Today’s Thoughts . . . Nov. 7, 2013

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This is the beginning of our third month AF (After Google) and for the first time since we dropped Google ads and began to rely on direct support from readers, things are not looking so good. monkey pic

Not numbers-wise.

The site is busier than ever – we’re averaging around 100,000 unique visits a month now.

Unfortunately, donations have been falling off since mid-October. If they don’t pick up again, we’re going to be in trouble.

We’re hoping to get more advertisers – and if anyone out there is interested in placing an ad with us, please drop us a line. But until we build up a sufficient base of advertisers to cover our expenses, we’re still very much dependent on the support of individual readers.

I’ve mentioned this before, but it bears repeating: If just 20 percent of the people who regularly visit this web site would toss us $10 or so a month, our financial problems would be solved. The difficulty for us – and probably for every other online publication – has been convincing enough people who enjoy the site to support the site financially.

I wish I were independently wealthy and could do this purely because I want to. But like most people, I need to make a living – and so does Dom. For us to be able to devote full-time attention and resources to this Clover-Free Zone, we will need your continued support.

So, if you believe EPAutos is worth keeping around, please help us keep it around.

The link to our “donate” button isĀ here. You can also mail stuff our way – if you prefer to avoid PayPal. The address is:


721 Hummingbird Lane SE

Copper Hill, VA 24079

As always, thanks to everyone who has helped us to keep the lights on!


















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  1. I’ve been sending $5.00 per month via PayPal. But I cannot find anything about upping the amount. Will I have to do a second monthly donation to up the amount or am I missing something on PayPal’s website?


    • Hi Patch,

      That’s a good question – wish I had the answer!

      PayPal has their own rules, of course – that we have no control over. I’ll see whether I can find anything, though… and, thanks for your support!

  2. If sending a check, how should they be made out? I really want to send a few shekles on a semi-regular basis but I eschew Paypal. More to come…

  3. Eric, I like that you made Tshirts available, and was going to buy one but the size I needed was out of stock.

    Also, I emailed you recently about (among other things) my account disappearing and the forgot pass button telling me that my email wasn’t in your database. I didn’t see a response to that email. Too busy, or are you using a different email now?


  4. For some reason, PayPal refuses the credit card that I always use for online payments. Are there any filters at your account level?


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