Today’s Thoughts . . . Aug. 28, 2013

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9 percent favor $8 gas… the likely end result of the impending “intervention” in Syria.  Dear Leader Obama

We are told – relentlessly – of the virtues of democracy. Yet we  – that is, the 91 percent who oppose involving this country in yet another foreign war – are about to be dragged along into one nonetheless.

So much for democracy, eh?

Here’s what Dear Leader said in response to a question about (The Chimp’s) warmongering back in ’07:

Q. In what circumstances, if any, would the president have constitutional authority to bomb Iran without seeking a use-of-force authorization from Congress? (Specifically, what about the strategic bombing of suspected nuclear sites — a situation that does not involve stopping an IMMINENT threat?)

Obama: The President does not have power under the Constitution to unilaterally authorize a military attack in a situation that does not involve stopping an actual or imminent threat to the nation.

– Interview with Charlie Savage, December 20, 2007 (full text here)

I wonder how the Obamanauts are dealing with it all. The vicious take-downs of “leakers” – for divulging such state secrets as the helicopter gunship target practice/murder of defenseless Iraqis… the fact that – courtesy of the Black Fuhrer – big brother is watching us. Every one of us. All the time. The use of the eye-r-s to savage political opponents, or just scare the shit out of them so they don’t dare become political opponents. And now, this. Another war.

Yet, silent they are.

Apparently, they object not to the policies, not the actions. Just to the fact that one is blue and another red. Or black – rather than white.

I kind of miss The Chimp these days. At least, with him, you could call him a monkey and not be howled down as a racist.


  1. In sum: “The next 72 Hours.” … It’s almost enough to make you want to take ‘The Blue Pill’,… almost. In the background a song plays from the 1990’s, “The Roof’s on Fire, But We Don’t Care! Burn, MF’er, Burn!”

  2. Cops are forced to deal with other cops, oink, oink, suwee, suwee, suuuuuuuweeeeeeeeeeee!

    Much of Syria is now worthless rubble, but we’re still debating going to war? truth=Lying Douchebags!!

    Only Safe 4 statist murderering pigs, NSFW 4 humans

    NSFW – War is like Christmas for this video poster!

    قال الله تعالى كل رجل في الحكومة فهو كافر. ينبغي التعامل مع الكفار وفقا للقرآن.

  3. re: Chimps:

    The Monkeys Disgrace

    Three monkeys sat in a coconut tree
    Discussing things as they’re said to be.
    Said one to another, “Now listen, you two,
    There’s a certain rumor that cannot be true,
    That man descends from our noble race –
    The very idea is a disgrace.
    No monkey ever deserted his wife,
    Starved her babies and ruined her life;
    And you’ve never known a mother monk
    To leave her babies with others to bunk,
    Or pass them on from one to another
    Til they scarcely know who is their mother.
    And another thing you’ll never see –
    A monk build a fence around a coconut tree
    And let the coconuts go to waste,
    Forbidding all other monks to taste.
    Why, if I put a fence around this tree,
    Starvation would force you to steal from me.
    Here’s another thing a monk won’t do –
    Go out at night and get on a stew,
    Or use a gun or club or knife
    To take some other monkey’s life;
    Yes, Man Descended – That ornery cuss –
    But, brother, he didn’t descend from us!”
    – anonymous

  4. AmeriKa seems to be out of the game. No top cities in any categories. Highest rated infrastructure remaining is Atlanta, ranking 16th in the world.

    Cargo ships aren’t built here, they don’t much come here, a lot of our production is in the circle-jerk industries like govt services, social care, health, finance, insurance. Not making much other countries or local citizens actually want to buy.

    Wartsila Sulzer 109,000 hp engine – 5,600,000 lb/ft torq.

    Alstom’s Arabelle 2,350,000 hp steam turbine

    Flamanville – France’s first 3rd generation nuke plant

    China + Russia + their friends and partners = higher tech coalition that might decimate AmeriKa.
    Most of what we have is legacy tech, most of it is irreplacable. AmeriKans won’t rush to man the war production machines. Those in power don’t seem willing to pay what the market demands for high value infrastructure and machinery needed to win wars and earn foreign currency.

      • The crimes committed by blacks in the large US cities is what skews the rankings.

        only fools live in urban areas in the US.
        they are all corrupt and bankrupt.

        anyone with half a brain live in the suburbs where the taxes are 1/2
        the houses are 1/3 price, and crime rate is negligible.

          • Yup.

            we actually lived inside the city limits of Atlanta.
            which actually contains less than 10% of the population of the metropolitan Atlanta area and most of the residents inside the city limits of Atlanta are parasites living in welfare housing projects

            thats one of the problems with large urban areas. They have no middle class residents. most cities like Atlanta are about 65% welfare paristes, and super rich living in the neighborhoods that for whatever reason didnt participate in the white flight years ago.

            we moved 10 miles to a suburb, got a house 3x larger , for 40% less money , on a lot that was 8x larger with plenty of 140 yr old hardwood trees,, and the taxes were 1/4, plus no city bus route, so no homeless people loitering around.
            If you cant afford a reliable car, you cant live in the ‘burbs.

            The county we chose was actually THE most conservative county in and I was stunned to discover that the govt schools were actually good. we had been sending our son to a private school since the govt schools in the city of Atlanta, and Fulton and DeKalb counties are totally corrupt and worthless. Any parent sending their child to schools in those areas is in my opinion, guilty of child abuse and neglect. Because when some random school does actually do well, they will close the worst performing school and bus the thugs to the decent school, rendering it worthless.

      • Yeah I did. 19% of our economy is with Canada, and we give the UK system a hell of a deal, they say Canadian states are technically a part of the USSA where it is beneficial, yet are totally exempt when it comes to police state wealth confiscation. It would take a lot of lawyers to parse NAFTA and CAFTA, but we’re probably a lot like the Euro system.

        Ecuador, Panama, Malaysia, Mexico, Costa Rica top places to retire, so they say

        The USSA has to be the worst country to be rich in, unless you only like buying high priced luxury goods in shopping malls, and gated real estate in heavily surveilled enclaves. Nowhere else does the population so precisely regurgitate in rote Cloverian fashion, “you shouldn’t do that with your money, you’re evil.”

        The things minor oligarchs in Russia, Ukraine, or Uzbekistan do with their money, boggles even the most depraved jaded mind. And isn’t that a legitimate purpose of working hard and having money?

        Most every American Libertarian is a well trained communist/fascist. Hard wired to cluck and squawk when anyone dares spend their wealth in a way the battery hens find distasteful.
        Conflating evil PTB actions with actions that are merely find distasteful is authoritarian herd boot licking behavior at its worst.

        One key metric of potential prosperity is global currency reserve. There is no rational settlement of value, the US federal reserve is currently at an $8 trillion shortfall centralbut rather an international “communist”(exact term for central controllers is not the crux) or other kind of fiat value.

        61.2% US Dollars
        24.2% Euro(96% German 4% French, rest immaterial)
        10.0% Greater-UK (40%Brit 30%Aus 30%Can)
        4% Jap Yen
        0.6% Swiss Franc

        US and Euro are screwing their domestic populations to hold their illusory hegemony in world finance.

        China Renmibi floats a little, but they don’t allow other nations to hold it yet
        Russia Ruble, Arab Dinars currencies have less than 20% fiat. India, Indonesia, Turkey, a lot of countries only deal in hard assets, and refuse to put any wealth into the fiat banking system whatsoever.

        Rest of the world’s Peso etc. are probably even more toilet papery than the currently dominant currencies.

        If you have friend or a place in Mexico, you could do worse than to stop into any Banco Azteca and get some Silver Libertads and hide them somewhere down there. When asked about your large withdrawals, just say you spent the money on recreation and liquor.

        Privately held wealth could go extinct at anytime. The Fed goons are chasing anyone with surplus net worth to islands, mountain tops, yachts in international waters, anywhere in the world. It’s a High Net Worth Holocaust.

        Bill Gates supposed wealth is greatly restricted. It’s not really money, because he can’t spend it on whatever he wants.
        Every dollar he spends is public knowledge to 3 billion people with an internet connection, except whatever small transactions go down for $5,000 or less.

        • Tor wrote, “Most every American Libertarian is a well trained communist/fascist.”

          Hmph, no doubt.
          …And that hurts.

          Go along to get along.

          It’s like, the only difference between them and us is, we know.

    • The socialist and commie countries can never beat a free market country
      the people in those cultures just dont have the imagination and inventiveness that the americans have.

      thats why Americans invented AM radio, FM radio, B&W TV, color TV, refrigeration, the transistor, computers, the internet,
      travel to the moon etc.

      thats why people that want to invent those things come to america

      the problem is that the USA is fast becoming a socialist country.

  5. Here’s the question that I have pondering lately: Is the US now supremely powerful because it can fling a missile at any target anywhere on earth, or, instead, is it extremely fragile because, as wicked as it is, attacks by anonymous drones flown but sweaty-palmed dorks in trailers is the final sum total of the warfare that the state is capable of mustering? These are not necessarily mutually exclusive propositions; one can be strong in some domains and yet fragile in others. I believe that the US is very fragile.

    • Mikehell: You make a great point. The international actions of the US smell more and more of desperation. The empire is dying, and the emperor and his minions know it, and they’re panicking, reacting to changes in the world with fear rather than reason. Sorta like a bully after he’s been beaten up and humiliated in front of his peers. He’s just itching for a fight and a win, to reestablish his dominance. So he goes around picking on small, scrawny kids, trying to egg them into a fight — because he needs a sure win.

      • Bully indeed. Drones and cruise missiles are absurdly easy to shoot down with even a modest air defense. Only the defenseless are targeted with these weapons.

  6. Issa & Mozoun are two of over 1 million children forced by the United Nation Socialites to live as refugees. These UNS cunts pretend they’re the good guys. We’re onto their necromonger tricks like putting lipstick on a vulture and calling it UNICEF.

    Another Syrian refugee vid from EUNICEF child-killers

    May all supporters of EUNICEF murderers die painfully

    – The Greatest Libertarians are Absolutists

    Facts, acts, circumstances, alliances, are ephemeral. You should judge yourself on your intentions and beliefs. You should expect others to judge you on your actions and accomplishments.

    1. not qualified or diminished in any way; total.
    – complete, utter, out-and-out, outright, entire, perfect, pure, decided; thorough, thoroughgoing, undivided, unqualified, unadulterated, unalloyed, unmodified, unreserved, downright, undiluted, consummate, unmitigated, sheer, arrant, rank, dyed-in-the-wool

    2. viewed or existing independently and not in relation to other things; not relative or comparative.
    – universal, fixed, independent, nonrelative, nonvariable
    – – – – –

    Ayn Rand – Accepter of the writings of Victor Hugo and H.L. Mencken. Popularizer of Aristotle and other Ancient Greek philosophers. Sparker of the “cult” of resurrecting pre-Roman and pre-Kantian reasoning.

    “I started my life with a single absolute: that the world was mine to shape in the image of my highest values and never to be given up to a lesser standard, no matter how long or hard the struggle.”

    “My philosophy, in essence, is the concept of man as a heroic being, with his own happiness as the moral purpose of his life, with productive achievement as his noblest activity, and reason as his only absolute.”

    – Reality exists as an objective absolute—facts are facts, events are events, a man’s character is a man’s character — independent of the crowd’s feelings, wishes, hopes, fears, or consensus.

  7. Now, now…y’all know that Obomber was the peace candidate. He even got the Nobel Peace Prize before his wife was finished decorating their bedroom at the White House.

    Presidential elections may result in a new dog in the oval office, but the same old fleas are there to infest his ass. I’ve seen them jump on the new dog over and over, ever since I was old enough to notice such shit as presidents and other politicians.

  8. Eric: Speaking of the Chip era: Remember when most of the Dems were ANTI-war? Michael Moore, Susan Sarandon, Barbra Streisand, and that lot? All those “Stop This Endless War” bumper stickers? It’s funny when I run across a pre-2008 car with one of those on the bumper. Five’ll getcha ten that the only recent additions to the bumper are Obama/Biden stickers.

    And that’s really the point. Ninety percent of the voters in this country don’t know what the government is doing, and don’t really care, so long as they guy they voted for is doing it. Whatever their guy tells them, they believe. Great evils under the opposing party become “the Greater Good” under their own.


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