Latest Radio: Bryan Hyde Show 6/18/19

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Here’s the audio of my chat earlier today with Bryan Hyde out in Utah. I’ll be talking with Bill Meyer over at KMED in Oregon tomorrow at 9:35!


      • eric, good morning. I just wanted to post this link before I had to head out.

        For anyone doubting what not voting would mean. If nobody showed up at the polls, no one could legitimately claim election. I realize it’s almost impossible to get the sheeple, those that are driven by media lies to not vote, but if it were possible, I fail to see how any person could claim an office. That would go for every politician. Then when the deep state tried to take over, the jig would be up so to speak. Have a good day.

  1. Just found the other two comments. I had just done a hard reset on my wifi and nothing running on it but the computer…..and now, with the adblocker disabled and no HTTPS Everywhere on, it won’t even load up what I had earlier. I’m not even loading avatars. Been this way(no radio)all day.

  2. Eric,,,, I can’t seem to get your audio to play… It says “Loading” and that’s it. The play button works but nothing…. I’m running Firefox on Linux Mint Debian. Don’t have any audio/video problems elsewhere…. Any ideas.



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