Today’s Thoughts: January 17, 2014

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I wanted to let everyone know I’m back – mostly – after a losing bout with the flu. You may have noticed no new columns all week – until today (just posted a review of the extremely fine ’14 BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe). This is the first time in years I’ve been kept away from my keyboard for such a long stretch – chiefly because I could barely muster the gumption to haul my carcass from the sick bed to the bathroom (rinse and repeat) and forget about organizing thoughts more coherent than this really sucks and gee, this is how it must feel to be 102. bug pic

Anyhow, I think I am over the worst of it. Hopefully the BMW review is strung together passably well. The car deserved everything I could muster in the way of praise (except for its price tag; see the review for more about that). I have political column coming soon, too.

Assuming, of course, I’m not Soylent Greened by this bug!

Thanks to all of you for bearing with….



  1. Since New Years’ Day I have been taking all the natural remedies I could think of to overcome this stinking “walking” pneumonia.
    I was just about feeling all better yesterday, when in my cleaning out all the left-over Christmas goodies, I opened a container of pralines to sniff if they smelled stale. There was mold growing on them and I got a snout full of mold spores.
    Last night I started feeling short of breath again. Now the cough has returned. So take two steps forward and one step back. I feel your pain.

    Today, I found this article on the war on drugs.–is-handcuffed-and-held-by-police-for-an-hour-223247155.html

    Another story about the weird things cops do. It all rests on how the war on drugs has gutted the 4A.

    “In that time, ten more police cars showed up and pulled over ”

    Stupid is as stupid does. Think of all the resources spent searching this guy’s car.

    • Thanks, Linda!

      Do you feel a kind of background wooziness? I have that – in addition to shortness of breath, which I never have (I run a lot; normally I can do a 5 miler and hardly sweat – but the other day I dragged myself to the gym and could only ride the Lifecycle for 20 minutes before I felt I was going to throw up or keel over.)

      Mold is bad news. I had to gut the entire basement of our house shortly after we bought it, because of water seepage through the walls that led to mold…. everywhere. I had to soak all the joists with an anti-fungal (followed by painting with a anti-fungal) to kill what was there – and did major work to the drainage/basement itself to ensure it is absolutely dry.

      On the drug “war”:

      It boggles me that otherwise sane people “get” that just because a relative handful of people abuse the drug alcohol, criminalizing the use of alcohol by everyone is madness – yet often rabidly support the “war” on the the drug THC (or whatever) on the basis that some people abuse these substances and therefore anyone who uses (or sells or manufacturers) them is criminal by definition and deserves to be treated as such.

      No, worse. That all of us should be presumed “abusers” until we prove to them that we’re not.

      Where does it come from? The taint of the Puritan (Yankee) mentality that decrees your personal vices are public business.

      • The hubby doesn’t like it when I talk about these unjust laws on the books.

        Today I mentioned what a great voice Trace Adkins has. Hubby agreed.

        I said that Trace just went into rehab. Hubby asks what for?

        Alcohol, I replied.

        Then to add emphasis I said, “And he didn’t even have to go to jail for it.”

        Little by little he is beginning to see the evil behind drug prohibition.

        PS Health: I live in an old house and have all kinds of “sensitivities”. But I think the stuff that gets sprayed in the skies before storms has a lot to do with respiratory illnesses.


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