Latest Radio: Bryan Hyde Show 01/17/2023

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Here’s the audio of my weekly talk with Bryan Hyde, host of the Bryan Hyde Show in Utah! We did the Davos Shuffle, talked about EeeeeeVeeees and Mercenaryism, among other things:

. . .

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  1. Hi Yukon,

    These globalist technocrats also want TOTAL control of money as well as energy, hence their push for CBDCs and ENDING traditional forms of energy such as oil and natural gas…..

  2. I am posting this next link because they get into how the Tesla car and your smart phone both track everything you do and say, and how those two technologies are linked into this new techno world of social credit scoring and banking, digital currencies.

    Oh SH*T, something BIG is happening at Davos as WEF blocks the media | Redacted with Clayton Morris

  3. The conspiracy theory that the WEF wants to eliminate cars is now, today, a conspiracy fact. Who in the hell are these people who want to play god with our lives? Complete utter arrogance.

    “This is obviously all about population control. They are using the fake climate change hoax to force through all of these dystopic changes on people. The hoax allows them to make their very evil proposals sound reasonable even though there is nothing remotely reasonable about them.

    Of course, none of the people attending the World Economic Forum will be giving up their cars. This is just something they hope to impose on the peasants that they think they’ll lord over.”


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