Today’s Thoughts … Aug. 17, 2013

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I read some complaints about Voter ID laws – that it’s unfair and even abusive to require that a prospective voter provide identification in order to vote – for politicians and policies that will result in my rights being restricted and my property taken away at gunpoint. Question icon

That’s said to be unfair.

Meanwhile, I’m compelled to show my god-damned ID (and submit to an interrogation and physical search) in order to board an airplane.

. . .

Why is not a firing offense for a cop to not know “the law” – and harass people (as, for instance, pestering someone over lawful open carry) without any legal cause for doing so?

Meanwhile, any ordinary person is expected – required – to obey every jot and tittle of every law. And can expect merciless punishment for any failure to obey. Ignorance of the law is no excuse… unless you’re a cop.


  1. Makes sense to me. How is it all these socialists and collectivists spend so much time talking about a classless society, and then help split the society into two classes. The authorities with unlimited weapons and rights. And the defenseless masses, with fewer and fewer rights. What’s idealist and utopian about that, I don’t understand?

    Here’s some videos to inspire more thoughts.

    Sheep Protest Rally

    At Least The Clovers In Russia Nagging You To Slow Down Are Topless

    Afghan Girl Raoshan Proves Kids Are The Same Everywhere

    – I hope Matt Cutts thinks this is a legitimate use of his internet.

    • Morning, Tor!

      The dual standard with regard to firearms is particularly galling.

      As a Mere Mundane, I am expected to exercise the utmost caution, to be absolutely responsible in my handling of a firearm. Any negligence – even if no harm results – can entail extreme punitive consequences. If I were to “accidentally” discharge it and someone got hurt (and even if not actually hurt but potentially hurt) I’d almost certainly face serious criminal charges and likely life-long repercussions.

      But cops?

      Notwithstanding that they are (allegedly) trained in the safe handling of firearms – and (supposedly) formally instructed in the law as regards the legal use of them – reckless, even criminally fatal, mishandling/abuse of firearms is punished (if at all) to a much lesser extent. See, for instance, the just-posted story about the Oklahoma Hero who “inadvertently” shot to death a kid while supposedly trying to shoot a snake out of a tree. Had you or I done exactly the same thing, we’d have been facing a felony manslaughter charge – rightly so – and years in prison.

      The Hero?

      A slap on the wrist – and even that is reportedly about to be expunged – so that he will be free to legally possess firearms again and also to return to his status as a Hero.


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