.”

QED, as the eggheads say.

In fact, EVs require more “assistance” because they have become more rather than less expensive and so even fewer people can afford them, without “assistance.” (Yes, Tesla has temporarily lowered its prices – because Tesla can afford to internally subsidize its cars, a subject for another time.)

How many years after its first year of availability did the Ford Model T – or the Ford Model A – require “assistance” in order to sell? The answer is – none. It sold like gangbusters, immediately.

Was it necessary to dangle tax-kickbacks in front of people in order to induce them to buy a VW Beetle or a Honda Civic, when either of those first came out?

Sixteen years is Methuselean in automotive terms.

It encompasses about twice the typical new model’s lifetime in production, by which is meant that – typically – a brand-new car that comes out this year will receive a “refresh” four years from now and by the time it is eight years old it will be ready to be replaced by an all-new model. Very few cars remain in production unchanged for more than about eight years, unless they are extremely successful – as measured by lots of people buying them without having to be bribed (with some of their own money) to buy them.

An excellent – and tragic – example of the latter being the Dodge Charger/Challenger siblings, neither of which has been changed much since 2011, just three years after the first Tesla became available. The current Charger/Challenger are thus twelve years old – or rather, have been in production, essentially unchanged, for all that time. It has not been necessary to change them to get people to buy them, without any “assistance” from the government.

Just as it was unnecessary for VW to change the old Beetle much for much longer than that. It was still being made – in Mexico – as recently as 2002 and would almost certainly have continued to be made and made available here, were it not for the “assistance” of government.

The same “assistance” that is forcing the Charger/Challenger off the market.

Every successful vehicle has not required the “assistance” of government. It is only the failures that require it.

Indefinitely, apparently.

. . .

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  1. Ape News cheers on the EeeVee follies:

    ‘Last week, GM sent a squadron of EVs from the Detroit area to Michigan’s chilly Upper Peninsula.

    ‘Despite stopping to charge twice on the way, a GMC Hummer pickup, with around 329 miles of [rated] range per charge, made the 315 mile trip to Sault Ste. Marie with only about 35 miles left, barely enough to reach GM’s test facility.

    ‘After finding a charging station out of order at a grocery store, engineers went to a nearby hotel to get enough juice to finish the trip.

    ‘Some automakers and drivers fear lower battery range in the cold could limit acceptance of electric cars, trucks and buses. There is hope. Scientists are racing to perfect new battery chemistries that don’t lose as much energy in cold weather as today’s lithium-ion systems.’

    There is also hope that ‘scientists’ will fall flat on their faces in their attempt to improve cold-weather range, as EeeVee Fever comes a cropper. Losers!

    • Yeah, charge it twice while freezing your a** off the whole time. Yeah, no thanks. I would rather make the journey in one trip no stops and be able to keep warm, too. Gosh, what a concept.

  2. Here’s an earnest paean to EeeVees from the Slimes of New York, the most car-unfriendly city in the US.

    For no discernible reason, the lead photo shows a black female model leaning against a Tesla. Subliminal message: equity; empowerment; virtue.

    Excerpts from the barking insanity:

    ‘Today [EeeVee ownership] has more than doubled to about seven vehicles per 1,000 in the NYC metro area.’

    Does anybody notice how PATHETIC this is — not even one (1) percent of the fleet? Anybody??

    ‘“I learned to drive with heated seats and a heated steering wheel, but no heat,” said Joe Marganski, 67, of Guilford, Conn.’

    One hopes Joe is wearing his hair shirt, perched on a seat cushion made of nails.

    ‘The Biden administration’s Justice40 Initiative requires 40 percent of the federal funds for public chargers to be deployed in underserved communities.’

    Great! Nothing like parking for an hour in the South Bronx or Newark to charge up, on a dark winter’s night. Got ammo?

    • I read the article John. What is to stop Ford from “repossessing” the vehicle even after you have paid it off? Can you really trust these guys to disable such a switch once you have forked over the money to pay for it? Give the wrong opinion on social media? Attend a freedom rally somewhere? Whoops, there goes your vehicle driving itself down the road without you. Or, it is now making such obnoxious noises, you cannot drive it anywhere. Amounting to the same thing. In which case, why fork over tens of thousands of dollars for a vehicle (like property & property taxes) that you never truly have control over? Never mind adding in the property tax/get-your-tags-renewed-every-year BS they can ham string and blackmail you with paying, or your car drives off without you. Lord, it makes me want to keep my old car forever, even if it is not as reliable as it used to be.

  3. Elon’s not giving them away. But he says he’ll chop EeeVees’ cost in half, while delivering sundry other miracles and wonders:

    ‘Musk reiterated Tesla’s goal to grow in production, from 1.3 million EVs in 2022 to 20 million EVs in 2030.

    ‘The company also said it would be refining its own lithium in Texas, a site they expect to be producing the mineral for use in batteries within 12 months.

    ‘Tesla announced a new drive use using a rare earth-less permanent magnet motor, and also teased the idea of a wireless home charger for vehicles.’

    Well, gahhhh-leeeee sha-zay-um!

    No nuclear fusion in a jar? 🙁

  4. All the high tech required for the 15 min city surveillance state makes the billionaires richer….you get locked up…they get richer…

    this mandated ESG is just a scam to sell more stock, make billionaires richer…

    the richest guy in the world selling EV stock…

    Within the political deception which surrounds W EF’s Great Reset/Green Deal, we find a starkly obvious case of theft. To be precise, theft of the early ecological movement’s long-term holistic agenda for the bio diverse trusteeship of the land.

    The WE F’s vision consists of distorting this environmentally friendly vision and turning it into a global political tool for enforcing Klaus Schwab’s fas cis tic brave new world of synthetic foods, robot-mechanised farming, ‘rewilded’ gated private forests and 5G powered ‘smart 15 min. cities’ for disenfranchised country dwellers and redundant farmers.

    the stage of financial capitalism did not place emphasis on the exchange of goods or the production of goods as the earlier stages of commercial capitalism and industrial capitalism had done. In fact, financial capitalism had little interest in goods at all, but was concerned entirely with claims upon wealth — stocks, bonds, mortgages, insurance, deposits, proxies, interest rates and such . . .

    It invested capital not because it desired to increase the output of goods or services, but because it desired to float issues (frequently excess issues) of securities on this productive basis.

    It built railroads in order to sell securities, not in order to transport goods;

    it constructed great steel corporations in order to sell securities, not in order to make steel, and so on . . . .

    fake green agenda….. in order to sell securities

    By the middle of the stage of financial capitalism . . . the organization of financial capitalism had evolved to a highly sophisticated level of security promotion and speculation which did not require any productive investment as a basis . . . ”

    ~ Carroll Quigley, Tragedy & Hope: A History of the World in Our Time

    • a fake emergency to sell big pharma stocks….just recently gates cashed out his 9X gains on his big pharma stocks….lol

      people got killed during the promotion….nobody cares….

      • It does make you wonder, Anonymous. Now that the covid crap has mostly died off, and the conspiracy theorists proven right, Bill Gates said (in the midst of the pandemic) that another one would come, that would be even worse. It will be interesting on the timing of the next one…

  5. buying low quality defective new cars….

    The dismaying decline of quality over the past 30+ years,

    attributed this to:

    1) hyper-globalization, which pushes manufacturers to buy the cheapest components to lower costs. The failure of any one poorly made component renders the entire device useless junk which is dumped in the landfill.

    2) Planned obsolescence as the corporate strategy to boost profits in an economy where everyone already has everything. By reducing the quality, product failure is accelerated, and the hapless consumer is forced to replace a device every few years that 30 years ago would have provided decades of trouble-free service.

    3) Consumers have been trained to consume, no matter how poor the quality. Tossing stuff in the landfill is wonderful because this gives us another excuse to go shopping.

    4) Since global production and distribution is dominated by rapacious cartels and quasi-monopolies, they don’t care about the terminal decay of the quality of their product/service. They know we’re going to buy their low-quality rubbish anyway because we have no choice, and they know the quality of “competing” (hahaha) products is equally abysmal.

    the Landfill Economy…a fifth source of decaying quality: resource depletion. It’s not just hyper-globalization / corporate profiteering driven cost reductions at the expense of durability; it’s also the increasing cost and difficulty of obtaining quality materials and components at any price.

    today’s low quality stainless steel is a good example….it seems that since the 1970s, we have managed to figure out how to make Fraud Stainless at a price point above actual stainless (inflation adjusted).

    we are now a VERY long way past ‘Peak Quality’ and Peak quality of life. And we seem to accept this degradation as normal…..We are now living in a comprehensive illusion of what is quality.

    Tossing all the low-quality goods in the landfill and replacing them with even lower quality goods is now the global model of “growth.”

    The decay in quality reveals that the collapse of the neoliberal-hyper-financialization-hyper-globalization model has already occurred. We’re simply waiting for the second stage, where it’s not just the production of quality goods that collapses: the production of even low-quality goods tumbles off the cliff as economies of scale are no longer enough to keep production profitable.

    • The dismaying decline of quality over the past 30+ years

      from zh comments….

      this started in 1925, at the behest of GE and Osram, namely the Phoebus cartel, which designed bulbs to fail at 1000 hours.

      a test a few years back of ball bearings. All the Western made ones span as intended (I think the Swiss ones were the best), the Chinese ones were awful, so bad that China imports ball bearings for pens, as they simply cannot manufacture one that works.

      It is the US importers who go to China and demand they “make it as cheap as possible”, “cut every corner you can”, feel free to lie about content, etc. etc. They are the ones who have raked in hundreds of billions if not trillions in profits since US industry was forcibly off shored to China over the last four decades.

      Energy Star ratings. Everything is made thinner and lighter making it fail sooner. for example….Air conditioner evaporator and condenser coils.

      Purchased a made in mexico rheeme water heater at Home Depot….First one leaked out of the top….Second one the pipes in the top were different in heights
      The threads on the pipes were so out of spec they required 4 turns of teflon tape and lots of blue thread sealer

      shower pipes for bathrooms. The “metal” threads are usually plastic sprayed with chrome, and leak the day you fit them.

      we’re going green ! total BS , landfills get filled with crap that lasts less than 3 years.
      Refrigerators, washing machines, hot water heaters , stoves and everything else in this category don’t seems to last 7 years yet still are expensive .

      Everything coming out of China is a fraud
      – inferior materials
      – short cut processes
      – tools, dies and moulds used way past their specs
      – inferior workmanship
      – fraudulent test results

      a $229 kitchen faucet to replace the forty five year old Dishmaster. It corroded through, broke off, and fell in the sink after three years. ……
      an insurance agent said that plumbing leaks due to substandard supplies are the #1 insurance claim today. Hundreds of billions.

      Back in the 80s, Chinese-made tools and machines were better than American, because they were made based on Russian templates that dated back to WWII. Heavy, clunky, NOT energy-efficient, but tough. But that was before American bean-counters showed them how to “do it right”.

      Stainless is mostly about the Ni content. How’s Ni doing? I think we here in USA still buy it by the ship load (quietly) from that no-good-er N. Korea….There is plenty of nickel ready to be mined here in the States…..But the idiots would rather we return to the Stone Age.

      a Merchant Marine Chief Engineer said, as is stated in the article, the pipe and fittings definitely don’t last as long as they used to. I believe that, in addition to the material being inferior, (316 not *REALLY* being 316), but also poorer casting quality as well.

      Stainless steel might be bad but computers really take advantage of planed obsolescence. One software update can ruin 10’s of million devices if they don’t make them backwards compatible.

      Guess which government gave tax incentives and renewable 15 year loan guarantees to move corporations to the now suddenly (fake) hated China. We got the fake stainless but they kept the real payoffs.

      Building materials as well. Here in Esslingen there is an 800 year old building right by one of the canals being used as an archive. 800 years,

      worked in the marine industry for 30 years. Chinese “stainless” steel has always been ****. I spec and purchase USA, France, or UK stainless and never have a problem….That said, yes, new products generally suck.

      Let’s compare objects from different eras with the help of a hydraulic press. Which items are stronger,

    • And he’s up there, what’s that? V8 noises?
      Piping through the speakers like a chimpanzee
      Oh, that ain’t workin’ that’s the way you do it
      Get your money for nothin’, your EeeVees for free

      — Dire Straits, Money for Nothing

  6. “Every successful vehicle has not required the “assistance” of government. It is only the failures that require it” – EP. And so it is for every failed idea.

    It should never been accepted for governments to have the power to ban things.

    • I would like to see a constitutional amendment to that effect.

      “The right of the individual to buy, sell, own, trade, possess, and carry any inanimate object shall not be infringed under any circumstances, either in private or in public, in any and all states and territories, except for a determined period as adjudicated by a jury as punishment for a crime. Moreover, no records shall be sought or kept of any such commerce, except as approved by a judge based on probable cause and pursuant to the investigation of a crime with an identifiable victim who is not a government entity.”

        • The right to trade freely shall not be infringed………look out…

          House Republicans Accuse Biden White House Of Creating ‘Authoritarian-Style’ Digital Dollar

          brandon and his administration are attempting to develop an “authoritarian-style” and “surveillance-style” digital U.S. dollar through executive orders,

          House Majority Whip Tom Emmer (R-Minn.) on Tuesday……..
          The four-term congressman recently introduced the CBDC Anti-Surveillance State Act to prohibit “unelected bureaucrats” in Washington from issuing a central bank digital currency that critics argue could diminish Americans’ financial privacy rights.

          “We need these common-sense guardrails to prevent unelected bureaucrats here in Washington from sacrificing Americans’ right to financial privacy,” he said. “We do not want to emulate the CCP. We should not be taking our direction from the Communist Party of China.”

          Fight this, or next time you won’t be able to buy or sell when you fail to obey.

          New government theme is “defund the citizens”. The digital dollar is a way to take your money immediately. This scheme is just another control tactic. I wonder why the citizen of this country are not protesting vocally. Maybe it is because we are being surveilled 24/7 by the corrupt system we call the government. ….We really are living 1984 – Big Brother.

          They’re already doing this in China with facial recognition surveillance cameras to automatically fine you for some violation

          your future is having a % hit to the value of your cbdc account and being forced to make it up by doing some left-wing marxist consumerist penance and humiliation ritual.

          It is about moving a copy of all your credit/debit card transactions from your bank to the government where it will then be used to further control you…… (Think IRS and a future carbon credit enforcement agency among others)….George Gammon did a good description of this on youtube.

          If CBDCs are rolled out across the West then that is checkmate for the liberty of its citizens.

          cbdc will seal our fate completely as the entire purpose of it is to steal our own innate, personal Liberty. If most Americans, Europeans and Brits roll over to CBCDs as they did to the emergency then they deserve the hell-scape of the medical and monetary tyranny which will rain down on them like a tropical storm.

      • Unfortunately, there is so little attention paid to the Constitution, it wouldn’t matter much. The only one of the Bill of Rights not currently and blatantly disregarded is the third amendment. At least as far as I know, troops are not being quartered in private homes.

        • Uh, even THAT one was disregarded! Though I don’t recall the details, a police agency wanted to rent someone’s home for surveillance. The couple balked, and the police agency forced the issue. The couple challenged the involuntary, temporary taking of their home under 3A grounds; the case was tossed or found in favor of the gov’t.

  7. What will really be hilarious, is that the next time the “land-of-fruit-n-nuts” has a massive wildfire, and people are forced to flee, those EV drivers will realize too little, too late, how worthless their EV vehicles are. Such as when PG&E turned off the electricity during the last wild fire, and such drivers got stranded on the sides of the road ’cause they ran out of battery juice before they could get somewhere safe-whoops. Meanwhile, those dirty, awful gas guzzling ICE vehicles were able to flee to safety. Funny thing about that. But, some people simply have to learn the hard way, if they ever learn at all. I read this past week, of someone suggesting that these EV’s deliberately carry a low battery charge, so that people cannot go too far. Talk about just coming right out and telling us what they want for us plebs and serfs.

  8. california is copying norway…..

    In Norway 62% of new cars sold now are EV’s

    One reason for that is a $23,000 government rebate for EV buyers

    The EV is a 3rd or 4th car, these EV buyers have one or more ice vehicles which they use for 80% of their driving….the EV’s are driven very little….what a joke….

    the EV is just for virtue signalling…and for getting the $23,000 government (tax dollars) check….lol….and a lawn ornament driven infrequently….

    subsidizing the rich with tax dollars……

  9. Oh let us thank the state, comrades, for giving us a few crumbs of bread that they so benevolently give us to relieve our hunger which was created by them having taken our loaves!

    The redistribution of wealth equals poverty…but it’ll be wonderful, because everyone will be ‘equal’! “Equal rights”[privileges] for every minority equals slavery for all.

  10. “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs” – Karl, the forgotten Marx brother…

  11. They can not take anything,,, do anything without consent and consent can be defined as doing nothing. They laugh at meek protests. Just gives them the excuse to up the ante even more.

    Amongst all the ‘complaints’ about the elimination of gas stoves and water heaters in kalifornica, the plumbers and electricians are overloaded with requests to comply.

    It wasn’t even two months ago that they denied all accusations of eliminating gas stoves. I knew it was true because all the fact checkers said it was not true.

    They say the stoves are dangerous because the emit nitrogen,,, a harmless gas that comprises 75% of the atmosphere and like CO2 necessary for green life.

    Unimaginable what they have done to lower intelligence over the last 2-3 generations.

    • I have a 40+ year old relative with a mid-single digits aged son. The kid has been sick a bit this winter with various winter colds and flus. Nothing abnormal or life threatening. This relative thinks the gas stove in their house might be the reason for the ailments. It’s really creepy when the obvious and outlandish propaganda gets repeated in a serious manner.

      • And his gas range just suddenly became dangerous this winter?
        Sage advice from my late father. “Don’t believe anything you hear, and only half what you see”.

  12. ‘Up here in Taxachusetts they’re banning gas hookups on new construction’ — Mike in Boston

    Meanwhile, the US fedgov’s Department of Energy [run by idiot bitch Jennifer Granholm] is shoving its camel’s nose under the tent flap as we speak. Email sent to muh Congress Clowns yesterday:

    I write to protest the Department of Energy’s proposed Energy Conservation Standards for Consumer Conventional Cooking Products [EERE-2014-BT-STD-0005]. That’s gobbledygook for outlawing half of the gas stoves currently on the market.

    Obviously, disrupting the gas stove market to this extent will drive up prices paid by consumers. Whereas any energy savings from more efficient gas burners are trivial, compared to space heating and water heating.

    DOE makes clear that its gratuitous attack on consumers derives from its radical anti-carbon agenda. Once this ugly precedent is set, few doubt that its next step will be to ban gas stoves entirely, as some local governments have done.

    It would be great if you would take a stand on behalf of your constituents, and nullify DOE’s anti-consumer assault on our living standards and way of life. DOE’s malicious bid to limit and then ban gas stoves positions the Biden administration as the enemy of the people. Enough!

    • >‘Up here in Taxachusetts they’re banning gas hookups on new construction’ — Mike in Boston

      Of course.

      >Sempra Energy (SRE.N) said on Wednesday it would supply 1 million tonnes per annum of liquefied natural gas (LNG) from its Port Arthur LNG Phase 1 project to Poland’s PKN ORLEN S.A. (PKN.WA) for 20 years.

      So, with all that gas being shipped overseas, the price in western U.S. has doubled or tripled.
      Meanwhile, Sempra Energy (dba SoCal Gas) sends a “representative” to our City Council meeting to lie through her teeth, claiming Sempra has no control over the price of gas.

      Really? Less product, higher price. Basic economics.
      Poland, of course, could be using cheap Russian gas, delivered by pipeline, had the pipelines not been blown up by I Wonder Who.

      • Its positively insane. I remember when my Nat gas bill was 30 a month, not that many years ago.

        TBTB be like, lets ship our cheap, plentiful commodity across the world from A to B. Then when A needs more we’ll take the same commodity from C, ship it back across the world to A, with an out of the way stop in D. Reminds me of my cow of an ex-mother in laws financial shenanigans.

  13. Just think how much fiat money the golden state could give a black slave descendant –a cool $250,000 in reparations and an EeeeeVeeee. Screw 40 acres and a mule.

  14. What is it with California coming up with the most INSANE bills and/ or decrees government, politicians, and bureaucrats can come up with? The scary part is, such crazy bills/ decrees tend 6to spread to other states such as Oregon, Washington, New York, etc.
    California passed that law last year effectively saying doctors MUST do whatever corrupt public health bureaucrats say re COVID and COVID jabs under threat of loss of license, though for now, it’s blocked by a judge. And not too long after California decreed a ban on the sale of new gas powered vehicles by 2035, an unelected bureaucrat at Oregon’s “Department of Environmental Quality” made a similar decree. I heard somewhere there’s a lawsuit to have that overturned. There are also efforts in states or cities to ban natural gas hookups in new home construction, or just ban gas stoves altogether. I read in the Epoch Times recently that the Biden Thing STILL plans on banning gas stoves via new decrees.

    From what’s been going on the past few years, it’s become apparent that government wishes to BAN things that are actually useful or healthy for the masses instead of things that are harmful or useless and impose one size fits all mandates & decrees on the masses.

    • Hi John,
      Up here in Taxachusetts they’re banning gas hookups on new construction; a few builders have taken it to court but there hasn’t been a ruling yet. The restaurants are pushing back on the gas stove thing since it will cost them big money, as well as having to replace all the cookware. Funny how all of a sudden there are all kinds of “studies” showing gas stoves are bad for you, probably written by the same cretins who said the vaxxes are “safe and effective”.

      • They are converting everything to electricity…it is easier to turn off remotely….coming soon is food and energy rationing….and if you are bad…they cut off both….

        digital Id the ticket to the digital prison…

        geofencing limiting moving around in the real world and the metaverse..

        smart city…no more rural living….off to the 15 min city……limited mobility, no cars…weaponized surveillance and control….water rationing…speech surveillance…..mobility tracking…rationing gas, heat, electricity…food

        control of food supply…no more cooking/food ownership… hoarding/stocking up or growing/independent supply… will be a service delivered daily by the government…with your meds included……..if your social credit score/cbdc balance is too low or cut off…no food for awhile…till you comply….

        there will be no more food stores, restaurants or retail stores…everything will be supplied by the government…if you comply…

        All the prisons will be closed…the prisoners will instead be housed with everybody else in the 15 minute city ghettos, they will be your neighbours in your soviet era, closet sized apartment…along with all the mental patients they turned out onto the streets years ago ……where it is easier and cheaper to watch/control them/you….every body will be drugged to make control easier….

        going from a debt slavery system to an identity slavery system

      • They figured out how to do this a long time ago, when they tortured the numbers to convince everyone that secondhand smoke kills.

        It doesn’t.

        The only thing resembling hard data on this shows that if you inhale a lot of it (e.g. if you are waitstaff in a smoky bar with pot ventilation) there is a small positive correlation with developing bronchitis. Most of those waitstaff smoke themselves anyway, so I’m not sure how well they controlled for that. But if you read beyond the headline, it was clear that the data don’t support the conclusion.

        Nonetheless, everyone was convinced. And here we are.

        “Secondhand smoke” rhymes with “put on your mask” and “get the vaccine.” Totally bogus, but people think it sounds good so they just go with it, and don’t thin about it too much.

        It has only gotten worse over time, in my experience.

        I’m ready for the times to get better.

        • Oh.

          Also rhymes with “global warming.”

          I made them all 4 syllables to try to mdd as me them roll off the tongue a bit rhythmically. In case no one noticed.

      • Hi Mike,

        There’s a city in Oregon that has a similar decree for natural gas hookups in new home construction. The fact that these bureaucrats wish to ban gas stoves & gas vehicles, citing harms to human health but continue pushing COVID jabs despite KNOWN harms to people who’ve taken them ought to show to the masses that there’s some darker agenda afoot from these bureaucrats and politicians.

      • Back in the early 70s, the local gas supplier stopped hooking up new construction. It was a disaster. All new homes were all electric. Hyper insulated, and sealed. So much so that their fireplaces wouldn’t work because they weren’t getting enough outside air for the flu to draw. Needless to say, that same lack of outside air did not bode well for one’s health either.

  15. Is there any chance we can give California back to Mexico in exchange for them taking back their illegals or free oil when a Repube takes over the Waffle House?

  16. You have to give money to people so they can buy something the really can do without.

    Over at Unz dot com there is an entry about the 9/11 attacks on the WTC and not attacked Building 7 demolition.

    It’s about Noam Chomsky’s analysis of what happened. The writer has no good words to say about Noam. Noam is a psycho-linguistic egghead, he even wrote a book about psycho-linguistics.

    Apparently, Hunter S. Thompson knew hard facts about the attacks.

    Hunter committed suicide or was suicided, the assertion.

    There have been a number of mysterious deaths. People who were asking questions were conveniently shuffled off from their mortal coils.

    Paul Wellstone’s death is believed to be an assassination.

    Salmon Rushdie was warned not to fly on 911.

    Dot gov always does the dirty work, doesn’t matter who they target.

    A fair warning, comments are sometimes anti-semitic.

  17. Taking away one of the two votes everyone has that cannot be defrauded. Your feet and your wallet. Now voting with someone else’s wallet, vote fraud on a grand scale. It’s truly astonishing, or at least it should be, that politicians insist they are smarter than the free market. If their constituents were truly seriously concerned about “Carbon”, aka Carbon Dioxide, the market would take care of it. People would insist on EVs, bought with their own wallet. Apparently they are not. Which means the politicians are working against you. Diligently.
    Politician: One most adept getting the most people to believe the most preposterous lies the most often. Usually a sociopath if not a psychopath.
    Lately trending more towards the latter.

  18. ‘People who cannot afford EVs are led to believe the state – or the feds, or some combination of the two – will in fact buy them an EV.‘ — eric

    Have I not won an EeeVee, as my spam folder urgently informs me daily?

    Oh Lord, won’t you buy me a Hummer EeeVee?
    Dialing For Dollars is trying to find me
    I wait for delivery each day until three
    So, oh, Lord, won’t you buy me a Hummer EeeVee?

    — Janis Joplin, Mercedes Benz


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