Today’s Thoughts . . . Dec. 17, 2013

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A couple of things. wheat pic

First, wheat.

I stumbled onto an interesting correlation. For some time, I have been snoring like the proverbial freight train at night – driving my wife to kick me in my sleep. I have also been – for years – snotty in the morning. I thought the former was due to my being beefy – but the snoring didn’t stop when I dropped back to my college-era weight. And the snot-in-the-morning seemed to be congenital. I figured I just had overactive sinuses.

Well, about ten days ago, as part of my shift over to a primal diet, I cut almost all wheat out of my diet. Like snapping a finger, the snoring just stopped. And the morning ritual of sniffling and blowing my nose for 15-30 minutes?

No more.

Now, I can’t say – scientifically – that the wheat was the determining factor. But the correlation between my snoring stopping and my cessation of wheat-eating is pretty damn interesting. I have read that wheat can trigger an inflammatory response that would account for the upper respiratory issues I had (and which have disappeared). I have also noticed that I do not feel bloated after eating primal foods. And it is easy to keep weight (fat) off.

If any of you have The Snores (and an annoyed wife who kicks you in your sleep) you might try saying sayonara to wheat – and seeing what happens!

Site Stuff: I suppose it’s because we’re close to Christmas and people are busy with other things, but we’ve seen a big drop-off in donations/reader support. We also lost one of our advertisers – Talon Knives – because not enough people bought ’em. (We are leaving their ad up for the remainder of the month, hoping that will change – and that will be motivation for them to renew come January).monkey pic

We are very interested in finding new advertisers – which would relieve me of the awkward necessity of having to periodically jangle my cup in your direction. If any of you know of a business (or have a business) that might be a good fit for EPautos, please encourage them to get in touch.

Meanwhile, once again, I appeal to you – the readers – to continue supporting EPautos. The link to our “donate” button is here. You can also mail stuff our way – if you prefer to avoid PayPal. The address is:

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Anything you can spare would be much appreciated – and will help us to keep on sticking it to the Clovers (and Old Hickory Switches).

Thanks in advance – and, Merry Christmas to everyone!

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